"You know, you're the opposite from my son. He can't admit when he's done something wrong; you can't admit when you done something right."
―Dolores Miller to Luke Cage[src]

Dolores Miller is the mother of Candace, Sean and Cole Miller.


Early Life

Dolores Miller was a woman who lived in Harlem. She eventually got married and had three children, Candace, Sean and Cole Miller. Dolores and Cole developed a strong bond as the last one used his money for lunch to buy her lottery tickets.[1] Years later, her daughter was killed by Shades after she got involved in the conspiracy behind Cottonmouth's assassination.[2] Months later, to her misfortune, her son Sean got involved with the Hand and one of its leaders, the White Hat, who hired people so as to clean up their criminals' activities, Sean was killed in the process. Misty Knight informed her of the death of another of her children, which broke her heart even more and affected her deeply.[1]

Visiting Her Son's Grave

One night, Dolores visited the memorial of her son Sean Miller. Suddenly, the ground began to quake beneath, knocking over a streetlight. In a panic, she was not able to move and ducked; however, she was rescued by Luke Cage.[1]

Days later, she was visited by her rescuer whom she believed was an angel sent from God. The two conversed about Cole who got involved in the same situation as his brother Sean Miller. When the phone rang, Dolores answered only to be informed that Cole had been killed in his cell; she became distraught, being comforted by Cage as she wailed, after losing all of her children.[3]





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