The Dragon Flyer[1] is a type of Wakandan aircrafts.


Battle of Mount Bashenga

Becoming the king of Wakanda, Erik Killmonger ordered to delivering Vibranium weapons to War Dog operatives around the world. Members of the Border Tribe loaded a big amount of weapons on the Dragon Flyers. However, the first Flyer was crashed by Black Panther who attempted to stop Killmonger. He then ordered the rest of aircrafts with weapons to up in the sky. While most of them headed to the border, several aircrafts remained to assist Border Tribe. While one of them shot at T'Challa, he took Sonic Spear and used it to take Flyer down.

Shuri then asked Everett Ross to take remote control over Royal Talon Flyer to destroy the Flyers before they could reach the border. Ross managed to take down several aircrafts and the rest turned around and then began firing back at him forcing Ross to avoid their shots as best he could while still trying to shoot them out of the sky.

However, another Dragon Flyer had begun to fire on Ross into the lab. Although Shuri ordered Ross to get out while he still could, Griot confirmed that the glass was only fifty percent damaged, although the Flyer was still shooting. Defiant, Ross decided that he would still continue with his mission, regardless of the immediate danger before him. Ross then pursued the last vehicle with Vibranium which headed to the border while two remained Dragon Flyers used electric hooks to stop him. On Shuri's advice, Ross destroyed them using sonic overload. Ross then destroyed the last vehicle and escape from the lab before Flyer destroyed the glass.[2]

Battle of Wakanda

Multiple Dragon Flyers were used by Wakandans to fight against Black Order and Outriders. Together with Thor, Flyers attacked Outrider Dropships. Unfortunately, when Thanos gained all the Infinity Stones and enacted his Decimation, several Flyers violently crashed on the battlefield as their pilots were disintegrated.[3]