The Dragon Raiders were a Chinese group of bandits led by Jiãó ào Zhànshì. They drew the attention of the Masters of the Mystic Arts when they tried harnessing the powers of the Bow and Arrow of Apollon in Guizhou.


The Dragon Raiders uncovered the Arrow of Apollon in a house they sacked in Guizhou. By harnessing its power combined with the Bow, they plundered the village and threatened its inhabitants to pay them with money and food. Knowing of the capabilities of the relic and the danger it could pose in wrong hands, the Ancient One and Karl Mordo visited the village. The two took advantage of Jiãó ào Zhànshì's arrogance and quickly defeated the bandits. After the victory, the Masters of the Mystic Arts stored the Bow and Arrow of Apollon in their New York Sanctum.[1]



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