Del is a woman who was part of Andre Deschaine's sex trafficking ring. She unwillingly started working under Lia Dewan and was later brought to her senses and freed by Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson.


Del was drained of hope by Andre Deschaine then drugged, kidnapped and transported by Lia Dewan. She was unwillingly used in a sex trafficking operation at the Viking Motel.

Dewan was left in charge of the operation and kept an eye on Del while she was kept along with many girls. A guard, Bo, ensured that none of the girls escaped. During the early stages of her stay, Del was essentially brainwashed into believing that nobody else cared about her outside the hotel. After a short time, Del grew so used to the horrors of her situation that she considered it normal and accepted the daily events she was forced to go through, even choosing to obey her captors when there was a possibility of fighting or escaping.

When Tandy Bowen was also captured and brought into the hotel, Del was asked to guide Bowen through a short and informal orientation. Bowen quietly argued that Del could escape and live her life normally again if she just worked with Bowen, however, Del saw this as dangerous and foolhardy and reported the potential plan of escape, forcing Dewan and Bo to subdue Bowen. After further discussions Bowen eventually caused Del to question her reality again, giving her a glimmer of hope.

When it was discovered that Dewan had been lying to Del and the other captured girls about their lives in the outside world, Del realised that she had been foolishly trusting her captors and decided to help Bowen after all. Bowen was joined by Tyrone Johnson and the duo helped in freeing the girls from the hotel.[1]





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