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"You heard about Rigoletto?
"I heard he retired."
"Yeah. In pieces."
Silvio and Ben Urich[src]

Don Rigoletto was a retired mafia boss, active in New York City when Wilson Fisk was a child.



Don Rigoletto loaned Bill Fisk money to finance Fisk's campaign for city council. On the night that Fisk was to meet Rigoletto to return the money, Fisk did not appear.[2]


Rigoletto was owed over twenty-six thousand dollars by Clyde Farnum, but he retired before he could collect, transferring his outstanding accounts to Wilson Fisk. When James Wesley approached Farnum, he assumed that Wesley was a collector for Rigoletto, before learning that Wesley worked for his replacement.[1]

Rigoletto and his wife were killed, with him chopped to pieces. News of the incident was received by the mobster Silvio who decided to retire to Florida since it was now evident that the rules of organized crimes had changed. Ben Urich thought that Rigoletto was making moves against the Russian Mafia; Silvio corrected him, citing Rigoletto's demise.[3]



  • Wife †




  • In the comics, Don Rigoletto was the criminal boss who employed Wilson Fisk as a bodyguard only to be killed by him in the end.


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