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"Did you get his name right?"
―Doris Toomes and Adrian Toomes[src]

Doris Toomes is the wife of Adrian Toomes and the mother of Liz Toomes. She and her daughter were forced to move to Oregon when her husband was arrested for his crimes as the Vulture.


Toomes Family

Married to Adrian Toomes

Doris married Adrian Toomes and had a daughter named Elizabeth, living a happy life with her loving family in New York City. Her husband often went on prolonged trips for his salvage company after Adrian's business took off.

On the day of the Midtown School of Science and Technology's homecoming dance, the couple welcomed their daughter's date, Peter Parker into their home. The young Parker appeared shaken by seeing Adrian but Toomes kept the mood light, ensuring that her husband had gotten Parker's name right before taking pictures of the couple.[1]

Moving to Oregon

"I guess we're moving to Oregon? Mom says it's nice there, so that's cool. Anyways, Dad doesn't want us here during the trial, so..."
Liz Toomes to Peter Parker[src]

Toomes leaves Midtown with Liz Toomes

Afterwards however, Toomes learned that her husband was secretly the villainous Vulture when he was defeated by Spider-Man and later arrested for attempting to hijack the Stark Cargo Plane. As Adrian did not want his family to see his trial, Toomes agreed to move to Oregon, taking Liz out of school with the help of Principal Morita. While they were collecting Liz's personal items, Toomes allowed her daughter to say her goodbyes to Betty Brant, as well as Parker, just before they all left Midtown.[1]

Later, Toomes and her daughter visited Adrian in prison.[2]


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Doris was a kind-hearted and gentle woman, shown to be a loving wife and mother to her family. She was unaware of her husband's criminal activities and genuinely respected Peter, the boyfriend of her daughter.






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