"Man, I'm hungry. Are you hungry? Is that weird?"
―Dobbs to Murphy[src]

Deputy Dobbs is an officer of the Larkville Police Department.


New Prisoners

Working for the Larkville Police Department, Dobbs was tasked by Roy Hardin to enter names of their prisoners in system. Approaching Frank Castle, Marlena Olin and Amy Bendix, Dobbs took their fingertips and saliva samples while Ken Ogden took their pictures and then brought them to the cells.[1]

City Police Case

"What's that sign over at the diner, behind the register?"
"'Management reserves the right to refuse service.'"
"That's it. We need to get one."
Roy Hardin and Dobbs[src]

Dobbs informed Roy Hardin that the station visited by Ferrara who stated that Frank Castle and Marlena Olin are drug dealers and murderers, and Hardin needs to extradite them to the city police. However, Hardin refused, stating that he can not release the prisoners before they are arraigned. Hardin and Dobbs ignored all of Ferrara's requests, saying that he needs extradition paperwork.

John Pilgrim who came to the station with Ferrara made some suspicious comments to Hardin's decision before they left the station. As soon as they left, Pilgrim's men cut the power at the station. Murphy and Dobbs both confirmed that place was cut out of communication, checking the cellphones and radio. While Dobbs continued to work with radio, Murphy asked him what happened and Dobbs told her about Ferrara who wanted to take Castle, Olin and Amy Bendix without extradition paperwork.[2]

Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station

"You ever, like, see that Western, where the guy comes to town, turns out he's, like, the Devil or death or something?"
"Hell, who gives a shit? Long as he's on our side."
―Dobbs and Bruce Ogden[src]

Frank Castle told Roy Hardin about his connection with Amy Bendix and Marlena Olin, noting that John Pilgrim's men will kill all of them, and their only option is turned him to Pilgrim. Hardin refused to give up and ordered Dobbs to gave his car keys to Ken Ogden who had to drive out of station and contact with the state police.

Dobbs, Hardin and Murphy, stayed near the entrance, covering Ogden who rushed to the vehicle. Before Ogden could drive away, he was wounded by a long shot and Hardin ordered Murphy and Dobbs to return to the station with Ogden. While Dobbs held the flashlight, Bendix treated Ogden's wound. Hardin then ordered Dobbs to hand Bulletproof Vests to everyone in the station and replace Murphy.

Pilgrim ordered Marlena Olin's Crew to open fire on the station, forcing officers to take cover and fight back. Meanwhile, another group of mercenaries used the diversion and broke into the station. Being unable to fight, Dobbs covered behind his desk while Murphy and Hardin kept shooting. However, officers were saved by Castle who took down all hostiles. Hardin thought about Pilgrim's offer to give them Castle and Bendix, and Dobbs noted that Ogden still needs medical treatment. However, Ogden refused and convinced his colleagues not to give up.

While officers were preparing for the next wave, Dobbs covered himself with Bendix, witnessing Castle eliminating the whole squad of mercenaries. Eventually, all hostiles were killed and Pilgrim escaped upon the Homeland Security's interference. While Hardin talked with Castle and Dinah Madani and Ogden was taken by paramedics, Dobbs and Murphy stayed at the station, dealing with the aftermath of the attack.[2]



  • Colt Law Enforcement Carbine: Dobbs, alongside Sheriff Roy Hardin and the other deputies, armed himself with this rifle when the Larkville County Sheriff Station was sieged by John Pilgrim's men. They covered Ken Ogden when tried to leave the station, though he was shot when he was inside the car, and they later engaged in a heavy shotout against the mercenaries that were shooting from outside. Once some of them broke into the station through the backdoor, they tried to repel them, though they were outmatched until Frank Castle was freed.

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