"How's school?"
"Uh, you know. It's... boring. I got better things to do."
"Stay in school, kid, stay in school. Otherwise you'll end up like me."
―Delmar and Peter Parker[src]

Delmar is the owner of Delmar's Deli-Grocery in Queens, New York City. Dubbed as the "best sandwich in Queens", his deli is frequented by both Peter Parker and Aaron Davis.


Deli Store Owner

Peter Parker's Service

"What's up, Mr. Delmar?"
"Hey! Mr. Parker. Number 5, right?"
"Yeah. And, um, uh, pickles and can you smush it down real flat? Thanks."
"You got it, boss."
Peter Parker and Delmar[src]
SMH Stay In School 3

Delmar serving Peter Parker at the deli

Delmar ran and operated a deli in Queens, with his sandwiches being touted as the best the borough had to offer. Peter Parker was one of his regular customers, who visited after school to buy food. Parker's frequent visits caused him and Delmar to form a friendship, as well as familiarize Delmar with Parker's aunt May, whom Delmar held an interest in. Delmar also came to know Aaron Davis as well due to his frequent visits to his Deli.[1]

Robbery at Queens Community Bank

SMH-Spidey Saves Murph

Delmar being saved by Spider-Man

"911, what's your emergency?"
"Spider-Man is fighting the Avengers. In a bank on 21st Street?"
―911 Dispatcher and Delmar[src]

Delmar witnessed Spider-Man fighting a group of criminals wearing cardboard masks of the Avengers' faces, which he mistook as Spider-Man fighting the actual team. During the fight his shop was destroyed only for Spider-Man to come save him and his cat, Murph.[1]


"How's your aunt?"
"...She's alright."
"La tía de él es una italiana bellissima."[2]
"Cómo está tu hija?"[3]
"Ten dollars."
"It's five dollars!"
"For that comment, it's ten dollars."
―Delmar and Peter Parker[src]

Delmar has quite friendly and humorous attitude as seen in his interactions with Parker, and he and Parker are also good friends to the point that they know of each other's families, with Delmar knowing of Parker's aunt and Parker knowing of Delmar's daughter.

Delmar is also quite respectful towards Parker's alter-ego Spider-Man as he was grateful to the hero for saving his life.


  • Bilingualism: Delmar can fluently speak English and Spanish.




  • Daughter




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