"The very fabric of reality is gonna be torn apart."
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"While on set, there are no phones of the flip or smart variety. No Facebook, Twitter, Insta, anything. This lanyard is your backstage pass. Marvel protocol demands that we wear it at all times. We are nothing without protocol."
―Dirk to Alex Mind[src]

Dirk, also known as Operative 616, is a security guard who works for ABC.


Dirk greeted Alex Mind when he began working at ABC. He informed him that the use of phones and social media was not permitted within the building and presented him with a lanyard, advising that it be worn at all times. He later came searching for Mind, who narrowly avoided detection.[1]

Dirk later found Mind in the art department and asked him what he was doing there. Mind replied that he was familiarizing himself with the building for future reference. Dirk commended him on his commitment to his job, but insisted that he come to him in future. Mind apologized for alarming him, but when he turned around Dirk had mysteriously disappeared.[2]

The studio was placed on lockdown when it was discovered that show spoilers had been leaked online. Dirk informed Mind and Brett Dalton that everyone would be searched. Mind accidentally bumped into Sam and knocked her bag out of her hand. Dalton handed it back to her, but Dirk grabbed it from her and discovered a script inside. He then had his security team apprehend her.[3]

Dirk discovered Mind in Chris Cheramie's office using his computer and called for backup. Mind slammed the door shut and Dirk opened it using her keycard, but Mind had escaped through the vent. Dirk inspected the computer and discovered that Mind had downloaded the Season Two finale. He found Mind making his way out of the back exit and called for his team to bring the cars around.[4]

Dirk and his team pursued Mind in a high speed chase. Mind managed to evade him, but they tracked him by his lanyard. They found him with the Mastermind, who was revealed to be Stan Lee's evil clone Lan Stee. They arrested Mind and Stee and stopped the upload. Clark Gregg contacted Dirk to congratulate him and promised to bring him for a ride in Lola. Gregg then ordered them to take Mind and Stee to the Fridge. Inspired by the fans' enthusiasm for the potential leak, Gregg decided to give them a taste of what was to come, which Dirk approved.[5]





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  • Dirk's alias is "Operative 616". 616 is the allocated number for the mainstream Marvel Comic Universe named Earth-616.


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