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Dovich is a super soldier, and a member of the anti-patriotism group, the Flag Smashers. He was a former enforcer for the Mob in Madripoor, who joined Karli Morgenthau's cause after the Blip.


Early Life

Life in Madripoor

"Did you ever think you’d end up here, doing this?"
"I was always scrambling for a way out. Even thought about jumping in with the military, at one point, but, uh… apparently mob security in Madripoor paid better."
Karli Morgenthau and Dovich[src]

Flag Smashers

Robbery of Gasel Bank

Dovich after robbing Gasel Bank

In 2024, Dovich and the Flag Smashers went to Switzerland to commit a bank robbery. After Dovich robbed the Gasel Bank, he jumped off the balcony with superhuman agility and handed the two duffel bags of cash to two of the Flag Smashers. After local policemen came to the crime scene, Dovich threw one with superhuman force away from him. Dovich was then confronted by Joaquin Torres who tried to arrest him but Dovich knocked him out and escaped.[1]

Chase of the Flag Smashers

In Munich, Germany, Dovich and the Flag Smashers collected boxes of medicine and vaccines and loaded them into eighteen wheeler trucks. When Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson tried to stop them, Dovich fought back but was stopped by John Walker, who threw his shield at him. Dovich then fought against Walker and Lemar Hoskins until they were kicked off the trucks and the Flag Smashers escaped again.[2]


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Powers and Abilities


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: The Super Soldier Serum enhanced all of Dovich' bodily functions, such as his strength.
    • Enhanced Strength: Dovich exerts a level of strength beyond a normal human, being strong enough to sent flying a policeman several meters with a kick and dominate Joaquín Torres with one hand.
    • Enhanced Durability: To be added


  • Combatant: Dovinch is a skilled fighter, combining his physical attributes, he was able to defeat both a policeman and Torres, both highly trained.



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Other Equipment

  • Mask: To be added


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Behind the Scenes


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