"It's hard, took the fall for some guys I hung out with but I never gave 'em up. Semper Fi, right?"
―Donny Chavez to Pete Castiglione[src]

Donald "Donny" Chavez was a newly appointed construction worker in New York City. He tried to make friends with Lance as well as Pete Castiglione.


Donny Chavez lives in Queens, New York City. He was subsequently recruited by Lance and his friends to rob the Gnucci Crime Family, only to botch the job by exposing his identity when he accidentally dropping his identity when taking money in the robbery, forcing Lance and his cohorts to do away with him by beating him up and throwing him in a hole and filling it with cement. Thankfully, Donny was rescued by Pete Castiglione, who was in fact Frank Castle, the Punisher, who killed his would-be killers and later the Gnuccis, leaving him with the stolen cash and warning to leave the city.[1]


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