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"Dogs need food, exercise, training, belly rubs, and cuddles."
Wanda Maximoff[src]

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris, or Canis familiaris) are a race of mammals native to Earth. Dogs, while commonly feral in wildlife, are one of the most widely domesticated fauna on the planet, with humans frequently adopting them as pets and domestic companions.


"Better than human: smart, loyal, trustworthy..."
"Yeah? Where does all that trust and loyalty lead? Abandoned in the woods or dealt to the pound?"
Grant Ward and John Garrett[src]

A guard dog confronted Hank Pym during his mission in East Berlin but Pym was able to evade it.[1]

As a final examination test, all HYDRA members enlisted in their private academy had to prove their loyalty to the organization by executing their canine companions. This personally affected Hale, Jasper Sitwell, and later, Ruby Hale.[2]

While they ate ice cream in a park, a dog was being walked past Matt Murdock and Stick. The dog was hungry and longed for the hotdog that another person had nearby.[3]


During the time Bruce Banner was living in Rio de Janeiro, he had a dog living with him named Ricky.[4] After General Ross discovered Banner's location and sent a team to capture him, Banner escaped, leaving his dog behind.[5]

Dogs, cats, and birds were sold in a Puente Antiguo pet store that Thor entered, looking for a horse. Kyle let Thor know that he could not get a horse there.[6]

Skye compared wearing the Tracking Bracelet to being a stray dog who was tagged.[7]


A dog named Buddy was the only companion of a teenaged Grant Ward when he was taken from a prison in Massachusetts to the wilderness of Wyoming by John Garrett to learn self-reliance. Six months later, Ward and Buddy had become close. Whenever Ward shot a deer, Buddy would fetch it for him.

Garrett, in order to teach Ward emotional detachment to become a HYDRA sleeper within S.H.I.E.L.D., ordered him to kill the dog before they could go to S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. However, Ward was unable to kill Buddy, and instead he fired his gun to the air and allowed Buddy to run away into the woods. Buddy later appeared through Ward's sniper scope, as the dog searched for a kill.[8] Buddy was killed by Ward and Ward told the story of his dog to Kara Palamas, who later relayed it to Bobbi Morse.[9]


A dog named Cosmo was one of the exhibits in the Collector's Museum on Knowhere. In 2014, he watched as the Guardians of the Galaxy met with Tivan and then survived the Power Stone's explosion of the place, becoming free.[10] Later, he showed his loyalty to Tivan by licking his face, despite Howard the Duck's disapproval.[11]

A guard dog was owned by Geoff Zorick and lived in his mansion. When Scott Lang broke into the mansion, he avoided the dog by feeding him a piece of meat.[12]

While Jessica Jones searched for Antoine Grier, Luke Cage attempted to calm down rottweilers Myers and Krueger, but ended up subduing them without harming the latter.[13]


After taking out most of the Kitchen Irish, Frank Castle adopted their guard dog Max. The dog was later used as a ploy to get answers out of Castle during his torture.[14][15]

Sneaking into his former house, Danny Rand came into contact with Joy Meachum's dog Toro and managed to calm him before leaving him behind closed doors.[16]

Outside of the Vienna International Centre in Vienna, police dogs barked to alert the police about the bomb which was set off by Helmut Zemo.[17]

With the intent on following Adrian Toomes' Crew, Spider-Man chased them by using the suburbs to catch up to the van, and was caught off guard by a dog in which he preceded to through a ball at it as an distraction. Spider-Man preceded to chase down the crew and nearly succeeded until he was snagged in mid-air by Vulture.[18]

Following the incident at the Saint Agnes Orphanage, FBI and NYPD arrived to the church to find Karen Page and Daredevil who were the main suspects. After FBI agents Ray Nadeem and Benjamin Poindexter found that Page and Daredevil had disappeared, they brought search dogs to track them.[19]


Sometime after the Red Room's destruction, Yelena Belova adopted a dog whom she named Fanny. In 2023, she took Fanny with her when she visited Natasha Romanoff's headstone in Ohio.[20]


Playing outside in Westview, New Jersey, Tommy and Billy Maximoff found a lost dog. They then brought him inside to give him a bath in the kitchen sink, when their mother caught them. The boys asked if they could keep the dog, and their mother agreed. After naming the dog Sparky and teaching him some tricks, Sparky ran out the door chasing a drone launched by S.W.O.R.D..[21] However, Sparky was then killed by Agatha Harkness who falsely claimed that he had eaten too many Azalea leaves.[22]

German Shepherds were present with airport security in Venice, Italy, when Peter Parker arrived at the airport.[23]

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