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"You ever had that dream where you're falling as if you've been pushed off a tall building? That was probably me."
―Doctor Strange to Doctor Strange[src]

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D., Ph.D. was the Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts. Feeling hurt that he couldn't be with Christine Palmer, Strange began using the Darkhold to dreamwalk through the Multiverse and kill versions of himself that were not with the woman he loved. This ultimately corrupted Strange and caused an Incursion that almost completely destroyed his entire universe, with him being the last citizen left alive. He came across an alternate version of himself, who later defeated and killed him in spellcasting combat.


Early Life

Stephen Strange had a sister named Donna, who drowned after falling into a frozen lake. Eventually, Strange trained to become a Master of the Mystic Arts, and was later awarded the title of Sorcerer Supreme and also became the Master of the New York Sanctum.[1]

Desire for Christine Palmer

Following the marriage of his love, Christine Palmer with whom he was not able to fully express his feelings for due to his fragile emotional state, seeing that the person he loved had moved on, Strange became obsessed with the thought of being back with Palmer, due to lack of closure. Strange turned to the Darkhold to gain back Palmer, through which he discovered greater details about the Multiverse, in which he learned there were multiple versions of himself, who were living different lives of their own.

Strange started dreamwalking across the Multiverse, possessing his counterparts' bodies across universes in search of one who was able to live with a version of Christine Palmer. After searching multiple versions of himself and finding none, he fell into despair. In this fragile mental state, Strange was highly susceptible to the Darkhold's corruption, resulting in him developing sociopathic tendencies over time.[1]

Killing Versions of Himself

Seeing that there were versions of himself without the company of Christine Palmer, Strange decided to possess their bodies and force them to push themselves off a tall building to kill them.[1]

Destruction of his Own Universe

During one of his attempts to find a reality where a variant Strange was happy with Palmer, Strange caused a reality-destroying Incursion between his universe and another one, which destroyed almost all of his universe. The only survivor of his dying universe, he was left alone in the desolate New York Sanctum.[1]

Meeting Another Strange

Confrontation for the Darkhold

Strange is visited by his alternate self

Some time after the destruction of his own universe, Strange eventually noticed that another version of himself and a version of Christine Palmer had been teleported to his own universe, and peered out at them from the window of the New York Sanctum. Seeing the opportunity to gain Palmer back to fulfill his obsession, Strange waited for his other counterpart to arrive at the New York Sanctum to meet with him.

When his counterpart reached the top floor of the Sanctum, Strange told him to stop in his tracks, asking the other one to verify that he was truly Strange's counterpart. The counterpart confirmed his identity by telling the story of their sister, Donna Strange, who drowned in a frozen lake as a child because he could not save her.

Strange's counterpart asked why this universe was left in such a horrible state, to which he responded that it was fine until he lost it due to the Darkhold. After his counterpart saw that Strange guarded the Darkhold, the other Strange asked him to give it up in order to communicate with his own universe. Strange warned his counterpart about the dangers of using the Darkhold, telling him that it not only damages reality but also exacts a heavy toll on its reader.

Strange telling his story

Seeing the callous attitude of his counterpart, Strange told his counterpart about his own past, talking about his deep unfulfilled obsession with Christine Palmer, resulting in him going to the Darkhold merely to search for universes where he was devoid of the pain of losing her. Strange explained that that he never found such a universe, but that he never meant for his reality to be destroyed by his quest. Strange continued on to say that this led him to hunt down all counterparts of himself who were not with Palmer in their lives, killing them by dreamwalking into their bodies and forcing them to kill themselves, illustrating that he is one of the reasons for his counterpart's various nightmares. Strange then opened his third eye, demonstrating the heavy toll that the Darkhold had exacted on him.

Strange then said that the only way that he could have the Darkhold would be if he gave him his version of Palmer, much to the other Strange's fury. [1]

Battle Against Doctor Strange

Realizing that he is corrupted by the Darkhold, Doctor Strange engages Sinister Strange in battle who wishes to kill him to forcefully keep Christine for himself. However, Strange eventually gets the upper hand and sends Sinister Strange out of the window where he falls to his death, getting impaled by his own fence as Christine watches in horror of his third eye.


"Are. You. Happy. Stephen? It's the question that... Christine Palmer asked me at her wedding. I said, 'Yes, of course I'm happy. I'm a sorcerer with the powers of gods. What man wouldn't be happy.' And then I came back to this goddamn haunted house, sat down, and wondered why I lied. I never meant for any of this to happen. I was looking for a world where things were different. Where I had Christine, where I was happy. But I didn't find it. All I found were more of us. So I did those Stephens a favor."
―Doctor Strange to Doctor Strange[src]

Due to the constant use of the Darkhold, the obsessions implanted in his mind made him a psychotic sociopath. Unable to accept a life without Christine Palmer, Strange used the Darkhold to dreamwalk in desperate attempts to find a universe where he and Palmer were together. Upon discovering that none exists, Strange completely snapped. Refusing to accept any Strange counterparts being happy, he goes on a killing spree by murdering multiple counterparts of himself by forcing them to kill themselves. According to him, it was a twisted way of sparing them from pain without Palmer. Strange does feel some remorse from destroying his universe in the process.

Ultimately, Strange became broken and spends the rest of his time alone, guarding the Darkhold despite the pain it had brought him. Strange's obsession with Palmer never went away and grew to the point that he would only help a visiting counterpart in exchange for the Christine Palmer counterpart that was with him.

Powers and Abilities


"I'm a sorcerer with the power of gods."
―Doctor Strange to Doctor Strange[src]
  • Magic: As the Sorcerer Supreme and the master of the New York Sanctum, Doctor Strange possessed an extremely high level of mastery over magic, forming tangible constructs of energy, such as weapons or shields, as well as cast spells by writing specific formations with the fiery energy. After tapping into the power of the Darkhold and accessing his third eye, Strange had become even more powerful than most of his counterparts claiming to have the power of gods.
    • Dark Magic: When in possession of the Darkhold, Strange became corrupted and learned Dark Magic spells that he would eventually use in his fight against 616 Doctor Strange.
      • Energy Manipulation:

        Strange corrupting his counterpart's Whip

        Strange was able to shape and manipulate the Dark Magic energy. During his fight with 616 Doctor Strange, Strange was able to harness Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" to create tangible musical notes made of dark energy to attack his alternate self, as well as create forcefields. Strange was also able to convert the 616 Doctor Strange Eldritch Magic's whip into a Dark Magic's whip.
    • Telekinesis: During the fight with 616 Doctor Strange for the Darkhold, Strange was able to use his telekinesis to call the book into his hand, temporarily beating his alternate self.
    • Darkhold Magic: After obtaining the Darkhold, Strange was able to Dreamwalk through the Multiverse. The book's power also allowed Strange to access his third eye, increasing his power, with him claiming to have the power of gods.
      • Dreamwalking: Using the Darkhold, Strange was able to dreamwalk through the Multiverse in order to kill alternate versions of himself that did have a happy ending without Christine Palmer.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: To be added
  • Master Physician: To be added







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