"We've been listening to Diane Masagi talk about her autobiography, Blowing: Behind the Scenes With a Rock Flutist. And as a treat, Diane has agreed to give us a live sample of her work. Take it away, Diane."
Trish Walker[src]

Diane Masagi is a flutist who was interviewed by Trish Walker on her talk show Trish Talk.


Diane Masagi became a flutist and wrote an autobiography entitled Blowing: Behind the Scenes With a Rock Flutist.

Trish Walker invited Masagi to the show Trish Talk to interview her and discuss her book. Towards the end of the interview, Walker asked Masagi to treat the listening audience to a performance. During the performance, Walker left the set and spoke to a man who arrived at the WNEX Station. Masagi continued performing when Walker was replaced in the studio by Nicole.[1]




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