"All done. All that's left is that filing fee."
"No way I can get $750 together on my salary any time soon."
"Bayard has a fund. We may be able to at least partially cover the cost."
Colleen Wing and Diana Tsai[src]

Diana Tsai is a single mother of Lana Tsai who was attempting to get full citizenship in the United States of America.


"Can't make the first step in permanent citizenship easy. Or everyone would apply. I'm helping Diana Tsai put hers together."
"Oh, she works at that little anime store on Forsyth, right?"
Colleen Wing and Danny Rand[src]

Diana Tsai worked in a small anime store on Forsyth Street, and raised her daughter, Lana Tsai, alone. Tsai had a problems with money for her and her daughter which forsed her to request help in Bayard Community Center. She was attempting to apply for full citizenship in the United States of America, which Colleen Wing is helping her with. Wing gave her immegration papers and informed her that she needs to pay $750 for filing fee. However Tsai despaired that she can't get so much money and Wing said that Bayard fund is able to partially civer the cost at least.[1]





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