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"Stark bought the place. It's scheduled for demolition on Thursday."
Phil Coulson to Jasper Sitwell[src]

The Demolished Bar was a bar occupied by Thaddeus Ross during an ongoing investigation into the potential release of Emil Blonsky from prison. It was later purchased and demolished by Tony Stark.


The Consultant

Following the Duel of Harlem and Emil Blonsky's arrest, the World Security Council began a discussion as to his potential release from prison. S.H.I.E.L.D., having a greater understanding of the situation of Bruce Banner prior to the events, and a desire to secure him for the Avengers Initiative, sent Tony Stark in order to disrupt Thaddeus Ross, who was sitting inside the bar at the time.

Stark seemingly aggravated Ross enough to ask that he be removed. Stark responded by buying the building and having it demolished. Ross decided not to release Blonsky from prison.[1][2]


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