"Help me, work with me to find the man who gave the order!"
"And then what, Red? We gonna, we gonna bring him in for justice, is that what we're gonna do? Your way's bullshit, Red, it doesn't work, I need him, I need him gone, it's gotta be permanent, it's gotta be finished!"
Daredevil and Punisher[src]

The Destruction of the Blacksmith's Ship was a failed attempt by the Punisher to find and assassinate the Blacksmith, who was inadvertently responsible for the deaths of his family.


Punisher interrogated Chaney at a diner until he told him where the Blacksmith's drug shipments came in. Castle went to Pier 81 to find and kill him. He killed several men who were guarding the ship, and found a shipment of heroin on board. As he doused the drugs with gasoline, he called out for the Blacksmith to show himself.[2]


"We got him. Been a long time hasn't it Frank! Kill him!"
Punisher found the only man left alive on the Blacksmith's ship, and threatened him with a gun, asking repeatedly if he was the Blacksmith. The man admitted that he was. Before Castle could kill him, Daredevil arrived, warning Castle that the man was lying.

The Punisher being confronted by Daredevil

Daredevil managed to disarm Castle, and Castle, furious at being denied his revenge, fought hand to hand with him. Eventually Daredevil subdued him. The angry Castle once again expressed his grief at losing his family and his inability to find the man who had killed them. Daredevil reluctantly admitted that maybe the Punisher's brand of justice was more suitable in dealing with the Blacksmith.

Several armed men approached the ship, including Gosnell, who taunted Castle by name. Daredevil warned Castle about the explosion that would occur if guns were fired at the ship, which he could sense was carrying gunpowder. Rather than leave with Daredevil, Castle pushed him off the ship into the water.

Castle revealed himself to the men, who shot at him, causing an enormous explosion which killed all except Castle, who was able to escape.[2]


"One shot, one kill, you taught me that."
"You stupid son o-"
Frank Castle and Ray Schoonover[src]
Bloody Schoonover 2

The Punisher shoots and kills Ray Schoonover

Punisher recognized Gosnell at the Blacksmith's ship, and deduced that their former commanding officer Colonel Ray Schoonover might be involved. He went to Schoonover's home to discover Karen Page inside, interviewing Schoonover for an article she was writing for the New York Bulletin.

When Page had also made the connection between Schoonover and Gosnell, the Colonel forced her into her car by gunpoint. Castle then rammed into the passenger side of the car, and dragged Schoonover to a nearby shed.

Although Page begged him not to, he shot and killed Schoonover, realizing that he was the Blacksmith.[3]


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