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"I have disciples all over the world whose Scales balance perfectly, awaiting your command. They are worthy, my Goddess."
Arthur Harrow to Ammit[src]

The Disciples of Ammit are a cult founded by Arthur Harrow devoted to killing sinners of Earth and freeing the Egyptian goddess Ammit in order to enact her world order.



"You know, he's got this idea that he can see the true nature of people or some baloney like that. If that were true, I don't think he'd have a bunch of homicidal maniacs as his disciples, would he?"
Marc Spector to Layla El-Faouly[src]

The Disciples of Ammit was founded by Arthur Harrow, where he used the power of Ammit to judge people's morality and kill those who are destined to do wrongdoings.[1]

Search for Ammit's Tomb

Judgement in Austria

In Austria, a judgement ceremony was held, where a man approached Arthur Harrow in order to be judged using Ammit's power. Harrow's tattoo turned green, prompting him to announce that the man was a good person. A woman later approached Harrow, asking to be judged. Harrow repeated the same process, but his tattoo turned red instead, despite her insistence that the lady had been good her whole life. Harrow answered, telling her that his tattoo was never wrong, and that she had been destined to do a bad thing in the future. Harrow later killed the lady using Ammit's power.[1]

Hunt for the Scarab

The woman's body was later carried away, before two of Harrow's disciple informed him that someone had stolen the Scarab of Ammit, and that the thief is nearby. Harrow later chanted in Egyptian so that the rest of the disciples would kneel, revealing a confused Steven Grant, who hesitated before following the rest. Harrow recognized Grant as a mercenary, and asked him to return the scarab. Grant tries to give it to him, but couldn't let go of his grip. He began walking away from Harrow, before he commanded his disciples to grab Steven and take the scarab away from her hand. Spector began taking over Grant's body, and killed the men grabbing him. Not knowing exactly what happened, Grant tried to escape while Harrow's disciple chases him.[1]

Targeting Steven Grant

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Expedition in Cairo

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Finding the Tomb

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Ammit Unleashed

"You're jealous of his loyalty."
"Loyalty at what cost? An empty world for your disciples to inherit?"
Ammit and Khonshu[src]

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Battle of Cairo

"Followers of Ammit, judge everyone."
Bobbi Kennedy[src]

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Name Position Status
Arthur Harrow Founder and Leader Deceased
Ronnie Member Alive
Billy Fitzgerald Member Deceased
Bobbi Kennedy Member Alive
Jamila Member Alive
Chase Member Alive
Victor Member Alive
Alpha Member Deceased
Beta Member Deceased
Young Punk Member Deceased



Militarized disciples aiming assault rifles at Marc Spector

Several of the disciples were militarized, and served as armed guards during the cult's ceremony in the Alps, while others were armed with assault rifles and other assorted firearms during the Search for Ammit's Tomb.


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