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The Domo is a star-ship used by the Eternals.


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Arrival on Earth

The Domo was created by the Celestials to house the group of Eternals as they moved from world to world. In 5000 BC, the Domo approached the planet Earth, and the Eternals reactivated as they grew closer. They all greeted each other and looked over Earth as a village in Mesopotamia was attacked by Deviants. Sprite kept the Domo disguised as Ikaris, Thena, Gilgamesh, Makkari, and Phastos fought the Deviant. She then revealed it and the rest of the Eternals to the humans present.[1]

Buried Underground

The Eternals founded the city of Babylon atop the subsumed ship.[1] They used it as a base of operations for a long time. One day, Ajak ordered a global sweep in the search for Deviants, while Makkari searched the ship for her sword. She found it with Sersi, who believed it to be her own, which led to the Eternals reminiscing about their time in the fighting Deviants in their 500 Year War. Sersi returned the sword, but Makkari told her to keep it, and Ajak ordered the global sweep again, determined to extinguish the Deviants.[2]

The Domo became no longer used by the Eternals, who had split up across Earth; its site became part of the modern nation of Iraq. It remained there for centuries, but became the home of Makkari, who, having the ship to herself, filled it with various items from across history, amassing a gigantic collection that cluttered the ship.

In 2023, the Eternals regrouped to stop the Emergence of Tiamut the Communicator, and Phastos, Kingo, Sprite, Druig, Thena, Sersi and Ikaris returned to the Domo, alongside Kingo's valet Karun Patel, and saw it in the state Makkari had kept it in.

In the ship, the Eternals discussed their plan, with Phastos proposing the Uni-Mind. However, their plans were skewered when Ikaris betrayed them, leaving with Sprite to ensure the Emergence occurred. The rest of the team raised the Domo and took off to stop the Emergence.[1]

The Emergence

The Domo arrived at the site of the Emergence on an island in the Indian Ocean. Ikaris, seeing its arrival, flew over to it, and fought Thena within the ship.

Later, he flew around it, and used his lasers against it, his lasers destroying the hull and causing the Domo to break apart and violently crash into the beach, forcing the Eternals within to come out.[1]

Finding Other Eternals

Sometime later, the Domo was repaired. It was then used by Druig, Makkari, and Thena to search for other Eternals in space. During their journey, the ship was boarded by Starfox and Pip the Troll, who announced that their friends were in danger, and they knew where to find them.[1]

Alternate Universe

Sprite's Story

In an alternate universe, the Domo took the Eternals to Earth, who went at the request of Arishem the Judge. Sprite created an illusion of the Domo arriving on Earth in order to tell a human about the Eternals' history.[3]

Design and Capabilities

The Domo was suited to deep space, used as a ferry for the Eternals to reach Earth. It had, however, no defensive capabilites, as Ikaris was easily able to break through walls and destroy its hull with his lasers. The Domo possessed a cloaking device to hide itself from unwanted attention.


  • In the comics, Domo was an Eternal and the dispenser of affairs of Olympia.


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