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"Piranha's mama's still here somewhere in Harlem. Only family he's got left."
Luke Cage[src]

Desiree Jones is the mother of Raymond "Piranha" Jones.


"See, my mother was one of Mama Mabel's hoes. Her best one."
"You sound proud of that."
"Desiree. One of her regulars was a banker. He's big-time, you know. He promised to get her out the life. He fell in love with her hard. But that was bullshit, because he wasn't gonna leave his wife. So my mom just had me, and he stopped calling."
Piranha Jones and Luke Cage[src]

Several years ago, Desiree Jones was one of the best prostitutes who worked on Mama Mabel. One of her regular clients was a wealthy banker. Eventually, they had an affair. He said that he loved Desiree and promised her to get her out of this life. However, he was not going to leave his wife, and abandoned Jones instead. Later, she has given birth to his son, Raymond Jones, and his father managed to lost contact with her.[1] While Raymond studied in City College and became brilliant financial expert, Desiree lived in Harlem and was the only family he got left.[2]





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