"I killed your Shrike, I destroyed your tower, and I'm coming for you next, Izel."
Sarge to Izel[src]

The Destruction of the Shrike Tower was an attempted by Sarge and his crew to destroy the Shrike Tower with an Atom Bomb.


"That's why I was killing the Shrike. To keep them from making that tower. If we don't destroy it before the monster arrives, it'll grow 10 times that size. Then it's too late."
"How does it work?"
"They're drawing their power from the Earth. When it's done, it will erupt into a swarm of those things, spreading across the planet, swallowing everything. Then the planet dies."
Sarge and Melinda May[src]

After convincing director Alphonso Mackenzie to partner with him to kill the Shrike, the latter, predicting that he would sacrifice his team, once he had the purpose of killing Izel, decided that he would bring a teammate of his and the rest. it would be his men, much to Sarge's anger. Eventually he agreed and they set out in search of the Shrike, doing research that they should meet at the Ley lines to await the arrival of their creator and then, to protect themselves, they must activate an anti-Shrike shield, to avoid being taken as guests, that Deke Shaw would fix it for him instead of Pax, since he was more experienced at fixing it.

Upon arriving at the Ley lines, they saw a tower made of crystals from afar, which is why Sarge killed them to prevent them from building it. The latter explains that the Shrikes feed on life, drawing their power from the Earth and when they are done they burst into huge swarms of Shrike, spreading across the Globe and the planet will die. After listening, May and Daisy notify Mack of what they have seen and the latter asks how he can stop and if he can see; May told him that the tower is growing and that until Izel arrives they are safe and Mack said that the information Benson had sent can help them, then asked how Sarge can kill Izel and Daisy said it has something to do with a magic sword.

At the same time, Davis spotted an unidentified spaceship headed for the meeting point, which they think it is Izel and May said he would notify Sarge and Mack said he would contact the spaceship.


"How are you gonna get close enough to kill her?"
"We plow straight into her tower. That will weaken her."
Melinda May and Sarge[src]

Daisy asked him how he would kill the being and Sarge replied that they would break through the tower, to weaken it and when he came down to Earth he would aim at her heart, to which May said that this was too simple a plan and that it seemed strange to her that would always win, but Sarge assured her that he would have an ace up his sleeve and Deke, after fixing the anti-Shrike shield, assured him that he would save the universe again, despite Daisy saying that she does not know what the latter is talking about and Sarge said to take action.

Sarge, however, perhaps following Daisy's advice, decides to activate an Atomic Bomb bomb to detonate Izel and her Shrikes, as her sword may not hurt her, despite being aware that this bomb would kill thousands of innocent people.

Unfortunately for him, Pax confessed Sarge's plan to Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who informed Mackenzie, who in turn alerted Daisy and May, who pointed their guns at him, asking where the bomb was. Sarge asked how they knew and Daisy threw the satellite phone at Sarge, saying that Mack wants to talk to him, as Pax confessed, but instead Sarge simply said he must learn to keep his mouth shut, before returning to the subject of the bomb. , asking them what bomb it was and Daisy replied that it was a bomb that would leave a 300km crater, to which Sarge agreed and said she had an ace up her sleeve.

Despite Daisy's threats that she would not use her, Sarge said she will, as Daisy herself was right about her sword not hurting Izel and has sworn that when she lands, she will detonate the bomb, killing her and her. his Shrikes in one fell swoop, but May replied that they were also close to a city and that he would kill thousands of innocents in the process and Sarge said that he knew this would be the price to pay to save this planet and countless other worlds. The latter said they had to cooperate before joining the victims, but Daisy said they won't leave unless she defuses her, and Sarge replied if she was sure of what she does, as it is a very risky choice.

May asked for the second time where the bomb was, but Sarge said it was made to explode on impact and asked Daisy not to use her powers, as she was sensitive and, to Snowflake's horror, abandoned her and the others to their fate, closing the door of the truck and climbing to the roof, where he had built a portal to get on the Zephyr One and take control of the latter, along with Pax and Jaco and take the plane away from the explosion.

Meanwhile, Deke, after untying Snowflake, asked the latter where the bomb was, to which she said she did not know, but replied to Daisy that while Sarge was talking to them, the latter had engaged the automatic pilot. headed for the Shrike Tower and that it can't shut down or slow down and Daisy replied that if she used her powers it would make things worse, much to Deke's dismay and anger, but May calmed her complaints and asked Deke to start looking for the bomb.

While they were looking for the bomb, May asked how it is and how big it is, but Snowflake stated that she had never seen it and Deke asked to stop addressing her like a bad one, as she was on their side and Daisy swore that they would jump in the process and so he opened the door, but he saw that Sarge was gone. Fortunately, Deke managed to find the bomb and get it out.

As they approach the collision, Deke said that despite being good with alien technology, he is unable to defuse a bomb and that he needs more time if he can. At that moment, May came in and it was three minutes until the collision and Daisy said they would die within that. Snowflake complains that she must die, but Deke calmed her, asking her what she knows about that bomb, but Snowflake said she knows nothing about it, but knows that even a slight impact causes the smallest particles of matter to split in two. a big noise and Daisy sensed that it is an atomic bomb, from how he described it, despite Snowflake saying it is beautiful and Daisy answered to Deke if he knows what it means and the latter said it is too much for him.

Despite his complaints, May managed to calm him down, telling him that since he's been converting alien technology all his life, he shouldn't be wrong right now for an atomic bomb, even though Deke said a bomb like that could wipe out whole city, and Daisy said that although it is very difficult for him, only Deke himself can manage to save countless lives, so he finally got to work.

Meanwhile, Sarge, Pax and Jaco managed to take control of the Zephyr and the former asked Mackenzie if he wasn't expecting it, but the latter said he knew he had an emergency escape plan and Sarge said to relax, as the Shrikes will be destroyed by that Atomic Bomb and they will fly away happily ever after.

Jaco then put in an enhanced force field, so that Rodriguez wouldn't intervene and Sarge handcuffed Mack, to keep him from doing stupid things and also said that his crew will follow his orders otherwise he would have given Diaz the coup de grace and asked him to reverse the course. Mackenzie asked Davis to get them out of there.

Meanwhile, Deke tries hard to defuse the bomb, but he couldn't, saying it was the end for them, although Daisy reminded him of the words he himself said, that it was time to shine, but Deke said that the her star had already gone out after this failure, causing Snowflake to moan, causing Deke to calm her down and make her face the end calmly.

Eventually the truck crashed into the Shrike Tower, but on impact the bomb did not explode, as Daisy used her powers to contain the explosion, thus preventing thousands of lives from being exterminated, much to Deke's delight to be alive, to which he will offer a day at the S.P.A. for everyone and Snowflake, glad to be alive jumped on Deke and kissed him, but May cut them off, saying they weren't safe yet, as they are stuck with a bomb and Shrikes out there and most importantly, fear anger of Sarge, when he notices that the bomb did not go off and Sarge, in fact, got angry, and Jaco asked if he had calibrated the telemetry trigger point and Sarge said it was not the first warhead he made.


"It's been destroyed. We're in danger. And now you are, too. Were you aware that my tower would be attacked?"
Izel to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Seeing that the tower had been destroyed, Izel sensed that they would be in danger, and that Fitz-Simmons would also be in danger and asked them if they knew that they would attack his tower, to which they two told the truth that they did not know it and that they didn't know what was going on on Earth, since they hadn't been back for a year, but Izel didn't believe them, saying that perhaps he had overestimated their intelligence.

Simmons said they don't know what's going on there, but promised that their friends would give them a hand and Izel said that if they don't help them immediately, the consequences can be disastrous and Simmons told her that she can swear it and give them some more minute to the communicators so they would hear their opinion, according to Fitz. So Izel told them to contact them immediately, until they can talk and live and asked Boyle to take them to the exosphere. She wondered if the Earth was much more hostile than she thought, or that the man who was chasing her had already arrived before her.

Sarge was then enraged when he discovered Izel was fleeing Earth's atmosphere in her ship and ordered Davis to follow her. When he noticed Davis turn to Mackenzie for instructions, he pointed his gun at his neck and reminded him that he was in charge and to quite any doubts he had about that.

Mackenzie then tried to reason with Sarge to regroup with their people on the ground and brought up Snowflake being one of them. Sarge, however, ignored Mackenzie's request and demanded he shut his mouth. Jaco then spoke up and agreed with the Director, thinking Snowflake could be useful. Sarge disagreed and reminded Jaco of their saying of no one slowly them down. Jaco rebutted saying Sarge was the only one who said that and added that Snowflake wasn't nobody to them, but Sarge refused to budge.

Their disagreement was interrupted when they saw a muffled and restrained Pax begging for help as he squirmed on the Shelter Charge's field. Jaco went to help their teammate, but Sarge ordered him not to, believing it was a trap. Pax however begged Jaco to help him. The muscle soon gave when Rodriquez shoved Pax into the field, scaring him. After Jaco lowered the field, Sarge killed Pax by shooting him in the chest before Jaco could save him. Sarge then reactivated the field and ordered the horrified Jaco to take care of Rodriquez, repeating no one slows them down.

Daisy noticed, meanwhile, the big mess that has been created between Snowflake and Deke, flirting with each other and could not understand who has bad taste. May then replied that she is a serial killer, then proposed to remove the bomb from the civilians and to control the territory and the hostiles and they saw outside that the territory is desolate, except for a few country houses, but the Shrikes were out there. and before they got inside the truck, May and Daisy quickly closed the door to keep them from entering. Snowflake said she sensed a lot of negative energy out there and May angrily replied that it was obvious they were done for.

Deke, meanwhile, got inside the truck, after taking the anti-Shrike shield from the driver's seat, saying it was out of order, and Daisy said she was glad he had one less thing to think about. May asked Snowflake how long the truck will hold without the repellent, and Snowflake said it's best not to stay there to find out.

While Izel was working with one of the crew to pilot the spaceship, Fitz-Simmons had to hurry to contact the others immediately because if they could not, Izel would have given them a more noble purpose, so Fitz had to say that he was more optimistic and Simmons said that space travel had this effect behind them. Fitz wondered if the distress call had changed this year. Simmons said no, fortunately. Izel replied to them how long it took to finish repairing the communicators and Fitz replied that they were almost done and there was a buzz, a sign that it worked.

Simmons then tried to contact the S.H.I.E.L.D., hoping that he would receive them while Izel watched. After a few seconds, Davis answered the call on Zephyr One and Simmons confirmed their identities, to which Davis was so happy to hear their voices and also confirmed his identity, with a joke about the code, to be more optimistic. Simmons said his code is wrong, but Davis was sure it was his which they two get loud and clear at. Under threat from Sarge, who was also on Zephyr One, Davis asked if the two of them were on the spaceship that had now entered the stratosphere, to which Simmons confirmed and also said that the landing point had been compromised.

Sarge then increased the frequency and told Simmons if Izel was listening with her, shocked to believe it was Phil Coulson, while she believed he had been dead for a year now. So Sarge gave her the message that he had killed the Shrike, destroyed the tower and was coming to get it, in which Izel said he was happy that Sarge remembered his name and told him to come to her, that he would remind him of his.

Fitz tried to work out what they had heard, because Simmons had clearly told him that he was dead, and therefore it couldn't be him. Then she asked him why the man had the same voice. Izel and Sarge verbally challenged each other to a duel, in which the former said she did not know what her name was, while the latter said she did not trust the names, preferring the actions, while Izel told him if Sarge's actions languish, in which quest the latter said that the crew had killed him and had almost killed her in the meantime, while Izel mocked him that he had destroyed the planet in the process. Sarge then told her that she had already infected Chronyca-2 before he reached her and that she had severed her limbs, stopping the epidemic.

Izel calls him a hero, reminding him of the words he always said: that people dream of making heroic deeds, but in the end they save their skin. So she asked him which skin he wants to save, if it is the one that is attached to him. Sarge asked her to come and find out, to which Izel accepted the proposal, saying that it was time for him to come to his senses and find peace. She said she didn't want to destroy him, but that she would do it and he said he couldn't wait to kill her and that he was as sure as death. Izel then asked him why he wanted to kill her, and Sarge replied that he had deprived him of his family, his woman, his home and taking away what was left of him and all his memories. Izel then told him that she had not stolen his memories: it was he who never had them. After suffering a fit of anger from Izel, after closing the communication, Sarge asked Davis to take him to her.

Izel got angry that Fitz-Simmons had recognized Sarge's voice and asked them if they knew him well or if they had conspired against her all the time, to which Fitz said they would never do it and that they have always been anti-spiritualists and that they knew a man who had a voice like that of the man they had heard, but who was dead, to whom Simmons agreed and that there had to be an explanation of what had happened, but Izel did not believe them, thinking they were telling only lies, not knowing that they were telling the pure truth, and asked his men to take them into custody, to which Fitz asked Izel to reason and he and Simmons took his men's guns pointing them at him, to which Izel told them if they had the courage to save one's skin, in which the two of them escaped by closing the door on his men, leaving it alone on the bridge, while his men hunted them.

Daisy said the Truck wouldn't hold up much longer and May proposed shielding it, but Snowflake said it was a bad idea, as they could still see them and Deke replied that they would die together, much to the delight of the former, even if the second said a terrible thing. May said to each take a dagger, so that the Shrikes would not get near the bomb, but the Shrikes, despite Tinker's modifications to the truck to resist them, broke through the glass and one of them nearly infected Deke, since May killed him immediately. Daisy thus proposed to block the window.

Meanwhile, Sarge tried to get Davis to go faster, but he said that this is the top speed and the former said to throw the ballast and crew, but that they had to take him from the spaceship and Mackenzie enjoyed mocking him, given who admired that that alien woman won in words against Sarge, angering him, telling him he would drop the ballast, starting with him, but Mackenzie said he just wanted to help him out, as his plan failed and Sarge pointed the gun against Diaz, telling him to talk again; so Mackenzie says he can't get it out of his head that the plane would be back at the end of the day. Although Sarge said he wouldn't make it to tonight, Mackenzie, freed from his handcuffs thanks to Rodriguez, engaged in a fierce duel with Sarge, in which Sarge's fighting skills match those of Mackenzie, but the latter used his sturdy build. to beat him to submission, asking him to surrender immediately and Sarge said he would never do it, returning to fight, but Mackenzie slammed him violently to the ground, telling him for the second time to surrender. Sarge then saw Jaco, believing he had come to rescue him, but the latter revealed that he had sided with the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Mackenzie took advantage of his shock to punch him to sleep and take him to the Containment Module module, telling him that she had warned him.


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