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"So, we just have the one fight ahead of us then? I'll take those odds."
―Dovich to Karli Morgenthau[src]

Dovich was a super soldier, and a member of the anti-patriotism group, the Flag Smashers. He was a former enforcer for the Mob in Madripoor, who joined Karli Morgenthau's cause after the Blip as her right-hand man. Loyal to their cause, Dovich assisted in their attacks against the Global Repatriation Council across Europe. He was apprehended in New York City after the failed Attack on the GRC, but was murdered in a car bombing by Oeznik on orders of Baron Zemo.


Early Life

Life in Madripoor

"Did you ever think you’d end up here, doing this?"
"I was always scrambling for a way out. Even thought about jumping in with the military, at one point, but apparently mob security in Madripoor paid better."
Karli Morgenthau and Dovich[src]

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Flag Smashers

Robbery of Gasel Bank

Dovich after robbing Gasel Bank

In 2024, Dovich and the Flag Smashers went to Switzerland to commit a bank robbery. After Dovich robbed the Gasel Bank, he jumped off the balcony with superhuman agility and handed the two duffel bags of cash to two of the Flag Smashers. After local policemen came to the crime scene, Dovich threw one with superhuman force away from him.

Dovich fights Joaquín Torres

Before he could leave, Dovich was confronted by Joaquin Torres who held him at gunpoint and tried to arrest him. However, Dovich grabbed the gun, forcing it out of Torres' hand, and knocked him out. Dovich then escaped the scene to meet with his teammates.[1]

Chase of the Flag Smashers

Dovich is hit by Captain America's shield

In Munich, Germany, Dovich and the Flag Smashers collected boxes of medicine and vaccines and loaded them into eighteen wheeler trucks. When Bucky Barnes and Falcon tried to stop them, Dovich fought against them, but was soon stopped by Captain America, who threw his shield at him. Dovich then fought against Captain America and Battlestar until they were kicked off the trucks and the Flag Smashers escaped again.[2]

Finding Refuge

"One world."
"One people."
Matias and Dovich[src]

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Escape in Bratislava

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Passing of Mama Donya

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Raid of the GRC Supply Depot

"There were still people in there!"
"This is the only language these people understand."
―Dovich and Karli Morgenthau[src]

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Funeral for Donya Madani

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Ambush at the Resettlement Camp

"Oh, shit."

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New Plan

"So we're working with criminals now?"
"Haven't you heard? We are criminals."
―Dovich and Karli Morgenthau[src]

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Attack on the GRC

Dovich sees Bucky Barnes

Dovich and his teammates assisted Morgenthau in evacuating the GRC members into armored trucks in the building’s parking garage in order to negotiate with them to stop the vote of the Patch Act. As the Flag Smashers prepared to drive away with them, Bucky Barnes arrived on a motorcycle and tackled into Dovich, knocking them both to the ground. Dovich then fought back against Barnes, until Morgenthau caused a truck catch on fire, causing Barnes to leave the fight to rescue the hostages.

Dovich fights John Walker

When John Walker arrived to confront Morgenthau, Dovich attacked him, punching his shield. Dovich and his teammates then managed to knock Walker onto the ground and continued to hit his shield. However, Barnes returned and Dovich engaged him in a fight. Dovich was then punched in the chest by Barnes, sending him flying back into construction equipment.

Dovich fights Bucky Barnes

After Morgenthau had caused Barnes to fall off the ledge of the construction site, Dovich jumped down to the riverbank with a piece of metal and attempted to hit Barnes in the head with it, but he caught it in time. Dovich then engaged Barnes in another fight, until Barnes got the upper hand and knocked Dovich to the ground.

Dovich is arrested

After Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers had joined Dovich on the riverbank, Sam Wilson, as the new Captain America, arrived and hit them with his shield, knocking them back. Dovich was then saved by Georges Batroc, who shot smoke bombs at the area, allowing for Dovich and his team's escape. Dovich and his team soon received a message on their Flag Smasher app telling them to meet a certain location. Thinking that it was another Flag Smasher, Dovich, DeeDee, and Gigi arrived at the location and were met by Barnes and John Walker, who reveal that they tricked them. The New York City Police Department then walked up and arrested them, with Dovich and the others complying.[3]

Arrest and Assassination

Dovich getting transported

"Four members of the radical group, the Flag Smashers, were killed today in a car bomb attack as they were being transferred to a high-security prison. There are no suspects in the bombing."
―Radio Presenter[src]

Dovich, along with DeeDee and Gigi, were put into a NYPD armored truck to be taken to the Raft. As Dovich was getting inside, one of the officers told him the Flag Smasher motto, and Dovich nodded as the officer closed the door. As the truck drove off down the street, it suddenly exploded, killing Dovich, DeeDee, and Gigi. From a nearby car, their killer, Helmut Zemo's butler Oeznik, watched.[3]


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Powers and Abilities


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: The Super Soldier Serum enhanced all of Dovich's bodily functions, granting him low level superhuman physiology.
    • Enhanced Strength: The Super Soldier Serum enhanced Dovich's physical strength. Dovich was able to exert a level of strength beyond a normal human, being strong enough to sent flying a policeman several meters with a kick, dominate Joaquín Torres with one hand and fight similarly enhanced individuals such as Bucky Barnes and John Walker.
    • Enhanced Durability: The Super Soldier Serum enhanced Dovich's resilience, allowing him to leap from a window several stories high and land on his feet, as well as endure blows from the similarly enhanced John Walker. However, Dovich was not durable enough to survive an explosion at point blank range.
    • Enhanced Speed: The Super Soldier Serum enhanced Dovich's physical speed, affording Dovich the prowess to keep up with a similarly enhanced John Walker, disappear from sight and suddenly appear and attack John Walker.


  • Combatant: Dovich is a skilled fighter, combining his physical attributes, he was able to defeat both a policeman and Torres, both highly trained.



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Other Equipment

  • Mask: To be added


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Behind the Scenes


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