"I need you to do me a favor. Get it together, fix your mascara, and do something that'll make you happy tonight. Drink, dance and worry about the rest of your life tomorrow. Can you do that for me?"
―Delia to Tandy Bowen[src]

Delia is a woman who was stolen by Tandy Bowen at a wedding.


"Delia - that's the maid of honor - is the thorn in Linda's side, treats her like the help, is always putting her nose in other people's business, and has resting basic face."
Liam Walsh to Tandy Bowen[src]

Delia lived in New Orleans, and engaged in university studies in Tulane University. However, she struggled to find her way and switched majors four times, eventually ending up studying psychology. It was during this time that Delia met another young woman named Lynn, who became her friend.

Therefore, when Lynn got married, Delia was named her maid of honor. Wanting to make sure that the wedding went perfectly, Delia tended to cross the boundaries and stepped onto the wedding planner's usual tasks, keeping the tip money for the caterer. During the wedding, in the bathroom, Delia found a crying Tandy Bowen and asked her about the reasons of her sadness. As Bowen confessed that she ran away any time she had to face some responsibility, Delia encouraged her to just enjoy the party and worry about the rest in the next day. They then shared a hug, and Delia was unaware that Bowen actually stole the money she was carrying.

As the wedding ceremony ended, Delia praised the caterer and the waiters, but when she attempted to give them their tips, she realized that the money was gone and had been replaced with torn pieces of paper. Before she could realize what had happened, Bowen and her boyfriend Liam Walsh left the wedding.[1]






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