"Best sandwiches in Queens."

Delmar's Deli-Grocery is a local bodega that sells Delmar's sandwiches.


Customer Service

"These guys are selling weapons that are crazy dangerous. They can't be out on the streets. If one of them can cut Delmar's Bodega in half..."
"You know Delmar's?"
"Yeah, best sandwich in Queens."
"Sub Haven's pretty good."
"Nah, It's too much bread."
"I like bread."
Spider-Man and Prowler[src]
Delmar ran and operated a deli in Queens, with his sandwiches being touted as the best the borough had to offer. Peter Parker was one of his regular customers, who visited after school to buy food. Parker's frequent visits caused him and Delmar to form a friendship, as well as familiarize Delmar with Parker's aunt May. Delmar also came to know Aaron Davis as well due to his frequent visits to the Deli.[1]

Robbery at Queens Community Bank


Delmar's deli grocery store being destroyed

Delmar witnessed Spider-Man fighting a group of criminals wearing cardboard masks of the Avengers' faces , which he mistook as Spider-Man fighting the actual team. During the fight his shop was destroyed only for Spider-Man to come save him and his cat, Murph.

While Parker and Leeds walk to school, the deli was completely shut down and destroyed, being investigated by Anne Marie Hoag and her Damage Control team.[1]


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