"Lighten up, honey, huh? Gotta smile for me?"
―Don to Vers[src]

Don is a biker who encountered Vers, resulting in the theft of his motorcycle.


"Nice scuba suit."
―Don to Vers[src]

When parking his motorcycle, the Don noticed a woman reading a map and commented on her unusual outfit, calling it a scuba suit. He then asked her to give him a smile, but instead shook his hand. The woman then proceeded burned his hand. She calmly instructed him to give her the keys to his motorcycle with the promise of letting him keep his hand. He immediately gave her his keys and helmut before he entered a store. While he was in there, the woman drove off with his motorcycle.[1]


  • Motorcycle: Being a biker, Don rode around on a motorcycle. When he came across Vers, he went inside, only for her to steal his motorcycle.




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