"I'm particularly fond of these. I pulled 'em out of a place in Midgard called Tex-as. I even named them. Des, and Troy. You see, when you put them together... they destroy."

Des and Troy were twin M16A1 assault rifles used by the Asgardian warrior Skurge during his last stand for Asgard.


Trophies of Job

After his employment as the new guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, Skurge abused his position by stealing items from around the Nine Realms, including two assault rifles he claimed to have gotten from Texas. He showed off Des and Troy while he was attempting to impress two women.[1]

Standing on the Rainbow Bridge

He later used the guns when he fought off the Berserkers, only for the guns to run out of ammunition. Skurge then proceeded to use the guns as clubs, only to be overwhelmed and eventually killed by Hela. The guns were destroyed when Surtur destroyed Asgard in Ragnarök.[1]






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