"I was trying to protect Patsy. Her brand is her legacy."
"You can't stop selling your daughter, even if it kills her."
"I finally understand you. Like mother, like daughter. She must be so proud of the heartless monster that you grew up to be."
"My mother is brain-damaged. What's your excuse?"
―Dorothy Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Dorothy Walker is a talent agent and the abusive mother of Trish Walker, as well as Jessica Jones' adoptive mother.


Before "Patsy"

Dorothy and Trish Walker lived in a one bedroom apartment before Trish became famous. Dorothy used this experience to learn to appreciate money and not to pass up any opportunity.[1]

Mommy Dearest

Manipulative Dorothy

Dorothy and her daughter visit Jessica in the hospital

"This is family business. You're not part of any family."
―Dorothy Walker to Jessica Jones[src]

Dorothy constantly exploited Trish as "Patsy", her TV persona. To further improve Patsy's image, and to avoid a bad tabloid article, she went to the hospital and adopted Jessica Jones, a girl who went to the same school as Trish.

Dorothy's just desserts

Dorothy witnesses Jessica's powers

One night, she forced Trish to vomit in the toilet, calling her "Fatsy", until Jones intervened by using her enhanced strength to throw Dorothy out the bathroom, forming a bond between Trish and Jones. However, this incident exposed to Dorothy that Jones had powers.

Eventually, she and her daughter parted ways and did not speak to each other for a long time.[2]

Jessica's Warning

"And it will hurt. Need a better tagline."
―Dorothy Walker to Jessica Jones[src]

Years later, while Dorothy was interviewing prospective clients at the Stars & Tykes Talent Agency, Jessica Jones stopped by her office to warn her to respect Trish's wishes and if she ever broke the agreement, not even a prison would be enough to get to her. As Jones left her office, Dorothy admitted that taking her in was a mistake, to which she replied "Thanks, Mom."[3]

Another Shot

Overhearing that Trish was sent to the hospital, Dorothy visited her one morning to give her flowers. It did not go to a good start, as Trish continued to remind her that she did not want anything to do with her. She claimed that she was an avid listener of Trish Talk and admitted to being a terrible mother. The conversation went nowhere and she left to shout at a few nurses to lift her spirits.

Later that day, she stopped by Trish Walker's Apartment with a file from IGH, after overhearing her say the name. Trish thought she wanted something from her, but Dorothy claimed she wanted a relationship as mother and daughter. She revealed that the file was, in fact, Jessica Jones' medical bill, which might explain her powers. At first, her act of kindness felt sincere, until she suggested that Trish help endorse a client's bottled water product. Trish saw through the manipulation and asked her to get out.[1] Dorothy sent the file nonetheless for Trish to read.[4]

Securing a Legacy

"The police told me all about your mother. You got my baby mixed up in all this? You did this to her."
"It wasn't me who had to get in front of those cameras and tell the whole world where Trish was."
"I didn't know the danger that you had put her in."
―Dorothy Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

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"We only get one mother. That's a powerful bond, no matter how batshit crazy they might be. I think you know that."
Eddy Costa to Trish Walker[src]

Dorothy is a stereotypical stage mother, who is fame-hungry to a ridiculous degree. She has been living off the success of her daughter Trish Walker for years and has been abhorrently abusive towards her for the sake of achieving greater success. Since Jessica Jones took her down a peg, Dorothy has backed off, leaving Trish to live her own life, to a certain extent, at least.


  • Expert Businesswoman: Dorothy is a ruthless businesswoman and talent agent, exploiting her daughter Trish and her TV persona, Patsy, to gain wealth and a reputation in the world of show business. When trying to improve the public perception of Trish after an incident, Dorothy proceeded to adopt Jessica Jones purely as a publicity stunt, instead of doing it as a selfless act of charity.





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  • In the comics, Dorothy Walker was one of Marvel's oldest female characters, originating from "Miss America" like her daughter. Originally, these adventures are only teenage romantic comedies where Dorothy is depicted as a housewife. Later, it was revealed that Patsy's teenage adventures were fictitious comics based on her life and were written by Dorothy herself. This career is hinted towards with her live-action counterpart as well who is a child talent agent. The great difference is that the original version is not an abusive mother.

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