"Is that... a Dragonfang?"
"It is."
"My God. This is the famed sword of the Valkyries."
Thor and Valkyrie[src]

The Dragonfang are powerful swords with sapphirc steel blades and hilts carved from dragon's teeth[1], that were only carried by the Valkyries in battle.


Thor Ragnarok Teaser 29

The Valkyries wield their Dragonfangs against Hela

Dragonfangs were the traditional weapon of the Valkyries, a group of elite female Asgardian warriors. As such, the Valkyrie wielded their Dragonfangs when they stopped Hela from escaping from Hel, although most of them were slaughtered in the process.

Brunnhilde who survived the massacre, fled to Sakaar, taking her own Dragonfang with her and keeping it in her apartments on Sakaar. When she agreed to join Thor in the newly founded Revengers, Brunnhilde reclaimed her Dragonfang. Upon gazing it, Thor expressed amazement at the blade. Brunnhilde later used her Dragonfang during the Escape from Sakaar, cutting through the hull of the Sakaaran spaceships chasing the Revengers.

Thor Ragnarok 60

Brunnhilde wields her Dragonfang against the Berserkers

Brunnhilde wielded her Dragonfang during the Battle of the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks to its incredible cutting properties, Brunnhilde easily slew several Berserkers. Later, as she and Thor fought against Hela, Valkyrie used her sword to pin down the Goddess of Death on the Rainbow Bridge so Thor could collapse it and make Hela fall into the water. As a result, Brunnhilde lost her Dragonfang and was forced to leave Asgard in the Statesman without it.[2]


The Dragonfangs are very powerful swords, capable of cutting multiple materials due to the sapphiric steel used for its blade, and the dragon's tooth for its hilt. As such, Valkyrie was able to pierce the hull of a Sakaaran Guards spaceship, quickly destroying it. During the Battle of the Rainbow Bridge, the Dragonfang proved again its efficiency, enabling Valkyrie to stab, cut, and even behead several Berserkers in single blows.



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