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"It's hard, took the fall for some guys I hung out with, but I never gave 'em up. Semper Fi, right?"
―Donny Chavez to Pete Castiglione[src]

Donald "Donny" Chavez is a newly appointed construction worker in New York City. He tried to make friends with Lance as well as Pete Castiglione.


Early Life

Helping his Grandmother

Donny's parents passed away when he was young, so he lives with his grandmother, who is ill. He works to provide him and his grandmother a good living while also paying for her medication.[1]

New Job

Meeting the new Crew

When Donny started his new job at the construction site, he tried to make friends with Frank and the other workers, though they brushed him off.[1]

Robbery at Linello's

Lance was planning to rob a poker game held by the Gnucci Crime Family at Linello's. He was going to do the heist with the rest of his crew, but after Scut's arm was badly injured on the construction site, they turned to Donny as the replacement. During the heist, Donny becomes increasingly nervous around the members of the crime family, leading him to eventually stumble and drop his wallet on the floor. His driver's licence was revealed and Gnucci learned his name. The crew quickly fled with whatever cash they had collected.[1]

Rescue of Donny Chavez


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  • Grandmother
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