"That "good dude" killed a cop."
"There's no way he killed a cop. You're lying."
―Dorsey and Lonnie Wilson[src]

Detective Dorsey is a New York City Police Department officer stationed at the the 29th Precinct Police Station. When Jackie Albini was murdered seemingly by Luke Cage, Dorsey sought to bring Cage to justice, which soon led to him losing his temper and beating Lonnie Wilson while questioning him about Cage.


Hunt for Luke Cage

Interrogation of Lonnie Wilson

"Luke Cage ain't kill no cop. No way. Look, unless you charging me with something I ain't gotta say squat. I'm leaving."
"You better sit your ass down!"
Lonnie Wilson and Dorsey[src]

In the wake of Jackie Albini's murder, Dorsey was tasked with interrogating Lonnie Wilson, questioning his relation to Luke Cage who was the main suspect. When Dorsey told him that Cage was wanted for the murder of Albini, Wilson did not believe this to be true and made attempts to leave the precinct. Enraged Dorsey lost his patience and assaulted Wilson until his colleagues restrained him and Priscilla Ridley suspended him without pay.[1]





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