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The Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform, dubbed Roxxon Inferno by the press, was the accidental destruction of the facility used by the Roxxon Corporation in their attempts to extract Darkforce and Lightforce as energy sources. Due to Roxxon's failure to provide the necessary shielding for the valves, a combination of Darkforce and Lightforce leaked into the rig, causing an overload that transformed nearly all personnel on the platform into Terrors, and ultimately built up to the point of causing a catastrophic explosion.

Engineer Ivan Hess was the only survivor of the explosion on the platform, but spent eight years trapped in a catatonic state where he constantly relived the disaster. Two other individuals in the vicinity of the blast, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson, gained control over Lightforce and Darkforce respectively. A fourth individual, Andre Deschaine, was also empowered as a result of a suicide attempt that coincided with the blast.


Roxxon Corporation became aware of the energy of the Darkforce and Lightforce and used the Roxxon Gulf Platform as a way to extract it for their means.[3] Nathan Bowen and Ivan Hess were key people in the oil rig creation.[4]


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The aftermath of the explosion resulted in Nathan Bowen's death, as it distracted him and caused him to crash his car and his co-worker Ivan Hess became comatose. However, Nathan's daughter, Tandy Bowen, who had been in the back seat of the car, became exposed, at the same time as Tyrone Johnson, to the Lightforce and Darkforce and Tyrone's power instinctively sought out Tandy, rescuing her from the car and causing them to wash up on the beach.[3] Andre Deschaine, a depressed jazz musician whose suicide attempt near the oil rig caused him to become empowered.[5]

Years later, Tyrone and Tandy met again and upon physical contact, reawakened their latent abilities, which manifested chiefly in shadow teleportation and daggers of light, along with being able to interpret the fears and hopes of others. Undeterred from the failure, Roxxon Corporation continued their efforts to harvest the unstable energy and caused numerous Terrors to run rampant across New Orleans, until Tyrone and Tandy were able to siphon the power and reverse the effects.[1]


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