"Did you break it?"
"Oh, I hope so. Now that we're awake, why not make the best of it?"
Curtis Hoyle and Delia Robinson[src]

Delia Robinson is an ex-girlfriend of Curtis Hoyle.


Delia Robinson started a relationship with Curtis Hoyle, spending time with him at his apartment. Hoyle informed Robinson that his block had a rodent problem, so they could not be at his apartment. Hoyle then booked a hotel suite for them where they spend another night. Sharing a kiss upon awakening, Hoyle said Robinson that he had to go to St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church and proposed her to stay at the suite, as she agreed.[1]

However, Hoyle suddenly remain distant towards her, as Robinson did not meet her for a while. She then learned that Hoyle lied to her about the rodent problem, and worrying about Hoyle's strange behavior, she decided to break with him.[2]





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