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"Any survivors?"
"Inside? Your guess is as good as ours. We're lucky only the restaurant and the apartments above collapsed, and not the whole structure. This could've been a hell of a lot worse."
Misty Knight and a firefighter[src]

The Destruction of Genghis Connie's was a failed attempt by Cottonmouth to eliminate Luke Cage and get back at him for depriving his criminal empire of several million dollars.


"I know who's been busting up your shit all day, and who raided the projects all by himself. Don't imagine you know anything about Luke Cage, do you?"
"Luke Cage? That's who did all this shit?"
"That's what I'm telling you."
Rafael Scarfe and Cottonmouth[src]

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"It wasn't a gas leak. That was not a gas leak."
"Who the hell would use a rocket in Harlem?"
"Who do you think?"
―Video Tech, Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

Closing the restaurant for the night, Connie Lin planned to clean the remaining tables and count their earnings. Unbeknownst to her, Cornell Stokes armed himself with a bazooka cannon, ready to take out Luke Cage. With only seconds to react, Cage saw the oncoming attack and quickly wrapped himself around Lin. A powerful blast rocked the foundation of Genghis Connie's, leaving one side of the building to collapse on itself.[4]


"What happened?"
"The building fell on us."
"Something came flying at the building, and I got you out of the way."
Connie Lin and Luke Cage[src]

Believing the explosion to have killed Luke Cage, Cornell Stokes returned to Harlem's Paradise. However, Cage and Connie Lin had found themselves beneath the cave-in. While Cage had no injuries, he found Lin with some scrapes, bruises, little blood, and a broken leg. Outside, Misty Knight, policemen, and firemen were on the scene, removing rubble and keeping spectators from crowding the immediate area. As Cage came to Lin's rescue, he disclosed his secret to her, that he possessed unbreakable skin and enhanced strength. With her cradled in his arm, he punched the debris and freed her and himself.

Quickly, medics came to aid Connie, while her husband Jin Lin made it to the scene. As Cage tried to walk away, news reporters continued to surround him, asking about his heroic rescue. Though he did not want to be interviewed, he gave out his name to be Luke Cage.[5]