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"Now I need you to dismantle that thing, and make it about a hundred times smaller. And put a trigger on it!"
Phil Coulson[src]

The Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun, codenamed as "Bambino", is a weapon made out of the Destroyer's body and designed by a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists. It was notably used against Loki and Centipede Soldiers by Phil Coulson, and against the Kree Vin-Tak by Leo Fitz.



"You like this? We started working on the prototype after you sent the Destroyer."
Phil Coulson to Loki[src]

S.H.I.E.L.D. recovered the wreckage of the Destroyer from Puente Antiguo and assigned it to a S.H.I.E.L.D. project Phase 2. This project aimed to develop new technologies capable of offering humanity some incredible defense in the face of threats on the level of the Destroyer or the Abomination. S.H.I.E.L.D. researchers then reverse engineered the wrecked sentinel and developed the Destroyer Gun from its remains.[1]

Phil Coulson's Revenge

"So that's what it does."
Phil Coulson[src]

Phil Coulson aims the Destroyer Gun at Loki

When Loki escaped confinement aboard the Helicarrier and attempted get away, Phil Coulson had then responded by retrieving the Destroyer Gun from secure storage. He confronted Loki, pointing the gun at him, and warned that he had no idea of its capabilities, while Thor watched on. Loki disguised his true location with illusion, however, and stabbed Coulson from behind with the Scepter. As he lay dying from his injuries, Coulson managed to raise the weapon to fire off one powerful shot at him. The force of the impact was enough to severely hurt Loki but proved insufficient to prevent him from escaping the Helicarrier.[2]

Battle at Cybertek

Phil Coulson is delivered the Destroyer Gun

"This packs a pretty good punch."
"I know what it does."
Nick Fury and Phil Coulson[src]

During S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assault on the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility where the Deathlok Soldiers were planned to be produced, Coulson faced off against John Garrett, now super-powered thanks to GH.325, the Centipede Serum and his previous Project Deathlok implants. Nick Fury arrived to assist, and delivered the Destroyer Gun to Coulson who used it against the Centipede Soldiers who were protecting Garrett.[3]

Used by Leo Fitz

Leo Fitz shoots Vin-Tak the Destroyer Gun

"Fitz, we need Bambino!"
Phil Coulson to Leo Fitz[src]

The Destroyer Gun was procured and fired by Leo Fitz against Vin-Tak, a Kree who was fighting Bobbi Morse, hoping to pass her to kill Skye. The blast was strong enough to knock down the Kree and push him across the floor. Morse was then able to use his Truncheon on him, erasing all recent memories.[4]


Made of Asgardian technology, The Destroyer Gun was reverse-engineered from the Asgardian sentinel known only as the Destroyer after it was defeated by Thor. It appears to retain some part of the Destroyer's fiery core and can discharge powerful bolts of energy, producing heat, light and concussive force in the process. When the weapon charges up it gains a vivid orange glow emanating from between the banding plates around the barrel. However, while the Destroyer armor fired disintegrating blasts of energy, the new weapon fires only concussive blasts that—while effective against Humans, Kree, and Frost Giants alike—leaves its targets dazed but intact. Both a telescopic and a secondary sight has been fitted to the top and other Earthly additions such as a standard rifle grip or a bulky stock to resist heavy recoil give this weapon a curious appearance, marrying modern technology with something altogether more alien.



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