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"I was trying to protect Patsy. Her brand is her legacy."
"You can't stop selling your daughter, even if it kills her."
―Dorothy Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Dorothy Walker was a talent agent and the abusive mother of Trish Walker, as well as Jessica Jones' adoptive mother.


Early Life

Abusive Husband

"When I was seven, my dad still lived at home. We were happy when he was sober. He never physically hurt me. My mom took all the hits. But she was too proud to call the police. One day, I came home and he was screaming at her, and I heard a thump. And I went upstairs, and my mom was bleeding. He had hit her head into the wall."
Trish Walker to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Dorothy Walker used to live in a one-bedroom apartment with her husband and daughter, Trish Walker. Walker's husband was alcoholic and abusive and although he never hurt his daughter, Walker took all the hits instead of her, being too proud to call the NYPD. One day, Walker and her husband had a fight and he hit his wife's head into the wall. Feeling afraid for the safety of her mother, Trish smeared Walker's blood over her face and pretended in front of the neighbors that her father hit her. They contacted the police, so Walker' husband was arrested the next day, leaving her with Trish all alone.[4]

Stage Mother

Pressure on a Child

Walker eventually had a feeling that Trish Walker had acting talent, which could possibly end their poor lifestyle, so she decided to coach Trish. Walker had Trish participate in casting for That's Our Girl, and put intense pressure on her daughter while they were practicing the script play. As they had already sold everything they had and even her husband's child support, it was not enough for them to live, and Walker was desperate to push Trish's potential career.[4]

That's Our Girl

"Look at me, Pats. We have sold everything down to the floorboards, and your dad's child support barely covers our groceries. I know. Do you? Because I'm not seeing a serious effort here! I can't do this for you. It's all on you. Tell me you've got this."
"I've got this."
―Dorothy Walker and Trish Walker[src]

The next day, Walker brought Trish to the casting organized by Devlin Hoskins, trying to impress him with a red wig she bought for her daughter. Walker introduced Trish to Hoskins who was interested in her due to Trish's red hair, so he appointed her as a supporting character for the sitcom. However, Walker was not satisfied, as she wanted the main role for her daughter, so Walker advised her to replace Carrie Leigh Hursch during the table read and impressed Hoskins and executives.

Walker and Devlin Hoskins discuss their show

Trish finally was appointed as the main character (whose name was changed to "Patsy") for the show, as she successfully played her role, impressing Hoskins and the executives. Walker congratulated Trish, feeling extremely proud of her and then suggested Walker to change the concept of the show, making it completely based on her daughter. Hoskins accepted her suggestion, so That's Our Girl was rebranded into a brand new show, called It's Patsy. The show was extremely popular, as Trish became the highest-paid child star in television history.[4]

Patsy's Teen Years

"Try being a little kid whose mother's mood swings end up in bruises. Or the teen who's pimped out by the person who is supposed to protect her."
Trish Walker[src]

Walker continued to coach Trish, controlling every single aspect of her career and her life, ignoring her daughter's own opinion. She also became very physically abusive towards Trish, resulting in Trish gaining bruises. Through time, she became ridiculously fame-hungry and abusive towards Trish, living off her success for years. Walker eventually was approached by Max Tatum who offered Trish the role of the lead for his upcoming movie in exchange for sex. Walker graciously accepted his offer without her daughter's consent, which resulted in Trish being raped by Tatum.[2]

Adopting Jessica Jones

Walker and her daughter visit Jessica Jones

Walker' meddling and Trish's difficulties with fame eventually led to erratic behavior. To put Trish's career in safety, Walker decided to adopt Jessica Jones who had lost her entire family in a car crash and barely survived it herself. Walker and Trish came to the Metro-General Hospital, taking Jones away to their apartment. Jones then learned about Walker's abuse towards her daughter, as she once hit her in the arm with People's Choice Award and tried to force her to vomit, feeling her daughter had gained weight.

Walker witnesses Jessica Jones' powers

Eventually, Jones lost her temper and although Trish told her to stay away from it, she defended her by attacking Walker. She grabbed Walker and, with an incredible feat of strength, threw her across the room to protect Trish. Jones told Walker to not hurt Trish anymore before she ran downstairs, away from Jones. Walker had to step away from Trish, feeling terrified of what Jones could do to her with her unusual powers and years later, she and her daughter walked separate ways.[1]

Estranged from Daughter

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Warning from Jessica Jones

Walker is surprisingly visited by Jessica Jones

"And it will hurt. Need a better tagline."
―Dorothy Walker to Jessica Jones[src]

Years later, while Walker was interviewing prospective clients at the Stars & Tykes Talent Agency, Jessica Jones stopped by her office to warn her to respect Trish Walker's wishes and if she ever broke the agreement, not even a prison would be enough to get to her. While Jones then left her office, Walker admitted that taking her in was a mistake, to which she replied "Thanks, Mom."[5]

Another Shot

Overhearing that Trish was sent to the hospital, Dorothy visited her one morning to give her flowers. It did not go to a good start, as Trish continued to remind her that she did not want anything to do with her. She claimed that she was an avid listener of Trish Talk and admitted to being a terrible mother. The conversation went nowhere and she left to shout at a few nurses to lift her spirits.

Later that day, she stopped by Trish Walker's Apartment with a file from IGH, after overhearing her say the name. Trish thought she wanted something from her, but Dorothy claimed she wanted a relationship as mother and daughter. She revealed that the file was, in fact, Jessica Jones' medical bill, which might explain her powers. At first, her act of kindness felt sincere, until she suggested that Trish help endorse a client's bottled water product. Trish saw through the manipulation and asked her to get out.[6] Dorothy sent the file nonetheless for Trish to read.[7]

Securing a Legacy

"The police told me all about your mother. You got my baby mixed up in all this? You did this to her."
"It wasn't me who had to get in front of those cameras and tell the whole world where Trish was."
"I didn't know the danger that you had put her in."
―Dorothy Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

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Second Chances

Trish Walker's New Show

"If you flame out again, there won't be another gig. Nobody will want you."
―Dorothy Walker to Trish Walker[src]

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Finding Trish

"Is it a man? Talk to me, sweetie. I'm your mommy."
"I'm all alone. I'm all alone in this."
"Oh, sweetheart. I know how you feel. It's the girl's burden."
―Dorothy Walker and Trish Walker[src]

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Jessica's Interview

"They're gonna be playing that clip all day long on every platform. If you wanted to get the word out, you nailed it. I am so proud of you both. You know, it scares the crap out of me, but I can't deny you are making this city safer."
―Dorothy Walker to Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Dorothy overlooked Jessica Jones' interview and coached her as she had coached Trish Walker previously.[8]

Murdered by Sallinger

Walker's corpse being found by Trish Walker

"She found her mother dead, Malcolm. Drenched in blood, stabbed over and over, and tortured."
Jessica Jones to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

While Jessica Jones and Trish Walker were searching for Gregory Sallinger's next target, believing it was Mona Lee, the psychopath, in fact, went after Dorothy Walker, as she was both Jessica and Trish's mother. Taking her by surprise, Sallinger bound Dorothy in her own home. After intense torture, and after Sallinger thought she had shown her truth, he killed Dorothy by slitting her throat.

Later, while still searching for Sallinger's next target, Jessica realized that Dorothy was his next victim. At the same time Trish went to her mother's house, and seeing the door ajar, found her mother bound, tortured, and dead. Jessica then called, hoping that Dorothy was still alive, was answered by Trish, and learned that her adopted mother had been murdered by Sallinger.[8]


Hellcat's Revenge

"Don't give up. She would want you to do everything you can with what you've been given. My mom was intense... and aggravating. And she could be mean as hell. But if Dorothy believed that you had talent, she would move heaven and earth to make damn sure you used it. Mom didn't want to hear about failure. She only wanted to hear three words. "I've got this.""
Trish Walker[src]

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"She was ambitious. Broken. Sometimes cruel. But she owned it all. Every day."
Jessica Jones[src]

Walker was a stereotypical stage mother, who was fame-hungry to a ridiculous degree. She had been living off the success of her daughter Trish Walker for years and was been abhorrently abusive towards her for the sake of achieving greater success. Since Jessica Jones took her down a peg, Dorothy had backed off, leaving Trish to live her own life, at least to a certain extent.

In many ways, Walker's mindset was not unsurprising, since Dorothy and Trish were poor, and when Trish got the part as Patsy, Dorothy began to see her as a source of income as much as a daughter. This led to much of her cruelty because if "Patsy" wasn't making money, Dorothy was going back to the unpleasant life of poverty she had before. Her cruelty towards Trish was a way of staying in control, to ensure Trish did what she had to so as to stay a money maker. As those steps often clash with personal happiness or benefit (i.e. schooling) they were often back-seated.


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  • In the comics, Dorothy Walker was one of Marvel's oldest female characters, originating from "Miss America" like her daughter. Originally, these adventures are only teenage romantic comedies where Dorothy is depicted as a housewife. Later, it was revealed that Patsy's teenage adventures were fictitious comics based on her life and were written by Dorothy herself. This career is hinted towards with her live-action counterpart as well who is a child talent agent. The great difference is that the original version is not an abusive mother.

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