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"How many nights did we sit in the Sanctum Sanctorum, Time Stone in the palm of our hand, knowing we could go back, gathering the courage? Well, I had the courage. I spent centuries, sacrificed everything for Christine."
―Doctor Strange to Doctor Strange[src]

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange M.D., Ph.D is the Sorcerer Supreme and a Master of the Mystic Arts. Strange became hellbent on resurrecting his late girlfriend Christine Palmer, after she died in a car accident, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of his entire universe. Floating for a time in a parcel of land protected by a bubble of the Mirror Dimension's magic, Strange was later recruited by The Watcher to help him save the multiverse from an alternate Ultron, who was leaving a trail of destruction across the multiverse. Strange, alongside Captain Carter, Thor, Erik Killmonger, Gamora and Star-Lord, were bought together and formed the Guardians of the Multiverse. The team fought against Ultron across multiple realities, Strange having given the team a protection spell to endure Ultron's power. Strange wielded the full power of his magic against Ultron, setting demonic dragons and zombie hordes upon Ultron. Once Ultron was erased by Arnim Zola, both Zola and the traitorous Killmonger tried to gain the Infinity Stones, leading to Strange trapping them in a shrunken down time bubble. Strange was then instructed by The Watcher to watch over the prisoners, a role Strange took gladly, now having nothing but time.


Changing the Universe

Demise of Christine Palmer

"We need to celebrate this."
"We are."
"You performed a radical hemispherectomy. Successfully."
"Well, that was the plan."
Christine Palmer and Doctor Strange[src]

Strange collects Christine Palmer for a date

One night, Doctor Stephen Strange arrived at Christine Palmer's apartment to pick his lover up for a night out at a dinner party. When Palmer exited the building, calling Strange handsome, Strange replied that he just pulled his suit out of the dryer, though he followed up by charismatically calling her stunning. Palmer told Strange that she was coming along just for the crème brûlée, with Strange remarking that they could do better than that.

Strange and Palmer drive to a party

On the way to a dinner while driving on a cliffside road, Palmer asked Strange to tell her the speech he had prepared. Strange attempts its opening, though Palmer immediately found it boring, suggesting to get to the heart of it or rather wing it like a contestant from The Price Is Right, a show Strange was unfamiliar with. Palmer reminds Strange that he had performed a radical hemispherectomy successfully, which Strange affirmed was part of the plan.

Strange watches as Christine Palmer dies

Palmer added that it was a remarkable one, with Strange commenting that she herself was remarkable, making Palmer chuckle. While attempting to pass a truck, Strange was immediately forced back into his lane by an oncoming vehicle, rattling Palmer. Strange attempts to affirm to Palmer that she was safe, though their car would be rear-ended by another speeding car, forcing them off the side of the cliff and into a river bank below. While Strange was relatively unharmed from the crash, Palmer had ultimately perished, much to a heartbroken Strange's despair.

Strange training

Grief-stricken, Strange traveled the world searching for answers to give him hope. He found the Ancient One and the Masters of the Mystic Arts. He eventually was trained by the Sorcerer Supreme, gaining the Cloak of Levitation and later saving the universe from the Dark Dimension and Dormammu's rule. Following the Ancient One's death, Strange became the new Sorcerer Supreme.[1]

Traveling Back in Time

Strange at the New York Sanctum

"Nothing is impossible. You taught me that."
―Doctor Strange to Ancient One[src]

On the two year anniversary of Christine Palmer's death, Strange couldn't help but think of the past, remembering an evening kiss he shared with her while he sat alone in front of the New York Sanctum's window.

Strange listening to Wong

Wong appeared and stood beside him, noticing Strange's attempt to hide the Eye of Agamotto while he reminisced of Palmer. Wong advised he join him while he prepared a kettle before he did anything reckless. Once Wong had left the room, Strange stared at the Eye before deciding to use it to transport himself back in time to the moment he picked up Palmer from her apartment.

Strange prepares to travel back in time

From there, events play out relatively the same, with Strange prematurely mentioning things Palmer would have told him such as what to do when he gave his speech. However, despite not attempting to pass the truck this time, his car would still be rear-ended by the speeding car, resulting in Palmer's death again. Desperate, Strange used the Eye again to constantly repeat events from before, vainly trying to prevent Palmer's death. Despite his efforts, such as taking an alternate route to the dinner or abandoning her, Palmer would always perish in some way.

Strange and the Ancient One talk

Emerging from his wrecked car broken and defeated one last time, Strange could only yell in frustration, pounding the ground in anger. Strange eventually was greeted by the Ancient One, who informed Strange that Palmer's death was unchangeable, an "Absolute Point"; without it, Strange would never have joined the Masters of the Mystic Arts and eventually rise to defeat Dormammu.

Strange ignores the Ancient One's warnings

Despite this, Strange was unable to accept her words, arguing that she taught him that nothing was impossible and that he only required more power. When told by the Ancient One that not even the greatest sorcerers of the past could bypass an Absolute Point, Strange resolved to going back in time to acquire knowledge lost to time. The Ancient One attempted to dissuade Strange, but he continuously refused.

Strange being split into two people

While Strange prepared the Eye of Agamotto, the Ancient One interfered and drew power from the Dark Dimension to split Strange's mind and body into two, with one half traveling centuries into the past and the second half traveling the destined path he was meant to tread. Both halves of Strange would be oblivious to the other's existence for the time being, simultaneously co-existing in the same timeline and universe.[1]

Seeking Knowledge

Strange meets O'Bengh

Strange arrived centuries back in time to the middle of a jungle, where he is greeted by an unknown man. Strange attempted to ask the man if he knew where the Lost Library of Cagliostro was, though he gave no answer and walked away. Strange followed him into a clearing, where he was greeted by the sight of the lost library.

Strange is surrounded by runes

Seeing that there was no door, Strange used his Sling Ring to warp himself up to an opening, where he discovered a protection rune on the ground. Strange dispelled the rune with his magic and walked further in, only to be surrounded by numerous other runes and plunged into a dark abyss. Upon regaining his senses, Strange is greeted by the man from before, who comments on Strange's unusual attire for a sorcerer, which Strange attempts to justify by saying it was Armani.

Strange is approached by O'Bengh

Strange inquires if he knew where Cagliostro was, though the man cryptically dodges the question. Strange asks if he himself was Cagliostro, though the man reveals himself to be O'Bengh, the librarian for the books of Cagliostro. O'Bengh tells Strange to follow him, calling him "Sorcerer Armani", though Strange vainly attempts to clarify that his name was Strange.

Strange seeking knowledge

O'Bengh led Strange to the Lost Library of Cagliostro, inquiring how long he'd say, with Strange responding with however long it took. Using his powers, Strange navigated through the vast collection of books until he found one regarding time manipulation. Reading through the book, Strange discovered that in order to have enough power to break an Absolute Point, he would have to gain power through the absorption of other beings.[1]

Gaining Power

Strange summoning a tentacle creature

Isolating himself in a secluded room, Strange used the knowledge from the book to manifest a portal to summon other dimensional beings, the first one being a tentacle creature. Strange attempted to bargain with the being to borrow its power, only for the creature to grab Strange by his leg and fling him around the room until he was knocked unconscious.

Strange is questioned by O'Bengh

Strange awoke to O'Bengh nursing him, who told him that dimensional beings do not bargain to share their power that man cannot wield. O'Bengh asked if Christine Palmer was worth the pain he was inflicting to himself, with Strange stating that it was worth every moment. Before leaving, O'Bengh told Strange that there was a fine line between devotion and delusion and the means in which love is achieved, and when Strange asks where he heard that from, O'Bengh simply responded that life taught him that.

Strange absorbs his first mystical being

Once healthy again, Strange returned to his room, where he came to the conclusion that he must forcefully take other dimensional beings' powers. Upon freezing himself in time, Strange started small by summoning a gnome, which Strange promptly absorbed. Following the gnome, Strange summoned a mystical bug with a different Cloak of Levitation from his original, which Strange took for himself before de-summoning the bug, remarking that he drew the line at bugs.

Strange detects Uatu's presence

From there, Strange steadily continued absorbing more and more stronger beings, briefly taking on their appearances himself as he absorbed them. While Strange caught his breath after absorbing a winged being, The Watcher decided against the notion to interfere, as this was the predetermined path Strange had chosen; Strange however would sense The Watcher's presence observing him and asked who was there, though he would receive no answer.

Strange faces the tentacle creature again

As centuries passed, Strange continued to absorb even more powerful beings. Eventually, Strange once again came face to face with the tentacle creature he first encountered, and using his amped-up powers, managed to sever the beast's tentacles and absorb them into him. With that, Strange unfroze himself from time, and soon encountered an old and dying O'Bengh, who revealed Strange had been draining the power of mystical entities for centuries.

Strange reunites with a dying O'Bengh

Strange attempted to heal O'Bengh with the Eye of Agamotto, though he was stopped by O'Bengh, who told Strange that death was part of life, which Strange admitted he cannot accept. O'Bengh revealed that while he couldn't accept, the other Strange could, much to Strange's confusion. Before dying, O'Bengh told Strange that he was only half a man living half a life.[1]

Confronting his Other Half

Strange meets his other half

As reality started to break down due to Strange Supreme's presence after he unfroze himself from time, he soon lured the other Doctor Strange to the Lost Library of Cagliostro and trapped him in an imprisonment spell. There, Strange Supreme revealed himself to the other Strange, who questioned Strange Supreme on what he had become.

Strange talks about Palmer's death

Ignoring the question, Strange Supreme lamented to his other half that only they knew Christine Palmer, though the other Strange interjected, saying that they couldn't save her without the world's destruction, much to Strange Supreme's anger, who let out a burst of dark energy showing the silhouettes of the various beings he had absorbed.

Strange debating with his other half

Regaining himself, Strange Supreme told his other self that he had sacrificed everything to save Palmer, taking centuries of his life to achieve his goal. The other Strange asks if he could now save her, though Strange Supreme denies, saying they can before grabbing the other Strange and teleporting away with him.

Strange prepares to fight his other half

Strange Supreme brought himself and the other Strange back in time to the crash site of their car, where he revealed that once they were united as one, he would finally have enough power to bring back Palmer. The other Strange tried to dissuade Strange Supreme from doing this, though he refused to listen, resorting to trying to absorb the other Strange on the spot, though he was impeded by the other Strange's protection spell placed on him by Wong. Strange Supreme then engaged in a duel with his other half, saying that he had gone too far to back down. Over the course of the battle, Strange Supreme chipped away the other Strange's protection spell, and even destroyed the other Strange's Cloak of Levitation.

Strange disguised as Christine Palmer

Eventually, the other Strange managed to send a powerful blast of energy towards Strange Supreme, seemingly destroying him. While the other Strange was distracted by a forming pure light from where Strange Supreme stood, Strange Supreme sneaked up from behind as the other Strange's shadow and dragged him into an illusion. Within the illusion, Strange Supreme disguised himself as Palmer to trick Strange, although he didn't believe it was her and Strange Supreme broke the illusion, sending the two freefalling from the sky.

Strange absorbs his other half

During the fall, the two Stranges traded blows, but ultimately Strange Supreme emerged victorious after fully depleting the other Strange's protection spell. Despite the other Strange's protests, Strange Supreme absorbed his weakened other half, finally making him whole.[1]

The End of the Universe

Strange resurrects Christine Palmer

"You were warned."
"I know, but the world! The world shouldn't pay for my arrogance. I read about you, sensed your presence. You're a god. You can undo this!"
The Watcher and Doctor Strange[src]

With his full potential achieved, Strange immediately used his newfound power to finally resurrect Christine Palmer. However, this action was the breaking point for the universe's stability as reality quickly fell apart around them.

Strange talking to The Watcher

As Strange struggled to keep himself and Palmer alive from the universe's collapse, he witnessed The Watcher's presence and vainly begged him to help, willing to do anything to save the universe. The Watcher refused, however, stating that any more interference with space and time would be disastrous, condemning Strange to his fate.

Christine Palmer dies in Strange's arms

The universe was soon destroyed in its entirety, save a small patch of land held together by Strange's magic. As Palmer faded away in his arms questioning what he had done, Strange sobbed and apologized, left alone as the last survivor of his home universe.[1]


Aiding The Watcher

Strange's help is requested by The Watcher

"Been living the dream alone in a prison of my own making ever since. Are you ready to break your oath?"
"You want me to say it?"
"Oh, yeah. Ohhh, yeah. I wanna hear you say it."
"Okay. I can't believe I'm about to say this. I see now. I need your help."
―Doctor Strange and The Watcher[src]

Later, Strange was visited by The Watcher physically in what was left of his universe, the Mirror Dimension. There, The Watcher solemnly told Strange that he was out of options to combat Ultron, who was from a different universe, after Ultron had breached the boundaries of the Multiverse and taken control of the Nexus of All Realities. Strange sympathized with The Watcher, and asked if he was ready to break his oath aloud. Though initially hesitant, The Watcher mustered enough courage to directly ask Strange for help.[3]

Guardian of the Multiverse

Strange constructed a bar in a dimension outside of space and time and waited there as The Watcher gathered a team together. Those chosen were then transported to the bar and Strange was introduced to Peggy Carter, T'Challa, Erik Stevens, Thor, and Gamora. Strange explained the Infinity Stones to them, while The Watcher explained the threat they were up against. These five, along with Strange were then dubbed the Guardians of the Multiverse by The Watcher and were transported to an uninhabited planet on a different universe.[4]

Strange gives protection spells to his teammates

Once on the other universe, Strange tried to control his dark magic powers and was asked by Carter what had happened to him. He replied the same happened to him that happened to her which was love. He then told her about his universe's Steve Rogers which made Carter interested. Strange then conjured drinks for the rest of them and began to make a toast. However, during his toast, he started rambling and was stopped by T'Challa who gave a proper toast instead. In his excitement, Thor, accidentally alerted their presence to Ultron who saw them, much to Strange's frustration as the team wasn't yet ready for Ultron's arrival. Ultron then appeared out of a Wormhole, and Strange distributed out protection spells as further protection, much to the team's fascination. After Thor blasted Mjølnir at Ultron, Strange used his spells to make copies of Mjølnir and sent them at Ultron. Ultron managed to defeat this spell and soon realized that he was missing an Infinity Stone. In order to buy the team time to leave through another portal, Strange summoned the dragons he had absorbed to attack Ultron.

Strange watches the zombies attack Ultron

However, Ultron destroyed the dragons, forcing Strange to summon the zombies from another universe in order to stall Ultron. He used a Inter-Dimensional Portal to bring the zombies, specifically the zombified Wanda Maximoff there, and dropped them on top of Ultron. He then hopped into the portal and arrived in Ultron's home universe.


"Is she worth the pain? A man does not suffer like this for his own glory."
"Every moment of it."
O'Bengh and Doctor Strange[src]

Due to losing Christine Palmer, Strange became a man consumed by grief. He was consumed by so much despair, despite saving the world from Dormammu, he was willing to go back in time using the Time Stone. The more times Strange failed, the more consumed he became. Ultimately, he was desperate enough to use the power of the Dark Dimension. Due to his hands never getting injured, Strange became even more stubborn and arrogant to the point where he refused to heed any advice.

Despite all of this, Strange still retained some good in him. He was willing to use the Time Stone to save O'Bengh's life. He also never intended for the world to be destroyed and begged the The Watcher to punish him and not the world. In the end, Strange was filled with regret and despair as the only being left in his universe and his efforts were for nothing.

However, when the Watcher met Strange again, he had matured and changed. Strange was willing to help the Watcher defeat Ultron, even when the Watcher refused to save his universe. He still retained his sense of humor as he made Watcher admit he needed help while smirking.

Powers and Abilities


"Without her death, you would never have defeated Dormammu and become the Sorcerer Supreme, and the guardian of the Eye of Agamotto."
Ancient One[src]

Strange displaying his Eldritch Magic

Master Sorcerer: Having become the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange possesses an extremely high level of mastery over magic which he used to defend his native reality. With the death of the Ancient One, Doctor Strange is currently the most powerful member of the Master of the Mystic Arts. Once he absorbed countless mystical beings over the centuries, Strange became powerful enough to sense, see, and communicate with The Watcher, and even being able to break an Absolute Point, which indirectly destroyed his universe. Even the nigh-omnipotent Ultron acknowledged Doctor Strange's powers, as he was completely shocked and surprised at him being able to absorb a galaxy-sized explosion of energy with no ill effect, as well as saying that the Guardians of the Multiverse were able to stand a chance against him only because of Strange and Strange was the only one unaffected by the time dome created by Ultron's Time Stone. This indicates that Doctor Strange is the most powerful member in the Guardians of the Multiverse.

  • Eldritch Magic Manipulation: Strange is able to shape and manipulate Eldritch Magic, forming tangible constructs of energy, such as weapons or shields, as well as cast spells by writing specific formations with the fiery energy.
    • Portal Creation: Strange is able to cast portals without the need of a Sling Ring thanks to his level of mastery. During his training he has mastered this power much better than his original self and later he opened a portal to get inside the Lost Library of Cagliostro, due to the fact that there were no doors. Strange was able to open a portal to summon countless zombies on Ultron, and opening a portal to prevent Black Widow from falling.
      • Interdimensional Travel: Strange can travel between different dimensions and universes, crossing over different planes of existence or traveling across various forms of reality. He used this ability to help himself and the Guardians of the Multiverse to escape Ultron.
    • Energy Blasts: Strange can project energy bolts, blasts and beams that are amplified by Dark Dimension energy. During which he used in battle against his other half. During this fight, he hurled spheres of energy that homed in on his counterpart but were blocked by his shields, sent arcs of red energy surging through his counterpart's magical bindings in order to free himself and repel the other Strange and generated energy from his arms to burn and tear the Cloak of Levitation off when it attempted to restrain him. He notably was able to hold a Mirror Dimension barrier against the collapsing darkness using his beams. When using the powers from all of the mystical beings that he absorbed, the energy blasts were potent enough to even cause Ultron to experience pain. Later, Strange used his energy blasts to attack and contain Ultron during the final battle with the AI.
    • Binding Spell: Strange was able to stop an Eldritch Magic energy blast and used Dark Dimension energy to transform it into a binding spell to restrain his other half. He even able to restrain Ultron using the binding spell by binding both his hands and legs in conjuncture with Dark Dimension energy blasts using the powers from all of the mystical beings that he absorbed, and the help of Captain Carter, Killmonger and Thor by pulling the chains. They were able to hold him long enough for Gamora to attach the Infinity Crusher onto the Infinity Stones in effort to destroy them.
    • Holographic Projection: While explaining the Infinity Stones to the Guardians of the Multiverse, Strange generated a holographic display of the cosmos and the stones by conjuring Eldritch Magic formations.
    • Protection Spell: Strange was able to cast a Vishanti Protection Spell to protect the Guardians of the Multiverse by giving them an extra layer of armors as well as shields made of magic and even incorporates their weapons. He was also able to cast several protection spells around all of them within a limited area. Indeed these shields and armors were so immensely strong that were able to withstand the combined might of an alternate Ultron, using either some or all the Infinity Stones for a considerable amount of time including a galaxy-sized explosion of energy, and being able to withstand the energy released from five of the Infinity Stones when Zola and Killmonger were dueling over the control of them. Strange was also able to recast the protection spell once some or all of its runes have dissipated, as he has shown to cast it again on Captain Carter and Black Widow after their protection spell have completely dissipated.
      • Physical Augmentation: Besides protecting the users, Vishanti Protection Spell also enhanced all their physical attributes to incredible superhuman levels, numerous times greater than they already were. It enhanced their physical attributes so much that even a normal human like Black Widow could stagger and knock down Ultron.
      • Weapon Augmentation: The protection spell also incorporated the weapons that they used, including Thor's Mjølnir, Gamora's Double-Edged Sword, Captain Carter's shield, T'Challa's Quad Blasters, Erik Killmonger's Vibranium Claws and Black Widow's Red Guardian's Shield, enhancing their offensive, defensive capabilities and durability tremendously, numerous times greater than they already were. Their enhanced weapons were strong enough to even stagger and hurt Ultron, as well as successfully block Ultron's attack even when he was using the power of the Infinity Stones.
    • Duplication Spell: When Thor used Mjølnir against Ultron, Strange was able to cast a spell on the hammer to multiply it into numerous hammers exactly like the original.
  • Dark Dimension Magic Manipulation:

    Strange's corrupt magic

    Strange is able to manipulate Dark Dimension Magic after spending his time at the Lost Library of Cagliostro, using it to summon mystical beings, absorb their lifeforce and use their powers. He is also able to amplify his basic powers by using the energy from the Dark Dimension.
    • Conjuration: Using spells imbued with the energy of the Dark Dimension within the Book of Cagliostro, Doctor Strange was able to contact and summon mystical beings from other dimensions onto a runic circle he constructed. Additionally, he was able to locate and send his other half falling through a portal and onto his circle to confront him. During their battle, Strange was able to summon massive, canine-like serpents that burrowed seamlessly through the ground towards his alternate self, who destroyed them with blasts of energy. He was later able to summon a three headed dragon and the Champion of HYDRA to battle an alternate Infinity Stones-infused Ultron. Strange also make a mug of beer appear for Thor and conjured Chinese food as well as several different drinks for the Guardians of the Multiverse.
    • Life-Force Absorption: After learning how to summon beings from other dimensions, Strange was able to absorb their lifeforce within his spirit, enhancing his powers. He was even able to absorb his alternate self after he removed the protection spell from his other. However, this came at a cost when he transformed into a monstrosity.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Due to his absorption of various mystic beings, Strange eventually became powerful enough to sense The Watcher's presence and later even see and communicate with him.
    • Energy Absorption: Strange show abele to absorption differing tipe of energy. During the battle between Guardians of the Multiverse and Ultron, Strange was even able to absorb a galaxy-sized explosion of energy released by Ultron using the power of five Infinity Stones, Strange consumed the energy which made his eyes glow like fire and increasing his power. Later, he used the same energy that he previously absorbed to counteract the power of all Infinity Stones released by Ultron, though this could only counteract part of the power as the energy released by Ultron was too strong, unavoidably causing his teammates to be blown away.
    • Imprisonment Spell: Using an imprisonment spell, Strange was able to trap an alternate version of himself. His alternate self was not able to use his magic within the barriers of the spell.
    • Shapeshifting:

      Strange's monstrous form

      After absorbing countless mystical beings, Strange was able to shift into each of them right after absorbing them. For example, he was able to manifest the Champion of HYDRA in his hand to grab his alternate self and create ripples of large worms. He was also able to shift into a mesh of all those creatures, either at will or by accident. Additionally, Strange was able to hide himself within his alternate self's shadow before grabbing him from behind as a mass of darkness and drag him in a Mirror Dimension illusion space in a final attempt to convince him to join him willingly. After he absorbed his other half, he shifted into a mesh of all those creatures when he used the powers from all of the mystical beings that he had absorbed and combined with the power of the Time Stone in order to resurrect Palmer. Later, he once again shifted into a mesh of all those creatures when he used the powers from all of the mystical beings that he absorbed, creating energy blasts to attack Ultron.
    • Immortality: By drawing power from the Dark Dimension, Strange was able to prolong his lifespan far beyond regular humans, he used magic to remain frozen for centuries in order for him to absorb as many mystical beings as possible. With the powers of all the mystical beings that he had absorbed, he became immortal, which he stated that he would watch over the pocket dimension containing Killmonger and Zola as he had nothing but time.
    • Time Manipulation Resistance: To be added
  • Mirror Dimension Magic Manipulation: Following his training at Kamar-Taj as well as the Lost Library of Cagliostro, Strange is able to manipulate Mirror Dimension Magic, being able to create a barrier to protect himself and Christine against the collapsing darkness and maintain a bubble, which is the only thing left in his universe.
    • Dimensional Warping: Strange was able to maintain a Mirror Dimension barrier for a short time until the darkness collapsed upon him. However, he was able to maintain a Mirror Dimension bubble, which is the only thing left in his universe. He was later able to trap Erik Killmonger and the Anim Zola-possessed Ultron body inside a pocket dimension bubble with the help of the Watcher as they were duelling over five of the alternate Ultron's universe's Infinity Stones and contain the resulting energy unleashed by them within the bubble.
    • Illusion Manipulation: Using the Mirror Dimension, Strange demonstrated being able to create an illusory pocket space capable of simulating Metro-General Hospital as well as disguise himself as Christine Palmer to trick his alternate self.
  • Telekinesis: Strange is able to influence objects with mere gestures, as seen during his search inside the Lost Library of Cagliostro. By extending his hands, he caused several books to launch from their shelves, drift around the large chamber and present themselves to him before setting themselves down when he found the book he was looking for. He also was able to turn the pages of one of the books he was reading with a wave of his hand. After summoning a bug entity, he proceeded to suspend it a few feet in the air, cause its cloak to fly onto himself and drop it back through the magical circle it came from. In the process of resurrecting her, Strange was able to cause an unconscious Palmer and the car she died in, the latter of which disassembled, to gently levitate out of the crash site and over to his side. During the first battle against Ultron, after having cast a duplication spell on Mjølnir, Strange was able to telekinetically manipulate the multiple hammers to trap Ultron.
  • Flight: Using a version of the Cloak of Levitation stolen from a mystical bug, Strange is able to levitate, hover, and fly.
  • Time Manipulation: With the Eye of Agamotto, Strange is capable of controlling and manipulating time to a great extent, including rewinding and freezing time for centuries. Using it, Strange rewinded time to moments before Palmer's death, hoping that he could find a way to stop her from dying. He was later able to use his Time Stone to counteract and break the effects of an alternate Ultron's own Time Stone on the Guardians of the Multiverse.
    • Resurrection: After absorbing his other half, Strange was able to fully resurrect Palmer by combining the powers of all of the mystical beings that he had absorbed and the power of the Time Stone.


"You're a genius."
―Christine Palmer[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Strange's level of intellect allowed him to achieve his MD and Ph.D. simultaneously at medical school, going on to become one of the world's most renowned neurosurgeons. With this level of intellect, he was able to master multiple types of magic manipulation and use their powers to his benefit. When Zola and Killmonger dueling over the control of the Infinity Stones, Strange was able to immediately realize that the Guardians of the Multiverse were never meant to win, but rather to separate the Infinity Stones from the body.
  • Photographic Memory: Strange's photographic memory allows him to recall all of the moments before Christine Palmer's death even after two years since the event. Using this, he was able to use the Eye of Agamotto to go back to those moments multiple times.
  • Master Physician: Strange is a highly accomplished doctor. According to Palmer, he successfully performed a radical hemispherectomy, which she called "quite remarkable."
  • Expert Martial Artist: Following his studies at Kamar-Taj, Strange became proficient in martial arts, both armed and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Bilingualism: Strange is fluent in his native English and became proficient enough with Sanskrit during his months in Kamar-Taj to enable him to study advanced books such as the Book of Cagliostro.


  • Eye of Agamotto: Strange used this ancient relic with a number of mystical properties, especially time manipulation in the user's immediate vicinity and on specific areas or targets. It is able to do so since it contains the Time Stone.
  • Cloak of Levitation: Strange's Cloak of Levitation is different from the original, having a different design as well as formerly being used by a mystical bug. It appears to be sentient and can move on its own power, causing it to move and flap in the air without the presence of wind. Offensively, the cloak's ability to move and fly with or without a wearer allows it to grab, lift, tackle or send enemies flying through the air. The cloak assisted Strange in defending him against an alternate version of him and his cloak.
  • Book of Cagliostro: The Book of Cagliostro contains many powerful spells that are imbued with dimensional energies, such as the Dark Dimension. Using this book, Strange was able to summon mystical beings and absorb their lifeforce, strengthening him and his powers.








  • Doctor Strange is the first known character to be aware of The Watcher's presence and to be shown interacting with him, being followed by Ultron, Peter Quill, Tony Stark, and the Guardians of the Multiverse.
  • Color scheme aside, Corrupted Doctor Strange's outfit greatly resembles his classic comic book outfit.

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