"I heard the network talking. I mean, you changed the character's name to Patsy, which is perfect, of course. I guess, That's Our Girl seems a little generic to them."
"Assholes. I told them that last week."
Dorothy Walker and Devlin Hoskins[src]

Devlin Hoskins is an executive producer of That's Our Girl.


"Good show. There's nothing official yet, but ABC knows a hit when they see it."
―Devlin Hoskins to Dorothy Walker[src]

Devlin Hoskins was appointed as an executive producer of That's Our Girl, so he organized a casting. He was approached by Dorothy Walker who wanted her daughter Patsy to take a role. Although Hoskins was not initially interested, he noticed her red hair and decided that Patsy could be a good option. Hoskins cast Patsy as a best friend of the main character who was supposed to be portrayed by Carrie Leigh Hursch, however, Hursch got the chicken pox, so she was unable to play.


Hosking speaking with Dorothy Walker about the show

Walker took the opportunity and suggested him to let Patsy try the main role during the table read. Hoskins was impressed by Patsy's performance and convinced the executives to appoint her as the main character, as well as changing the character's name to Patsy. She successfully portrayed her character, impressing the executives and ABC network. He approached Walker and congratulated them and Walker told Hosking that she heard that network talking about changing the name of the show. Walker suggested changing it to That's Our Patsy! or Here's Patsy and Hoskins promised Walker to consider it.[1]




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