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"Why are we here? In New York? In her place? What? Is she, like, your ex or something? Because this place looks like it belongs to a serial killer. Which would make sense."
Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

The Dinah Madani's Apartment is a private apartment in New York City owned by Dinah Madani.


Call from Frank Castle

While sleeping at her apartment, Dinah Madani was suddenly called up by Frank Castle. Castle informed Madani that he was arrested by the Larkville Police Department after the incident in Ohio. Castle asked her for help, however, Madani claimed that since their situation was over, she owed Castle nothing. Refusing to listen to Castle anymore, she hung up before he could say something else.[1]

Shelter for Castle and Bendix

"You're making yourself at home?"
"Yes. I mean, it's a really nice place you have here."
"I'm so glad you like it."
Dinah Madani and Amy Bendix[src]

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Speaking with Brett Mahoney

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Confrontation with Jigsaw

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