"I thought I was helping your ass."
"Helping me?"
"Man this crack game is blowing up! Salvador Colon and all them, they're making mad loot and your old ass is getting left..."
―Donnie and Mama Mabel[src]

Donnie was a low level member of Stokes Crime Family. Mama Mabel discovered him selling drugs on the streets and ordered Pistol Pete and Cottonmouth to beat him to death.


Low Level Crook

Working for Mama Mabel

While working for Mama Mabel, Donnie and Pop would often go out on the streets and rob people of their cash and watches to bring back to their employer. Donnie and Pistol Pete however took it upon themselves to secretly begin making some new deals with Salvador Colon who was making a lot of money selling heroin and other drugs onto the streets of Harlem, something which Mama Mabel had always refused to get involved with.[1]

Fatal Mistake

Donnie and Pop returned to Mama Mabel's home to hand over all the stolen cash and watches that they had collected, which Mabel thanked them for. However as Donnie and Pop went to leave, inviting Cottonmouth to join them, Mabel told Pop to go away without Cottonmouth and ordered Donnie to stay behind. Mabel then confronted Donnie on his criminal activities, noting that she never had any intention to get into selling drugs. As Mabel told off Donnie, he looked over at Pistol Pete for help only for him to offer Donnie no assistance.

Just as Donnie argued that Salvador Colon was making a lot of cash and Stokes Crime Family was being left behind, Mabel grabbed his hand and cut off Donnie's fingers with her flower cutters. As Donnie yelled out in agony and cried, Mabel ordered Mariah Dillard to leave but told Cottonmouth to stay and watch. As Mabel continued confronting Donnie for his actions, she then ordered Pistol Pete and Cottonmouth to take Donnie downstairs, despite Pete arguing that Cottonmouth was not ready for this yet. However, Mabel insisted and the pair murdered Donnie in the basement.[1]





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