The Double-Edge Sword is a double-bladed weapon used by Thanos.


Thanos from an alternate 2014 wielded his double-edged sword when he traveled to 2023 and engaged the Avengers. With his sword, Thanos was able to have an upper hand against the team of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, especially when he used the sword to break Captain America's Shield.

During the Battle of Earth, the sword was damaged by Scarlet Witch but it was still usable enough for Thanos to throw it at Luis' Van before Captain Marvel could enter the Quantum Tunnel with the Iron Gauntlet, destroying the sword in process.[1]


Other than a melee weapon, it can also be used as a throwing weapon that returns back to Thanos like a boomerang. The sword is made from an extremely sturdy material. It is durable enough to withstand strikes from both Stormbreaker and Mjølnir. When used by Thanos, it was able to break Captain America's Vibranium Shield after repeatedly striking it.


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