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"They don't tell you fighting for something you believe in will ruin your life, because... belief never stopped a bullet."
―Dinah Madani[src]

Agent Dinah Madani is a former Homeland Security agent who, upon returning to New York City from her active duty in Kandahar, had opened up her own investigation into the death of her partner Ahmad Zubair, with the aid of her new partner, Sam Stein. Upon gaining her leadership position after the sudden murder of Carson Wolf, Madani soon learned that Frank Castle was still alive and began investigating his connection to her investigation, resulting in Madani starting a sexual relationship with Castle's friend Billy Russo. However, as her investigation continued, Madani witnessed Stein being killed and uncovered the conspiracy involving Russo and his superior, William Rawlins linking to Zubair's death and, siding with Castle, assisted in the death of Rawlins and the capture of Russo, exposing Operation Cerberus and all of their illegal actions, while surviving Russo shooting her in the head.

Following her injury, Madani became obsessed with mentally torturing Billy Russo as he recovered in the hospital with no memory of his actions. However, once Russo escaped, Madani once again called upon the Punisher to help track down and kill Russo, with the Punisher also hoping to help Amy Bendix escape from John Pilgrim who was now attempting to kill her. While avoiding the suspicions of Brett Mahoney, Madani had continued hunting Russo down, but inadvertently giving key information to Krista Dumont, who was actually aiding Russo. Upon discovering Dumont's deceptions, Madani had her final showdown with both Dumont and Russo, resulting in Dumont being crippled and Russo dying from his injuries. Madani then chose to leave Homeland Security and joined the CIA so that she could still continue her work protecting the country.


Early Life

Rising in the Ranks

"I grew up on the Upper West Side. We speak Farsi at home, but I never considered myself anything but American. When he recruited me, he said, "There are contributions and insights only you can make, and without them the agency will be lacking." And I believed him."
―Dinah Madani to Sam Stein[src]

Dinah Madani was born to Hamid Madani and his wife Farah and raised in Manhattan, New York City. She graduated from Fordham University in 2005 and attended Columbia University where she earned a Masters in Islamic Studies. Later, she received field training in Quantico, at the FBI National Academy, where she drew top marks in intelligence analysis, profiling and investigations.

In 2009, Madani was recruited to the United States Department of Homeland Security by Rafael Hernandez. Madani worked at the Homeland Security Field Office in Washington, D.C. as the Intelligence Analyst before 2012, when she was stationed at the office in the Middle East.[4] Madani was designated the Homeland Security attaché to the United States Mission in Kandahar. There she served with Ahmad Zubair, officer of Afghan National Police, investigating criminal activity in the Kandahar region, until Zubair found out about criminal conspiracy, involving the U.S. military.

Madani convinced Zubair to make an official statement, promising that he and his family will be safe. However, Zubair disappeared under unknown circumstances before he could testify. Later, Madani received footage of the execution of Zubair by he unknown group of U.S. soldiers from anonymous source. However, before she could investigate the murder of Zubair, the footage was stolen and then Madani's superior decided to pull her out of Afghanistan.[1]

Return to New York

Working for Carson Wolf

Madani returns to the United States to work

"I was pulled out of Afghanistan because something stunk to high heaven and I was close to finding out exactly what."
"And here you are. Now, I like tenacious and energetic, Madani. I find it kinda hot in a woman. But I will not stand for insubordinate."
―Dinah Madani and Carson Wolf[src]

Following her return back into New York City in 2016, Madani was transferred to the DHS Office in the city, where she would continue to work as an Agent for Homeland Security. Madani drove to her new office in her car, being asked to show her identification upon arriving, as she parked and swapped her trainers for her pair of heeled boots. Once Madani arrived she was informed that she had been made partners with Sam Stein, a junior agent under the orders of Carson Wolf, although Madani did not consider Stein as her partner.

Madani analyzes the Kandahar investigation

Once Madani had been given her new office, she immediately began an investigation in order to learn who killed Ahmad Zubair back in Afghanistan. While Madani put all of her evidence on the wall, Stein asked her about their case, questioning who Zubair was to her and noted that a case this complex did not actually bode well for them as partners, while Madani had continued to deny that they were actually partners. When Stein noted that according to their assignment they were indeed partners, Madani insisted that Stein had to earn her trust first, a comment which Stein had merely scoffed and joked at.

Madani presenting the case to Carson Wolf

Stein made it clear that he doubted that Wolf would let her run with the investigation, however, Madani still remained confident that she would be able to persuade the Special Agent in Charge of the case's merits, to which Stein jokingly commented that this was because she is new there. They were visited by Wolf who wanted to know about Madani's current investigation, commenting that she had been in the United States for less than three weeks and already had a case for him. Madani presented him Zubair's case as she explained Zubair had discovered that American soldiers were trafficking heroin out of Afghanistan, which had then led to Zubair being assassinated.

Madani listens to Carson Wolf's objections

Upon hearing the details of Madani's potential case, Wolf ordered Stein to leave the room so he could speak with Madani in private, which Stein had expressed some annoyance about. Once they were alone Wolf had claimed that Madani was lucky as many other agents wanted the job, although Madani claimed that she was happy being overseas. Wolf then went on to claim that the investigation she was running within Kandahar had been deemed to serve no one, claiming that she was lucky to still have any kind of a career for pursuing the case for so long despite so many people objecting to it.

Madani being told not to work on Kandahar

When Wolf claimed that she had been saved due to being the poster girl as she was both a woman and mixed race, Madani called him out for his sexist and racism, which Wolf dismissed. Although Madani insisted that the government got Zubair killed, Wolf insisted this was not true, suggesting Zubair was dirty while Madani insisted that she was sure that she was pulled out of Afghanistan because she was close to finding out something big. Annoyed, Wolf said that he would not tolerate insubordination, insisting that Kandahar is off-limits, as Madani had then reluctantly obeyed Wolf's direct order to her.[1]

Sam Stein's Support

Madani checking her files in her own office

"How about you lay off with the "junior" shit? I can live without your wiseass comments right now."
"Not really sure what else I have to offer. You know how I knew Wolf wouldn't want your case? You got me for a partner."
―Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

Later, Madani checked her files when Sam Stein had returned to her office and sarcastically asked how her meeting with Carson Wolf had gone before asking if he could ask how she was feeling despite being her junior, to which Madani insisted that she did not want to listen to his sarcasm. Stein told Madani that he had knew that Wolf would not accept her case about Ahmad Zubair because Stein was assigned as her partner.

Madani and Sam Stein discuss Carson Wolf

As Stein noted that Madani seemed like she could make a career in the department if she really wants it, Madani questioned what Stein had done to piss off Wolf, but he jokingly refused to answer. Stepping over to her board of evidence, Stein asked Madani where they should go from here, to which Madani requested all of Homeland Security's files on the United States Marine Corps by the name of Colonel Ray Schoonover, as well as the explosion of ship with drugs at the docks what happened last year, while she also requesting information about Lieutenant Frank Castle who had served alongside Schoonover.

Madani questioning if the Punisher is alive

Although Stein was clearly highly skeptical about this and had noted that the Punisher was dead, Madani noted Castle and Schoonover served in the same unit in Afghanistan and had then both died on the same day, just twenty miles apart there in New York City, questioning if Stein really thought that this was merely a coincidence. Stein then confirmed that Madani was going to run her own case regardless of Wolf's orders and decided to assist her because he was already in Wolf's blacklist, and he still had nothing to lose, expressing his surprise that Madani was actually willing to join him there.[1]

Mother's Advice

Madani discusses her return to New York City

"I resent being forced to come back. I resent that no one is hiding that fact. Mostly, I resent that no one wants the truth."
"I just want you to be sure that this case of yours isn't just a way to avoid dealing with losing someone you were close to."
"I didn't lose anyone. They killed him. I told Ahmad he could trust us. Told him he could trust me."
―Dinah Madani and Farah Madani[src]

Having finished for the day, Madani returned to her family apartment to share some wine with her mother Farah, taking a moment to look out of the window at New York City. Farah had asked her daughter why it was that she resented being home so much, to which Madani answered that she resented the fact that she was forced to return from Afghanistan and that nobody wanted to know the truth about Ahmad Zubair's death. Farah, however, suggested that Madani was avoiding dealing with losing Zubair, although Madani still insisted that Zubair had actually been murdered.

Madani having a conversation with her mother

As Madani noted how she had told Zubair that he could trust her just before his death, she poured herself another glass of wine while her mother questioned how much she was drinking these days, to which Madani insisted that she did not need therapy from her mother. Farah, however, simply noted that it was nice to have her daughter back so she could share her wine with her, as Madani sat down next to Farah and insisted that she would be staying inside her mother's apartment temporarily until she found her own place in New York. Their talk then turned to Madani's father and his faith, as Madani explained her faith in the system of law which gave her parents the life they have.

Madani talks to her mother about the law

However, it was also noted that despite all his strong faith, Madani's father could see all of the flaws which were within his own religion, with Farah making a clear reference to the flaws in the system of law which Madani worked within. Madani then insisted that her mother gets to the point as she explained that her insistence of looking into Zubair's death was already creating enemies for Madani, as people like Carson Wolf did not want her to continue looking into this. Farah had then ended the conversation by simply noting her fear of Madani investigating too deep and putting her life in danger as a result.[1]

Coffee with Sam Stein

Madani goes out on a walk with Sam Stein

"Easiest thing for me now would be to forget Ahmad Zubair and what happened in Afghanistan."
"Why do you think Zubair was killed by our people?"
"I was sent a video file of his murder by an anonymous source, he was interrogated and shot in the head by Americans."
―Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

As they had slowly began to build up trust with one another, Madani and Sam Stein went for coffee together Madani had explained to him noted how the feeling of being back in New York City from being in Afghanistan kept hitting her, noting how she had forgotten so many of the little details of living in the city, comparing the feeling to how the city got back to normal after the September 11 attacks, as Stein noted that they simply let themselves forget the horrors.

Madani and Sam Stein discussing her case

Madani then noted that she knew the easiest thing for her would be to forget about Ahmad Zubair and put the case behind her, to which Stein then questioned why she believed that Zubair had been killed by the United States Armed Forces. Madani explained to Stein that she had previously been sent a secret video file featuring the death of Zubair by an anonymous source, explaining that the video featured Zubair being tortured and executed by their own troops, which horrified Stein who asked why she had not shown Carson Wolf that video file as proof of everything she had been talking about.

Madani tells Sam Stein about her theories

As Madani explained that the file had been stolen in Kandahar, Stein questioned if Frank Castle and Ray Schoonover could be seen killing Zubair in the video, to which Madani explained that everyone in the video had worn masks to hide their identities. As Stein noted that all her suspects were dead, Madani questioned who had sent her that tape, noting there were seven men in the video who were suspects as they speculated that Wolf knew this and was tasked with keeping Madani away, but she had her way in with Billy Russo, to which Stein claimed that Wolf would never allow Madani talk with Russo.[10]

Appeasing Carson Wolf

Madani has a private word with Carson Wolf

"I thought we could organize something up here in New York, via our private contractor. There's a company, Anvil, that have all the facilities we'd need. I want you to be confident that you can trust me if I'm the first through the door."
"What the hell, why not? Send me a proposal later."
―Dinah Madani and Carson Wolf[src]

Returning back to the Homeland Security Headquarters, Madani had waited for Carson Wolf to come out of a meeting, at which point she complimented him on his field team. Madani noted that she knew Wolf had been a field agent for Homeland Security before moving up the ranks before she requested the chance to get some physical training with their unit. Although Wolf was initially against this idea, Madani insisted that it could be done in New York City.

Madani proposes the idea of training for Anvil

Madani explained that she had taken a look at a private military company known as Anvil which she explained would have all of the facilities they would need for a complete training exercise, noting that she wanted Wolf to have confidence in her abilities if she was to be the first through the door in his team. Hearing this, Wolf agreed to consider the concept, telling Madani to put the proposal together so he could take a look at it later in the day. Upon getting the proposal, Wolf approved the training for the unit and sent Madani and her team to train alongside Anvil with Wolf still supervising it all.[10]

Arrangement with Anvil

Madani and Stein undergoing Anvil's training

"I just got back from Afghanistan. I was the Homeland Security attaché over there."
"Madani. So, you're what, Persian?"
"American. I was born here. But yeah, my folks came over in '79."
"Can't have been easy doing your job out there."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

Having convinced Carson Wolf to allow her to use Anvil to train her team, Madani and Sam Stein went to the training exercise together as the teams were armed with plastic weapons and tasked with marching through an empty warehouse to save fake hostages, using blanks to gun down the terrorists. During their mission, however, Stein had almost shot an apparent hostage who had attempted to run through the room, before Madani just managed to stop him.

Madani being first introduced to Billy Russo

Stepping out of the training area, Stein complained to Madani about how he had seen the "hostage" running at him and assumed it was hostile, to which Madani insisted that if that had been a real situation and only one hostage lost their life, it would still be considered a win for them. They were then joined by Billy Russo himself who assured Stein that Madani was right in her assessment of the situation as he noted that the real situations were always messier. Russo introduced himself as the CEO of Anvil, explaining how his teams would rent out different spaces for all their exercises to keep things fresh.

Madani having a conversation with Billy Russo

While Stein went to put away his equipment, Madani got some water with Russo who explained how Anvil rented different spaces for all of their training exercises to always keep things fresh, as Russo then suggested that Anvil could make a deal with Homeland Security as a contract would be good business for them. while Madani explained that she had just returned from Afghanistan as Russo recognized her surname as being Persian before Russo explained he had served as well before he had left the Marines, going private to found Anvil, with Madani wanting to ask for more details about his military career.

Madani agrees to go out with Billy Russo

They were interrupted by Carson Wolf's arrival, who accused Madani of interrogating Russo, which she denied. While Russo invited Wolf to come to Anvil Headquarters to discuss a deal between their own organizations, Wolf cut him off to remind Madani to not get involved in the case she was still looking into the Kandahar investigation. Wishing to get to know her better, Russo waited for Wolf to leave and then invited Madani to join him for a drink after they were both finally off duty, noting that once they were off duty she could discuss whatever she wanted with him, which Madani then happily agreed to.[10]

Drink with Billy Russo

Madani goes out for a drink with Billy Russo

"You shipped out. Castle didn't. Did he get dirty?"
"Stay in any war just long enough, it will get dirty. Unless you've got something good to hold onto. Frank had that taken away."
"Could he have been involved in drugs there?"
"If you knew the man, you'd know how dumb that question is."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

Madani joined Billy Russo for the drink at a bar, as she questioned if this was where he took women out to impress them. They discussed their time in Afghanistan as Madani had claimed she had unfinished business there. Madani asked again which unit Russo served within the United States Marine Corps, to which Russo asked if this was why Madani agreed to join him, at which point Madani finally revealed she had read his file and knew of Russo's military career.

Madani discusses Frank Castle with Russo

Russo questioned if Madani had come to Anvil for training or to ask him about his service record, which she confirmed. Once he insisted he would not be throwing his friends under the bus, Russo invited Madani to ask him the questions. Madani immediately asked Russo about Frank Castle and was surprised when Russo had informed her that he and Castle had been close friends while serving together. Russo told the story of when he and Castle fought together in Basra, which he claimed to be the best night of his life, before expressing his regret that Castle had been killed, noting that he missed him.

Madani says her own goodbyes to Billy Russo

While Madani noted that Castle had killed a lot of people before his own death, Russo then claimed that the people he had killed were all criminals and drug dealers just like Finn Cooley and Dutton. Madani questioned if Castle had become dirty while serving and even asked if he had gotten involved with smuggling heroin, which Russo simply laughed at, although Russo claimed that Castle's one way of staying clean was his family which were taken away from him. Changing the subject, Russo flirted with Mandani, asking if she was single before Madani's pager went off and she was forced to leave early.[10]

Agent in Charge

Carson Wolf's Murder

Madani stands beside Carson Wolf's corpse

"I wanted him out of my way, Mom, but not like this."
"And now you get to sit in his chair."
"Somebody has to become the Agent in Charge, why not you?"
―Dinah Madani and Farah Madani[src]

Following the pager call Madani joined Sam Stein as they were called to investigate the home of Carson Wolf, as Madani found that Stein had already arrived as he teased her about her drink with Billy Russo. Stein then showed Madani the corpse of Wolf as they discovered him lying dead in the pool of his blood, having seemingly been beaten down, tortured, shot, before finally having his neck broken, as Stein noted that with Wolf deceased, Madani was now the highest ranking agent and needed to take command of the crime scene.[10]

Madani and Sam Stein discuss Carson Wolf

Following Wolf's death, and with Madani now the ranking agent with the United States Department of Homeland Security, she and Stein set to work to figure who killed him and why. Stein presented Madani with Wolf's autopsy report, noting that since it was unlikely that Wolf had just beaten himself up and shot himself through the leg before breaking his leg, they appeared to be looking at a murder. They then discussed how the killer got to Wolf, while Madani theorized that the killer came down the chimney and snuck up on Wolf before attacking him, to which Stein joked that they were looking for Bad Santa.

Madani giving all of Sam Stein's orders

Stein noted to Madani that the press was aware that Wolf was dead, however she insisted that they would not make an official statement regarding his death just yet, as Stein also warned how the situation involving the New York City Police Department and the FBI would make their lives extremely difficult as they tried to investigate Wolf's death: however, Madani insisted that the other organizations could go screw themselves, noting that Wolf was one of them and therefore only Homeland Security should investigate his death before walking away, leaving Stein still looking over the crime scene pictures.

Madani having a conversation with he mother

Returning to the family apartment, Madani had spread out the crime scene pictures of Wolf's murder as Farah Madani arrived and reacted in disgust at the horrific images. Farah theorized that her daughter was feeling guilt over disliking Wolf before his death, as Madani had claimed that while she indeed wanted Wolf gone but she had not wanted him dead. When Farah noted that now Madani sat in Wolf's position, Madani insisted that this was only temporary while Farah argued that somebody had to take up the job and questioned why Madani should not take it now that Wolf had been killed.

Madani tells her mother about her investigation

Madani claimed she was unsure she was suited for command, to which Farah noted how Madani went to Afghanistan as it was a fast track to getting a promotion, although Madani had claimed that her priorities changed since returning to New York City. Farah noted how since Ahmad Zubair died she saw her daughter closing herself off and finding it hard to trust people. Madani, however, insisted that she was not a victim and she just did not trust anyone else to get the job done right, claiming that was arrogance, to which Farah claimed that Madani needed to trust people or allow them to trust her.[2]

Investigating Carson Wolf

Madani looks at Carson Wolf's entire fortune

"As far as you're concerned, I am the flagpole. Who else can we trust with this? I'm new here, you brought me the evidence. Everyone else is suspect."
"And you don't find that kinda scary? No. Of course not. Puts you right where you want to be."
―Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

Beginning the investigation, Madadi tasked Sam Stein to research all of Carson Wolf's bank records in the wake of his death. Eventually Stein went straight to Madani with evidence that Wolf amassed a six million dollars fortune of over six accounts, which were buried offshore, much to the shock of both Madani and Stein. Seeing this, Madani then questioned where this sheer amount of money had originally come from, which Stein claimed he was still working on it.

Madani discusses Sam Stein's issue with trust

As she closely looked over this new evidence, Stein recommended to Madani that they had to take this new evidence higher in Homeland Security. However, Madani just insisted that as far as Stein should be concerned, there was nobody there higher ranking than her. Madani questioned who else could be trusted with all of this new information, noting that she still only trusted Stein because he was the one who actually brought her this information and everybody else there was suspect, as Stein had questioned if Madani found that concept scary, which she denied while continuing to look over the paperwork.

Madani tells Sam Stein about earning trust

Stein became frustrated with Madani's dismissal of him and claimed that Madani was now right where she wanted to be at the Homeland Security Headquarters. When Madani questioned what he meant by this, Stein said that she clearly liked to be on her own, going against the world, as Madani asked if Stein spoke to Wolf like this. Stein then complained about Madani's attitude following her return to New York City from Afghanistan, noting how she had been dismissive and now wanted him to keep her secrets, which she confirmed as Stein noted that she had still needed to earn his trust and loyalty first.[2]

Reunion with Hernandez

Madani looking at the files of her investigation

"I'm not gonna give up trying to find whoever killed Ahmad Zubair or why. He was our ally, Rafi."
"It was war. Sometimes the wrong people get killed. Don't lose sight of the greater good we serve by focusing on one injustice."
―Dinah Madani and Rafael Hernandez[src]

Having gotten word of a gun deal that was going to be going down involving the Greek Mob, Madani was briefed by Sam Stein inside of her office about the mission, as Stein explained how the guns were currently on their way onboard the freighter and would be arriving by the next day. However, Madani was still not paying any attention to what Stein was saying to her, as Stein jokingly suggested that they could use tomahawks to ambush the Greeks, which Madani approved of as she was still not listening to anything Stein was saying.

Madani explains herself toward Sam Stein

Stein found that Madani was still completely focused on investigating the death of Carson Wolf as she still failed to hear what Stein was saying to her regarding the Greek Mob and their gun sale. Stein then managed to ask if they should ambush the Greeks on the boat, but Madani insisted that she wanted to catch them in the United States of America, noting that if they attacked the boat then they would only arrest the crew who likely would not know what they were carrying. Madani noted that Wolf had done a lot of work on this case and she wanted to still see it through in the aftermath of his murder.

Madani being reunited with Rafael Hernandez

While Stein then attempted to get Madani to sign some paperwork, they were interrupted by the arrival of Rafael Hernandez. Madani introduced Hernandez to Stein before Stein left. As the pair hugged, Hernandez noted Madani had lost weight, as Madani jokingly noted Hernandez had not. Hernandez commented on Madani's promotion to Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security, although Madani insisted that she was still merely the acting SAC, while Hernandez had then noted that if she performed well then there was a chance that the position could still be offered to her permanently.

Madani discusses Carson Wolf's death

While Madani questioned how much influence Hernandez had over her promotion, he had insisted that he had merely put forward his recommendation before turning serious, as Hernandez then informed Madani that the Office of the Inspector General would be taking over the investigation into Wolf's murder. Hernandez noted that there were questions that needed to be answered, as Madani noted how Wolf was a dirty cop who had amassed his thirty million dollar fortune, to which Hernandez noted that this puts all of Homeland Security under a cloud of doubt following the revelations about Wolf's actions.

Madani is given advice from Rafael Hernandez

As Madani complained that this was her once again being silenced as she had been in Kandahar, Hernandez told her to grow up as he noted how he had recruited her fifteen years earlier to put her in this high ranking position. Hernandez recommended that Madani focuses on earning her stripes as a field agent, telling her that her obsession with Ahmad Zubair's death was becoming an obsession. Hernandez told Madani not to lose sight of the good being done, noting how she would help people by snatching the Greek Mob's supply of guns and ammunition which were soon going to be sold within the city.

Madani tells Rafael Hernandez to be serious

Hernandez recommended that Madani focuses on her work behind her desk to make a difference, as Madani questioned if he had come all the way from Washington, D.C. just to tell her this. Hernandez then insisted that he had come there to make sure that Madani was aware of the opportunity that lay before her and recommended that this take it unless she felt that it was not right for her anymore. Madani told Hernandez not to play games with her, as Hernandez then left, noting that Madani did not need a babysitter but had just needed to check her priorities before moving forward with her position.[11]

Ambush Planning

Madani listening to Sam Stein's plan

"You need a dedicated comm line to the snipers. My team, sorry, your team, will be the only ones with eyes on the buy. Follow will be too far away, and calling the shot from the ops trailer is just begging for disaster. And call Harbor Patrol. See if you can get a boat to cover the water exit. Just in case."
―Dinah Madani to Sam Stein[src]

Once their mission to rob the Greek Mob prepared to go underway, Madani sat down with her team as Sam Stein gave the briefing to the Homeland Security agents, explaining how agent Sampson would act as their buyer and pointed out where they would place their snipers during the mission. Stein also noted that agents Bowers and Sinclair would make sure that all the weapons make it off their boat and insisted that they did not engage with the Greeks no matter what happened, explaining that once the exchange was done then the arrest team would immediately move in.

Madani elaborates on Sam Stein's plan

When Stein asked if there were any questions, Madani spoke up and simply told him that his sniper positionings were off, also making a point that they had needed a dedicated communication line to the snipers. As Madani briefly misspoke and said that the team was hers and not Steins, Stein dismissed the agents and spoke with Madani alone. Considerably annoyed that she had criticized his plan in front of all his agents, Stein had sarcastically questioned if he had gotten anything right, to which Madani claimed that his plan was good and she had merely made it better with all her many corrections.

Madani and Stein discuss Rafael Hernandez

While they were speaking, Madani hinted that she was considering taking up Carson Wolf's position, as Stein then questioned if Rafael Hernandez came there to offer it to her. Although Madani claimed that Hernandez was merely making sure she behaved in a manner which could ensure her the position, Stein noted that Hernandez was a good man to have on the side. Madani told Stein how Homeland often recruited agents who spoke foreign languages, but Hernandez had always viewed her as American first and that was why she agreed to join the agency, before complimenting Stein on his work.[11]

Robbery of the Greek Mob

Madani overseeing their Homeland operation

"Stein, something's up. Something's happened to the truck. They were last at pier nine. I'm heading there."
"I don't understand. What do you mean..."
"Get there. It's being ripped off."
―Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

As the mission went ahead, Madani remained in the control room and confirmed that all the Homeland Security agents were in position as well and ready to begin as soon as the Greek Mob appeared to sell the guns, with everything seemingly going to plan. However, mere minutes before the truck would be in position, the team's communications were taken over as a hacker had managed to play loud music, which disrupted their ability to communicate as Madani and her team desperately tried to figure out what was now happening.

Madani tries to communicate with he team

While all the music continued to play, Madani tried to figure out what was happened as Sam Stein could only look up at their camera he was being watched on, questioning what was happening and why he could no longer communicate with Madani. Madani was then called by Stein on the phone, questioning what happened and if they all needed to abort the mission, as Madani said it was some kind of interference and ordered him to stay in position. However, as Madani continued watching the footage, she realized it had also been hacked and was a looped video, meaning the mission was at risk.

Madani abandons the mission before driving

Determined not to allow the heist to fall apart, Madani stepped out of the control room and into her Ford Mustang as she prepared to find whoever was interrupting the mission, informing Stein of where to go. Driving through Red Hook Pier, Madani searched through the roads until she eventually came across the truck being driven away from the area, while being followed by another car. As the thieves had now seen Madani following them, the driver of the other car braked and forced Madani to follow him, while the driver of the truck continued making their escape from the area which Madani could not stop.

Madani driving towards the Punisher's vehicle

Madani and the other driver then engaged in a high-speed chase as Madani stayed behind him as they turned through sharp corners at high speed, with both drivers being equally skilled behind the wheel. Since Madani was about to stay up with the driver as their chase continued, her target attempted to swerve across the road to make the chase more difficult: However, Madani was able to get along side the car but was unable to see the face of the driver. The chase briefly paused when a sharp corner forced Madani to brake while the other car drove away, but she soon caught up leading to a stand off.

Madani is saved from the fire by Frank Castle

Following a brief standoff, Madani and the other drive charged at one another at full speed, however before they could collide, Madani's car was struck by the truck, causing Madani several serious injuries while rolling her car onto its roof. Unable to move and with the car at risk of bursting into flames, Madani was pulled to safety by the other driver, who Madani recognized as being Frank Castle. While Madani was unable to move, Castle laid her on the floor, took her gun and I.D. while confirming that he killed Carson Wolf. Castle then warned Madani to stay out of his business before exiting the scene.[11]

Search for the Punisher

Madani going to work after being injured

"I just led my team into an ambush. You think I'm gonna sit at home feeling sorry for myself and let them put it right without me? Would they respect me for that?"
"Shit happens, Dinah. The operation was by the numbers and you ran it well. Right up until the point where you went Steve McQueen and had to do it all yourself."
―Rafael Hernandez and Dinah Madani[src]

Following their disastrous mission, Madani was put on leave in order to recover from her injuries sustained in the car wreck. Madani then returned to her mother's apartment where she slept through the night and in the morning, she painfully stepped out of bed, bruises covering her body, as she stepped over to the window and looked at New York City. Despite her injuries, Madani main priority was to return to work, although Madani's mother tried to keep her in bed.

Madani returning to work on her investigation

Madani returned into the Homeland Security Headquarters the same day where she soon found Sam Stein was in his meeting with Rafael Hernandez as they discussed the failed mission, with Hernandez questioning why the thieves would leave any witnesses, to which Madani commented that she was glad that they had. Looking at all the pictures of her burnt out car, Madani explained that it was her gift from her father, noting that someone killed it so she could not let it go. Hernandez asked what evidence Madani had to assist the investigation, noting that she should not have gotten out of bed with nothing to contribute.

Madani discussing the ambush she had faced

Once Stein left, Madani noted how she had just led her Homeland Security team into an unexpected ambush, and now she refused to go back to the Madani Residence to simply feel sorry for herself as she noted that her team would never respect her if she left them to continue their investigation without her. Hernandez, however, simply commented that somethings things went wrong, telling Madani that her planning was solid and she had run it well until she had tried to chase down the person who had hijacked their mission which had resulted in Madani being injured due to a brutal car wreck.

Madani listening to Rafael Hernandez

Hernandez then informed Madani that she and Stein would soon be questioned by OIG to understand what had happened to the Greek's guns and how the operation had gone so wrong, as Hernandez then recommended that Madani cooperate fully with their investigation. As he prepared to leave, Hernandez had a final word with Madani as he questioned if she really wanted to know what her agents thought of her, picking up a photograph of Madani's burned out car and telling her that her team viewed her as a badass, before Hernandez touched Madani's arm and asked if she was keeping any more secrets.

Madani continues learn about Frank Castle

Despite knowing that Hernandez was only trying to help her, Madani did not tell him what she had discovered, noting that she wished that she could, which seemed to make Hernandez nervous. Once in her office, Madani studied a picture of Frank Castle receiving a medal for his service within the United States Marine Corps, thinking back to the crash wreak and how Castle had saved her life, questioning how Castle was involved with her investigation. As Madani's phone rang, she saw that it was Billy Russo attempting to call her up, as Madani hung up the call and had continued all of her work instead.[3]

Questioning Karen Page

Madani meets Karen Page in her headquarters

"You strike me as someone people would tend to trust. I'd like to think I could do the same."
"Trust me to do what?"
"Not to report anything until the full story is clear."
―Dinah Madani and Karen Page[src]

As part of her current investigation into Frank Castle, Madani invited Castle's friend, Karen Page for an interview, as Madani personally greeted Page and thanked her for coming to speak with her, as Page questioned if Madani was attempting to intimidate Page by keeping her waiting for so long, which Madani had simply denied. As Madani took a seat opposite her, Page noted that Madani seemed to be in some considerable pain and then also questioned if it had anything to do with the incident at Red Hook Pier the night before.

Madani interviews Karen Page on her job

While Madani did not answer, Page had noted that she had already researched the incident and knew Madani's car had been involved, also commenting that it was odd that no report had been filled with the New York City Police Department. Page compared her job as a reporter to Madani's noting that they were only as good as their information, as Madani questioned if Page intended to run her story about the crash with the New York Bulletin, although Page claimed that she simply did not know enough about it yet and asked for a comment, which Madani simply chose not to provide her with.

Madani asking Karen Page about Frank Castle

Commenting that she seemed trustworthy, Madani asked Page not to report anything until the story was clear, however, Page instead asked if Madani had trusted Carson Wolf. Madani asked her answer to be off the record and explained that Wolf was dirty, as Madani had asked for the sources Page had about Wolf which Page refused to provide. Changing tactics, Madani commented on Page's life since arriving in New York City, noting how she was accused of the murder of Daniel Fisher before working for Nelson and Murdock and helping to successfully bring down the criminal empire of Wilson Fisk, before Madani asked if Page had a habit of getting overly involved.

Madani asks Karen Page about any opposition

Madani then made it clear that she was referring to Castle, noting how Page had defended Castle and had been kidnapped by him once Castle had escaped from Ryker's Island, to which Page had insisted that she had nothing to fear from Castle, despite him having killed a lot of people, to which Page claimed that Castle's story was tragic. Madani asked what Page had known about all Castle's time in the United States Marine Corps, and specifically his time in Kandahar, to which Page instead continued to ask about what happened to Madani on the docks the night before, which Madani did not answer.

Madani further listens to Karen Page

Madani noted how she had also served in Kandahar and suggested that Castle could have been the man she needed to speak to about her investigation into Ahmad Zubair's death, as Page expressed her regret that Castle had been killed in an explosion. Not believing this, Madani questioned Page about what kind of a man was Castle, to which Page had described him as decent and honest, with a code of honor. When Madani asked Page what Castle would be doing if he was still alive, Page claimed that Castle would have been minding his own business and should be left alone now that he was dead.[3]

Trusting Sam Stein

Madani opens the Frank Castle investigation

"Why would the Punisher save my life? He looked right at me and said, stay out of my way, Madani. What does that mean? What is he chasing?"
"Well, whatever it is with the arsenal he just stole, you can bet he's gonna drop some bodies."
―Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

Madani had later called Sam Stein to her office where her desk was covered with pictures of Frank Castle. Once Stein came in, Madani gave him a list of names that she wanted him to track down while Stein then questioned if this was in relation to the Greek Mob and the guns they had failed to capture, to which Madani instead explained that these men could have been in the room when Ahmad Zubair had been killed, much to Stein's great surprise and confusion.

Madani looking over the list of names on paper

While Madani had also noted the Operation was kept off the record which was why there was never an official list of who was involved, Stein had still remained confused as to why Madani was still focusing on the Zubair case at this time. While Madani continued looking over her own paperwork, Stein then began reading the list of names that Madani had provided him with, commenting on Gunner Henderson's name, he had complained that there must have been twenty names on the list while Madani had only needed one to know something to continue her case, much to Stein's considerable annoyance

Madani is told to trust with the other people

As Stein noted how their last mission had been a complete and utter failure which they were just about to be questioned by OIG over and Madani was still wasting her time with a case which she should not be working on since Carson Wolf had ordered her not to even look into it right from the start. Stein had then furiously claimed the case was about dead men who nobody cared about and refused to get involved before walking out of Madani's office, leaving Madani in a position of being forced to decide whether or not she could actually trust Stein enough with everything that she had found out.

Madani and Sam Stein discuss Frank Castle

Madani, however, then followed Stein into the hallway and pulled him aside, where she had revealed that Castle was the one who stole the guns, which Stein scoffed at before recommending that Madani go back to the hospital. As Madani explained that she had seen Castle up close, Stein noted that from her theory, the Punisher was alive and had stolen a truck full of guns from under their noses, as Madani explained that Castle had pulled her out of the car and saved her life, questioning why he would do this. Stein, however, noted that with his new arsenal of guns, the Punisher would start dropping bodies and advised her to go public with it, which Madani refused to do.[3]

Madani is questioned over their mission failure

As expected, Madani was called to a meeting with OIG to discuss what happened with their failed robbery of the Greek Mob, as she had first claimed that someone had known about the mission and intercepted it, although she still insisted that this was not a failing of her planning. Madani was asked if she would have done anything differently, to which she claimed that in hindsight then she may have changed something, insisting that the mission was not discussed outside the office, although Madani also became frustrated over the questions and denied knowing who had intercepted the truck.

Madani making the new deal with Sam Stein

Following their interrogation, Madani waited outside for Stein as she followed him to the elevator. Once they were alone, Stein then began cursing his decision while Madani smiled to herself, with Stein noting that Madani had clearly known he would not rather out. Madani then suggested they find Castle's Military Unit for answers and hopefully they could get them Castle. Stein, however, had warned that he would give Madani a week to get her evidence before he would go to Rafael Hernandez and immediately tell him everything, telling Madani that it would be for both their sakes, as Madani reluctantly agreed.[3]

Misplaced Trust

Billy Russo Hookup

Madani goes out for a drink with Billy Russo

"There's a lot I'm not telling you."
"Why are you just so intent on pissing on the memory of a dead man?"
"That's not what this is. Why don't you put your pants on? You look kinda stupid right now."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

Madani was later invited out by Billy Russo for a second drink, which they shared at a fancier restaurant than the last time. Madani then explained that they were drinking since she had had a difficult day at Homeland Security involving some hard decisions which she did not know if they were right or not, with Russo giving her advice and noting that he had also had a bad day. Turning the conversation more flirtatious, Madani suggested that they should do something about their days, to which Russo said he was open to suggestions.

Madani has passionate sex with Billy Russo

Choosing to forget about their drinks and distract themselves from their bad days, the pair headed back to Madani's apartment where Madani and Russo immediately began kissing and removing their clothes, at which point Madani's harsh bruises on Madani's body caused by a recent car wreck were seen by Russo. While Russo tried to stop due to concern over Madani's wellbeing, Madani just refused to discuss it and insisted that they continue. Ripping open Russo's own shirt, Madani took him to the bed where she got on top of him and the pair engaged in passionate sex throughout the night.[3]

Madani talking to Billy Russo about her work

Madani and Russo had sex again the next day, with Russo joking that this time they could not blame the alcohol for getting them into bed together once again. While Madani stayed in bed and covered herself up, she watched while the naked Russo then stepped into the bathroom. While Madani checked her phone, she did not notice that as Russo was finding his clothes, he discovered some of Madani's work which detailed her investigation. Russo had then demanded to know what Madani was still not telling him, which she had refused to answer, instead claiming that it was her work and nothing more.

Madani is confronted by Billy Russo in bed

While Russo had questioned if Madani was only using him to find out more about his military history and who he had served with, he also questioned why Madani was still determined to insult Frank Castle's memory, although she insisted that this was not the case. Russo then noted that Madani was now clearly withholding information, to which she reminded him that she was Homeland Security and secrets were part of the job. Russo called Madani a poor liar before noting that the police had never found Castle's body following the Destruction of the Blacksmith's Ship which Russo had always wondered about.[12]

Shootout Aftermath

Madani is told that Gunner Henderson is dead

"They're cleaning house. CIA, the military. Someone sent a death squad up that mountain. Shit, the resources to do that, the sheer balls to do that."
"If Castle survived, he came off that mountain bleeding."
―Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

Once she returned to the Homeland Security Headquarters, Madani was informed by Sam Stein that Gunner Henderson had turned up following his search for him; however Henderson had actually been found dead on a mountainside in Kentucky. Madani and Stein then entered her office to discuss the matter as Madani told Stein told him to shut the office door while Madani had then immediately gotten in contact with the Kentucky sheriff, as she and Stein prepared to go to Kentucky to investigate Henderson's death themselves.

Madani and Sam Stein investigate the scene

Once they arrived in Kentucky, Madani and Stein had soon found the aftermath of a violent shootout in which several people had clearly been killed, including Henderson whose corpse was found alone with multiple gunshot wounds. As they had continued looking all around the area for any clues regarding what had actually happened there, Stein noted how Henderson, whose corpse had been the only one recovered, had taken bullets to the hand and chest before eventually bleeding out, with Madani noting that somebody had been with him, before they had left Henderson behind and made their escape.

Madani discusses Frank Castle's involvement

While they explored the area, Madani found some bullet casings and deduced that a serious firefight went down, with Henderson and his ally coming out mostly on top as Stein noted this is what happened when a Special Forces soldier was attacked on his own turf. Madani explained her theory on how Henderson and his ally, who they both agreed was likely Frank Castle, fought side by side until Henderson died of his injuries, as Stein noted that there were no hospital reports of people coming with gunshot wounds, noting that Castle called the police to ensure that Henderson's body was eventually found.

Madani discusses Gunner Henderson's death

Once they returned to the Homeland Security Headquarters, Madani and Stein had looked over the crime scene photos, as Stein then confirmed that the blood they had found on the scene had matched Castle's DNA. Stein then questioned who Castle and Henderson had been fighting against, as Madani suggested that whoever it did not want the story about Kandahar to go public and were taking out any leads they had. Madani suggested that the CIA or the US military could have sent a death squad up that mountain to kill their targets while commenting on the sheer balls it would take to do this.

Madani agrees to find Frank Castle's location

As Stein noted that if he had been able to get off the mountain after the shootout, then Castle would have been bleeding heavily from his own wounds and would have been seeking medical assistance for his wounds. Madani and Stein agreed that they had to locate Castle sooner rather than later, while Stein questioned where they would be able to find a deceased Marine who was unlikely to be on social media. Madani, however, came up with a plan to go to Billy Russo and inform him of Castle's survival, hoping that either Russo knew where he was or he could lead them directly to him.[12]

Billy Russo's Assistance

Madani having her meeting with Billy Russo

"I need to bring Castle in. If you already knew where he was, I was gonna ask for your help. As it is, if there's anyone who can find him, it's probably you. Can you?"
"Why would I?"
"I think he knows everything about my Kandahar case. Okay. So how does that help him? Because I think he went after it himself."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

Needing to find her lead on Frank Castle's whereabouts, Madani then decided to contact Billy Russo and had asked him to meet her on the outskirts of New York City. Pulling up beside her, Russo suggested that she had invited him there for an apology due to all the secrets she had been keeping from him before waiting until she told him what she needed. Madani asked Russo once again about Castle before she had then finally informed him that Castle was indeed alive.

Madani tells Billy Russo that his friend is alive

Madani explained to Russo that she needed to arrest Castle and noted that if anybody could help her find it, it would be Russo, but Russo questioned why he would even consider doing this. Madani explained that she believed Castle was investigating the same case of Kandahar that she was and that he may have some involvement in Ahmad Zubair's death. Madani told Russo that the people who were also hunting Castle had left him for dead and would kill him if they did not get to him first. Russo promised to do what he could before thanking Madani for trusting him with this information.[12]

Updated by Billy Russo

Madani invites Billy Russo in her office

"We found evidence of a firefight. Someone walked away bleeding, the only survivor."
"That sounds like Frank, I'll give you that. Who was he fighting?"
"Well, that's what I don't know yet. They took away all the bodies, left no trace. Without Castle, I've got nothing."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

In order to get the latest update, Madani had invited Billy Russo into her office, as Madani and Sam Stein made eye contact as she closed the door. Handing her a coffee, Russo went to kiss Madani only to be rejected as she was on duty. Russo briefly flirted with Madani before she noted how tired he looked and asked what knew he had on Frank Castle. Russo, however, informed Madani that he had found nothing on Castle and had not been able to confirm he was alive.

Madani talks about Gunner Henderson

Russo then claimed that he had also reached out to other members of the United States Armed Forces who served with Castle and had still failed to come up with any kind of information about Castle's current condition. Russo questioned why Madani had claimed Castle was hurt and she told him about the firefight during which the badly wounded Castle was the only survivor. Russo asked why Madani had not gone public with this if she knew of Castle's survival, with Madani only noting that she had already told Russo more than she should have because she thought that he could help her find Castle.

Madani confirms of no leads on Frank Castle

Madani confirmed that she still did not know who was involved with the firefight that killed Gunner Henderson but she claimed she did not know, noting that without Castle she had no leads. Intending to help Madani, Russo promised that if Castle was alive he would find him and bring him to her, hinting his aim was to end their professional relationship so that they could continue their new sexual relationship. Teasing Madani about their own sexual relationship and his desire to continue it sooner rather than later, Russo had also commented that nobody was listening to their conversation before he left.

Madani is confronted by Sam Stein

Once Russo had left her office, Stein then walked in and questioned if and why Madani had told Russo about the Punisher's return, as Madani demanded that Stein knock before entering her office. Stein noted that Russo was Castle's best friend during their time together in the Marine Corps and therefore had stood the best chance of tracking him down, before Stein questioned why Madani did not tell him her plan to get a civilian like Russo involved with their case, claiming that this decision compromised their investigation and Stein's own career if Madani's agreement with Russo backfired.

Madani being confronted again by Sam Stein

As Stein continued to complain, he also noted how Madani had not trusted Rafael Hernandez with what they knew and questioned why she felt she could trust Russo, to which Madani claimed it was the same reason why she trusted Stein, instinct. As they walked out of her office, Stein noted that while Madani's applied flattery was a nice touch which he appreciated, it was not going to work this time as Stein questioned if Madani's trust for Russo had anything to do with his handsome face and seductive confidence, before Stein told her not to create a situation like this again, which she agreed to.[13]

Search for the Bug

Madani investigates the firefight in the woods

"We're nothing alike, I'm about the law. He's about... Well, that's what we're trying to figure out."
"What are we gonna do about this bug?"
"I haven't the faintest goddamn clue."
―Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]

While she was inside her office, Madani had continued looking at the images of Gunner Henderson's corpse following his gunfight, and began questioning why Henderson had suddenly become a target just as their investigation was ready to look into him. With this thought now inside of her mind, Madani had then also thought about what Billy Russo had said about nobody listening and realized that Henderson was targeted shorted after she and Sam Stein had spoken about him, as she realized somebody was indeed listening.

Madani privately talks to Sam Stein

Needing the help of somebody she trusted, Madani went to Stein as she requested a private word with him. Once they were both alone, Madani noted to Stein how just one day after they first mentioned Henderson's name he had turned up dead, calling into question this massive coincidence, while the confused Stein questioned why they were not discussing this in her office. As other Homeland Security agents walked past, Madani and Stein had pretended to be having a casual chat about a night out Madani when she had been groped until they were certain that nobody else could hear them.

Madani tells Sam Stein about the hidden bug

While Stein questioned if the story Madani told of being groped was true, she confirmed that it was and that she had broken the guy's finger, as Stein continued complaining about having this conversation in the hallway rather than her comfy office. Madani was once again noted that Henderson only died after they got a lead on him, telling Stein that she believed someone had put a bug in her office which was how whoever was listening found out about their investigation into Frank Castle's former unit and was having them all murdered before Madani and Stein could get to them for questioning.

Madani scanning paperwork to find the bug

That evening, Madani and Stein waited for the other agents to return to their homes, before they silently stepped back into her office and began a search in complete silence, scanning all of the paperwork and under every desk and bookshelf to try and find where the bug had been hidden, knowing that they were likely still being recorded and could not risk whoever was listening knowing they were actually on to them. Stein accidentally dropped the papers he was holding which had made a slight noise, although not enough for them to believe they would have actually been discovered.

Madani and Sam Stein locate the hidden bug

Eventually, Madani's search of her bookshelf led her to finding a read on her scanner, as she silently called Stein over to assist her. Without making a sound, Madani and Stein lifted up the shelf where Madani discovered a wire had been hidden underneath one of the screws, allowing somebody to listen to every word that was being said in the office which had resulted in the death of Henderson. Madani and Stein chose to leave the bug there, however, knowing that as whoever put that there was now unaware that they had found it and therefore they could use that to their advantage in their investigation.

Madani and Sam Stein have a drink together

With their task completed, Madani and Stein both sat in the hallway drinking together as Stein revealed that he had actually completely missed a date he was supposed to be on to help Madani find the bug. Stein noted that it was not the first date he had missed due to his job and admitted that it was unlikely to be the last that he missed. They then discussed the concept of dating with their line of work, as Madani had noted that if Stein was dedicated to the job, then his relationships would always come second, which Stein accepted was true, but claimed he would still keep on trying regardless.

Madani offers Sam Stein for some advice

Madani then offered Stein some free advice, which he claimed to be all ears until Madani told Stein that their job was not compatible with family and friends and suggested the job might not be suitable for Stein's personality, noting that it was best for closed off people. Stein then claimed that Madani reminded him of Castle, which offended Madani as she claimed that they were nothing alike, as she was about the law and Castle was about something that they had not figured that out yet. Stein had then asked what they were going to do about the bug and Madani confessed that she had no idea.[13]

Discussing Battle Scars

Madani and Billy Russo having shower sex

"Sorry you had to go through that, you know it means something, that you shared this with me."
"We gotta be careful. We're in danger of having a real conversation. It's getting kinda personal here."
"Yeah, wouldn't want that."
"No. Then we would have to admit that maybe you like me."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

Madani invited Billy Russo back to her apartment where they had sex in her shower. Once finished, Russo lay naked with only a towel in Madani's bed while watching her put on clothes ready to return to work at Homeland Security. As she looked at his body, Madani questioned where some of Russo's bruises came from, as Russo told her that it had come from a paintball during his training.

Madani teases Billy Russo over his good looks

Changing the subject, Russo pointed to one of his real scars which he explained he gained while in the United States Armed Forces and was shot with an AK-47. Russo asked Madani about her own scars to which she claimed one was from an angry lover who stabbed her, which Russo did not believe. Madani teased Russo by noted that he had so many scars and yet none on his attractive face before asking about two large scars on his shoulder, making up a story about how Russo's parachute had once failed to open and he then fell through a tree which resulted in the scars as they laughed together.

Madani tells Billy Russo about her scars

Russo calmly told Madani of how due to his mother's meth addiction he had been forced to grow up within the Ray of Hope group home where he had almost been sexually assaulted at the age of either ten or eleven, before Russo had tried to defend himself which resulted in Russo's attacker seriously damaging his shoulder, resulting in all of the scars. Madani confessed that she did not know about this part of Russo's life as it had not been in his personnel file when she had been researching him, resulting in Russo teasing her over the middle class guilt she was feeling for having a good childhood unlike him.

Madani listens to Billy Russo's past life

Russo, however, noted that he still believed that regardless of all the trauma he had once suffered and the lack of knowledge about his exact birthplace, he still felt lucky for being born in the United States of America. Madani thanked Russo for feeling that he could trust her with these facts about his life, as Russo teased her over the fact that if they continued having real personal conversations then she may have to admit to liking him. As Madani finished putting on the rest of her clothes, she asked about Russo's mother as Russo told her that he still had no happy ending to his own personal life story.[14]

Planting False Leads

Madani comes up with a plan with Sam Stein

"I'm expecting our targets to come in armed and ready to fight. They believe they are there to capture a dangerous enemy. When they find us waiting instead, I don't expect them to come quietly. Schematics and assignments are in the folders before you. Study them and get ready. There will not, I repeat, not be a copy of this tactical plan online or anywhere else except right in front of you."
―Dinah Madani[src]

Now they were aware of the wire secretly bugging her office, Madani and Sam Stein came up with a plan to trick whoever was listening by planting false information to see how they would react. While in her office, Madani told Stein that they just got a new lead on Frank Castle, claiming that he was buying his ammunition from Jack DeLeon for all of the guns which the Punisher had previously managed to successfully steal from the Greek Mob during Homeland Security's first encounter with him days earlier.

Madani sharing another joke with Sam Stein

Madani and Stein then joked over comparing their fictional weapons deal to The Godfather before they had claimed that they would know exactly when Frank Castle would be and they would be right behind him to take him into custody, as they claimed to be simply waiting for Castle to set up the meeting. When Stein jokingly claimed he could kiss Madani, she told him that he was not her type, as Stein teased her over her relationship with Billy Russo. Stein then went on to offer to meet with Russo himself to ensure his intentions were honorable, until Madani had finally ordered Stein to get out of her office.

Madani briefing her team on their new mission

With whoever had been listening to their conversation on the office bug now believing that they knew exactly where the Punisher would be, Madani knew that it would only be a matter of time before they showed up with a heavily armed team with the intention of killing the Punisher. Madani called a meeting with her team and briefed them on the mission, without giving up all of the information. Madani warned that the team who showed up at the location would be heavily armed and would not surrender easily to them, so told the team to expect resistance, before noting that there would not be another copy of the tactical plan anywhere online in order to avoid it being leaked.

Madani gets their fake reports from Sam Stein

Stein later greeted Madani as she briefed her team on what to expect as they prepared to meet their enemy team who were expecting to encounter the Punisher, as Madani also noted that once they saw Homeland Security there to greet them, they did not expect them to surrender quietly. Madani had informed Stein that their teams would arrive at the Abandoned Warehouse first and wait for whoever turned up there, while Stein then explained that the fake tactical plan was completed and ready to be put on their systems, where it would likely be read by whoever had bugged secretly Madani's office.[14]

Warehouse Ambush

Madani and Sam Stein during the ambush

"You're gonna be okay. Stay with me. Please. Help! Hey, it's okay. Stay with me. Stay with me, Sam. Come on. Come on! Help! Help! Sam, I need you I need you to be strong for me now, okay? Someone help me! Please. Please!"
―Dinah Madani to Sam Stein[src]

As was expected, Madani and her team saw the team of mercenaries arrive at the Abandoned Warehouse with the intention of attempting to assassinate Frank Castle. Once the team were in an exposed position right in the center of the Warehouse, Madani and Sam Stein then revealed themselves along with their own squads of Homeland Security officers and demanded that all the men drop their weapons and surrender to them. However, one of these mercenaries fired a shot which killed one Homeland Security agent, which immediately resulted in a shootout breaking out between them.

Madani aiming at multiple mercenaries

Madani and Stein took cover, as Madani furiously demanded that the mercenaries drop their weapons and get down on the ground, while Stein questioned who they were as they were better armed than they had expected. As the lead mercenary told his team to take down the Homeland agents, Stein pulled Madani to cover as they were fired upon. Once they had an opportunity, Madani and Stein ordered their men to move forward, as they killed Jim Pruitt while forcing the other mercenaries to desperately try and take cover, as Stein gave Madani cover and killed Mike Bashille as he and his team moving up.

Madani taking some cover with Sam Stein

As they took cover behind a pillar together, Madani again reminded the mercenaries that they had nowhere to run, before ordering Stein to flank and get behind them for a final assault. Stein asked for cover as he charged across the room, firing at the remaining mercenaries while he got out of the building to get around to the back during the chaos. While Stein had then made his way into position in order to ambush the mercenaries before they escaped, Madani was also able to gun down Spencer Geiger, while Tom Weems was shot in the leg before being brutally executed by his own lead mercenary in order to ensure that Weems could be captured and then questioned.

Madani chases down an unknown mercenary

During the chaos of the shootout, the lead mercenary was able to get away from Madani and her men, getting outside where he managed to shoot another Homeland agent through the head. Unwilling to let anyone escape before she had a chance to find out who they were and what they wanted, Madani furiously gave chase, taking cover as the lead mercenary fired several shots at her to keep her away while he continued to run for freedom. With her shotgun raised and ready, Madani called Stein and informed him that the lead mercenary was making a run for freedom on the East side of the Warehouse.

Madani holds Sam Stein while he bleeds out

However, when Madani made it outside, she had found the corpse of another agent before finding Stein lying on the floor while desperately grasping his throat and drowning on his own blood which gushed out of an open wound following being stabbed in the throat by the lead mercenary who had escaped. Madani momentarily froze upon seeing her friend bleeding to death before she ran to him and desperately called out for help while trying to stop the bleeding. Despite her cries for help, Madani could do nothing to assist as the loss of blood from his wound eventually caused Stein to die in Madani's arms.

Madani being gently washed by Billy Russo

With Madani having been too busy desperately trying to save Stein's life, she had allowed the lead mercenary to escape from the scene, although his four accomplices had been killed during the shootout. Completely heartbroken and traumatized by witnessing Stein dying in her arms, Madani could only return to her apartment where she called Russo to offer her emotional comfort. Madani then sat in the bath, her hands still shaking with fear, while Russo carefully cleaned all Stein's blood from her face and hands. Madani also took some time off from her work at Homeland in order to recover.[14]

Emotional Recovery

Advice from Farah Madani

Madani mourns over Sam Stein's death

"His mom's asked me to speak at his funeral. What am I supposed to say? That he died doing what he loved? Well, that's a lie. That he wasn't alone at the end? What the hell does it matter? He's dead. He believed in what I told him. He died for the truth. So do I tell the truth, or do I just say things to make them all feel better?"
―Dinah Madani to Farah Madani[src]

In the wake of the Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse, as well as witnessing the death of Sam Stein, Madani was given some time off in order to emotionally recover from the ordeal. Madani returned to her apartment where she remained in bed, emotionally broken and feeling responsible for Stein's death. Farah Madani eventually came in Madani's room and offered her some Cinnamon Coffee, while she attempted to offer her daughter some comfort.

Madani refuses to sleep and work at her job

Madani told her mother that she was not sleeping but refused to take sleeping pills, while Farah said that Rafael Hernandez had still been trying to get into contact with her again, noting that she had not told Hernandez anything about how Madani was doing. When Farah had begged her daughter to talk to her, Madani admitted that she could not stop thinking about Stein and how he died in her arms following being killed by the lead mercenary, while she had been unable to save him, as Madani and her mother discussed how Madani could begin healing by not blaming herself for Stein's sudden death.

Madani talks about her feelings to her mother

As Farah continued offering advice, Madani commented that Stein's mother had asked her to speak at his funeral, while she questioned what she could say and noting that saying that Stein died doing what he loved would be a lie, noting that saying that Stein was not alone when he died did not matter now that he was dead. Madani noted that Stein had died believing in what they had investigated, and then questioned if she should tell the truth or what would make Stein's family feel better, to which Farah held onto her daughter's hand and suggested that she simply say whatever she had needed to.[4]

Visited by Rafael Hernandez

Madani listening to Rafael Hernandez's arrival

"Every time I close my eyes, I see Sam Stein's face staring up at me. He had this look when he was dying. He wasn't sad or scared. He was surprised. Like he couldn't believe it was ending that way. I can't shake that look. What do you want me to say?"
"That this has nothing to do with Ahmad Zubair and Kandahar. That Sam Stein and the others didn't die chasing your ghosts."
―Dinah Madani to Rafael Hernandez[src]

While Madani was still in bed, several bombs were detonated which had rocked New York City as several innocent people were killed. While Madani remained in her bed and still refused to get involved with the situation, Rafael Hernandez was forced to visit the Madani Residence to convince her to come back. Once he arrived, Hernandez spoke with Farah Madani who asked him how things were going in the wake of the terrorist attack while Madani was quietly listening from the other room.

Madani reluctantly talks to Rafael Hernandez

Hernandez asked how Madani was doing, as Farah insisted that she would not allow him to speak with her daughter, claiming that Madani was an emotional wreck following Stein's death. However Madani revealed that she had been listening to the entire time and insisted that she was okay to speak to him. Once they were alone, Hernandez had then told Madani that while he wanted her to have recovery time, she had left Homeland Security unprepared for the recent bombings, as well as leaving Hernandez with several dead agents with no idea why they died, to which Madani noted that he might not want to know.

Madani explains Sam Stein's death in detail

Hernandez noted that Madani refused to name her target and filed a false tactical plan. However, Madani questioned if Hernandez and his team identified the men they killed and who they worked for: However, Hernandez insisted that Madani needed to answer questions and not continue asking them. Madani then explained how she was haunted by the image of Sam Stein as he died, noting how he was surprised in his final moments. Hernandez questioned if all this was connected to Ahmad Zubair and Kandahar, noting that he could not protect her anymore if Madani did not begin to finally tell him the truth.[4]

Billy Russo's Visit

Madani attempts to have sex with Billy Russo

"It doesn't matter if I'm out there or in here. Bad guys keep doing bad shit, the world turns."
"You get back on the horse. That's what people like us do and there's a pretty big horse for you to jump onto the back of right now. If you can't do that maybe it's time to call it a day."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

Madani was later visited by Billy Russo who asked why Madani was not out dealing with all of the Bombings of New York City, to which Madani claimed that Homeland Security did not want her out there before trying to have sex with him, only for Russo to insist that sex would not make the pain go away, much to Madani's annoyance. Russo explained how he had been to seventeen funerals of friends, to which Madani questioned if any of the deaths were his fault.

Madani talks about her job to Billy Russo

Russo then questioned if Sam Stein himself was to blame for his own death, noting that Stein had managed to get stabbed while he was still holding a gun to his killer. All of this still did not stir up Madani, despite Russo arguing that she needed to get back out there and seek out the terrorist who was attacking New York City, with Russo even suggesting that if she could not do this then she should then consider retiring from active duty with Homeland Security, however Madani noted that her career was likely finished regardless of whether she got out of bed or not due to all of her previous actions.

Madani argues with Billy Russo about her job

Madani then confessed to Russo that the Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse had been her own desperate attempt to find and kill the men hunting Frank Castle which had resulted in the deaths of several agents including Stein which she was directly responsible for. Russo argued that Madani had just been attempting to do the right thing, although she insisted that nobody would care about her intentions but only the results of her actions. Russo then noted that the people judging her had not been there and so did not understand, to which Madani noted that neither was he before she walked away.

Madani tells Farah Madani about Sam Stein

Following her talk with Rafael Hernandez, Madani decided to get out of her bed and attend Stein's funeral, telling her mother that she had owed it to her late friend. Madani then told her mother how when she first arrived at the Homeland Security Headquarters, Stein's career there had been going nowhere for quite some time, which had been due to Carson Wolf's dislike of him, claiming that when she arrived she revived Stein's determination by giving him a mission which he could chase. However Madani also noted that it was because of this that Stein lost his life so she would speak at Stein's funeral.

Madani tells her mother about working again

Madani told her mother that she intended to tell the entire truth about what had happened to Stein and why he had died, despite knowing that it would end her career at Homeland Security. Madani however noted that despite this likely destroying her career, she knew that if she spoke up about Kandahar and Ahmad Zubair's death so publicly, then somebody would have to act on it and it would not be buried. Farah called this a grand gesture and asked her daughter to really consider her decision, although Madani simply claimed she had done enough reflecting and it was now time for her to take action.[4]

Meeting with Micro

Madani meets up with Micro at a bar

"So Frank Castle turns up alive, and now you're sitting here. No way that's a coincidence. So you, you and Castle, you're what? Partners? Are you here to kill me?"
"I'm here because I hope I'm right and you're not one of 'em."
―Dinah Madani and Micro[src]

Before attending Sam Stein's funeral, Madani goes to a bar to have a drink with the intention of relaxing her nerves while she read through her speech she would be giving. As Madani turned down a final drink and prepared to leave, a man sat down beside her and offered to buy her a drink, which Madani refused only for the man to reveal that he knew about Stein's death. When Madani turned to confront the man, she then realized he had a gun as he revealed he was Micro who had send of the video of Ahmad Zubair's death to Madani.

Madani questions Micro about his intentions

While Micro noted how a lot of people had lost their lives due to him sending that video to her, Madani questioned if Micro believed that she was responsible for those people's deaths, which he confirmed. Madani then noted how Frank Castle had recently turned out to be alive before she was confronted by Micro, questioning if Micro and Castle were partners, or if Micro had come there to kill her, but Micro claimed that he come there because he hoped that his theory was right and that Madani was not part of the conspiracy which had just destroyed so many lives, including his own and Castle's.

Madani listens to Micro about an operation

Noting that she was heading to a funeral which she did not want to attend, Madani gave Micro the opportunity to shoot her, before Micro promised he could provide Madani with all of the names involved in her investigation in Kandahar which caused Madani to stay. Madani then listened as Micro explained Operation Cerberus and how Zubair had caught wind of it which had resulted in his death, telling Madani that William Rawlins was the man in charge and that it had been run and officially funded by the CIA under Rawlins' direct supervision, as Micro promised he had video files which could prove everything.

Madani watches Frank Castle in the news

Micro however then also noted to Madani that she would need the assistance of Castle as he had also been in the room when Zubair died, as Madani had then realized that Castle was still unaware that Micro had gone to her with this information. As Madani and Micro continued talking, however, Madani then noticed the television was on WHiH World News and asked the bartender to turn it up, as they soon realized that the report was about Castle having been caught on the New York City Police Department's camera, while his survival was being reported across the country, much to Micro's horror.[4]

Investigation into Anvil

Madani walking back into her office

"Men died. Nothing vindicates that. But if people had listened to me, then maybe they'd still be alive."
"You walked all those men into that warehouse, no one else. You filed false tactical plans. What were you hiding, Dinah? And from whom?"
―Dinah Madani and Rafael Hernandez[src]

With all the new information provided by Micro regarding Operation Cerberus, Madani had finally found all of the strength that she had needed to return into the Homeland Security Headquarters to continue her work into the investigation. Once she arrived there, Madani walked past Sam Stein's office before she had found Rafael Hernandez sat in her office, as Hernandez presented her with her badge back and showed her the paper with Frank Castle's picture on it.

Madani is questioned by Rafael Hernandez

Hernandez had questioned if Madani believed that Castle being alive vindicated everything that had happened, to which Madani had then noted that men had died and nothing would vindicate that; however, she claimed that if Homeland Security listened to her then perhaps they would still be alive. Hernandez however insisted that Madani was to blame for the Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse and had questioned what she had been hiding, as Madani closed the door to her office and then told Hernandez that she knew that Castle was still alive and he had stolen the Greek Mob's weapons from them.

Madani explaining the hidden bug on the files

As Hernandez questioned why Madani would not have told her this, to which she finally explained that Castle was connected to Ahmad Zubair's death in Kandahar and every lead she found had turned up dead, before revealing that she had found a bug inside of her office which she then ripped out and gave it to Hernandez. Madani went on to explain that she and Sam Stein had quietly given false information to whoever was listening to the bug and waited to see who turned up in order to kill Castle. Hernandez asked why it was not reported but Madani claimed she could not trust the chain of command.

Madani insists on her plan for the assignment

Hernandez cursed Madani as he noted that she could have come to him, while Madani insisted that whoever was behind this could be connected to the CIA or the NSA, noting that they had fought against well-trained operatives in the Abandoned Warehouse. Hernandez asked what evidence Madani had of these theories, noting that half the city was attempting to kill Castle, noting that her witness was a terrorist seeking to bomb New York City. Madani then informed Hernandez that she still had one other witness, William Rawlins, which horrified Hernandez, noting that Rawlins was a high ranking CIA agent.

Madani is given her DHS badge back

While Madani still called Rawlins a murderer who had killed Zubair, Hernandez changed the subject and handed Madani the paperwork on the men killed during the recent ambush, including Tom Weems and Spencer Geiger, who Hernandez noted her all ex-special forces and now working as mercenaries, with Madani taking note that they had all worked for Anvil at some point. As he then prepared to leave, Hernandez gave Madani her badge back, telling her that she would need she as she continued her investigation and attempted to find some evidence which could actually link back to Rawlins.[15]

Attack on Stan Ori

Madani sitting at the Royal Hospitality

"Stand down, or I'll charge you with obstruction. Why are you still pointing that gun at me?"
"I am trying to save your life!"
"I'm a federal agent, ordering you to drop the weapon!"
"No need for you to get hurt. This dies with him."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

Wanting to investigate Anvil's possible involvement with the situation, Madani had then traveled to the Royal Hospitality with the intention of speaking to Billy Russo, with Russo noting that he thought it was great to see her back at work in the wake of all the recent incidents involving her. Russo noted that he could not really talk due to still protecting Stan Ori, to which Madani claimed she was there to talk about Anvil, handing him the files of Tom Weems and other Anvil agents, with Madani noting that they had killed her agents and had also previously worked for Anvil.

Madani talks to Billy Russo about Sam Stein

Russo insisted that he did not have a personal connection to these men, claiming that although they had indeed previously worked for him several years ago, they had also likely worked freelance for other organizations, claiming that Anvil had a strict policy on not to rehire men who had ever worked for criminal organizations. Russo questioned what Madani and Homeland Security had been involved with to cross paths with these men before questioning if he had become a suspect in Sam Stein's death, with Madani noting that the fifth man on the team had escaped without being identified.

Madani realizes that something is going wrong

Russo promised Madani that he was looking into the case to find the fifth suspect, before then suggesting that he come into the Madani Residence later that night to then discuss it further, although Madani rejected this. Changing the subject, Madani noted that if the New York Bulletin was to be believed, then Russo was protecting Ori from both Lewis Wilson and Frank Castle, questioning if Russo was willing to kill his friend to which Russo claimed that if he had to he would. As they discussed Castle, Russo was suddenly alerted by an alarm and realized one of his agents was not answering his radio.

Madani tells Frank Castle to surrender

When an explosion was heard while Wilson attacked Senator Ori, Madani sprung into action as she charged through the hotel while intending to find and stop Wilson. As she ran up the stairs, Madani hid in a doorway and burst out to confront the Punisher who was attempting to get downstairs. Although Castle stopped, he slowly continued walking down the stairs and insisted that the situation was not caused by him but by Wilson, as Madani insisted that although she believed him, she needed Castle to drop his gun and surrender, however, Castle refused and told then Madani to let this go.

Madani is told to stay away from the situation

Madani revealed that she knew about Castle's work with Operation Cerberus and demanded that he stand up in court and tell the world about what happened in Kandahar and William Rawlins' involvement, insisting that they wanted the same thing while Castle realized that Madani had spoken with Micro. When Castle tried to leave, Madani fired a warning gunshot and demanded he surrender, to which Castle walked to Madani and calmly pushed her gun against his forehead, questioning if she was willing to kill him, which Madani made it clear that she would not do as Castle had then prepared to walk away.

Madani aiming her handgun at Billy Russo

However just as Castle tried to walk away, a gunshot struck him on the side of the head, causing him to fall down the stairs as Madani raised her gun and found that Russo was the one who shot Castle. Madani aimed her gun at Russo who attempted to find his shot to finish off his target while Madani furiously demanded to know why he had fired, Russo claimed he thought that Castle was aiming for her and he was therefore just trying to protect her. Madani demanded that Russo lower his gun, but he refused and continued aiming as Madani threatened to charge Russo with obstruction of justice.

Madani accuses Billy Russo for his murder

Madani insisted that she was a federal agent ordering him to lower his weapon, but still, Russo refused, before comparing his actions to war and claiming that the only crime in the war would be to lose. Madani noted that she had realized that Russo had indeed killed Sam Stein, as Russo then aimed his gun at Madani. Before Russo could execute Castle and Madani, he was suddenly found by the New York City Police Department who took Russo and Madani into custody as Castle was able to get away and had later assisted during killing Wilson during the chaos.[15]

Brett Mahoney's Questioning

Madani being questioned by Brett Mahoney

"I had the situation under control, yet Russo had seemed intent on putting a bullet in my prisoner."
"Well, I can understand his point of view. Castle just killed a bunch of Russo's men."
"Do you have any actual proof of that? Ballistics, witnesses? How many people say Castle actually killed anyone today?"
―Dinah Madani and Brett Mahoney[src]

Following the chaos, Madani was then called to give a statement by Detective Brett Mahoney, with Madani noting to Mahoney that she believed that if Frank Castle had entered into that room with the intention of killing Stan Ori, then he would most certainly have succeeded. While Madani had claimed that solving this was the reason she was in there, Mahoney asked why she was on leave from Homeland Security, to which Madani explained that somebody had killed Sam Stein, so Mahoney apologized.

Madani and Mahoney discussing Billy Russo

Once Mahoney had expressed his sympathies about Stein's death, he asked why Madani had come to the scene of the terrorist attack on her first day back. Madani questioned what Mahoney thought had happened, to which he claimed the evidence suggested that Castle and Lewis Wilson had come in together to kill Ori, as Madani noted his previous experience in dealing with the Punisher should show the issue in this concept. Madani explained to Mahoney that she came to speak with Billy Russo in regard to his Anvil agents being involved in the attack that had killed Stein, suspecting his involvement.

Madani explains on capturing Frank Castle

Madani explained how she had almost captured Castle before Russo had intervened, leading to a standoff between her and Russo until the New York City Police Department arrived and arrested them, and allowed Castle to escape. Mahoney questioned her over this, noting that Castle had killed Russo's people, to which Madani argued that there was no actual evidence that this was the case, believing that Castle had not actually killed anyone that day. Mahoney insisted that Madani help him see her view, as she claimed that Mahoney did not believe Castle was a terrorist, asking to give him one chance.

Madani privately talks to Karen Page

Despite Mahoney telling her that she could not leave, Madani did and came across Karen Page who was on her way to speak to Mahoney, as Madani pulled her aside for a private word before she spoke with the Detective. Madani noted how she and Page once talked about trust, and noted that Page clearly had known that Castle was alive when they last spoke and had kept that secret, although Page made it clear that she believed Madani also knew Castle was alive. Madani noted that someone powerful wanted Castle dead and insisted that she did not want to this as Page asked her to do something about it.

Madani is told of Frank Castle's actions

Madani told Page that she needed to find Castle, noting that Page and Castle had a connection, as Madani then gave Page her card and told her that if she knew where he was or how to contact Castle, then she needed her to call her while insisting that she was the best chance Castle had of staying alive before Rawlins would be able to find and assassinate him. Page accepted the card and told Madani that Castle was not the man people said he was, noting that he had saved her life from Wilson, as Madani noted that Castle had also saved her life before then telling Page to get some rest.[15]

Finding Justice

Questioning Billy Russo

Madani watches Billy Russo on television

"I've got an offer for you. Best and final. I'll guarantee leniency if you give me the executions, all the tortures, everything. And when I say everything, I need William Rawlins... You didn't know I had Rawlins' name. You killed Sam Stein. And when I can prove that, your life will not be worth the termination-of-parental-rights form your mother had scribbled her signature on."
―Dinah Madani to Billy Russo[src]

In the wake of the Attack on Stan Ori, Madani returned to her office and watched Billy Russo giving a public statement on WHiH World News as he claimed that he had believed Frank Castle had been dead but declared that the man Castle had become was a monster. Noting that he had a close relationship with law enforcement and that Anvil would contribute in anyway they could, questioning what had happened to Castle, to which the disgusted Madani then furiously threw her mug at the television.

Madani invites Billy Russo in an interview

Madani had then summoned Russo back to the Homeland Security Headquarters to give a statement on the recent events. While Madani read through her paperwork, Russo arrived inside the main room as Madani thanked him for coming, to which Russo joked that he had made his living from being around whenever the government called. Russo sat down for his interview, which Madani recorded while she presented him with the pictures from the Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse, which included images of some of the men killed at their shootout, to which Russo questioned why he was there.

Madani personally questioning Billy Russo

Madani presented Russo with an image of Sam Stein's corpse and accused him of being a murderer who was soon going to pay for all of the lives he had taken. Russo however remained calm and claimed that he had only been at the Abandoned Warehouse was to collect Madani before saying on camera that he had brought her back to her apartment and noting that they had previously engaged in a sexual relationship within that place. Madani then questioned if Russo and Castle had engaged in illegal actions while stationed they had both been stationed in Kandahar, to which Russo noted that his own file showed no record of him being stationed in Kandahar.

Madani listens to Billy Russo's involvement

Madani then turned off the camera, although Russo claimed that the room was likely still bugged, before Madani then Russo the offer to give her everything that he knew on Operation Cerberus, including all of the tortures and executions Cerberus Squad had carried out, and his own dealings with William Rawlins, with the mention of Rawlins' name causing Russo to look up as Madani noted that Russo had not known that Homeland Security knew Rawlins' involvement. Madani had threatened Russo by promising to destroy his life once she could prove once and for all that Russo had actually killed Stein.

Madani directly threatening Billy Russo

Remaining calm, Russo claimed that Madani was merely haunted by the deaths of both Stein and Ahmad Zubair and was now looking for someone to target, to which Madani then noted that she was looking for Castle who in turn was now aiming to kill Russo for his own betrayal if Madani was not able to capture him first. Madani noted how Castle had looked at Russo with such hatred in the stairwell of the Royal Hospitality and mockingly suggested that Castle would ruin Russo's suit with his blood if he managed to catch up with him, which clearly made Russo nervous about his current situation.[5]

Rafael Hernandez's Advice

Madani watches the footage of Billy Russo

"All right! I let Russo get close to me. I trusted him. So maybe I just wanted to look Russo in the eye and tell him for myself that Homeland won't rest until we take him in."
"You let it get personal."
"Yeah, you're damn right I did. You want me to apologize for that? Will we let this stand? Will you, Rafi?"
―Dinah Madani and Rafael Hernandez[src]

Madani then called Rafael Hernandez back into her office where they watched the film of Madani's interrogation of Billy Russo. However, as Hernandez saw Russo had been able to manipulate Madani throughout the questioning and suggested many of those deaths were her fault, Hernandez became annoyed and told her to turn off the tape, as he claimed that Madani had let Russo get her angry and build a conflict of interest case against her due to her and Russo's sexual relationship which he mentioned.

Madani apologizes to Rafael Hernandez

As Hernandez questioned what all this was aiming for, Madani then confessed that she had screwed up by allowing Russo to get close to her, noting that she had trusted Russo while Hernandez told her that she had let it get personal. Madani however asked Hernandez if he expected her to apologize for this before questioning if he was willing to allow Russo to get away with killing Sam Stein, noting that Russo had pretty much confessed it following his attempted murder of Frank Castle. Hernandez then finally questioned if Madani actually knew where Castle and Micro were, and told her to find them.[5]

Interviewing Marion James

Madani introduces herself to Marion James

"I don't think the public would be surprised in the slightest at the shit you people get up to."
"Young lady, show some respect. I have spent thirty years of my life working for this country and everything it stands for. Don't presume to question my integrity."
―Dinah Madani and Marion James[src]

Continuing their investigation, Madani and Rafael Hernandez invited Marion James to come to the Homeland Security Headquarters for an interview, with Hernandez greeting his friend and leading her into the interrogation room, introducing James to Madani who got straight to the point. Hernandez thanked James for coming, to which James noted that since Hernandez had contacted her on her own personal cell phone she had assumed it must be important enough.

Madani questions Marion James' involvement

James asked if this was about the Bombings of New York City, while Hernandez explained that it was not as they had evidence that a CIA agent ran an illegal assassination program which was funded by heroin sales in Kandahar. James then noted that this was a serious accusation, as Madani noted how Ahmad Zubair had been captured, tortured and killed by this Operation. While James questioned what evidence there was and Madani told her that there was a videotape, Hernandez explained that William Rawlins was the agent in question which James scoffed at, explaining how respected Rawlins was.

Madani claims that her agents will investigate

While James promised that the CIA would look into this accusation, Madani claimed it would be a Homeland Security investigation which James argued against. Hernandez however explained that several Homeland Security agents had already been killed while investigating Rawlins, to which James asked to see the tape Madani mentioned. Hernandez went on to explain that Rawlins had gone rogue and was now seemingly doing whatever he could to cover his own tracks, no matter how many people got killed. Hernandez then told James that he had asked her there so they could resolve the matter.

Madani listens to Marion James' rant

Madani asked James to give up Rawlins, to which James noted that if Rawlins' actions came to light, then their foreign policy would be thrown backwards by at least ten years, to which Madani claimed that the public would not likely be surprised by many of the illegal actions committed by the CIA, to which James demanded to get at least some respect from Madani. James furiously ranted that she and Hernandez had been in their business long enough to know how to deal with these situations, leaving to go onto the United Nations and ignoring Hernandez's request for her to stay to discuss this.

Madani witnesses Marion James leaving

Once they were alone, Madani and Hernandez discussed James, as Madani referred to her as a piece of work and jokingly claimed that the meeting had gone well, to which Hernandez noted that he had known James for a long time and she was one of the good ones. Hernandez claimed that Madani had always reminded him of James, assuring her that this was meant as a compliment. Madani had then questioned what they should do next, to which Hernandez used one of Madani's metaphors and then calmly claimed that they now just needed to wait and see what the consequences would be.[5]

Questioning the Witnesses

Madani comes into contact with Micro

"Good men have died trying to expose this thing, they believed."
"Well, I believe the only way to get these assholes is to become like them."
"No, I don't believe that."
"You will. In the end. I want my family safe. Help me get them back, and I'll give you everything you need. Not before."
―Dinah Madani and Micro[src]

Madani was later contacted by Frank Castle and then asked to come to a quiet location, where she found Micro waiting inside his van with his daughter, Leo Lieberman. When Micro asked what Madani was doing there, Castle then came out of the darkness and explained that he called her and needed to know if she had come alone, before questioning if Madani would pull her gun on him again, to which Madani claimed that she would if she needed to, before watching as Castle spoke to the Liebermans.[5]

Madani tells Frank Castle about the tape

Madani took Castle and the Liebermans into the Homeland Security Headquarters where she personally interrogated Castle, getting him to state his own name and confirm he was not being forced into the confession in front of a camera. Madani then asked Castle about his time in their United States Marine Corps as well as his involvement with Operation Cerberus, although Castle made it clear the questions annoyed him. Castle had then told Madani how Cerberus was, in fact, an illegal CIA mission that was funded by the smuggling of heroin out of Kandahar, and therefore it was being kept off the books.

Madani questions Frank Castle in the room

While Madani continued her questioning, Castle then explained how Cerberus was being run by Ray Schoonover, Morty Bennett and Carson Wolf and confessed to killing all of them except Bennett. Under Madani's request, Castle then told the camera that the man in charge of the Cerberus was William Rawlins, explaining how Rawlins designed and controlled Cerberus from the start and they had been following his orders. Madani then asked if anyone else involved and Castle then named Billy Russo as being one of the men involved with Cerberus, noting that Madani already knew this.

Madani discovering Frank Castle's murder

Showing up a picture of Ahmad Zubair, Madani asked Castle what happened to him, to which Castle explained that Rawlins had given Cerberus Squad Zubair's name and they had gone out to find him before dragging him out of his home in front of his screaming family. Castle confirmed to Madani and Zubair was tortured and killed under Rawlins' orders, before asking if Russo was the one who had pulled the trigger and killed Zubair, to which Castle told her that he was, in fact, the one who fired the shot and killed Zubair, much to Madani's complete horror, as he claimed that his actions had damned him.

Madani questions Micro about the video

Madani then brought in Lieberman to make his own statement, however Lieberman immediately told her that he would not make this simple, telling Madani that although they wanted the same things, his priority was his family and ensuring that his wife and son were saved from Russo and Rawlins. Lieberman confirmed Madani wanted evidence of Rawlins' involvement with Zubair's death, noting that he already sent Madani the footage of this assassination but Madani had managed to lose it and that the video had already gotten him killed once before, as the frustrated Madani questioned who had tried to kill him.

Madani tells Micro about doing a mission

Lieberman went on to note how Madani wanted the video so Castle could point himself and Rawlins out so that she could finally get justice for her friend's death, although Lieberman claimed that Madani simply had not yet accepted that there was no such thing as justice. Lieberman told Madani that he had once believed in justice and that the agents like Madani were it, but he had since changed his mind. Madani noted that good men like Sam Stein died believing in this mission, to which Lieberman claimed that the only way to defeat Rawlins and Russo was to become like that, something that Madani could not accept.[16]

Capture of Frank Castle

Madani protecting Sarah and Zach Lieberman

"Take you out of the picture and then Castle leads us back to Rawlins and Russo. That was the plan. You're here and your family is alive, so please explain to me why Frank screwed me?"
"I don't know. That could have fallen off when they grabbed him. Did you know? Frank doesn't really play well with others."
―Dinah Madani and Micro[src]

In their attempt to catch William Rawlins in the act and bring him to justice, Madani came up with a plan for Frank Castle to allow himself to be captured so he could be brought to Rawlins and Madani could then catch him in the act. Putting a tracker on his jacket, Castle joined Micro at an exchange for Sarah and Zach Lieberman. Once the Liebermans were at a safe distance, Madani and her Homeland Security agents stormed the scene to break up the exchange.

Madani thanking Micro for his participation

During the chaos, Madani managed to get the Liebermans to safety while Castle was knocked out by the Anvil agents and dragged away. Before Micro could also be captured by the Anvil agents, Madani and her team shot him in the back, as Lieberman's Bulletproof Vest and blood pellets giving the illusion that he had been killed, much to the horror of his wife and son. While the Anvil agents had then driven away with Castle, Billy Russo used a sniper rifle to shoot out Madani's car tires, ensuring that they could not be followed as Russo and the surviving agents on his side could make their escape from the scene.

Madani assuring of David Lieberman's family

In order to ensure that Lieberman's survival was kept secret, his lifeless body was then put into a body bag and taken back to the Homeland Security Headquarters, where his family were informed that he had not been killed. Once he was awoken, Lieberman complained as he asked if the body bag was really needed, to which Madani noted that they had to make the scene look good while Lieberman had then immediately asked after his wife and son as Madani assured him they were alright considering that they had all just witnessed his "death" for a second time as Madani promised he could go and see his family.

Madani furiously yelling at David Lieberman

However, Madani and her agents soon discovered that Castle had removed his tracker, leaving them unaware of where Castle had been taken. Having given Micro enough time with his family, Madani then rejoined him and noted that Castle was likely being tortured to death by Rawlins and Russo and they had no idea where he was. Madani had then brought Lieberman into her office and confronted him over them deviating from the plan, noting that Homeland Security had kept up their end of the deal and demanded to know why exactly Lieberman and Castle had ruined her chances of bringing Rawlins and Russo to justice.

Madani personally confronts David Lieberman

Lieberman, however, denied all knowledge of Castle's plan, noting how Castle did not work well with others, to which Madani claimed that Micro was a bad liar. Lieberman then noted that Madani had simply gotten everything that she wanted with Castle's statement and the footage of Ahmad Zubair's death, as Lieberman claimed that he owed a debt to Castle but not to Madani. When Madani noted that Castle was the one who killed Zubair and that there was no honor with that killing, Lieberman noted that this fact haunted Castle, claiming that Castle had chosen to die because he did not feel like he deserved to live.[16]

Rescue of Frank Castle

Madani and Micro try to find Frank Castle

"If I ever see you again after you walk out of this door then all bets are off. I will take you in, or I will shoot you down."
"I'll see you around, Madani."
"Don't waste the chance I've given you."
―Dinah Madani and Frank Castle[src]

Eventually however, David Lieberman returned to Madani's office and had noted that Frank Castle had not completely screwed over Madani while he requested access onto her computer, with Madani noting her shock that Micro knew her password from memory. Micro however then explained that Castle only lived for the chance to kill both William Rawlins and Billy Russo so he had given him that chance. Lieberman continued by saying that he and Castle made a plan so there was only one place that Rawlins could take Castle following Micro's death.

Madani witnessing Frank Castle being tortured

Accessing into a hidden camera feed, Lieberman revealed that Castle was being tortured by Rawlins at Micro's Hideout, as Madani watched the footage of Castle being repeatedly hit by Rawlins, who was wearing a pair of thick leather gloves, in complete horror. Madani questioned if the footage was being recorded, which Lieberman then confirmed as he claimed that Castle had figured that if he could not kill Rawlins and Russo then at least Homeland Security would have enough evidence to put them into jail for the rest of their lives as Lieberman begged Madani to go and rescue Castle before he could be killed by Rawlins.

Madani witnessing Frank Castle's survival

Along with a team of Homeland Security agents, Madani and Lieberman stormed his former hideout where they soon found Castle had already murdered Rawlins but Russo was preparing to execute him. With Russo shot in the arm and managing to escape, Madani and Micro ran to Castle's aid as he was barely breathing due to all the torture. Madani prepared to call an ambulance but Micro insisted that Castle could not go to the hospital as he would be arrested, so Madani agreed to find an alternative way of saving Castle's life while Micro had desperately attempted to get Castle to wake up.[16]

Madani and Micro rescuing Frank Castle

With Castle barely breathing and getting close to death, Madani and Lieberman took him to the Madani Residence where she had desperately called out to Hamid Madani for help as they then carried the bloody Castle into the bedroom. While her parents questioned what was happening, Lieberman explained that Castle had been tortured as Hamid looked Castle over while Farah Madani questioned why Madani had chosen to protect Castle from the same people she worked for, as Farah noted that they were both breaking the law in trying to protect Castle, although Madani claimed that technically they were not.

Madani provides Frank Castle his clothing

Madani then witnessed Castle almost choking on his blood due to a punctured lung, as her father managed to release the pressure just in time by extracting the clotted blood. Following several hours of work, Hamid was able to confirm that Castle was in a stable condition as he finally woke back up and immediately asked Madani where Russo was, to which Madani was forced to admit that Russo had managed to escape during the chaos. Madani had then provided Castle with a clean set of clothes, including a new pair of boots, in order for him to go without being arrested, as Castle thanked her for saving him.

Madani tells Frank Castle to never cross paths

Having also apologized to Madani's parents for any emotional grief he may have caused, Castle prepared to leave with an envelope of money which Lieberman had given him, with Madani recommending that he take the money and go. Once Castle had put on the boots and prepared to leave, Madani gave him a final warning that if they ever crossed paths again then all bets would be off, and that she would either take him into custody or shoot him dead, to which Castle had jokingly said that he would see her around. Madani then told Castle not to waste this final chance that had been given to him.[6]

Mission Aftermath

Madani watching footage of Frank Castle

"I did what was right. Now, you have a choice. You can arrest me or you can let me do my job."
"Do you know where they are, Dinah?"
"No, but maybe that's for the best, Rafi. I mean, do you really want either of them in custody, telling their story?"
―Dinah Madani and Rafael Hernandez[src]

Following everything that had happened, Madani was then taken into a meeting with Rafael Hernandez and Marion James as Hernandez insisted that following her rescue of him, she had then allowed Frank Castle to go free, although Madani instead noted that it had taken the combined efforts of both the Punisher and Micro to do what Homeland Security and the CIA had failed to do with bringing down William Rawlins and exposing the true conspiracy behind him.

Madani tells Marion James about Frank Castle

Although James claimed that they did not know the truth behind all Rawlins' deception, Madani claimed that they merely did not want to know, noting that Castle had just risked his life to bring in all of the evidence that they would ever need for their investigation. Hernandez asked Madani where Castle was, as she claimed that she had been overpowered while trying to arrest Castle, although Hernandez noted that Castle could barely stand up following Rawlins' torture, to which Madani suggested that Castle could have been faking all his injuries which neither Hernandez nor James accepted could be true.

Madani offers Frank Castle to be free

As Hernandez asked her to be honest, James claimed Madani had assisted a wanted terrorist with his escape, although Madani turned it back on her, reminding her how she did not believe the accusations about Operation Cerberus and all Rawlins' illegal dealings, noting the CIA colluded to keep that information secret. Hernandez asked what Madani had done, as she claimed she had done what was right and suggested that Hernandez and James could either arrest her or let her do her job, which they accepted as Madani suggested that they needed to allow Castle to be free, which they agreed to.[6]

Duel at the Central Park Carousel

Madani writing a report on her case

"God damn it, Madani. I got you. I got you."
Punisher to Dinah Madani[src]

Back in her office, Madani began writing her report about everything that had transpired in their investigation into William Rawlins and the conflict against Anvil's ex-military soldiers, which had resulted in the deaths of several Homeland Security agents including Sam Stein. As she was writing the report on all the recent events, Madani continued her claim that Frank Castle overpowered her and escaped, however her writing was interrupted when Madani received a text message on her phone which linked to a location.

Madani leaving to go and locate the Punisher

Looking up this address, Madani found it was to Central Park as she checked her paperwork and had realized it was the exact same spot where Castle's family were gunned down. Realizing that something was going down at that location and that Castle was somehow involved, Madani grabbed her gun and left the report writing behind. As Madani walked out of her office, Rafael Hernandez questioned where she was going, as Madani completely ignored Hernandez and quickly got inside the elevator before leaving the Homeland Security Headquarters in order to find out what the Punisher was doing.

Madani firing her handgun at Billy Russo

Madani soon arrived at Central Park where she found evidence of a firefight, from the sounds of gunshots in the distance and screams of terrified hostages. Moving swiftly out of her car, Madani pulled out her gun and went in search of situation. Madani found the Punisher engaged in a fierce final showdown against Billy Russo, while Russo had taken both Carl and Hayley as his hostages, tying them to the Carousel horses and cutting them as they both slowly bled out while Russo and the Punisher stood in a standoff. Madani sneaked around the Carousel and had attempted to get a clear shot at Russo.

Madani lies bleeding in the Punisher's arms

However, just as Madani got behind Russo, who was shooting at the Punisher in his vest repeatedly, Carl called out to Madani to help him, which had caused Russo to realize someone was there. Before Madani could shoot, Russo spun around and fired a single shot, striking Madani in the skull, as she fell bleeding to the ground, the gunshot knocking her unconscious. The Punisher then proceeded to overpower Russo and hideously disfigured his face by smashing it into a broken mirror repeatedly, before he freed the hostages and sat beside Madani, just as the police then arrived on the scene.[6]

Punisher's Second Chance

Madani recovers from her head wound in bed

"I hope he does. I hope he remembers everything. So that when I stand in front of him he knows I played my part."
―Dinah Madani[src]

Madani survived the bullet to the head and spent the next three days in Sacred Saints Hospital. Eventually, Rafael Hernandez and Marion James stood by her bedside while Frank Castle was brought inside, having also been arrested at the scene. Upon seeing her alive, Castle commented on how much she amazed him with her recovery and questioned if that bullet fired was meant to kill him, questioning if Madani had saved his life. James then handed Castle his chance at a second life, which Madani had requested in order to repay Castle for everything he had already endured.

Madani hoping of Billy Russo's suffrage

Hernandez and James explained Billy Russo and Lewis Wilson were the only suspects still officially involved with the recent events, and that Castle's prints had been wiped from the system, with Madani noting that with William Rawlins now dead, everyone she wanted had already been punished. With James leaving the room, Castle asked about Russo, with Hernandez explaining that following his beating at the hands of Castle, he was still in a coma with a risk of damage to his brain, as Madani then noted that she hoped Russo remembered everything that had happened to him and her part in that pain.[6]

OIG Interview

Madani being visited for an official interview

"'A Homeland agent's poor taste in sexual partners caused the murder of several DHS agents and almost cost her own life.' That the tale you want me to spin? The one that leaves Rawlins a decorated hero and Ahmad Zubair just some guy in an unmarked grave?"
"It's also the one that allows you to keep your job and Frank Castle his liberty."
―Dinah Madani and Marion James[src]

While Madani was recovering from her injuries at the Sacred Saints Hospital, she was visited by Marion James and Monroe, as the Office of the Inspector General requested an official inquiry into recent events. Before Monroe proceeded with an interview, James asked her to leave her alone with Madani for some time to make sure that Madani understood the situation. Madani recalled an incident at the Central Park which resulted in her being shot in the head by Billy Russo before he was taken down by the Punisher. Madani then asked James if CIA wanted her to tell the OIG that her sexual intercourse with Russo had resulted in the deaths of several agents and nearly her cost her own life.

Madani noted that this story would leave William Rawlins a decorated agent, while keeping the truth about Ahmad Zubair off-record, rendering her entire investigation pointless. James told Madani that this version was affirmed by CIA to avoid a potential controversy, as well as it would allow Madani to keep her job as the Homeland Security agent and Frank Castle to remain a free man. James then praised Madani's selfless desire to uphold justice, regardless of the experience she went through, commenting that the system needs people like her, but insisted that the false information CIA wanted her to provide was too important. Madani claimed that people have the right to know the truth, regardless of how harsh it might be but James insisted again, claiming that it would be the least worst option for all of them.

Madani eventually gave up and reluctantly told Monroe on record that her misconduct with Russo allowed him to manipulate her and gain access to her investigation. Madani also stated that she attempted to arrest Russo on her own, keeping Castle's name off-record and noted that she ignored Sam Stein's warnings about Russo which resulted in his death. After the end of the interview, James told Madani that although she could tell the OIG all truth about Rawlins and his actions, it would not change anything and CIA, Homeland Security, and Rafael Hernandez would mostly get away scott-free while she and Castle would be the only ones to suffer from consequences.[17]

Hunting Jigsaw

Visits to Billy Russo

Madani and Krista Dumont discuss Billy Russo's condition

"I told you, it's an act, Rafi. I look into his eyes, and I can see him in there, laughing at them all."
"I wish Castle had actually finished the damn job. If only for your sake."
"Yeah, well, I don't. 'Cause then Russo would have gone to his grave thinking he killed me."
―Dinah Madani and Rafael Hernandez[src]

Still haunted by nightmares about her experience at the Central Park[18], Madani found out that Billy Russo severed a heavy cranial trauma after his confrontation with the Punisher, which resulted in him losing most of his memories. Madani did not believe it and suspected that Russo was faking his condition, so she started to frequently visit him at Sacred Saints Hospital, although Russo claimed that he did not know who Madani was.

During one of the visits, they were joined by Krista Dumont who worked with Russo on his recovery for months. Madani asked Dumont if there was any chance that Russo was faking his memory loss but Dumont assured her that Russo had no means to fake anything. Madani asked Dumont if she knew about what Russo did to her, but Dumont expressed no interest in her patients' alleged crimes. Dumont noted that Madani suffered a trauma as well and offered her to seek a therapy but Madani politely refused.

Rafael Hernandez voices his concern about Madani

Madani was invited to a restaurant by Rafael Hernandez who reprimanded Madani on her actions, since he received a complaint about her visits to Russo. Hernandez told Madani that Russo's case was not her concern anymore and she should let go, but Madani was determined to expose Russo's lie. Hernandez then remined her that Homeland Security handed Russo's case to the New York City Police Department and Madani's actions could compromise any trial Russo could face in the future.

Madani still refused to believe Russo's condition and tried to convince Hernandez that his memory loss was an act. Hernandez then commented that the Punisher should have finished Russo when he had a chance but Madani did not want Russo to die, thinking he killed her. Hernandez then asked Madani once again to stay away from Russo's case since it could jeopardize her position as SAC but Madani suddenly left the restaurant.[19]

Allying with Frank Castle

"You changed your mind, huh?"
"Someone changed it for me. Billy Russo broke out of the hospital."
Frank Castle and Dinah Madani[src]

Waking up from yet another nightmare with Billy Russo, Madani was called by Frank Castle who was arrested in Larkville, Ohio, and he needed her help. Madani told Castle that he cannot kill people whenever he wants and expect her to help but Castle reminded her about their situation with William Rawlins last year and that Homeland Security would not want him talking with the law enforcement. Madani, however, told Castle that he was not connected to her and Homeland Security anymore and they were not going to help him with his problems. Madani said that Castle was no longer a part of her life and ended the call, telling Castle to never call her again.[19]

Madani considers asking Frank Castle for help

The next day, Madani was informed that Russo suffered a mental breakdown and attacked several guards, escaping from his custody. Madani rushed to the Sacred Saints Hospital and approached Krista Dumont who was waiting for the detective to testify about Russo's escape. Madani was certain that Russo's escape was him breaking his memory loss act and showing his true colors but Dumont was not convinced.

Madani then tried to ask Dumont about the details of Russo's escape but Brett Mahoney told Madani that she was banned from investigation of Russo's case due to the conflict of interests. Mahoney reminded Madani about the jurisdictional agreement between Homeland Security and the New York City Police Department and suspected that Madani's personal connection with Russo could play a part in the situation. Madani expressed her anger at Mahoney trying to ban her from investigation and Dumont thinking that Russo was innocent before leaving the scene but managed to steal Russo's journal from his room.

Madani, Frank Castle and Amy Bendix fly to New York City

As bringing Russo down by conventional means was not plausible, Madani made a decision to enlist Castle for help and attempted to contact him. Since Castle did not answer her calls, Madani took the Homeland Security Helicopter and flew to Larkville where Castle was in the middle of the conflict between the Larkville Police Department and a mercenary group. While Homeland Security agents provided a support to the Larkville police, Madani informed Castle that Russo escaped from custody and she needed his help to take him down once and for all. Madani then spoke with Roy Hardin, saying that Castle was a part of a Homeland Security investigation and his involvement needed to be kept off-record. Castle told Madani that he will go with her only if Amy Bendix joins them, so the three of them headed to back to New York City to hunt down Russo.[20]

Meeting John Pilgrim

"We have a mutual acquaintance from Ohio. Frank Castle? Would you prefer Peter Castiglione? A man has to earn a new life, Agent Madani. A new identity. What did Castle do to earn his? I can keep your secret. If you tell me where to find him. And the girl."
"Maybe I arrest you now, huh? See what shakes loose?"
"On what charge? Guilt and shame will eat you alive, Dinah. Unless you face your actions before God and truly repent."
John Pilgrim and Dinah Madani[src]

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Change of Heart

"Frank, I felt bad. I did, okay? Everything that was done to you... So I swallowed a mountain of shit, because I felt like I owed you. But I owe myself, too. I took an oath. I'm calling Mahoney. Let him take Billy down. You need to get out of New York before they come looking for you."
"You do what you need to do, Madani."
―Dinah Madani and Frank Castle[src]

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Jigsaw's Visit

"Maybe you should just do us all a favor and shoot yourself. Get it over with. Because Frank will come after you, and... he will finish the job."
"I'm a hard man to kill, Agent Madani. Did we have some good times, Dinah? I'll bet we did. Yeah. Look at how much you want to kill me right now. We definitely did. I dreamed about Frank every night. Who did you dream about? But, hey... at least you will always have the memories."
―Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

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Dumont's Advice

"Say I do it right. Bring him to court. Put him in jail. I'd want to see it in his eyes that he knows I survived it all and he didn't. Is he even capable of understanding that?"
"I think the question is will that be enough for you? What's an acceptable outcome for this story? You need to answer this question honestly, or you will never find any peace."
―Dinah Madani and Krista Dumont[src]

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Rescue of Frank Castle

"You don't have doubts, do you? Is that... Is that why you're here?"
"No, I'm here because this is as much my mess as it is his. I'm the one who brought him back. I don't know. Maybe I'm just looking for ways to let us off the hook."
Karen Page and Dinah Madani[src]

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"We got here and you were lying on the floor in a pool of blood. None of it your own. There's blood in the hallway, down the stairwell. Russo didn't kill you, but I think maybe you killed him and he just doesn't know it yet."
Brett Mahoney to Dinah Madani[src]

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Assassination of Billy Russo

Madani looking at the corpse of Billy Russo

"Was this you? Madani, did you finish the job?"
"I'm flattered, really. But you know what? Yeah, maybe, maybe I did. Maybe I put five bullets in him instead of three, and then that's the end of the story."
Brett Mahoney and Dinah Madani[src]

Madani was informed by Curtis Hoyle that the Punisher finished off Billy Russo, so she arrived at the St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church with Hoyle and Brett Mahoney to see his body. Mahoney wanted to preserve the crime scene; however, Hoyle insisted that every detail about Russo's death is already clear, however, Mahoney expressed his doubt on the situation, as Madani shot him three times, but Russo had five bullet holes in his body.

Madani denies knowledge about Frank Castle

Mahoney had then asked Madani did she tracked Russo and finished him off, despite her condition. Madani replied that she is flattered, but then casually claimed that she could have possibly fired five bullets but mistakenly assumed that she fired only three. Madani stated that without any possible clues or clear statements, Mahoney can accept this version of events and close the case anyway. As Mahoney asked about Castle and whether or not he was the one who shot and killed Russo, both Madani and Hoyle had mockingly denied knowledge of Castle, much to Mahoney's great frustration.[8]

Employed by the CIA

Recruiting the Punisher

Madani working for the CIA

"I've got a very bad man with a target on his back. Needs a good man to take the shot."
"So what happened? Get sick of reading people their rights?"
"I guess I spent too much time with you, huh? We need good people here to get things done. And let's face it, when it comes to this stuff, you're the best. I'm offering you a job, Castle."
―Dinah Madani and Frank Castle[src]

As she intended, Madani resigned from the Homeland Security and joined the CIA, accepting Marion James' offer. Three months later after her recruitment, Madani was stationed at the CIA facility outside of the United States of America. Intelligence informed the CIA about high-profile target and Madani was tasked to organize the mission to eliminate him. Due to the level of possible danger, Madani decided that the only person who was capable to complete this mission was Frank Castle.

Madani contacting with Frank Castle

However, Castle went off the grid, breaking all his contacts and Madani used the CIA equipment to track him down and contact with Castle. Madani informed Castle about the target that needs to be killed and Castle noted that she had changed since the last time they met what Madani agreed, commenting that she spent too much time with him. She offered Castle to participate in the mission, doing what he does best. However, Castle dismissed Madani's offer, making her deal with her problems by herself.[8]


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"Let's just say I used to be just like you. You know, I thought all we had to do was follow the rules, tell the truth, and justice would be served. I learned different."
―Dinah Madani to Brett Mahoney[src]

Dinah Madani has presented herself to be determined and stubbornly persisted in seeking justice within the system where injustices exist. Though she initially does not trust her new partner Sam Stein, Madani developed a tamed friendship with him and worked heavily alongside him, in the hopes of solving one case after another until his sudden demise.


  • Expert Combatant: As a Homeland Security agent, Madani is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Madani was able to defeat Krista Dumont in a close-quarters fight, but was then overpowered by Billy Russo.
  • Expert Marksman: Madani is extremely skilled in the use of firearms, particularly pistols, shotguns and assault rifles. She is especially accurate with her sidearm, managing to fire a warning shot at the Punisher at the railing of the staircase he was going down at Royal Hospitality, just barely missing him. She also killed Spencer Geiger with her service shotgun during an ambush, and showcased tight grouping with the three bullets she put in Billy Russo and the two in Brett Mahoney's vest.
"So, just curious... did I get anything right?"
"Come on, Stein. It was good. I just made it better. As the SAC should."
Sam Stein and Dinah Madani[src]
  • Expert Tactician: As an experienced Homeland Security agent, Madani is a competent strategist, demonstrated when she improved upon Sam Stein's tactical plan to intercept the Greek Mob's weapons shipment.
  • Expert Investigator: Madani is highly skilled at solving the details of mysterious events that would seem unrealistic to others. She investigated in finding the true cause of her former partner, Ahmad Zubair's death and claimed that the Punisher was involved. Dinah figured that asking Billy Russo would help so she got Carson Wolf to arrange a training session at Anvil to schedule a night out with him and find out about his and Castle's business of what they have done with their group in Afghanistan. Eventually, after recovering from her car crash from the Punisher, she reported to Homeland Security to head to the woods to find the corpse of Gunner Henderson, after Micro sent the coordinates to them. Then she found out that Henderson was one of the soldiers in Castle's group and wonders why Anvil soldiers were present in the woods, she goes to confront Russo at the water front and he lies to her about his unit being out there for other reasons. Later after that, she shortly followed a lead about an arms dealer that the Punisher might be in it and realized that it was Russo in disguise with people in his freelance fighting in a shootout then her friend, Sam Stein, was murdered. When her confrontation with Castle was interrupted by Russo she realized that he was the masked man who started the shootout then found a bug in her office that was implanted by him since they meant as she also came in conclusion that he was using her the whole time. And was getting everything about her case directly from Castle himself over an interview and found out Operation Cerberus and William Rawlins running it all.
  • Bilingualism: Madani is fluent in her native English, as well as Farsi, though primarily speaks the latter when she is with her parents at home.



Madani aiming her pistol at Frank Castle

  • SIG-Sauer P226R: Madani carried her service pistol on her, and took to the Royal Hospitality while she tried to speak with Billy Russo. She became involved in attack planned by Lewis Wilson inside the hotel, and while trying to help out, she managed to sneak up on Frank Castle, who was attempting to chase Wilson. Madani held Castle at gunpoint while still explaining that she was on his side and wanted him to expose Operation Cerberus, even firing a warning shot while Castle tried to leave. However, Russo shot at Castle, so Madani and Russo held each other at gunpoint until the New York City Police Department officers then appeared and subdued them. Madani had also led an ambush against Billy Russo during their hostage exchange where Frank Castle and David Lieberman were going to surrender in exchange for the liberation of Lieberman's wife and son. Madani and the rest of DHS engaged in a shootout against Russo's men, opening fire herself while protecting the two hostages. She took the gun to Central Park when she tracked Frank Castle hoping he would lead him to Russo. Upon arriving, she tried to sneak up on Russo, but one of his hostages asked for her help, so Russo quickly shot at her.

Madani aiming her new sidearm

  • SIG Sauer P226: Madani started using this handgun as her service weapon once she was promoted to Special Agent in Charge for Homeland Security, carrying it when she inspected Arthur Walsh's house in an attempt to locate Billy Russo. She then found Walsh's corpse, and as she heard footsteps behind her, she turned around and instinctively fired twice against the person behind, who turned to be NYPD Detective Brett Mahoney. Fortunately for him, the two bullets hit his Bulletproof Vest. She later took the gun when someone unexpectedly knocked at her door, though it turned out to be Mahoney, and to threaten John Pilgrim when he started following her to request that she told him the whereabouts of Frank Castle. Madani drew her handgun when she was chasing John Pilgrim in a highway to prevent him from killing Frank Castle. She tried to locate him when he was hiding behind the cars, and shot at him as he stole Madani's car. Madani carried the handgun with her when she went to visit Krista Dumont when she realized that Dumont had been involved with Billy Russo, and once left alone, began searching for proof. When she found Russo's journal, Madani pulled the handgun, but lost it in the ensuing fight against Dumont. Once she pulled Dumont out of the window, she retrieved the gun as she saw Russo on the streets, and the two of them engaged in a brief shootout. Madani managed to shoot Russo three times, but she lost the gun again as Russo choked her until he too lost consciousness. Brett Mahoney later returned both the gun and her badge to Madani when she recovered.

Madani shooting at Billy Russo and his men

  • Mossberg 500 Persuader: Madani carried this shotgun during an ambush that they had prepared in an attempt to capture the people they were investigating, using the bug in Madani's office to feed false information. As the five men that appeared did not surrender, Madani and the rest of the DHS agents engaged in a shootout, with Madani managing to kill Spencer Geiger. She went to chase Billy Russo, who unbeknownst to her was the field leader of the mercenaries, but instead, she came across the fatally wounded Sam Stein, discarding her weapon to try to assist him.
  • SIG Sauer SIG516: This assault rifle was the standard weapon carried by Madani, Sam Stein and other agents of the United States Department of Homeland Security during a training exercise organized by Anvil. They successfully shot at the men acting as terrorists, though Stein shot at one of the hostages.

Other Equipment

Madani wearing her bulletproof vest


"You know, I loved that car. My dad gave me it to me as a 21st birthday present. Someone killed it. I can't let that lie."
―Dinah Madani[src]


"The way you run this place, pretty cool shit."
Wendy to Dinah Madani[src]

Madani arrives in the Homeland Headquarters

"I told your mother to keep you home."
"She tried if it makes you feel better."
Rafael Hernandez and Dinah Madani[src]

Madani and her mother in their home






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