"A couple years back, the police department put together a task force aimed at taking down the Triads. Now, it was slow going until they got a guy on the inside. Donnie Chang. Good cop. Good friend. He was one of the first to the hospital when I lost my arm."
Misty Knight to Danny Rand[src]

Detective Donnie Chang is a member of the New York City Police Department, based in the 29th Precinct Police Station.


Work in Harlem

"Some of the hostages' statements are not matching up. Most are saying that they saw people inside shooting at Cage, not the other way around. We might have this all wrong."
―Donnie Chang to Priscilla Ridley[src]

Detective Donnie Chang worked at the 29th Precinct Police Station and was a good friend for his colleague Misty Knight. Following the murder of Jackie Albini, Chang interviewed a nearby witness to an incident in a park who said he thought he heard the suspect refer to himself as "Luke" or a name with a similar pronunciation.[1]

During hostage situation in Harlem's Paradise, Chang arrived to the club to support Priscilla Ridley and NYPD crew at the Police Command Post. Chang was called by the chief of police and he quickly put Ridley on the phone. Later, Chang received a call from the club. Ridley suggested that it might be Knight but Chang said that call from the landline.

He passed Ridley with the caller and its revealed that it was Damon Boone. While Chang with other officers worked to took control over the situation, they were visited by Blake Tower. Chang informed Ridley about hostages' statements about situation in the club. He said that they not matching up and most of them said that Cage was the target and not a shooter.[1]

Several days later, Chang found a corpse of a woman on Harlem streets who was identified as Candace Miller.[1]

When Knight lost her arm in the conflict in Midland Circle, Chang was one of the first who visited her in the hospital.[2] While Tom Ridenhour interrogated Mariah Dillard about situation with the Stylers, Chang found Knight who watched it. He said Knight that she can't be here because Ridenhour got paperwork for Knight to fill out and gave her file with reports before they left the interrogation room.[1]

Golden Tigers

Golden Tigers

Donnie Chang among the Golden Tigers

"And let me guess. Now he's undercover with one of the Triads."
"Golden Tigers. He got in deep. All the way up to Mr. Ho's right hand."
Danny Rand and Misty Knight[src]

Chang was tasked by NYPD to infiltrate the Golden Tigers, one of the biggest Triads in New York City. He rose through the ranks and became close to the Tigers' leader Ho. During the negotiation between Tigers and Yangsi Gonshi, Chang organized an ambush to arrest Ho and Sherry Yang and watched the negotiation as one of the Tigers. However, Danny Rand interrupted the negotiation and Ho ordered to kill him. Rand quickly beat up all Tigers, including Chang.[3]

He was taken to the Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with six broken bones and was visited by Misty Knight. He informed her about the failed ambush and "man with glowing fist" who showed up on the scene. Knight guessed about Rand's intervention and went to Chinatown to speak with him.[2]


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