"Not so fast. Unless you and your buddy in the cat suit want this woman's blood on your hands."
―Douglas Scott to Okoye[src]

Douglas Scott is an international criminal and leader of the mercenary group who was hired to capture multiple cilivians, including to Wakandans. However, Scott and Zanda were confronted by Black Panther and Okoye, resulting in Scott losing both his hands.


"You're persistent, I'll give you that!"
"And you are absurdly arrogant."
―Douglas Scott and Okoye[src]

Scott, together with Zanda and his mercenaries, managed to capture multiple civilians, as well two Wakandans, who were touring the vineyards in Brazil. Their employer had paid them with the gold, and Scott and Zanda covered in Paraguay where Scott arranged a meeting with his contact to launder the gold. As he returned to their hideout, annoyed Zanda threatened to shoot him but Scott calmed her down, showing her money.

Watching over the hostages, Scott discovered that one of his mercenaries was called through the phone. He quickly destroyed it with his knife, as the call could be traced. Zanda then expressed her boredom and showed Scott her bullets made by Vibranium, much to Scott's surprise. She explained that her friend managed to recover some of them for her and Zanda was waiting for the hunt to use it.

Suddenly, the mercenaries were assaulted by Black Panther and Okoye who defeated the whole hostile squad without problems. Scott ordered Zanda to prevent Okoye from saving hostages, however, she pointed at Black Panther instead. He then managed to hit Okoye with the crowbar and grabbed the hostage, threating to kill her if Okoye comes closer. However, Scott was suddenly attacked by another hostage and, while he let the hostage, Okoye knocked him down. All hostages were saved by Okoye who ordered them to run from the building. Enraged Scott grabbed the twin knives and attacked Okoye and managed to distract her in a brief fight.

Before Zanda could kill Okoye, National Police of Paraguay stormed the building, forcing Scott and Zanda to escape. Taking a Jeep, they both retreated at the freighter, owned by Scott. Black Panther and Okoye followed them, taking down his mercenaries. While Zanda was killed by Black Panther, Scott was fighting Okoye before Black Panther caused the falling of metal beam that ripped off Scott's hands.[1]


  • Expert Combatant: Scott proved himself as a skilled and dangerous combatant who was able to fight against Okoye.


  • Twin Blades: Scott was using the pair of combat knives as his weapons to fight Okoye.





  • In the comics, Douglas Scott is known as Razor-Fist, due to the razor blades he wears as the replacement for his mutilated hands which were damaged by Colleen Wing.



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