"Productivity is connectivity."
―Deke Shaw[src]

Director Deke Shaw is a scavenger who lived in the Lighthouse, in the year 2091, as the remnants of humanity were enslaved by the Kree. Once Shaw learned of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s arrival from the past, he initially tried to sell out the team to Kasius, only to eventually realize his mistakes as he then assisted the team in overthrowing Kasius and returning to the past. Shaw's actions inadvertently led to him being sent back into 2017, where he continued aiding S.H.I.E.L.D. while adapting to his new world, eventually discovering Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were his grandparents, while he had also developed feelings for Daisy Johnson. Once Shaw had assisted S.H.I.E.L.D. with the battle against the Confederacy and Glenn Talbot, Shaw had decided he needed to find his own place in their world, away from the Lighthouse, fearing the Earth could be destroyed again before he had his chance to experience the world as it once was.

A year later, Shaw had built a life for himself, by stealing many of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s tech and started his Tech Empire. Shaw was soon forced to return back into S.H.I.E.L.D. as Phil Coulson's doppelgänger, Sarge, and his squad targeted him for existing when he should not. After returning to the Lighthouse, Shaw learned of Fitz's death, and bonded with Snowflake after their temporary alliance forced them together. Shaw soon reunited with Simmons and the time-displaced Leo Fitz, as he then started assisting them with their War against Izel. Once Shaw proved himself by rescuing his friends from Izel, Alphonso Mackenzie officially made him a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

After the team defeated Izel and Sarge, Shaw joined them as they traveled through time in an effort to stop the Chronicom Hunters from erasing S.H.I.E.L.D. from history so they could establish Earth as Chronyca-3. During their War Against the Chronicoms, Shaw and Mackenzie were stranded in the 1980s, where he helped Mackenzie grieve the death of his parents and formed a new team called the Deke Squad. The two were eventually reunited with their friends over a year later after defending the Lighthouse from Sibyl-Bots. After the Chronicoms destroyed most of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fitz returned to the team and planned to bring them back to their main timeline. Shaw elected to stay behind in the alternate 1983 timeline to help the team return to theirs and became the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. in that timeline.


Early Life


"I was one of the last ones that was born the old-fashioned way."
―Deke Shaw to Phil Coulson[src]

Shaw was born to Owen and Alya Shaw and raised in the Lighthouse, one of the last humans to be born through regular gestation before Kasius sterilized the entire population and regulated childbirth.[27] Through Shaw's whole life in the Lighthouse, he only learned to count from 0 to 5 in Kree.[28] Shaw's mother told him stories about her mother and father and how her father was the best man she knew.[29] Shaw would come to know his grandparents as Nana and Bobo.[30]

Every year on his birthday, Shaw's mother would find a fresh orange for him as a birthday tradition. Shaw would love the smell the orange left on his hands.[5] Shaw's mother always told him what her mother told her as a child: "The steps you take don't need to be big. They just need to take you in the right direction." and would tell him about Albert Einstein and his idea that a playtime is a form of research.[6] Shaw also witnessed people kill for their loved ones his whole life.[11]

Meeting the Remorath

Sometime during Shaw's life, he and the other Lighthouse residents encountered the Remorath, space Marauders, when they took what they wanted from the Lighthouse and helped clean up the dead bodies after they left. Shaw developed a deep fear of the Remorath that would carry on to his adult life.[10]

Losing his Family

"I was nine, okay? When my mother got dragged away and murdered. Kasius got rid of all the elders, all the smart people, and she was one of them. And after she was gone, my dad took up the cause. He carried the torch for her. And as I got older, I begged him not to. I said that they were gonna get him, too, and I was right. He got sent to the roaches, just like the rest of them."
―Deke Shaw to Phil Coulson[src]

At age nine, Shaw witnessed the arrest and murder of his mother, who was eliminated by the Kree Watch because she was considered a potential threat to the community, due to her intelligence and allegiance to the True Believers. He grew up with his father, Owen Shaw, whom he tried to stop from continuing his mother's work.

Eventually, Owen was arrested too and sent to the surface of Earth, where Shaw assumed he was killed by the Vrellnexians.[27] Before his father was sent to the surface, Shaw begged him to leave the piece of the White Monolith that belonged to his mother so he could have something to remember her by. His father refused, believing his son couldn't be trusted with it.[31]

Shaw also became good friends with Tess who was aware of Shaw losing his parents,[1] and with Virgil.[32] Growing up, Shaw did not believe Robin Hinton's stories of S.H.I.E.L.D. coming to save the future and thought she was crazy before she went to the surface with his father.[31]

Testing for Terrigenesis

"Kasius puts all the 18-year olds through Terrigenesis."

At age 18, Shaw, along with the other 18-year olds of the Lighthouse, was exposed to Terrigen Mist to induce Terrigenesis, as Kasius wished to create Inhumans to sell for profit. Shaw, however, was not Inhuman and, unaffected by the Mist, continued his life in the Lighthouse.[33]

Recreating the Framework

"I had to rebuild the software from scratch because Kasius had the historical archives erased. But I was able to get my hands on the servers. I gathered bits of data here and there, and the rest is guesswork."
―Deke Shaw to Daisy Johnson[src]

Shaw found the remains of the old Framework system designed by Holden Radcliffe and Leo Fitz. Shaw would then create a small version of the Framework, where residents of the Lighthouse would come and get away from the horrors of the Kree. The Kree were pleased with the idea, as it kept the residents compliant. Shaw would also use the simulation to piece together what really destroyed the Earth and had come to the realization that the Inhuman S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson, also known as "Quake", was responsible for its destruction.[1]

Playing the Long Game

Meeting the S.H.I.E.L.D. Team

Shaw Helmet

Shaw enters the Lighthouse with his helmet

"I'm from Earth."
"Yeah, well, that would be the one thing that I do know, wing nut. But from where? What area?"
"Manitowoc, Wisconsin."
"Are you high on something? Can I have some?"
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]

Having been hired by his acquaintance, Virgil, along with Jones and Jerry, to supply Metrics to a group of people, Shaw came through a cracked window of the Lighthouse, with his helmet on. He used his Gravity Puck to adjust the gravity, so he wouldn't get sucked out into space. He proceeded to find Virgil.

Shaw pinns May

Shaw pins Melinda May

While Shaw didn't find Virgil, he found Jones's body, who was killed by the Vrellnexians. Shaw dragged him to a storage space where a lot of other dead bodies were to remove his metric to sell for a profit. Shaw removed his helmet and proceeded to cut out the metric with a pocket knife. Sensing he wasn't the only one in the room, Shaw pretended to leave to force the person out. After Shaw "left", the other occupant, who was S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May, came out from hiding, where he surprised her.

Shaw vs May

Shaw uses his Gravity Puck on Melinda May

Shaw then pinned her to the wall and told her he's been looking for her. Assuming Shaw to be hostile, May got out of his grasp and attacked him. Because of an injury that had been inflicted on her, Shaw had the upper hand. After a quick skirmish, Shaw used his Gravity Puck to pin her against the wall. He tried to talk to May afterwards, but she proceeded to kick him in the face as he got closer to her. Having enough, Shaw muffled May as she started to threaten him, believing it was best that he didn't know anything.

Shaw Knife

Shaw placing a Metric in Melinda May's arm

Shaw proceeded to tie May up and activated a flare and threw it in the hallway to keep the Vrellnexians away, saying that the smell of the flare drove them crazy, but if May kicked him again, he would leave her for them. Seeing that May didn't have her metric, Shaw used his knife to cut through her wrist and insert Jones's metric. When she tried to resist, Shaw urged her stay still, as one wrong slip would make her a "vacancy". He then inserted the metric as she muffled in pain.[32]

Shaw Saving the Others

Shaw saving Phil Coulson and his allies

Sometime after the Kree soldiers captured S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, and Jemma Simmons, Shaw and Melinda May came to their rescue. Shaw managed to talk the Kree guards into believing that Virgil stole their Metrics. Coulson than revealed that Virgil was dead. As the team talked, Shaw had a brief staredown with the Kree soldier. Shaw than offered if he lets them go, he would give him a couple of hours in the Framework, to which he agreed too.

Orientation Part One 11

Shaw leads the team through the Lighthouse

Once in the clear, Shaw asked the team if the Vrellnexians had killed Virgil, to which Coulson confirmed and asked if he was a friend of his. Shaw would tell them that Virgil was an acquaintance and that he hired him to help the team swap metrics out. Seeing that the team didn't have the money Virgil owed him, Shaw planned on leaving, but Johnson stopped him, saying that they need his help rescuing Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez from the Kree. After telling Johnson her friends were doomed, Shaw became confused as Coulson referred to the Trawler as a spacecraft.

Shaw is questioned by SHIELD

Shaw is interrogated by Jemma Simmons

Shaw planned on leaving them again, but Coulson stopped him by asking for his name. After Shaw revealed it to be Deke, Coulson deemed that since he was the only one who knew what was going on, he wasn't leaving until they got answers. When they heard the screams of Rodriguez, May cunningly pinned him against the wall with his Gravity Puck. Simmons than demanded the location of the Trawler. Shaw told her it was on Level 9, so May left with Simmons to the Trawler to send a beacon, while Johnson left Shaw with Coulson to question him, while she went in search of Mackenzie and Rodriguez.

Orientation Part One 16

Shaw learning the truth about Phil Coulson

Coulson released Shaw from the wall and continued to question him about what the Kree wanted with Humaniity. Shaw was confused by Coulson's question of why the Kree built the Lighthouse, and told him humans did and that it was built over 90 years ago. Shaw slowly became aware that Coulson and his team aren't from this time period and recollects the prophecy of people from the past coming to save Humanity. Upon realizing this, he asked Coulson the year in which he was abducted. This made him realize that Virgil's stories were indeed sane and the people from the past had arrived.[32]

Disposing Bodies

Shaw listens to Simmons

Shaw listens to Jemma Simmons

"We got to come up with a system, 'cause I'm not doing this every time we take out a Kree!"
"The system is, "No more dead Kree"! We're two past maximum!"
―Deke Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

After learning of this development, Shaw and Phil Coulson reunited with Melinda May and Jemma Simmons, after they realized they were also in the future after seeing the destroyed Earth. Coulson asked Shaw if Virgil told him anything about his plan to bring them here from the past, but Shaw was still trying to come to grips with the idea of time travel.

Shaw with Team

Shaw offers Metrics to the S.H.I.E.L.D. team

Coulson continued to question Shaw about his knowledge of the White Monolith, but Shaw denied any knowledge of it, saying if he did he wouldn't still be here. Shaw then listened to Simmons talk about there not being a second Monolith when she was stranded on Maveth, leaving them with no options on how to get back. Realizing that, at the moment, they had to blend in, the three turned to Shaw, who reluctantly offered them three Metrics. At first May refused, but Shaw argued that this was the only way to blend in. Seeing that they had no other option, Coulson agreed and took the metrics and Shaw led them to safety.

Shaw with Tess

Shaw explains the current situation to Tess

Tess, Shaw's friend and colleague, arrived and demanded to know if Shaw used the Trawler without Virgil. She was, however, met with the horrible news that Virgil was killed by the Vrellnexians on Level 3. Tess started to get into an argument with Shaw about letting Virgil die before he calmed her down and tells her that the people he's with are the people from the prophecy that Virgil always talked about. At first, Tess was hesitant to believe it until Coulson gave her evidence by showing her a nickel that was still brand new.

Shaw agrees to help

Shaw agrees to help

When Tess found out that Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez were in the hands of the Kree, she berated Shaw for letting them face the "Blues" alone, but Shaw denied letting them do anything, noting how stubborn they were. Tess tried to convince Shaw to go help them, but he denied, not wanting to end up dead like Virgil, and tried to leave. Tess stopped him by offering to double what Virgil was going to pay him for the job, which Shaw agreed to. He told Tess to get Coulson, May, and Simmons to blend in while he went to help the others.

Shaw Yo-Yo

Shaw ready to fight against Yo-Yo Rodriguez

After Shaw arrived at the room where Mackenzie and Rodriguez were held captive, he saw them with the help of Daisy Johnson having killed the guards. An upset Shaw yells at the trio, as the Kree would retaliate and kill a horde of humans in revenge. As he searched for a way to cover up the mess, Mackenzie suggested taking the Kree to where the other bodies were so the roaches could dine on them. Shaw saw the potential in the plan, but argued that they can't be seen in the elevator with two dead Kree, but Mackenzie suggested they put them on top of the elevator, to which Shaw agreed with.

What's a Skylite

Shaw in the elevator with his S.H.I.E.L.D. allies

On the way up to Level 3, Mackenzie made note that Shaw didn't mention the elevator had a sky lite, which let Kree bodies be seen. Shaw asked what a sky lite was, and the three just ignored his question.[1] Johnson than asked Shaw if they were indeed in the future. Shaw sarcastically confirmed it and deduced that Johnson's friends were the brains while she was the brawn. The elevator soon stopped and a Kree soldier entered. Shaw and the others quickly realized that one of the bodies was about to drip blood on the soldier. Shaw tried to distract him by making small talk, to no avail. Just when it seemed the group was going to be caught, Shaw felt a whoosh and the blood drop was gone. After the Kree left the elevator, Shaw asked the relieved agents what had happened.[34]

Shaw Kree Corpse

Shaw drags a Kree body towards the roaches

Shaw helped Johnson and Rodriguez drag their body to where the Vrellnexians were and told them not to kill anymore Kree. After the four dragged the bodies into the room, Johnson's first name, "Daisy", was revealed to Shaw, after Rodriguez told her to close the door. When Shaw showed a sign of affection towards Johnson, asking if her name meant a flower, she denied it and the four went to regroup up with the others.[1]


Shaw talking to Tess

Shaw tells Tess of Jemma Simmons' capture

"You see, I'm the one person who actually pieced their history together. You want to know what kind of force could crack a planet in half? It was you."
―Deke Shaw to Daisy Johnson[src]

When Shaw, Daisy Johnson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez met up with the others, they learned that Jemma Simmons was taken up to Kasius. Shaw pulled Tess away from the others and asked what happened. Tess told him that a servant was injured and Simmons saved him. While Tess admired what Simmons did, Shaw considered it dangerous. Tess started talking about how Virgil might have been right, but Shaw denied it, saying that anyone who believed was dead. Tess acknowledged the deaths of Shaw's mother and father, but tried to assure him that maybe they did not die in vain. Shaw still refused to accept it and told Tess to get them to blend in and left for his Framework cantina.

Shaw Asleep

Shaw falls asleep while inside the Framework

Johnson grew suspicious of Shaw and tailed him. Shaw, however, knew she was following him and just let her believe he wasn't aware. On his way to the cantina, Shaw gave a resident some scraps and entered the secure area where the cantina was located. Shaw than plugged himself in and when Johnson found him, he was asleep with the other residents. After she approached him, the device on the ceiling that put him in the Framework, plugged her into the Framework as well.

Deke-WHiH-Orientation Part Two02

Shaw reads a Los Angeles Tribune newspaper in the Framework

In the Framework, Johnson found Shaw in a bar arguing with the bartender, Rick, about the newspapers Shaw wanted was thrown out. Shaw told Rick to find the papers and revealed to Johnson that he knew she was there. He offered her a beer, but she denied. She sat next to Shaw and asked where she was. Shaw told her that she's in his recreated version of the Framework that he cobbled together from what remained of the old software. Shaw then told her that he uses the Framework as an escape for people. When Johnson compared the Lighthouse to a prison, Shaw was disgusted and told her that prison would be nicer than the Lighthouse.

Shaw Arguing with Johnson

Shaw and Daisy Johnson having an argument

The two got into an argument of rescuing Simmons from Kasius. When Johnson threatened to tell the Kree about Shaw's little business, he revealed they already knew and approved of it. As Shaw was giving the people something other than endless working, Johnson believed the Kree were okay with Shaw's business because it kept the people compliant. The two started speaking over each other about fighting back before Shaw yelled at her that she had no idea what fighting the Kree would do to the remaining human population.

Cracked Earth

Shaw shows Daisy Johnson the cracked Earth

When their argument reached a stalemate Shaw noticed a news report of Johnson as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and paused it, claiming that's what he's been looking for. Shaw soon realized who Johnson really was. He revealed that he was the only one who pieced the history together - that it was "Quake", who cracked the Earth apart. Shaw than showed Johnson a virtual screen of the Earth "quaked" apart, much to her horror.[1]

Trying to Keep the Peace

Shaw Daisy

Shaw tells Daisy Johnson about the Multiverse

"Planet Earth went from smooth to chunky, and Quake is the one who did it."
"And you don't think I'd remember that?"
"Well, actually, not according to the multiverse theory. You probably never heard of it, but in quantum physics, there's a theory that, for every universe, there are infinite parallel universes."
―Deke Shaw and Daisy Johnson[src]

After learning the truth and coming out of the Framework, Shaw and Daisy Johnson went to meet up with the others where they planned to, only to find them nowhere to be found. While Shaw figured they finally took his advice in blending in, Johnson believed something went wrong. Shaw figured Johnson was just defecting because of what he told her about her role in the Earth's destruction, but Johnson argued that she wasn't nearly as powerful as it would take to crack the Earth apart. Shaw countered with the Multiverse theory, and that there were multiple universes. But before Shaw could continue, Johnson slapped him in the face.

Shaw begs Johnson to be careful

Shaw begs Daisy Johnson to be careful

Before the two could continue their heated argument, Shaw noticed "The Shoe Guy" was cleaning blood off of other shoes and knew that something bad had occurred. He went over to see what happened, and was informed that there was recently a Renewal while he and Johnson were in the Framework, which caused the death of three people, and that there were vacancies at Grill's salvage because of it. Shaw relayed this information to Johnson, who decided to act on it, much to Shaw's worry. After Johnson left, he begged her not to do anything stupid.

Shaw Warning Johnson

Shaw tries to give Daisy Johnson a warning

Shaw met up with Johnson after she received a Kree tablet from Yo-Yo Rodriguez. Knowing Johnson was going to try and rescue Jemma Simmons from Kasius with it, Shaw questioned what her plan was, but she didn't have one, which he already figured out. He tried to talk her out of it, saying she needed to play the long game and that with time, he can get her to Kasius' level with an invitation from Kasius himself, but she ignored his warnings, believing she didn't have that kind of time.

Shaw Quaked

Shaw quaked by Daisy Johnson

As Johnson tried to leave, Shaw grabbed her arm, telling her he was not going to allow her to destroy the world a second time. Johnson quaked Shaw off her arm and into a wall. As he exhaled, he called Johnson the name everyone had given her: Quake, Destroyer of Worlds. Johnson angrily entered the elevator and told Shaw never to call her that again. Feeling as though Johnson's ignorance would cause more harm than good, Shaw went to Kasius' chamber and informed him of Johnson's arrival, which allowed them to monitor her powers as she made her way to them and plant a trap for her when she finally arrived.[35]

Capture of Quake

Shaw Betraying Johnson

Shaw betraying Daisy Johnson for Kasius

"I'll kill you. I swear."
"Sorry, sweetheart. I'm just playing the long game."
Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

After suffering a few hiccups, Daisy Johnson entered the hallway to Kasius' chamber, only to become trapped between two glass walls. She was then exposed to a gas that made her woozy. Moments later, Shaw appeared alongside Kasius, Sinara, and Kree soldiers. Kasius questioned how Johnson was here, but Shaw, not wanting to give the others up, told Kasius that it didn't matter since he had her and squatted down in front of her. Johnson swore that she would kill Shaw for his betrayal, only for him to tell her that he was just playing the long game before she fell unconscious.[35]

Being Paid Off

Shaw Smile

Shaw and Kasius discussing the prophecies

"Prophecies are hard to decipher. Could be two people, could be twenty."
"Well, maybe the prophecy wouldn't be such a mystery if you didn't kill everyone that knew anything about it."
Kasius and Deke Shaw[src]

Once Shaw helped Kasius in the capture of Daisy Johnson, he waited for Basha to leave to ask for payment for delivery Johnson to him. Shaw was rewarded with a valuable rhodium coin, but Kasius became concerned that there were more S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the past that arrived at the Lighthouse as the prophecy never clarified how many people would come. Shaw made a sly comment that the prophecy would be less confusing if Kasius hadn't killed everyone who knew about it. Kasius asked Shaw to help him find the rest, promising to compensate him if he succeeded. Not letting on of his knowledge of Phil Coulson and the others, Shaw agreed to do what he could.

Shaw Coulson May

Shaw with Phil Coulson and Melinda May

When Shaw returned to processing to find the others, he was grabbed by Coulson and Melinda May and was brought to somewhere private so the could talk without anyone listening. Coulson wondered where Johnson was and Shaw lied and told them that she was searching for Jemma Simmons. Believing that was what Johnson would do, Coulson accepted his answer and asked for his assistance in infiltrating Level 35 of the Lighthouse to find any Kree technology so they can investigate the surface.

Shaw hears his father's voice

Shaw hears his father's voice

At first, Shaw thought they were kidding and laughed at the notion of going to the surface, but quickly realized they were serious. Feeling that they were suicidal, Shaw didn't want anything to do with their mission until Coulson shared one of Virgil's messages from the surface. Recognizing the voice of his father on the recorder, who he thought was long dead, Shaw agreed to help after he grabbed a few things from his quarters. May became suspicious of Shaw quick change of heart, but Shaw told her that if they found those survivors they'd all benefit from it.[27]

Infiltration into Level 35

Shaw Level 35

Shaw going down towards Level 35

"Okay. You're mad. I get that."
"Are they using her for breeding?"
"It seems that way, but that's not why Kasius wanted her."
―Deke Shaw and Melinda May[src]

Taking the elevator down to level 36, Shaw used his Gravity Puck to get up to level 35 and hack the elevator's controls to get Phil Coulson and Melinda May to the same level without being detected. When he finally got them to the level, he sarcastically thanked himself for his efforts since he knew that Coulson and May weren't going to show their appreciation.

Shaw Hiding

Shaw attempting to hide from a Kree doctor

Entering a Research and Development lab, Shaw kept Coulson from being spotted by a Kree doctor. After the doctor left, the trio looked for anything they could use. Finding a baby, Shaw revealed that people don't get pregnant anymore and that he was the last one to be born the old way. Shaw went on to explain that Kasius sterilized the population through the food and decided who gets to have kids. And that they started making children themselves to increase the possibility they would become Inhumans.

Shaw Stabbed

Shaw getting some help after being stabbed

Interrupting their conversation, May realized that Shaw had turned in Daisy Johnson to Kasius after seeing she was processed long before Shaw said he last saw her, and thus, punched him hard in his face. Before Shaw could explain, they were intercepted by some of the Kree Watch. Shaw tried to talk them out of a fight, but Coulson attacked one of the guards with a chair. Though the trio managed to get the better of the guards, Shaw was stabbed in his abdomen. May told Coulson to help Shaw out and find out what he knew, while she faced off against Sinara.[27]

Revealing his Past

Shaw is punched by Coulson

Shaw is punched by Phil Coulson

"That was your father?"
"If he's alive up there, I don't just want you to succeed; I need to be there when you do."
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]

Back at Shaw's quarters, Phil Coulson patched Shaw up and after making sure Shaw was fine, he punched him in the face for his betrayal. Coulson demanded Shaw to tell him where Daisy Johnson was. Shaw tried to defend his actions, saying if he hadn't done what he did, Kasius would've murdered countless lives in retribution. Coulson, however, didn't believe him and figured he wanted to turn over the people on the surface over to Kasius. At that point, Shaw accused Coulson of not knowing him.

Shaw Revealing the Truth

Shaw tells Phil Coulson the truth of his past

Seeing no other way to gain Coulson's trust, Shaw told him how his mother was one of the True Believers and was murdered by the Kree because of it and his father sent to the surface for picking up the cause after her death, but was shocked to hear his voice on the radio. Coulson, not believing he could trust Shaw yet, demanded the payment he got for Johnson to give to someone else that needed it. Giving Coulson the Rhodium without hesitation, Shaw asked if it bought him some trust. Coulson tells him it bought him time and sealed him inside his quarters to prevent him from betraying others as he shouted to be set free.[27]

Becoming a True Believer

An Awkward Reunion

Shaw Returns

Shaw finds Daisy Johnson and the others

"I'm a pragmatist! All right. Just listen. Just listen. I told you I would lead you to your friend. There she is. And I stopped you from doing something drastic, that would've gotten a lot of people killed in the process."
―Deke Shaw to Daisy Johnson[src]

After being locked in his cabin by Phil Coulson, Shaw cracked a window into space to escape. Loosing many of his personal valuables in the process. With his helmet on, Shaw entered the Lighthouse. He then followed the buzz of Daisy Johnson's escape from Kasius with Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz, who, in the meantime, had also come from the past to rescue the others. Shaw, wearing his helmet, met up with Johnson, Simmons, and Fitz who was trying to escape from Maston-Dar sent by Faulnak. Johnson, unaware that was Shaw, attacked and pinned him to a wall. When Johnson recognized the voice, she removed his helmet and assumed Shaw was there to collect the bounty on them, but he told her he was there to save them.

Shaw Agreeing with Fitz

Shaw and Daisy Johnson attempt to escape

Not willing to trust Shaw, Johnson revealed to Simmons and Fitz, Shaw's role in her being enslaved to Kasius. When Simmons and Fitz threatened to kill Shaw for his actions, he tried to defend himself by telling Johnson that he led her to Simmons and stopped her from doing something reckless. Hearing Dar getting closer, Shaw urged them to follow him. Johnson questioned how they would know Shaw wasn't leading them into a trap, he simply tells her that they don't and leaves with them behind him.[2]

Escape from the Lighthouse

Shaw Awkward

Shaw reunites with the rest of his allies

"We escape via the Trawler."
"Escape to where?"
"The surface. All signs have been pointing us there. The Kree won't follow us there, and you don't have to follow us there either."
"Hey, man, I already told you that I'm in, to go out with you."
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw accompanied the trio back to Grill's salvage yard where they reunited with the rest of the team. Initially, the others were displeased to see Shaw because of past betrayal, but knew they didn't have time to argue about it. Realizing that the Inhuman Kasius was after, Flint, left the group to avenge Tess's death, Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, and Alphonso Mackenzie went after him while Shaw stayed behind with the others to secure the salvage yard.

Shaw Securing

Shaw manages to secure the team's escape

Returning with Flint, Coulson told the group that they would escape via the Trawler. When Shaw asked where they were escaping to, Coulson bitterly told him the Earth's surface, saying the Kree wouldn't follow them, and that Shaw doesn't have to follow them either. Shaw assured Coulson that he's sticking with them to the end, but before they could get into an argument, Flint used his Earth Manipulation powers to get them to stop and figure out what they were going to do.

Team Together

Shaw and the others cornered by the Kree

Blockading both entrances with rocks, the group assumed that would hold off Maston-Dar and Sinara while they figured out an escape plan. Unfortunately, Dar used a machine gun to break holes in the wall to come through. Shaw figured out an escape plan by using his Gravity Puck as an elevator to the Trawler dock. Shaw intended to go first to show how to use it and then pass the Puck down to the next person, but Coulson and Johnson didn't trust him not to run off and leave them to their deaths. Johnson declared Shaw would be last.

I'm Not a Pilot

Shaw telling everyone that he was not a pilot

After they all made it to the Trawler dock, Shaw told them that while they could still follow them it would take longer. Coulson questioned if Shaw was ready to the pilot the Trawler, but Shaw was bewildered who he was talking to as he wasn't a pilot. Johnson became annoyed that he couldn't pilot the Trawler, but Shaw argued that he never said he could pilot it and got in. While Coulson, Johnson, Jemma Simmons, and Leo Fitz joined him, Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and Flint stayed behind to help the people of the Lighthouse.

Flying Car

Shaw escaping while onboard the Trawler

Getting ready to take off, Shaw became confused at Coulson mentioning his flying car and stared at Simmons and Fitz for an explanation, to which they had none. Shaw got buckled in as Coulson took off with the hope of possibly finding his father. Shaw soon became furious, as they started to crash land on the surface, referring to them as stupid.[2]

Learning the Truth About his Father

Shaw boards the Zephyr

Shaw boards Zephyr One

"I thought you'd be dead."
"Yeah, I guess Voss didn't want any more of my family's blood on his hands."
"Your dad. Deke, I'm s... I'm so sorry."
Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

After crash-landing the Trawler on the surface of the Earth, Shaw and the others were rescued and brought to the defunct Zephyr One aircraft, which served as the headquarters for the True Believers, a faction led by Robin Hinton and Owen Shaw's best friend, Samuel Voss. After he entered the aircraft with Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, Shaw was left in amazement about what he was seeing. As he was examining it, he overheard Simmons say Fitz built it and was impressed, asking what it was like to fly it. However, Fitz revealed he only designed it, leaving Shaw less impressed.

Shaw Voss

Shaw being reunited with Samuel Voss

They were then interrupted by Voss, who welcomed Shaw with warm greetings. The two left Fitz and Simmons to themselves and Shaw told his friend that Virgil was killed by the Vrellnexians and that he's been catching up since. Shaw brought up his father and questioned why Virgil never told him he was talking to his father. Voss told him it was because they didn't know who to trust, leaving Shaw annoyed. He then asked where his father was and Voss informed him that he was at a transmission tower and would be back soon. Shaw, though eager to reunite with him, was afraid he was still angry with him after their falling out before he was sent to the surface, though Voss assured him he never held any of the bad blood between them against him.

Shaw Claw

Shaw closely examining the Grappling Claw

While Daisy Johnson was heading to the medical facility on the Zephyr to take out her Inhuman Control Device, she spotted Shaw fooling around with a Grappling Claw. Johnson noted that all of this must be mind blowing for Shaw, but he thought it was only a little. He told Johnson how as a kid he learned quickly not to cross the Kree Watch or else you would get sent to the surface and die, but realized he was wrong as there were survivors, including Robin Hinton, who Shaw believed was a "batty old lady".

Shaw talks about his father

Shaw talks about his father

Johnson brought up that Hinton could see the future and that he should've told them that, but Shaw defended himself by saying that he thought she was crazy and dead. He then told her how Virgil used to listen to her stories before Kasius sent her and his father to the surface. Feeling sorry for Shaw, Johnson offered her sympathy for losing him, but, as Shaw got up, he told her that he was to bitter to be sad over him, believing his theories got his mother killed, but now was worried that he wouldn't forgive him. Johnson assured Shaw that his father would want to make amends with him just her father wanted to with her before leaving him to his thoughts.

Shaw Seeing White Monolith

Shaw sees Coulson with the White Monolith

Shaw was present in the medical facility with Johnson, Simmons, and Fitz, as the two scientists tried to find ways to remove Johnson's Inhuman Control Device without potentially paralyzing her. When Phil Coulson and Melinda May found a piece of the White Monolith that brought them to the future, Shaw recalled it belonging to his mother. Thus, it was one of his father's most prized possessions. Shaw asked Coulson and May where they found it, only for May to tell him that it was in Voss' locker. While the team discussed the machine that was powered by the White Monolith, Shaw snuck out.

Shaw Confronting Voss

Shaw confronts Samuel Voss about his father

Shaw went to question Voss on why the Monolith shard was in his locker when his father would never give it up. Voss tried to cover it up as he didn't want it out in the dangerous landscape, but Shaw denied that claim, as when he begged his father to leave with him to have something to remember his mother, he refused, not believing he could trust him with. When Voss told Shaw to calm down, Shaw demanded Voss stop lying to him and tell him what he did to his father. Before Shaw could react, he was knocked unconscious by Voss and locked in a cage.

Johnson Apologizing

Shaw being comforted over his father's death

Shaw was later set free by Johnson who too encountered Voss and the other Believers who tried to kill her to prevent her from traveling back to the past and destroying the world. After finding out that Voss murdered Shaw's father, Johnson gave him her condolences. Changing the subject, Shaw hoped that Hinton could give them the answers they sought, but Johnson revealed to him that Voss also killed Hinton as a backup plan to prevent them from knowing the answers they needed..

Shaw Listening

Shaw and the others listening to Melinda May

Shaw and Johnson rejoined the rest of the team in the control room and when asked what they would do now, Shaw solemnly suggested they stay in the Zephyr until they get killed by the Vrellnexians or the gravity storm. May then revealed that Hinton told her that Flint was the key to them returning to the present and asked them who that person was.[31] Shaw was later informed that Tess had been killed by the Kree, which left him devastated.[3]

Choosing a Side

Shaw Planning to Shoot Voss

Shaw planning on shooting Samuel Voss

"Voss. You let him live."
"Doesn't mean I'm good. Maybe I'm just spineless."
"Killing is never the better option."
"If it can prevent more pain, maybe. I'm sure you've done it. My dad could be very violent, but, only when he needed to be."
Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

As the team contemplates what they will make of the approaching gravity storm, Shaw was chosen to deal with Samuel Voss by Phil Coulson. Although intending to shoot Voss, Shaw was conflicted after Voss explained the scuffle between himself and Owen Shaw. Owen, after coming at Voss with a knife, was killed in the struggle. Voss told Shaw to see their current situation from his perspective. He said he needed to hand over Daisy Johnson to Kasius before she returned to the past and destroy the world. Shaw was unable to shoot Voss and returned to the others.

Shaw Coulson

Shaw returns to Zephyr One's control center

Returning to the others in the bridge as they were getting Zephyr One online, Coulson noted he had been gone for a long time and asked if Shaw had killed Voss. Shaw, uncertain what to do, told Coulson that Voss knew things they didn't while glancing at Johnson. The team prepared the takeoff, only for the Zephyr to malfunction. The team soon realized, mostly in part to Enoch's suggestions, they had to retreat to the caves with everyone else before the gravity storm hit.

Shaw Packing

Shaw discusses not murdering Samuel Voss

Later, while Shaw and Johnson were helping the other refugees get ready to leave, they discussed Shaw’s inability to shoot Voss. Shaw thought to let Voss live made him spineless, while Johnson believed that sparing a life was always the better option. Shaw argued that killing a dangerous person was best while Johnson explained that Voss was only a threat to her. Not realizing Shaw meant her, he nodded in agreement and went to help the others leave the Zephyr, telling them they'd be right behind them.

See it Through

Shaw tells Phil Coulson he's staying with them

When it was time to leave, Shaw went to get Voss. Shaw stood back as he heard his conversation with Coulson about doing what is needed to do. Shaw then came out of the shadows and took Voss. When they were out of Coulson's earshot, Voss asked if he was waiting to get Johnson alone to kill her. Shaw denied Voss's question, claiming the only person he would kill was Voss himself. Voss didn't believe Shaw, claiming unlike the others, he'll do what's right. Shaw then pushed Voss out before telling Coulson he was going to stay with them.

Shaw Yelling

Shaw yelling at the others about their plan

As the team prepared to retreat to the caves, Jemma Simmons, after seeing Robin Hinton's carved robin float in the air for a moment, told them to cut the anchor. She explained that the Zephyr was upgraded to fly in space, so they could use the upgrades to travel to the Lighthouse. Shaw was against it, thinking the plan as crazy. The team, however, agreed to go with Simmons' plan, while Shaw yelled at them; saying he used to be really good at protecting only himself.

Shaw Saving Johnson

Shaw rescues Daisy Johnson from Sinara

The team struggled to get the Zephyr in the air and return to The Lighthouse, so Johnson went to fix the anchors. Shaw followed after her, conflicted. Shaw managed to stay in the shadows when Sinara showed up and a fight broke out between her and Johnson. Shaw’s loyalties were up in the air before he made the decision to save Johnson by attacking Sinara with a Grappling Claw, cementing himself alongside team S.H.I.E.L.D.. Shaw tried to fight Sinara, only to be knocked to the side. After Johnson killed Sinara with a metal pipe, she nodded to Shaw in appreciation for his help, which he returned.

Shaw Breaking White Monolith

Shaw reluctantly breaking the White Monolith

With the anchors fixed, Shaw and the team took off towards the Lighthouse. On the way, Shaw reluctantly broke the White Monolith shard in half, at the insistence of Simmons and Leo Fitz, as it was necessary for the plan. Shaw was happy to hear that Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez were still alive and waiting for them.[36]

Escape from the Dystopian Future

Shaw May Simmons

Shaw and the others infiltrate the Lighthouse

"You know, your parents would be proud of you."
"I'll find out soon enough. Well, we're about to give 'em a hell of a show."
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw and the rest infiltrated the Lighthouse using the Containment Module and by using the Zephyr One as a decoy. While Enoch stayed back on the Zephyr to get the machine ready for when Flint had built the White Monolith.

Shaw Asking

Shaw asks when they are going to kill Kasius

On the way to Flint, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Shaw asked for a little more clarity on how the Monolith worked. Despite Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz trying to explain, Shaw was still at a lost. Phil Coulson then had the team split up. Having Simmons and Fitz meet up with Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint, while he, Shaw, Melinda May, and Daisy Johnson went to rescue the Inhumans. Before leaving, Shaw asked when killing Kasius will come into play. Coulson assured Shaw that they weren't leaving until Humanity was in control again.

Shaw Complimenting Guns

Shaw compliments guns to Melinda May

Shaw, Coulson, May, and Johnson were able to ambush and rescue the Inhumans from the Kree Watch soldiers before they were used for battle against them. Shaw was able to kill a Kree guard with ease and while Coulson and Johnson evacuated the freed Inhumans, he complimented the use of guns to May was like cheating, and how people shouldn't be allowed to use them unless they were a "really really good person". May sarcastically told Shaw that there should be a law in place for it as they fled the hallway.

Shaw Reunites with Tess

Shaw reunites with Tess after her resurrection

The group made it to the Trawler docks with the Inhumans, where Shaw was reunited with Tess. Shaw was unable to think of the words to say to Tess as he was told that she was dead. While Shaw rambled about her looking good despite it, Tess told Shaw it was good to see him as well, and he went to help the others get ready for the Trawler evacuation. After securing the Inhumans, Shaw exited the Trawler and listened to Tess thank Coulson for finally giving the people of the Lighthouse hope.

Shaw volunteers to save Enoch

Shaw volunteers to save Enoch

As the team headed to the Rendezvous point in order to trigger the Monolith, Enoch called for assistance on the Zephyr as he was tracked down by the Kree. After learning Enoch could only hold out for 12 minutes, Shaw complained that he knew meeting S.H.I.E.L.D. would kill him, before deciding to leave to help Enoch, much to the surprise of the others. Johnson volunteered to help but Shaw denied her assistance, reminding her that all the time-travelers had to be a the rendezvous point. Coulson tried to talk him out of it, but Shaw was determined to finish what his parents started.

Shaw Saying Goodbye

Shaw says his goodbyes to Daisy Johnson

As Shaw was about to leave, Johnson stopped him, saying she was coming with him to insure the mission's success. The two then got into an argument about Johnson's stubbornness before Shaw convinced her to stay with Coulson and May when he told her that the world needed the good person that she is. Before leaving, Shaw told Johnson not to destroy the Earth when she got back, to which she said it was almost nice knowing Shaw. Shaw replied by telling her that she infuriated him and left to help Enoch.

Shaw Gun

Shaw saves Enoch from a Kree Watch soldier

Once back on Zephyr One, Shaw rescued Enoch from a Kree soldier. Shaw went on to wonder where guns had been all his life. Not realizing Shaw was joking, Enoch told him they were hidden on Level 3. Rolling his eyes, Shaw examined Enoch's damages and asked what he should do to repair him. Enoch believed that they should focus their effort on repairing the machine that powers the White Monolith. Which was accidentally damaged when Shaw killed the Kree.

Shaw Enoch

Shaw decides sacrifice himself for his allies

Trying to repair the damage, Shaw yelled at the machine after it shocked him. Realizing the Zephyr was too damaged, Enoch decided to have himself power the machine. Shaw asked him what would happen to him, to which he revealed he would perish and take the Lighthouse with him. Shaw realized that meant his own demise as well. Enoch informed Shaw that he would vaporize into sub-atomic levels. Getting a call from Coulson that the Monolith was built, Shaw put on a brave face and told him that the machine would be ready. Coulson went on to tell Shaw that his parents would be proud of what he is doing.

Shaw Machine

Shaw hooking Enoch back up to the machine

Shaw hooked Enoch up to the machine, but when Enoch started malfunctioning, he realized that he would be offline sooner then he thought. Enoch told Shaw he needed to power the machine immediately or else they would fail to get the team home. Shaw contacted Coulson and informed him of their dilemma. Fitz went to talk to Shaw and told him that the rest of the team wasn't back yet and that they needed more time. Realizing they were out of that luxury, Shaw turned on the machine and cursed as the White Monolith liquidized.[3]

Shaw's Last Moments in the Future

Shaw's last moments while still in the future

Although Enoch himself was destroyed in the explosion of the Lighthouse, a shard of the White Monolith struck Shaw just in time, sending him into the past with the others as well, instead of killing him with Enoch.[4]

Life in the Present

Embracing Earth

All the Comforts of Home 01

Shaw being transported to 2017 with his allies

"I got some of it right. Barkeep. I'd like to try a beer – a real one, please."
"One real beer. You got it."
"Mm. Oh. God! That does not... taste like it looks. Do you have anything else that's like this but... delicious?"
―Deke Shaw and Mike[src]

Shaw was transported onto a street in River's End, New York. Upon materializing, he was confused as to where he was, but he quickly noticed that he was in the past timeframe of Earth. In his first encounter with a tree, a woman passed him who believed he was under the influence of drugs. Shaw became mesmerized with the customs of Earth and was about to eat an ice cream cone out of a trash can when he saw a nearby bar.

Shaw Cheeseburger

Shaw enjoying his first cheeseburger in 2017

Entering the bar, he commented on how similar the bar was to his replica in the Framework. Shaw pulled up to the main bar and greeted Mike the bartender with joy and ordered a beer to try it for the first time. Although Shaw did not like the taste of beer, Mike then treated Shaw to a bottle of Zima, to Shaw's delight. Shaw then began drinking heavy amounts of the alcohol substance, and enjoyed a delicious cheeseburger with onion rings on the side, all the while playing darts and watching television.

Shaw Drunk

Shaw gets drunk after drinking too much Zima

Now heavily intoxicated, Shaw set to leave the bar, but Mike reminded him that he had to pay for all the drinks he had consumed. When Shaw attempted to pay off the drinks with his Metric, Mike reminded him that only credit cards and cash were allowed. Shaw, realizing he was in an awkward predicament attempted to run, but due to being drunk, he quickly tripped over a pool table. When Shaw told Mike that he was from the future, he called the local police, and had Shaw arrested, believing he was delusional.[4]

Getting Bailed Out

Deke Cell

Shaw in the police's custody

"I thought you'd be, like, emotionally distraught or something."
"Emotionally distraught? This is awesome! I thought that I was gonna die. But instead, I'm about to go for a walk outside. Also, there is an outside."
Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw was locked in a cell at the River's End Police Station where he kept talking about his discoveries on Earth to Chief C. Wellins, who wasn't listening. He then saw Daisy Johnson, posing as Shaw's social worker "Sinara Smith", which Shaw snorted at, walk in to get him out. She claimed that Shaw had escaped during one of his walks. Being asked by Wellins about Shaw's issues, Johnson listed many, much to Shaw's annoyance, especially to the claim that he soils himself. He then watched as Wellins posted his bail.

Shaw Police Station

Shaw getting rescued by Daisy Johnson

Johnson had Shaw released from custody and scoffed him for his behavior, subtly mocking him by reminding him of their first encounter, which he caught on to. As they were about to exit the police station, Officer A. Kennedy stopped them, saying they had some documents to sign before Shaw was allowed to leave. While Kennedy looked for the papers, Johnson took Shaw to the side and questioned how he was even in the present when last she saw him, he was going to sacrifice himself to get them all home.

Shaw explains how he got to the present

Shaw explains how he got to the present

Shaw explained to Johnson that he had been transported to Earth after activating the White Monolith when a shard hit him before the explosion. Johnson then questioned how he could show up in another time and then immediately get arrested, but he defended his blunder by bringing up how good Zima is. When Johnson figured he told the officers about them based on his experience of ratting people out to the Kree, he assured her that he had not told the police anything about S.H.I.E.L.D.. He went on to tell Johnson that he loved living here and that he didn't miss his horrible life in the future.

Shaw Meeting Noah

Shaw meeting Noah inside the Lighthouse

After Johnson signed the last paper, she and Shaw went back to the Lighthouse, where Shaw complimented the "fancy stuff", though Johnson figured he had no idea what any the equipment was. Noah then introduced himself and informed Shaw that he believed having released him from prison was a mistake, much to Shaw and Johnson's shared annoyance. The discussion was interrupted when the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D team returned after fighting against Ruby Hale with complications.

Shaw Zephyr One

Shaw and Daisy Johnson inside Zephyr One

Shaw and Johnson then joined the rest of the team in Zephyr One, subtly waving at Phil Coulson and Melinda May, much to their surprise of his presence in the present, as they grieved over Yo-Yo Rodriguez losing her arms in the previous battle with Ruby.[4]

The Fear Dimension Rift

Orange Sented

Shaw trying and hating orange scented spray

"What about that forest on Level 27?"
"You mean an overwhelming collection of branchy things with birds and bugs and the floor all covered in worms? Are you kidding? That's– That's a horror show."
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw helped Daisy Johnson gather medical supplies for Yo-Yo Rodriguez. While going through the Lighthouse's supplies, Shaw mistakenly tried orange scented spray and was disgusted by the taste. He then recalled about his mother finding a fresh orange every year for his birthday. He asked Johnson if she used to have something similar, only to be told that she had grown up in an orphanage. Shaw apologized and told her that he thought they were sharing a moment, but Johnson bluntly answered that they were not.

Deke Fake Kree

Shaw is attacked by a projection of a Kree

Right after that, Shaw and Johnson were attacked by a Kree warrior who wounded Shaw in the arm and nearly killed them with his battle axe. Shaw fell to the ground and backed into a corner where the Kree tried to slice him in two, but Shaw managed to evade his attack. As the Kree was on the verge of killing Shaw, Johnson shot him in the head, which caused the Kree to vanish into thin air much to their confusion.

Control Room

Shaw discussing the Fear Dimension attacks

They reported the event to their S.H.I.E.L.D.'s colleagues and Leo Fitz explained that when the Kree Orb had exploded and destroyed the Monoliths, it created a tear through space-time which materially generated their greatest fears, the Kree warrior having been created from Johnson's mind. Shaw's fear manifested into the form of a luxurious forest in another subterranean level of the Lighthouse, as this was an extremely overwhelming experience to him.

Shaw Gravity Puck

Shaw hands his Gravity Puck over to Leo Fitz

Fitz explained that he had a plan for closing the rift, but it involved the sacrifice of one of them. When he mentioned Shaw's name, the former scavenger believed that Fitz wanted him to be the sacrifice, but Shaw refused, stating that he had already done so to ensure their return to the present. Fitz explained that all was going to do was ask for Shaw's Gravity Puck for his plan, which Shaw agreed to hand over. In the end, Phil Coulson decided to be the one to give his life, but soon fell unconscious.[5]

Gathering a Team

Shaw talking to Coulson

Shaw talks to Phil Coulson about his condition

"Are the instructions clear?"
"Yeah. I'm on it. Head up and outside, get some fresh air, and check things off the to-do list."
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]

With Phil Coulson being forced to reveal the consequences of his deal with the Spirit of Vengeance, which endangered his life, Shaw was tasked to gather former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were on the run since the agency had been defunded and supplies for Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons wedding. Before leaving, Shaw offered Coulson his condolences, but he assured him he'd still be here by the time he'll be back.

Deke Shaw (5x12)

Shaw spots a military transport at River's End

Shaw went to the outside passage of River's End and spotted military in the area. Nevertheless, after getting an ice cream cone, Shaw carried on his mission and called the backup required by Coulson and spread the word of multiple Daisy Johnson to throw the military off their trail. Shaw also went to a pawn shop and collected several objects; He found a ring for Fitz's "little boy fingers" and a ring that looked like his grandmother's for Simmons. He also got a wedding gown, but couldn't find any "Haig", so instead got Zima.

Deke SHIELDBackup

Shaw returning with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

Shaw then waited for the backup to show up in a grassy field and begun to freak out when bugs came towards him. But Shaw managed to "grave the critters" long enough for the Quinjet to arrive with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. The Quinjet's crew turned out to be Deathlok, James Davis, Kim, Thomas, Wahl, and other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Shaw took them to the Lighthouse and was greeted by Melinda May and Johnson. The arrival of Deathlok enabled Coulson to fight his visions and successfully contain the space-time rift.[5]

Fitz and Simmons' Wedding

Shaw Zima

Shaw presenting Zima for the wedding

"So, you got the rings, huh? It's a nice one."
"Turns out a lot of people pawn wedding rings. I had to find one that was gonna be small enough for his little-boy fingers. And then, for hers, found this ring that looks just like this one that my mom used to wear sometimes. It was my grandma's, I think."
Mike Peterson and Deke Shaw[src]

The threat being momentarily averted, Shaw joined Leo Fitz and Phil Coulson in the elevator, accompanying the former to his wedding with Jemma Simmons. Fitz told them that they had one man to thank for avoiding the catastrophe, Shaw took the compliment for himself and bragged a little about it while Fitz actually referred to Deathlok. Shaw also informed them that he could not find Haig and had replaced it with Zima. Shaw was amused when Fitz started to become nervous about marrying Simmons, but was nonetheless, happy for the couple.

The Real Deal 15

Shaw attending the FitzSimmons wedding

Shaw attended Fitz' and Simmons' wedding in the Lighthouse's forest created by his fear before it collapsed. During the celebration, he stood to the side and exchanged some comments with Deathlok. He casually noticed that the ring he had reclaimed for Simmons looked exactly like the one his own mother had, which he believed came from his grandmother. When Deathlok asked if he was either on the bride or groom side, he simply told Deathlok that he barely knew the couple.[5]

Suspecting the Truth

Shaw joins the briefing

Shaw with their team inside the Lighthouse

"Deke, are you coming or is it just another play day?"
"Yeah. After you, Grandpa."
Leo Fitz and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw was called by Phil Coulson to the control room to discuss how to permanently seal the Fear Dimension rift as he had knowledge about Gravitonium. When he arrived, the team was talking about Ian Quinn and he asked who he was. Fitz answered that he was bad man and questioned why Shaw was here. Feeling unwanted, Shaw volunteered to leave, but Coulson welcomed him, saying he invinted him.

Shaw Briefing

Shaw listens to Daisy Johnson's briefing

Daisy Johnson continued the briefing by talking about Quinn's Gravitonium expert, Dr. Joseph Getty. When Coulson reminded her that he was dead, Shaw listened as Johnson believed that all the Cybertek's scientists, who were dead, had faked their deaths by a man named Murray Jacobson, which was an alias. The team figured it was a cover-up and realized they needed to talk to him for answers, but Shaw reminded them that the United States Armed Forces were on the warpath trying to find them.

Shaw defends his intellegence

Shaw defends his intellegence

Seeing that Shaw was right about the manhunt, Coulson told them that they'd leave at night to avoid suspicion. After Johnson insisted coming with them on the mission to find Jacobson, Shaw volunteered to also join the mission, but he was ordered to stay back with Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons to help them by Coulson, which was looked down by the former, considering Shaw a child and that he was supposed to be his babysitter. This upset Shaw also and he started to brag about how he survived in the future just with his skills and whits, much to everyone's chagrin.

Shaw Baseball

Shaw tries to play baseball with Leo Fitz

After Shaw found a baseball and mitten in storage, he tried to convince Fitz to play catch with him by quoting Albert Einstein. Though Fitz refused to play at first, after making a joke about Fitz having some alone time with Simmons to do some "post wedding yee-haw", he broke and told Shaw they would play fetch. Before they could start playing, the main monitor's scanners started reporting that more recreations were appearing. Shaw watched Fitz warn the agents over the comms and to kill anything that didn't belong.

Shaw Control Room

Shaw talking with Phil Coulson on the screen

Shaw was later present in the control room with Fitz and Simmons when they were tracking the ship Principia in the ocean on their computer after getting information from Getty. While the search was headed no results, Shaw was so fascinated with all the water in the ocean that he started to ask all sorts of questions about oceans which greatly annoyed Fitz and he snapped at Shaw to just leave. In response, Shaw reminded him that he had never seen an ocean and blamed the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents for the destruction of Earth before storming off.

Shaw talks to Mom

Shaw talking to a recreation of his own mother

Retreating to a storage room, Shaw marveled at the creation of Twinkies. He was then approached by a recreation of his mother. Knowing it to be an illusion, Shaw tried to attack it with a knife, but she remained caring towards him, causing Shaw to lower his guard. The recreation expressed joy about him making friends, but Shaw wasn't sure he calls them friends. The illusion, however, could tell he liked them, which he agreed to some. She then teased him about his crush on Johnson, though Shaw denied his affections toward the Inhuman agent.

Looking for Principia

Shaw works closely with Fitz and Simmons

The recreation then repeated a quote that her mother used to always say to her. After the recreation tried to convince Shaw to leave S.H.I.E.L.D., he was horrified when she was murdered by a recreation of a Kree Warrior who then attacked Shaw. Shaw managed to destroy it before being found by Simmons, who comforted him and apologized to him on behalf of Fitz. After Shaw ranted about his time in the future, he realized that the Principia might have gone up in the sky due to the thunderstorm charging Gravitonium. He explains his theory to Fitz and Simmons who agreed with him.

Shaw Observing

Shaw observes the team's mission progress

Shaw was present near the communications when Coulson, Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie were on the ship which was correctly found in the sky. They told only a small chunk of Gravitonium was available which was holding the ship in the sky. Shaw advised them to place it in a plastic box without touching it and to get out before the original gravity came into motion within the next ninety seconds. After the team defeated some of General Hale's Sleeper Mechs that were left onboard, Shaw waited with Fitz and Simmons for the team's return.

Shaw Realizes

Shaw realizes who his grandparents really are

Later, Shaw came to the medical room to inform Simmons and Yo-Yo Rodriguez that the team had returned from their mission. Seeing that Simmons and Rodriguez were in the middle of a conversation, Shaw decided to wait until they were finished. However, upon hearing Simmons telling Rodriguez the very quote his mother used to tell him and the shard of the White Monolith in her hand that belonged to his mother in the future, he realized that Fitz and Simmons were his grandparents.

Shaw stares at Fitz

Shaw stares awkwardly at his alternate grandfather

Noticing Shaw standing there, Simmons asked if something was wrong. Shaw decided to keep the revelation to himself and told them the team returned. While Shaw and the others waited for Coulson and his team, Fitz noticed Shaw staring at him strangely and asked what was wrong. Still in shock, Shaw denied anything was wrong. After the team returned, and Coulson handed Fitz the Gravitonium, Fitz invited Shaw to help him with the Gravitonium. Shaw agreed, but quietly referred to him as "Grandpa".[6]

Revealing the Truth

Shaw Starring

Shaw stares awkwardly at Jemma Simmons

"My mom used to tell me about her parents all the time. She always spoke about her dad with so much love and admiration on her face. Said that he was the best man she ever knew. So I know that you can help Fitz. And I know that you two are gonna be okay."
―Deke Shaw to Jemma Simmons[src]

When Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons struggled to find answers about how to permanently close the Fear Dimension rift after being attacked by another recreation, Fitz asked Shaw for assistance in understanding his Gravity Puck, but Shaw would be in his own world staring at his alternate grandparents. After Fitz slammed his fist on the table, Shaw came to and told them that he didn't understand what was inside the puck, while still staring at Simmons.

Shaw questions FitzSimmons future

Shaw questions FitzSimmons' future

When Fitz and Simmons were about to leave the control station to figure out the problem, Shaw begged them to be careful, while trying to cover up his concern for them by saying they need their brains if they were going to survive. Though weirded out by Shaw's concerns, Simmons thanked Shaw. After they left, Shaw asked Daisy Johnson if they'll be all right, stating he's become invested in their relationship since attending their wedding. Shaw was then interrupted by the alert that they had found Hale thanks to intel provided by Piper.

Shaw knocked out

Shaw gets knocked unconscious by Leo Fitz

Johnson then told Shaw to tell Fitz that they captured Hale. Shaw found Fitz working on a disabled Sleeper Mech and informed him of Hale's capture. When Fitz didn't respond to Shaw's news or attempt at humor, he offered to help Fitz with the Mech; saying that engineering is in his DNA. When he noticed Fitz was doing the opposite of what he was supposed to, he was knocked unconscious by Fitz after the latter suffered a mental break and became his Framework persona "The Doctor".

Johnson's Restored Powers

Shaw watches Daisy Johnson use her powers

Though he made it back to consciousness, Shaw was taken to where Fitz, Siimons, and Johnson were and held at gunpoint by a Sleeper Mech which had been reprogrammed by Fitz. Shaw then watched Simmons tried to talk Fitz out of performing surgery on Johnson to remove her Inhuman Control Device that would possibly leave her paralyze, to no avail. He then watched in horror with Simmons, as Fitz pulled out Johnson's inhibitor. After successfully reviving Johnson's powers and closing the Fear Dimension rift, Fitz willingly surrendered and was taken into custody.


Shaw revealing the truth to Jemma Simmons

Shaw decided to comfort a distraught Simmons, but didn't know how. When Simmons started to believe she was losing Fitz he decided it was time to tell her the truth. He told her that Fitz would eventually be fine because his mother always spoke highly of her parents, especially her father, and spoke about things that shouldn't be aware of. Finally, when Shaw quoted what Simmons told Yo-Yo Rodriguez, she realized that Shaw was none other than her grandson before throwing up over the realization.[29]

Simmons would later reveal the truth about Shaw being their alternate grandson to Fitz in his cell, much to the latter's shock and dismay. The revelation of Shaw being their alternate grandson led Simmons to believe that she and Fitz were invincible.[7]

The Gravitonium Threat

Bonding with the Grandparents

Shaw Fitz

Shaw and Leo Fitz both accepting the truth

"I don't see it. None of you looks like me."
"Well, I don't know what to tell you, Grandpappy. I guess your daughter found a real man."
Leo Fitz and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw later visited Leo Fitz in his cell and they discussed him being Fitz's and Jemma Simmons' grandson. Fitz revealed that he had a hard time digesting the fact that Shaw was his grandson as there was lack of anything common between them and he liked Flint better. Shaw returned Fitz's "lovely sentiment" by reminding him of the time he had a Sleeper Mech threaten him with a gun, to which Fitz apologized for.

Shaw talks about how he survived

Shaw talks about how he survived

Shaw instead told Fitz that he respected him for the removal of the Inhuman Control Device from Daisy Johnson to close the Fear Dimension rift, as it resembled the tactics he used to survive in the future. He told him that even though Johnson was still mad at him for selling her to Kasius, he believed he had to make the tough call to insure everyone's survival, which Fitz partly understood. He then informed him that they were preparing for a mission to find Phil Coulson and expressed his opinion about Johnson being rude since she began leading the operations to which Fitz agreed.

Shaw talks to Grandma

Shaw and Jemma Simmons discuss Leo Fitz

As Shaw left Fitz's cell, he was approached by Jemma Simmons and she inquired about their life in the future. Shaw claimed he didn't know much as all of their names were changed for their safety, claiming he only knew her and Fitz as "Nana" and "Bobo", but that they did make it to the future. Shaw then claimed Simmons reminded him a lot of his mother and offered to tell Simmons about her, which she denied, expressing her happiness that they live long enough to conceive a daughter. Shaw then told Simmons he had to meet up with Johnson to find Coulson, telling her the same thing he told Fitz, of Johnson being rude, which Simmons agreed.

Shaw Late

Shaw apologizes for having arrived there late

As Johnson and Melinda May were finishing up a conversation on Zephyr One about rescuing Coulson by bringing Robin and Polly Hinton out of hiding to assist them in the search, Shaw came up to them with Simmons behind him and apologized for being late, saying he had to grab a few things, much to their confusion. After some awkward tension, He then went up to the bridge after giving Simmons a goodbye nod.[30]

Search for Coulson

Shaw Console

Shaw works on one of Zephyr One's consoles

"What if this doesn't happen for another month or... or a year? Would it kill her to draw a calendar?"
"Why don't you go ask her?"
"Well, I thought that I left all this prophecy crap back in the future."
―Deke Shaw and Daisy Johnson[src]

After bringing Robin and Polly Hinton up to Zephyr One, Hinton was completely traumatized as she saw her death in future. Shaw became frustrated about relying on Hinton's drawings again. Daisy Johnson told him it was hard to witness all of the timelines together to which Shaw thanked her for understanding him, but Johnson made it clear she was referring to Hinton, much to his embarrassment.

Shaw Johnson May

Shaw observing Robin Hinton's drawings

The awkward moment was interrupted when Hinton recovered after being comforted by Melinda May and made another drawing of Coulson and another man being present on a snowy mountain. She returned to the bridge and showed the drawing to the two. Shaw then joined Johnson and May as they used the Zephyr's equipment to examine the drawing to see where in the world the landmarks matched it.[30]

Shaw Arguing with May

Shaw arguing about Robin Hinton's drawings

After searching an area for hours, Shaw became convinced that what Hinton drew could've been in a month or a year. This resulted in a heated argument with May, who sarcastically suggested he go and ask Hinton himself. Shaw became annoyed with May's response, saying that he hoped that he left the "prophecy crap" back in 2091. Johnson broke the argument up and recommended they land the Zephyr and let Coulson find them.[8]

Near Death Experience

Finding Coulson

Shaw locating Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot

"Is Daisy here? She's so pretty."
"What now?"
"I want to put my mouth on her mouth and move it around a lot. But I don't want to do that unless she wants to, too, 'cause that's what makes it nice. But I don't think she wants that, 'cause she does not like me one bit."
―Deke Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

After a while of searching for Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot in the snowy mountains, they came across them fighting Ruby Hale. As Melinda May helped Coulson and Talbot get to their feet, Shaw was ordered by Daisy Johnson to provide cover for them to Zephyr One while Johnson fought off Ruby.

Shaw Bleeding

Shaw is severely injured from a bullet wound

Shaw, however, disobeyed Johnson's orders and hung back to help her, attempting to fire on Ruby in their scuffle. Shaw revealed himself after Johnson took Ruby down, but he was immediately shot in the right shoulder by Hale, who had just arrived. Johnson helped him back to the Zephyr. Johnson and Coulson proceeded to administer medical treatment until the team made it back to the Lighthouse, but Jemma Simmons had since left with Leo Fitz and Yo-Yo Rodriguez to stop Hale's plans.

Shaw Johnson Zephyr

Shaw slowly recovers from his bullet wound

On their way back to the Lighthouse, after giving Shaw a couple of pills, Johnson lashed out at Shaw for disobeying her order to assist the others. Shaw stated that he was trying to be a good S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, only for Johnson to tell him he wasn't an agent like the rest of them. An argument then ensued between the two, with Shaw insulting Johnson’s leadership abilities and how she has constantly threatened to kill him. Their squabble was cut short, however, as Shaw began coughing blood. Johnson stayed with Shaw until help arrived.


Shaw gets prepped for emergency surgery

The team soon made it back to the Lighthouse and quickly prepped Shaw for medical attention. With Simmons gone with Leo Fitz and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Piper took the lead on initiating Shaw’s treatment, with Alphonso Mackenzie as her backup. During the surgery, the two started talking about current events, before Shaw woke up and started seizing. With Shaw now awake, the pair performed a tricky surgery with some complications, but he ultimately pulled through.

Shaw Babelling

Shaw admits his feelings for Daisy Johnson

After surgery, and under the influence of drugs, Shaw woke up and started babbling nonsensically. He confessed his feelings for Johnson and how he wanted to kiss her, albeit with her consent. He also acknowledged her disliking of him. Having enough, Mackenzie asked Piper if pumping Shaw with more drugs would hurt him, which she answered no and Mackenzie put him under just as Johnson entered. Mackenzie and Piper elected not to inform Johnson about what Shaw just said, much to Johnson's confusion.[8]


Body Spray

Shaw asked if he was wearing body spray

"You're in love with her."
"Sorry? What? No. Uh, no offense Mack, but I think your radar is way misfiring on this one."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw was back on his feet soon after surgery, wearing a sling for his right arm. He was eager to assist Daisy Johnson in any way possible. Shaw put on body spray, which was noticed by Alphonso Mackenzie. While briefing the team on their assault on Hale's base, Shaw asked Johnson if she wanted him to back her up. She denied his assistance and ordered him to assist Mackenzie on upgrading Zephyr One for space flight, which he gladly agreed too. Mackenzie, however, after listening to Shaw’s rambling about Johnson after surgery, wasn’t pleased. Shaw, Mackenzie and Phil Coulson went to work on the Zephyr while Johnson and Melinda May infiltrated Hale’s base.

Deke LemonsItIs

Shaw asking for some advice about love

During the work on the upgrades for the Zephyr, Mackenzie noted Shaw's obvious attraction to Johnson and told him what he said after the surgery. Shaw tried to lie about his feelings but eventually confessed his affections. He proceeds to ask for advice from Mackenzie and Coulson, but they both admitted to their own relationship struggles as of late. Shaw then explained the act of leaving a lemon on someone's bunk, and it was a sign of affection in the future. He asked if that custom is still around today and encouraged Shaw to leave a lemon on Johnson’s bunk.

Shaw tries to warn Johnson

Shaw tries to warn Daisy Johnson

Later, Shaw, Coulson, and Mackenzie were in the control room where they got an update from Johnson and May. They reported they had Hale and what happened to Carl Creel when he touched the Gravitonium. They also revealed the fate of Ian Quinn, and that the Gravitonium consumed his mind, to which Shaw had a hard time believing. When Coulson said they had to help Creel, Johnson said they had to focus on stopping Ruby Hale from powering herself with the Gravitonium.

Women Right

Shaw is given orders by Daisy Johnson

After May revealed that Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz were her prisoners, Shaw showed concerned for their safety. Shaw expressed concern over Johnson's well-being as well when she intended to go after Ruby to save Simmons and Fitz. Ignoring Shaw's worries, she ordered him, Coulson, and Mackenzie to go through Robin Hinton's drawings and see if there was anything that could help them. After Johnson hung up, Shaw made a comment on the difficulty of women, much to Mackenzie's annoyance.

Shaw Lemon

Shaw picks a lemon to give to Daisy Johnson

As Coulson and Mackenzie argued over one of Hinton's drawings, Shaw came back with a lemon he planned on giving to Johnson. After noticing that the camera to Hinton's room was frozen, the trio went to investigate. They found Hinton's mother, Polly Hinton unconscious. Realizing that Glenn Talbot has been brainwashed by HYDRA, and had taken Hinton, Coulson and Mackenzie went to intercept Talbot, while Shaw volunteered to stay with Polly. Coulson and Mackenzie were able to contain Talbot and save Hinton.[9]

Tensions in the Team

Shaw gives his report on Zephyr One

Shaw gives his report on Zephyr One

"It's not like I'm just gonna blink out of existence. I lived in one timeline, but now I live in this new one, and I think I'm gonna stay in the one with the sun and tacos and all that, because that's the multiverse."
―Deke Shaw to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

After Daisy Johnson and Melinda May returned with Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, the team set out to dispose of the Gravitonium for good. Phil Coulson debriefed Shaw and everyone else in the Lighthouse's control room on how they were to slingshot the Gravitonium into the sun once Zephyr One was ready for space travel. When Coulson asked Simmons and Fitz how the Zephyrs' upgrades were doing, Shaw chimed in and informed them that they were close, as he was providing assistance.

Shaw and the Others

Shaw listens to the briefing

May then brought up that she had been in contact with Tony Caine and that he is willing to provide safe harbor for the Robin Hinton, Polly Hinton and Carl Creel, with Johnson volunteering to take them. The debriefing soon turned into an argument once Johnson brought up Rodriguez slitting Ruby Hale's throat is what caused Hale to escape their custody. Shaw then listened as Johnson jumped down Fitz and Simmons' throat for disobeying her orders, but they still believed they did the right thing.

Shaw Defending Johnson

Shaw attempting to protect Daisy Johnson

Rodriguez tried to defend her actions by saying she killed the one named "Destroyer of Worlds", but Shaw argued that Johnson was called the very same thing in the future before Johnson told him to stop trying to help. Staying quite, Shaw watched as the argument started to spin out of control with everyone joining in. Coulson eventually silenced everyone and told them that he'd be calling shots from here out before ordering all of them to get back to their assigned work; Shaw followed Simmons and Fitz to complete their upgrades on the Zephyr.

Shaw Fitz Talking

Shaw talking to Leo Fitz about the Multiverse

While Fitz got the Gravitonium ready to put in the Zephyr, Shaw explained the Multiverse theory to him and how he was proof that they could move between them. Simmons entered and gave Fitz the capsule to put the Gravitonium in while Shaw explained how he was going to remain in the present even if the loop breaks. Shaw soon noticed the looks on Simmons and Fitz's faces and asked what the problem was. Fitz revealed to Shaw that they wouldn't know if the loop broke unless Shaw blinked out of existence.

Shaw takes the Gravitonium

Shaw takes the Gravitonium

Simmons decided to change the subject and handed Shaw the container of Gravitonium to deliver to the Zephyr. When Fitz begged him to be careful, Shaw decided to tease his grandfather and tossed it in the air, but assured them that he's got a handle on it, as he wore the Gravity Puck for years. Shaw then reminded Simmons and Fitz to stick together as they promised so that nothing could happen to Shaw's own existence. While Simmons found their grandson's interest in their relationship sweet, Fitz found it selfish. Simmons then urged Shaw to deliver the Gravitonium to Zephyr One.[10]

Siege of the Lighthouse

Shaw Freaking Out

Shaw freaking out about his possible futures

"I can't be stuck in here again. I-I... There's so much I haven't seen. I haven't seen the ocean. I-I haven't seen the Great Wall. I-I haven't seen Orlando."
―Deke Shaw[src]

After Confederacy member Qovas, arrived in his ship to retrieve the Gravitonium, Phil Coulson mistakenly put the Lighthouse on emergency lockdown after pressing the nuclear attack option. When informing everyone over the comms that due to a "technical malfunction" it could remain that way for around fifteen years, Shaw started to freak out in a elevator about being locked in the Lighthouse again.

Shaw Vents

Shaw hides from the Remorath in the vents

Once arriving on his floor, Shaw exited the elevator and walked through the hallway to Zephyr One. As he headed to the aircraft, Shaw noticed the lights were shutting off and soon came to the horrible realization of who was attacking. Three Remorath then came out of the shadows to lay siege to retrieve the Gravitonium. When they killed Agent Thomas, Shaw ran for his life and reached an air vent. He crawled in and waited for the aliens to pass as they killed another agent. Once the coast was clear, Shaw headed to the control room through the ventilation system.

Shaw Explains

Shaw explains the Remorath to all the others

Once busting through the air vent to the control room, Shaw informed everyone that the aliens were inside the Lighthouse. Alphonso Mackenzie went on to say they had no idea who the aliens were, but Shaw revealed he did. After Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz were present through viewscreen, Shaw explained that the aliens were named the Remorath and his history with them in the future. He went on to say that they were Marauders with no planet of their own and that darkness follows them wherever they go. Mackenzie asked Shaw how to stop them, but Shaw explained they had no way of stopping them in the future and just cleaned up the bodies after they took what they wanted.

Shaw tries to persuade his grandparents

Shaw tries to persuade his grandparents

Taking Shaw seriously, Coulson ordered an evacuation; He ordered Fitz and Simmons to find a way to override the contamination protocol so they could escape on the Zephyr. After Coulson sent Yo-Yo Rodriguez to retrieve Glenn Talbot, Fitz was able to find the location of the manual override on Level 17. Mackenzie believed if Fitz reached the override, he and Shaw could fix Zephyr One's engines and escape, to which Shaw agreed. When Fitz and Simmons decided to split up to complete their objectives, Shaw argued against it, saying they had to stick together, but they told him there was no other way.

Where's Johnson

Shaw wonders where Daisy Johnson is

Refusing to waver, Shaw suggested to have Daisy Johnson accompany either one of them to provide back up, but the duo grew tired of Shaw's over-protectiveness and left to complete their tasks. Shaw soon realized that Johnson could just quake them out of the Lighthouse and asked why she wasn't back yet from dropping the Hintons and Carl Creel off with Tony Caine. Coulson disappointingly told Shaw to talk to May and he learned of Johnson's side mission to find a way to save Coulson from dying from what information Caine gave her.

Shaw Fitz Hiding

Shaw saving Leo Fitz from all the Remorath

Not wanting to allow Simmons or Fitz alone, Shaw followed Fitz to Level 17 and arrived just in time to save him from a Remorath that just killed Agent Wahl. Shaw used a fire extinguisher to distract him while he and Fitz retreated to where the override switch was. After the coast was clear, Fitz questioned Shaw what he was doing here, only for Shaw to remind Fitz that without him, he won't exist. There family reunion was cut short when they realized the Remorath destroyed the manual override, preventing them from escaping.

Shaw Working

Shaw working on fixing the base's elevator

When Coulson contacted everyone on the plan to stop the Remorath, Simmons revealed that she, Piper, and James Davis couldn't move the Gravitonium via the stairs. Fitz informed her that Shaw believes he could get one of the elevators working and they could use that. While Shaw got to work fixing the elevator, Fitz informed everyone that the Remorath could be using an E.M.P. to disable all things electronic.


Shaw and Leo Fitz go upstairs in the elevator

Once Shaw got the elevator moving, he started to freak out that he might get stuck in the Lighthouse again and miss out on all the Earth has to offer. When Fitz made fun of his multiverse theory, Shaw told him to shut up. Fitz contacted Simmons and realized that splitting up was a mistake. When Simmons asked Fitz if Shaw had blinked out of existence, Fitz turned to Shaw and told her no. Reaching the control room level, the two met up with Mackenzie. When the Remorath reached the level, the trio ran towards the control room with the Remorath on their tale.

Never Call Me Gramps

Shaw is told not to call Leo Fitz "Gramps"

Reaching the control room, everyone prepared for the fight that was about to begin. While Fitz and May got fires started so they could see when the Remorath shut the lights out, Shaw referred to Fitz as "Gramps" and assured him that he would protect the Gravitonium with his life from the Marauders. As Shaw about to head to a secure position, Fitz stopped him and told him to never call him Gramps again before walking off. Shaw just smirked to himself.

SHIELD Control Room Sieges

Shaw preparing to fight against the Remorath

As the lights went out, Shaw became terrified as the Remorath were starting to break through the barricade. The Remorath soon broke through and Shaw fought them off with the rest. When all hope seemed lost, the Gravitonium infused Talbot entered the control room and crushed the Remorath. Shaw and the others watched as Talbot broke a hole in the ceiling and took Coulson up to Qovas' ship. Because the Lighthouse was exposed to air, it was taken off lockdown, as it was clear of nuclear exposition.

Siege Aftermath

Shaw and his S.H.I.E.L.D. allies after the siege

After Talbot took Coulson to Qovas' ship, Simmons came in with Yo-Yo, Piper, and Davis and revealed he absorbed all of the Gravitonium that was left. Shaw didn't find it as bad as everyone else did as he saved them from the Remorath. However, the others suspected with Talbot's unstabilibility from his brain injury, he couldn't handle the Gravitonium and end up like Ruby Hale.[37]

Aftermath of the Siege

Shaw questions hi purpose

Shaw questions his purpose

"I lived in the Lighthouse my entire life, only to time travel into the past and still spend every single day of my life inside the freaking Lighthouse. So... it's like, even without Kasius gone, this place just has this leash that keeps pulling me back in."
―Deke Shaw[src]

After the Siege of the Lighthouse, Shaw and Leo Fitz got to work repairing the Lighthouses' systems. While Fitz believed it would take forever to get the systems back online, Shaw repaired it in a few minutes, telling his grandfather he's used to working with technology of this time. Fitz tried to give his grandson a high five, only for Shaw to reject it, telling him it wasn't cool. While Fitz looked over the systems, Shaw was pleased to breathe fresh air again. Fitz reminded him that being a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent is full of risks, only for Shaw to rebut that he wasn't an agent, but still stuck around.

Shaw talking to Johnson

Shaw talks to Daisy Johnson over the comms

Fitz believed it was because Shaw had family at the Lighthouse in the form of him and Jemma Simmons, but he chuckled at that. Fitz in tern gave him a look, so he assured him that he and Simmons were great grandparents and didn't think of them as disappointments. Before they could continue their conversation, Daisy Johnson contacted the Lighthouse, saying she was on her way back. Fitz attempted to answer, however, Shaw answered for him. When Johnson asked Shaw why she couldn't reach them for thirty minutes, he informed her of their situation.

Shaw and Johnson talk

Shaw and Daisy Johnson bond

After hearing of Johnson's fight with Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Shaw went to see if she was okay. Entering her room, he noticed a bag and asked what was in it. Johnson told him her mother. Not knowing what to say to that, Shaw asked if Johnson was okay after her fight with Rodriguez. Johnson told Shaw that she should've stayed in the future. She was also disturbed by all the lemons on her bed. Realizing he was misled by Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie, Shaw blamed it on Fitz.

13-Deke Quake TOWWSUA

Shaw tries to express his feelings to Daisy Johnson

He then assured Johnson that she was right where she belonged. While he felt like the Lighthouse was a leash that kept pulling him back, even without Kasius and the Kree. When Johnson told him she was happy that he came back with them, he decided it was time to tell her how he felt about her. Before Shaw could, Johnson mentioned Lincoln Campbell. Confused, Shaw asked her who Campbell was. Johnson revealed that Campbell was her late boyfriend that died for her. Johnson then told Shaw that she couldn't lose Coulson like she lost Campbell and he quickly assured her that they would find a way to save him.

Quake FitzSimmonsGrandparentsReveal

Shaw tells Daisy Johnson of his grandparents

Realizing she got off topic, Johnson asked Shaw what he wanted to tell her. Seeing that Johnson was still in love with her late boyfriend, Shaw opted not to express his feelings and instead, told Johnson that FitzSimmons were his grandparents, much to her shock. Glad the revaluation wasn't going to make things awkward between them, Johnson asked why it would. Shaw just denied any reason.[37]

Rescue Mission

Shaw Leaving Lighthouse

Shaw goes to save Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot

"I just need to get out of the Lighthouse."
"So you're going on a space mission to a hostile alien ship?"
"Yeah, well, I don't have that many options."
―Deke Shaw and James Davis[src]

Wanting to get away from the Lighthouse, Shaw joined Daisy Johnson, Melinda May and James Davis on Zephyr One, on their mission to infiltrate Qovas' ship. Shaw also removed his sling as he felt he didn't need it anymore.

Shaw Holding Hands With Johnson

Shaw nervously holding hands with Quake

Having buckled in, the Zephyr took off into space using its upgrades. Experiencing turbulence, Johnson apologized to Shaw for not talking him out of going with them. Shaw unconvincingly assured her that he was fine. Holding Shaw's arm to reassure him, Johnson thanked him for coming along. Noticing this, Shaw closed his eyes and calmed down for the rest of the voyage. Shaw remained on the Zephyr while Johnson and May infiltrated Qovas' ship to rescue Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot.[37]

Shaw Kim

Shaw listens closely to James Davis' great story

While waiting for Johnson and May to return with Coulson and Talbot, Davis told Shaw the story of how he survived Aida. While Kim grew tired of listening to the story, Shaw found it more amazing then him being the same age has his grandparents. Kim then revealed that he finished rerouting oxygen from all nonessential parts of the Zephyr, which pleased Shaw. All of a sudden, the lights on the Zephyr started malfunctioning and Kim was pulled out of the Zephyr and killed. Shaw and Davis hid, only to be horrified to see Talbot enter the Zephyr with a squad of Remorath heading towards the Quinjet.

Shaw Mack

Shaw informs Mackenzie about Glenn Talbot

Once the coast was clear, Shaw contacted Alphonso Mackenzie back at the Lighthouse and informed him of Talbot's betrayal and Kim's death. Shaw was then alerted that Talbot took off in the Quinjet and told Mackenzie that he was heading back to Earth. Feeling as though the others were in danger, Shaw went to rescue them from the detention center, while Davis readied the Zephyr for takeoff.[28]

Destroying Qovas' Ship

14-Deke Kills Remorath

Shaw rescuing Phil Coulson and Melinda May

"We changed the target. Told ya I didn't need a gun to stop you."
"I know zero."
Melinda May, Qovas, and Deke Shaw[src]

Once aboard Qovas' ship, Shaw reached the prison level. He knocked out a Remorath guard and unlocked Phil Coulson and Melinda May's cell. Shaw informed Coulson and May of his encounter with Glenn Talbot and Kim's death. He then looked around for Daisy Johnson only to be informed that Qovas' men have her. As they left the cell, Shaw told Coulson and May that Talbot took the Quinjet down to Earth.

Shaw Coulson May Hiding

Shaw and his allies hide from the Remorath

Believing they were lost, Coulson noticed symbols that were the same from the Lighthouse in the future, and asked Shaw what they meant. Shaw revealed that he had no idea and that he could only count to 5, much to Coulson and May's dismay. Shaw and May got into a squabble after she found it unbelievable that the former scavenger survived the future. Shaw argued that he could lead them back to Zephyr One and that he wasn't the one who lost Johnson. Knowing they didn't have time to argue, Coulson stopped their bickering and told Shaw to pick a direction. Deciding to go right, Coulson and May followed him.

Shaw Reunites with Johnson

Shaw, Coulson and May reunite with Quake

Running into two Remorath warriors, the three decided to fight, only for Johnson to quake them. Shaw was overjoyed to see Johnson but tried to play it as if he wasn't really concerned. Johnson assured them she was fine and that she met Kasius' father, much to Shaw's horror. He demanded they get back to the Zephyr, only for May to say they can't leave, as Qovas has Ionizer Missiles aimed at the Lighthouse. Shaw argued that the Lighthouse could survive the missiles, only for Coulson to argue that the people of River's End wouldn't be so lucky.

Shaw Shocked

Shaw shocked to see Coulson and May kiss

As the four headed to the bridge, Shaw tried to convince them to head back to the Zephyr. Coulson denied his plea as they weren't leaving until they succeeded. May then revealed that Coulson was leaving with Johnson on the Zephyr while she and Shaw finished the mission. Shaw tried to leave with Coulson and Johnson, only for May to stop him, as he was to set the coordinates for their way back. More Remorath soon showed up, and while Shaw and Johnson dealt with them, they were stunned by Coulson and May making out. May and the still stunned Shaw headed for the bridge as Coulson and Johnson left.

Shaw chocking

Shaw chokes out a Remorath guard with May

Once on the bridge, Shaw lured the two Remorath stationed there out and strangled one to death while May handled the other one. Shaw was disgusted by May pulling out the Remorath knives. May ordered Shaw to transfer the target numbers to the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device. Understanding her plan, Shaw got to work trying to find the launch system. During his search, Shaw found the chip that controlled the navigation and took it just in case they needed it. He soon found the launch codes and asked May if he should deactivate the missiles. May informed Shaw that they weren't there to deactivate them. Shaw demanded what they were doing there then and May replied that they were giving the missiles a new target.

Shaw Dodging

Shaw dodges attacks from May and Qovas

As Shaw assisted May in redirecting the missiles, Qovas showed up and attacked May. Leaving Shaw to finish the recalculations. After some hiccups, Shaw was able to finish the recalculations and informed May of it. With Qovas unable to best May, he resorted to launching the missiles. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent revealed to Qovas that they changed the coordinates to his own ship. Qovas demanded how they managed to succeed, only for Shaw to retort that he knew 0 and transported out of the ship with May before the missiles destroyed the ship and Qovas.

Shaw Lighthouse

Shaw and May escape onto the Lighthouse

Shaw and May made it back to the Lighthouse and contacted Coulson and Johnson to assure them they were fine. Their victory was short lived, however, as they were informed by Jemma Simmons of Talbot absorbing Carl Creel and Coulson finally succumbing to his life threatening injury and passing out.

Save Coulson or the World

Shaw and the others must decide what to do

Once Johnson returned to the Lighthouse with the unconscious Coulson, Shaw listened, with the others, to Leo Fitz and Simmons solution of using the Centipede Serum to save Coulson's life. When Mackenzie asked about their situation with Talbot, Fitz suggested if they could combine the Centipede Serum with the Odium and inject it into Talbot's blood stream, it could stop him for good. Johnson, however, revealed that the serum she brought back was all that was left, leaving everyone to decide whether to save Coulson or the world.[38]

Saying Goodbye

Shaw Piper

Shaw and Piper discuss the decision making

"You know, when I first met you guys, I'd never seen anything like that. I'd seen people kill for each other without hesitation all the time, but I'd never seen a group that was willing to die for each other. Your trust, it just seemed too strong to break. And you trying to fix Coulson, that's great. I love the guy, but if you really want to lead one day, then you got to fix that."
―Deke Shaw to Daisy Johnson[src]

Feeling as though he didn't belong in the decision of what happened to Phil Coulson, Shaw left the room and waited outside, peeling a lemon as the others argued over what to do with the Centipede Serum. Piper walked over to him and told him that James Davis has reported no change in Coulson's condition. Hearing the others argue, Piper asked Shaw why he wasn't in there with them. Shaw told her it was up to them to decide what happened to Coulson. Eventually, Melinda May forced the decision on everyone when she destroyed the Odium.

Shaw tells Johnson that he's leaving

Shaw tells Daisy Johnson that he's leaving

Shaw later helped the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents prepare the Lighthouse in case the Earth was destroyed. Spotting Daisy Johnson walking up to him, he asked if Zephyr One was fueled up, to which she replied yes. Johnson then told him that the Quinjet was also fueled up and all they were waiting for was the location on Glenn Talbot. Taking notice of Shaw's work, she told him she was glad he was taking a point at the Lighthouse as he was the best person to show the people what the future would be like, only for Shaw to reveal he wasn't sticking around after he gave the mayor the tour.

4-Deke's Mess

Shaw shows Daisy Johnson his horde of stuff

When Johnson asked why he planned on leaving, he showed her his room and how he hoards whatever he can find. Shaw then explained to Johnson that if they fail and the Earth cracks apart again he would want to see what it had to offer before it does, to which Johnson agreed to. He would then tell her Leo Fitz's theory that he would disappear anyway if they change the timeline. Johnson didn't know how to reassure him, but Shaw assured her that it was fine as he never fitted in with "the gang" anyway.

Shaw Giving Advice

Shaw gives Daisy Johnson his own advice

When Shaw was about to leave, Johnson muttered how she wasn't too sure they were a team anymore. Seeing that Johnson needed a pep talk, Shaw told her that he's never seen anything like what she had with her team in 2091; that while he'd seen people willing to kill for one another, he never saw anyone willing to die for someone. He then offered his advice on how before they fix Coulson or her leading, she had to fix what the rift in the team. Piper then arrived and informed that Talbot was in Chicago.

Following them to the Zephyr, Piper explained to the confused Shaw how to use a phone. Arriving at the Zephyr's entrance, Shaw listened to Jemma Simmons and Fitz as they told Johnson that the Centipede Serum was ready. Before Johnson followed May onboard, she gave Shaw a grateful smile and pat on the shoulder. Stopping his grandparents before they got on the Zephyr, Shaw wished them good luck. He proceeded to give Simmons a warm hug and Fitz a high five and an awkward hug. After the Zephyr left, Shaw pulled out the phone Piper gave him and called the River's End Police Department. He requested to talk to Chief C. Wellins about the Lighthouse and how it will protect humanity in case S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn't stop Talbot. After the Battle of Chicago, Simmons went to Shaw's room, only to find him, and everything he collected, was gone.[11]

Starting a New Life

Becoming a CEO

"No B.S. foundation can hide the fact that you built this company not to advance science but to get rich!"
"I built this company because no one liked me!"
"Deke, he didn't mean-"
"Yes he did. I built it because I've never belonged anywhere, because the place that I'm from doesn't even exist anymore and because all of my friends are gone. And the woman that I gave lemons to thinks that I'm a loser, so I went out into the world to be what everyone wants me to be, and she still thinks that I'm nothing!"
Leo Fitz, Deke Shaw, and Jemma Simmons[src]

After Shaw left S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Lighthouse behind, he had very little contact with his S.H.I.E.L.D. allies. He was not informed that Leo Fitz died during the Battle of Chicago and that Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson went on a search to find the Leo Fitz who was cryogenically-frozen.[12]

Sometime after he left, having felt unwanted by his S.H.I.E.L.D. allies, Shaw attempted to prove himself to them, particularly Johnson, and started his own tech company.[18] He used many ideas and technology from the future and S.H.I.E.L.D., including the Framework, which he made into a VR game called Remorath Rumble. He also planned to make the world a better place with the profit he makes off of his company, such as keeping humanity from going hungry. He befriended Trevor Khan and thought of him as his best friend. The two attended a Phish concert and tried out an Escape Room, and though Khan froze up, Shaw was confident he could've solved a word cypher and beat the record.[12] The two would play in the Remorath Rumble VR occasionally, but Shaw always had Khan pilot in the simulation.[19] Shaw also had an encounter with Elon Musk and it ended with Musk owing him a favor.[18]

Shaw also started dating a Coachella-chic social media influencer named Sequoia who helped get more famous with his company. Despite dating someone else, Shaw still had deep feelings for Johnson and coded a sexually exaggerated Framework version of her to rescue in Remorath Rumble.[12]

Sarge's Campaign

Shaw's Technological Empire


Shaw playing a game of Remorath Rumble

"What took you so long?"
"Sorry, sweetheart. Traffic was a bitch."
Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

In 2019, Shaw was in the middle of simulation in Remorath Rumble with Trevor Khan battling Remorath. Khan informed Shaw that he was out of ammo, so Shaw passed his best friend the Shotgun-Axe, before he was swiftly "killed" by a Remorath. Taking out the Remorath who "killed" his best friend, Shaw declared it had gotten personal and finished off the last Remorath. As he recovered, a Kree appeared behind him, much to Shaw's annoyance. He avaided the simulation and grabbed the Shotgun-Axe to finish him off.


Shaw and "Daisy Johnson" about to kiss

Walking to the containment room, Shaw freed Daisy Johnson from her captivity. She walked up and slapped Shaw for being late and questioned his tardiness. When Shaw quipped about the traffic, Johnson huffed in amusement. The two were about to kiss, when the Framework was shutoff. Hearing Sequoia's voice calling him, Shaw reluctantly deactivated the simulation. Waking up to his girlfriend's face, Shaw was met with Sequoia's desire for Boba tea. Khan came up to him and congratulated him on winning. After kissing Sequoia on the cheek, the three left the VR room.

Shaw Smiling at the Camera

Shaw smiles at his knowledge and success

Walking through his company, Shaw talked about how his Framework game was going to pave the way for his initiative to change the world for the better. His employee Kaya then walked up to him and offered him their first smartwatch. At first Shaw was hesitant to put anything on his wrest, but eventually succumbed. Kaya informed Shaw that while they haven't cracked the Gravity Puck, R&D loved his idea of a hand with a Energy Shield. Sequoia remained in awe of all his ideas, to which Shaw smiled at.

Code Yellow 4

Shaw talking with Sequoia

While Shaw, Khan, and Sequoia walked on, Shaw tested his food pellets, but was disgusted by them. Shaw's secretary Lindsay came up to him to inform that a "Weird Guy" was waiting for him in the conference room. Khan was worried that their planned meeting was moved up, but Shaw assured him he'll handle it. He gave out orders and proceeded to the conference after telling the impatient Sequoia to get the Boba tea and bring it back for them so he can close the deal.[12]

Attacked by Sarge's Squad

Shaw is reunited with Phil Coulson

Shaw is reunited with "Phil Coulson"

"First off, a hello would be nice. And second, am I a Code Yellow, and should I be insulted? Because it feels that way. And, and most of all, w-why is Coulson trying to kill me?"
―Deke Shaw to his S.H.I.E.L.D. allies[src]

Walking into the conference room, Shaw was pleased to see it was Phil Coulson. Thinking "Coulson" was here because of his use S.H.I.E.L.D. technology in his company, he assured him that it was just inspiration for Remorath Rumble and that he donates half of one percent of his profits to a foundation he created. When Coulson said he agreed with his thought process, Shaw was pleased.

Shaw questions Coulson's survival

Shaw questions "Phil Coulson"'s survival

After a moment of awkward silence, Shaw questioned why Coulson hadn't just called him to set up a meeting. When Coulson answered in a weird way, Shaw became confused, but changed the topic to how Coulson survived his illness. Coulson informed him he was oblivious to how they saved him and asked Shaw what he knew. He, however, told Coulson that he had rarely spoken to the team since he left last year. Shaw then deduced that S.H.I.E.L.D. put him through the T.A.H.I.T.I. protocol and wiped his memory. Coulson agreed and asked Shaw what he remembered.

Shaw attacked by Sarge

Shaw is suddenly attacked by Sarge

Shaw talked about all his heroism, but Coulson was drawing a blank. Disappointed, Shaw figured Leo Fitz didn't make it easy on Coulson. Remembering his grandparents, Shaw asked how they were doing, regretting not getting a proper goodbye. When Coulson talked about then "slowing down", Shaw became suspicious and asked where Melinda May was. Coulson's answer made Shaw even more suspicious and asked how "Agent Doug" was doing. When Coulson talked about Doug as if he was a real person, Shaw deduced that the man standing in front of him wasn't Coulson. He tried to leave, only for Sarge to grab him and pull out a knife.

Shaw bumps into Jaco

Shaw bumps into Jaco

Seeing that the jig was up, Sarge told Shaw that he was coming with him, only for Shaw to quickly stab Sarge where Coulson's prosthetic hand would be. After having definitive proof this wasn't Phil Coulson, he ran out of the conference room. He bumped into a "Large Large Man" and witnessed his security guard Ray get killed by the man's partner when he attempted to protect him from the armed assailants. Shaw tried to make a run for it, but ran into a woman with knives. Shaw swiftly fled.

Shaw is saved by Khan

Shaw is rescued from Sarge by Trevor Khan

Shaw hid from his attackers in a workstation, but heard Sarge come in talking about he'll always find "his kind". When he referred to himself as Coulson, Shaw activated his smartwatch and told him he wasn't Phil Coulson. He then mislead Sarge by projecting his voice from a desk. Shaw was about to try and escape, when Khan muffled him and informed him to make it to the exit while he covered him. Confused, Shaw questioned who Khan really was. Taking out flash bomb, he revealed he was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and the two made a break for it as Sarge was blinded.


Shaw is reunited and protected by S.H.I.E.L.D.

As the two made it outside, Shaw questioned Khan, who revealed S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn't going to let him rip off their technology. They then turned around and saw a Quinjet land, much to Shaw's dismay. Getting onboard, Shaw was reunited with Alphonso Mackenzie and May, but was mostly ignored as Khan briefed the two of the situation. Mackenzie ordered Shaw to stay onboard and ignored his questions about Johnson, Fitz, and Jemma Simmons coming to protect him. Just before they left, May sarcastically congratulated Shaw for not getting himself killed.

Shaw tries to rescue Sequoia

Shaw goes back inside to rescue Sequoia

When Shaw heard gunfire, he tried to persuade Julian to take him to safety, but he refused. Shaw then got a call from Sequoia and answered. To his horror, he learned that his girlfriend was in the building and was forced to go and rescue her, wearing a Bulletproof Vest. Shaw met Sequoia in the ladies room. Shaw tried to explain the situation, but Sequoia had trouble believing him. Shaw assured her he would get her out as surviving was what he was great at and the two fled, leaving the Boba behind.

Shaw shoots Pax

Shaw repeatedly shoots Pax with an I.C.E.R.

As the couple tried making their way out, they were attacked by Pax, who cut Shaw. He begged Pax for mercy, but the mercenary refused. Fortunately, Mackenzie showed up and handed Shaw an I.C.E.R. to protect Sequoia while he fought Pax. After Mackenzie knocked him unconscious, Shaw unloaded the I.C.E.R.'s entire mag on Pax. Shaw then introduced Sequoia to Mackenzie as Khan arrived. They were soon joined by Jaco. Shaw tried to shoot the I.C.E.R. at him, but realized he used them all. He ordered Khan to get Sequoia to safety while Mackenzie went with him as Jaco followed.

Mackenzie disgusted by Shaw

Alphonso Mackenzie is disgusted by Shaw

Shaw led Mackenzie to the VR room where he activated Remorath Rumble as Jaco entered and trapped him in the video game. The two watched as the Johnson in Remorath Rumble flirted with Jaco and Mackenzie stared at Shaw in baffled bewilderment over his creation of the simulated Johnson. Shaw, not wanting this information to reach Johnson, attempted to bribe Mackenzie with 2% of his company to keep this between them. The two regrouped outside where they started to get into an argument about Khan being a mole for S.H.I.E.L.D..[12] Shaw was taken back to the Lighthouse where he went through surgery to recover from the cut wound inflected by Pax. He pulled through and was soon sedated.[13]

Learning About Fitz's Death

Toldja 8

Shaw and S.H.I.E.L.D. confronted by Sarge

"Fitz died. He died, and no one was gonna bother to, I don't know, send me a text?"
"It was complicated."
"Yeah, no kidding. Besides the fact that this completely proves my entire multiverse theory, 'cause I'm still here, there's a second Fitz! And... And you sent a team out to find him, and you didn't tell me that, either?!"
―Deke Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Once Shaw recovered from his injuries, he joined the others, including Daisy Johnson, who had just returned from deep space in search of Leo Fitz, as Melinda May brought the captured Sarge before them. After an awkward moment, Johnson retreated, believing seeing Sarge with Phil Coulson's face was too much for. Before going after her, Shaw called Sarge a "tool" and assured Alphonso Mackenzie that Sarge was in no way Coulson.

Shaw reunites with Johnson

Shaw reunites with Daisy Johnson

Meeting up with Johnson on Zephyr One, Shaw tried to comfort her over the Sarge fiasco, but she assured him she was fine and she in return asked how he was feeling after Pax stabbed him. Shaw claimed he just nicked him. After failing to impress her with his new shoes, Shaw started talking about his employees, which confused Johnson. Shaw revealed that he started his own company in the last year and Johnson questioned if he made his own body spray. Shaw was to engrossed in trying to show off that he said yes, only to quickly correct himself that he made his own tech company.

Shaw finds out Fitz died

Shaw finds out Leo Fitz died

Shaw followed Johnson to the briefing room of the Zephyr and told her that she inspired him to explore Earth and see what it was all about. However, seeing that Johnson was preoccupied with fixing the Zephyr, Shaw asked her to share details about her space journey with his grandparents. Johnson asked him how much he was aware of, but Shaw told her that Mackenzie didn't say anything past them in space. When Johnson mentioned the most important detail was that they finally found Fitz, Shaw became confused, only to be horrified to learn that Leo Fitz had died during the Battle of Chicago.

Shaw confronts Mackenzie

Shaw confronts Alphonso Mackenzie

Confronting Mackenzie, Shaw demanded to know why he wasn't informed of his grandfather's death or the search for his past self. When Mackenzie accused him of not really being interested in helping, Shaw reminded him of his role in helping the team escape from 2091. Mackenzie acknowledged his role, but reminded him that he left after. Realizing he was right, Shaw told him he would've joined the search had they told him. Believing him, Mackenzie assured Shaw that once they settle things on Earth, he can join Johnson on their second attempt. Mackenzie then flattered Shaw to help crack Sarge's Tracker to help them find the Shrike. Buying into Mackenzie's flattering, Shaw agreed.

Shaw hacks Sarge's tablet

Shaw locates the Shrike on Sarge's Tracker

After a while Shaw was able to hack into Sarge's tablet and through the alien encryption. He met up with Johnson and Mackenzie and informed them. He talked about two Shrike on their way to each other. Acting on Shaw's intel, Mackenzie sent two teams to secure them in Iowa. The mission went south, and Mackenzie was forced to give into Sarge's demands to stop the Shrike.[14]

Unlikely Alliance

Mackenzie tries to inlist Shaw's help

Alphonso Mackenzie tries to enlist Shaw's help

"It's not what it looks like."
"You have a hickey."
"Okay, it's a little what it looks like."
―Deke Shaw and Melinda May[src]

After calling a truth between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sarge's Squad, Alphonso Mackenzie asked Shaw to assist in repairing Sarge's Shrike Repeller device on their joint mission to stop the Shrike. Shaw, however, refused to go anywhere with the "Evil Coulson Twin". Mackenzie insisted that they needed Shaw's help, but he simply rebutted that his company needed him too. Mackenzie then tried to persuade him to help by reminding him that if they don't succeed, then all of his employees will die to. Angered at the reminder, Shaw accused S.H.I.E.L.D. having being "doomsday magnets" and recommended his Shaman.

Shaw is blackmailed by Mackenzie

Shaw is blackmailed by Alphonso Mackenzie

Mackenzie insisted Shaw to stop talking and tried to make a deal: Shaw goes on the mission, and Mackenzie doesn't reveal how he became a shareholder of his company. Shaw, however, revealed he wasn't serious in making Mackenzie a shareholder. Seeing Shaw won't budge, Mackenzie decided to show Daisy Johnson Shaw's Framework recreation of her. Shaw, seeing he had no choice, "offered" to go on the mission. Mackenzie assured him he'll find someone else, so Shaw offered him 5%. Mackenzie rebutted with 10 with the exception that he stopped stealing S.H.I.E.L.D. technology. Left with no choice, Shaw reluctantly agreed and headed to Sarge's Truck.

Sarge orders Johnson to follow him

Shaw and Snowflake bond with each other

Once in Sarge's truck, Shaw started working on the Shrike Repeller and complained about his circumstances, telling himself to fire his Shaman. Shaw turned around to Snowflake and was freaked out about how close she was. He asked what she was doing, only to be flattered when she complimented his soul. Sarge then entered with Melinda May and Johnson and demanded to know how long the repair would take. Shaw assured them that he would have the device repaired in a couple of hours. He then watched as Johnson tried to argue her way out of sitting next to Sarge in the front, before she eventually agreed.

Deke Shaw & Snowflake

Shaw begins a relationship with Snowflake

After Shaw finished his repairs, he fell asleep in the back of the truck. He was suddenly woken up by Snowflake, who muffled him and told him that he was hers. The two started to become intimate and remove their clothing as Snowflake continued to compliment him. The two were soon interrupted by the disgusted May and Johnson. Shaw got to his feet and put his clothes on. He insisted it wasn't what it seemed, only for May to notice his hickey. He explained that he was heartbroken after Sequoia left him and believed that "Snowbunny" got him. The two then played with each other as the two agents watched in disgust and horror.

Sarge attacking Deke Shaw

Shaw being threatened by Sarge

Sarge soon came in and noticed that Shaw and Snowflake had sex. He noted that he's much more preferred it when she killed her prey. Sarge then pulled out the Shrike Repeller and accused Shaw of failing. When Shaw assured him it was fixed, Sarge attacked Shaw by choking him and ruthlessly questioned why it wasn't working. Shaw squealed for help, to which May answered. Sarge let Shaw go and he recovered before defending himself, saying that device was held by wires and "sticky stuff". Sarge ordered Shaw to fix the device or else they would all end up as hosts for the Shrike. As Shaw went to work on the device, Snowflake comforted him.

Shaw hands Sarge the Shrike Repellent

Shaw hands Sarge the Shrike Repeller

As the team continued to the rendezvous point, Shaw and Snowflake worked on the Shrike Repeller while Sarge told May and Johnson his story with the Shrike's creator Izel. When they finally reached the rendezvous point, the remaining Shrike hosts had already constructed the Shrike Tower and Izel was on her way in a ship. Shaw finally finished repairs on the Shrike Repeller and felt flatted as he thought Sarge referred to him as a "insurance policy". He then complimented himself as he gave the device to Sarge, much to May and Johnson's annoyance. Shaw then watched as Sarge declared it was time to end this.

Shaw freaks out

Shaw freaks out over their impending doom

Shaw, May, Johnson, however, soon learned from Mackenzie that Sarge had an Atom Bomb on the truck that he intended to use on the tower which would destroy 200 miles worth of people. Shaw reluctantly tied Snowflake up and apologized to her as he did it. Sarge the came in from the front to see what was happening and Shaw watched the exchange between him, May, and Johnson. He listened as Sarge explained that Johnson's Inhuman powers would set it off and was horrified when he decided to abandon Snowflake. After untying Snowflake, Shaw complained about their current circumstances and that he gave up 10% of his company for it.

Shaw holds the Atom Bomb

Shaw carefully holding the Atom Bomb

The four started scouring Sarge's truck for the Atom Bomb and Shaw defended Snowflake from May's harsh tone, saying she was on their side now. As Johnson checked the front, Shaw decided to check a fuel tanker. He slightly banged on it and noticed a more hollow sound. He opened it up and found the Atom Bomb inside. The two agents and former mercenary then stepped back as Shaw carefully took the Atom Bomb out of the fuel tanker and placed it on a nearby table.[15]

Destruction of the Shrike Tower

Shaw attempts to disarm the bomb

Shaw attempts to disarm the Atom Bomb

"Look at me, okay? This is very hard, but if there's anyone who can do it, it's you."
"Deke Shaw. Yeah, you're right. Okay, Deke. Time to dazzle."
Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

As the team reached the Shrike Tower, Shaw had doubts he could disassemble the Atom Bomb. As Snowflake tried calming herself down, Shaw pulled her away and asked her what she knew about the explosive. She provided little help, and Shaw still remained unsure of himself. After Melinda May and Daisy Johnson both gave Shaw support, he was able to muster up confidence to try.

Shaw realizes he can't do it

Shaw realizes he can't defuse the Atom Bomb

As Shaw finished what he could, he came to the horrible realization that he couldn't disarm it. He apologized to Johnson before confronting Snowflake before they died. As the truck destroyed the Shrike tower, Shaw and Snowflake looked up to see Johnson holding the bomb in a stasis field using her powers. Shaw was overjoyed they survived and offered a free spa day before making out with Snowflake. They're celebration was cut short however, as Johnson and May reminded him that they still had to deal with the Shrike outside and to wonder how Sarge will react when he realizes the Atom Bomb didn't go off.

Surrounded by Shrike

Shaw and the others surrounded by Shrike

While May and Johnson worked on their current situation, Shaw and Snowflake played with each other, which disgusted the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but were interrupted when the Shrike started to swarm the truck. Questioning why the Shrike Repeller wasn't keeping the Shrike away, Shaw checked the front and discovered the Repeller had been damaged in the crash and showed the others. Realizing that without the Shrike Repeller, the parasitic creatures would soon destroy the truck, the four prepared for the inevitable confrontation.

Shaw is saved by May

Shaw is saved from a Shrike by Melinda May

They began fortifying the truck and Shaw listened as Snowflake told May that the cloaking wouldn't hide them from the Shrike. Shaw commented that he and Snowflake might die together after all, to which she seemed pleased with. May ordered Shaw and the others to grab Shrike knives and to defend the bomb. As the Shrike began to break through, Snowflake assured Shaw that Tinker fortified the windows, only for one to break through. Shaw screamed in terror, before May saved him by stabbing it with a knife. He then aided in fortifying the windows.

Shaw and Snowflake guarding the bomb

Shaw and Snowflake guarding the Atom Bomb

Shaw and Snowflake worked together to block the windows with metal, only for Johnson to order them to defend the Atom Bomb. As Shaw grabbed a Shrike knife and defended the explosive, he questioned Johnson's plan of letting the Shrike in, believing they can only handle one at a time. Johnson simply ordered Shaw and the others to hold their position. He then watched in amazement as Johnson quaked all the Shrike to pieces and listened as May told Snowflake that all women are just as powerful on Earth.

Saw reunites with Fitz

Shaw ecstatically reunites with Leo Fitz

As the storm finally calmed down, Shaw and the others heard a noise coming from the top of the truck. Shaw asked if it was more Shrike, but Johnson told him she thought it was something else. The four readied for battle again as whatever it was approached the door. It however, turned out to be Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons with Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, James Davis, and Jaco. Shaw was overjoyed to see his "Bobo" and rushed to give him a hug. Fitz however, was confused of who Shaw was.

SHIELD watches Jaco's sacrifice

Shaw watches Jaco's sacrifice to stop Izel

Their reunion was soon cut short, when they learned that Jaco planned on taking the Atom Bomb up to the Lazy Comet to kill Izel once and for all. Shaw watched as Snowflake begged Jaco not to, only for him to assure his teammate that he would come back as a butterfly. Shaw and the others then watched as Jaco teleported to the ship and detonated the explosive, killing him along with everyone else on the ship.[16]

Victory Celebration

Shaw celebrating with his grandparents

Shaw celebrating with his grandparents

"It's that old chestnut. Boy meets girl. There's chemistry. Girl's too afraid to act on it. Then that same boy becomes a tech billionaire and new feelings emerge, namely... regret."
―Deke Shaw to Daisy Johnson[src]

With the threat of Izel gone, Sarge in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody once again, and Leo Fitz home, everyone celebrated at the Lighthouse. Shaw spent his time with his grandparents, drinking Zima. He talked with Fitz, telling him that he spent several minutes thinking he was dead before he found out about his alternate self. Shaw then told Fitz that him being alive proved that his multiverse theory was true and teased that he owed him 20 bucks.

Shaw talks about Scotland

Shaw talks about his desire to visit Scotland

Shaw then pulled out his phone and showed Fitz and Jemma Simmons his company and how it was 48,000 square feet. He then suggested they all go to Scotland so he could learn more about his family heritage and offered to buy them a castle for them to stay at. When Fitz started laughing, thinking Shaw was playing around, he told him he was serious and that he could buy them any castle. He then left to get Snowflake so he could introduce her to his grandparents as Fitz and Simmons sat together.

Shaw holding Snowflake back

Shaw holding Snowflake back from Sarge

Shaw met up with Snowflake and saw Sarge being escorted to his cell. He held Snowflake back as her former leader assured her his betrayal wasn't personal and told the agents to take him away. Shaw urged to join the party, insisting she was part of the family now. Daisy Johnson then walked up and asked to speak with Shaw. Johnson questioned why Shaw hadn't put her in lockup, only for Shaw to believe Johnson was jealous. She swiftly denied his belief and ordered a couple of agents to lock Snowflake up. Shaw went to her assured her it was going to be fine.

Collision Course Part Two 9

Shaw listens to Alphonso Mackenzie's speech

After the agents took Snowflake way to her cell, Shaw stood next to Johnson as he listened to Alphonso Mackenzie's speech. He smiled as Mackenzie referred to him as part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and toasted with everyone when he finished. After the party was over, Shaw brought in a flat screen TV into Snowflake's cell to make her imprisonment more comfortable, much to her pleasure. Their victory was soon cut short when Melinda May walked into Sarge's room and shot him four times.[16]

Izel's Campaign

Bonding with Bobo

Shaw and Fitz talk about Coulson

Shaw and Leo Fitz talk about Phil Coulson

"Did you... Did you get to know him well?"
"Not as well as I would've liked. I left before it... happened. I needed to go find my place in a new world. Or that was my thinking."
"You're a man out of time."
Leo Fitz and Deke Shaw[src]

After Jemma Simmons moved Sarge's still alive body down to the morgue, Shaw visited Leo Fitz in the medbay. He asked about Sarge's body being taken to the morgue, to which Fitz confirmed. Fitz went on about how hard it was to see Sarge with Phil Coulson's face and asked if Shaw got the chance to know him. Shaw sadly told him not as much as he would've liked and that he left before he died to find himself.

Shaw and Fitz try to figure out Sarge

Shaw and Leo Fitz try to figure out Sarge

Fitz commented on his grandson being a "man out of time" and his future self being dead, but felt like he could explain those, but not Coulson and Sarge's likeness. Shaw asked if he tried and Fitz decided to show him what he has so far. He pulled up a diagram of Coulson interacting with the Monoliths, Izel's interest in them, and Sarge hunting her, but couldn't figure out the connection between Coulson, Sarge, and Izel. Shaw found it to be good questions, figured it was impossible to get the answers with everyone who knows about it being dead.

Shaw talks with Piper

Shaw talks with "Piper"

Fitz then asked Shaw if he learned anything from his time with Sarge, but Shaw denied anything. He brought up the attack on his company and tried to impress his grandfather by bringing up how successful it was. He tried to play it off as scientific benefits when it looked like Fitz thought he was only doing it for the money, but was pleased to know Fitz understood the benefits of a profit. He talked about the Metrics from the future and how that was why he saw materialism in such a way before Piper arrived. They got into a conversation about Melinda May's condition before Shaw and Fitz started working on something else.[17]

Body Hopping Troubles

Shaw talks about Fitz

Shaw talks about Leo Fitz

"I lost time today too, and the last thing I remember before it happened was seeing Piper, so maybe she's Izel."
"Oh, that sounds exactly like something Izel would say."
"Well, so does that. I know I'm me. I don't know who you are."
―Deke Shaw and Piper[src]

Shaw chased after Piper and eventually caught up with her. He claimed to be working on an app and asked if she knew if someone like spending time with the other person. Wanting to know if she believed he and Leo Fitz were getting along unlike his relationship with his grandfather's other self. Piper claimed their relationship seemed fine, much to Shaw's joy. He then noticed Piper had a Shrike crystal and questioned her possession of it.

Izel jumping into Shaw

Izel jumping into Shaw

Shaw figured Piper didn't know of the dangers of the Shrike since she was in space during the events and volunteered to take it off her hands. Piper accepted, but wished Shaw hadn't noticed. Izel then left Piper's body and entered Shaw's. Eventually, Izel's left Shaw's body, but he remembered nothing except Piper being the last thing he saw before blacking out. Shaw noticed the Lighthouse went in lockdown mode to seal Izel in and went to regroup with the others.

The team tries to fgure out who Izel is

The team tries to figure out who Izel is

He met up with everyone in the control room where they were trying to figure out how to stop Izel. Shaw became worried when May suggested the idea of Izel being anyone in the room and remained silent. Shaw listened as Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez suggested each of them reveal something only one other person would know since Izel couldn't retain her host's memories, but Shaw believed he had no secrets since he was an open book. He, however, realized there was no better option and listened to Rodriquez and Daisy Johnson's secrets be revealed, but became worried when Mackenzie locked them up in his office. Though May claimed it was to keep Izel from their strongest agents, Shaw believed Mackenzie was Izel before Rodriguez denied it.

Shaw meets Izel

Shaw meets Izel

He then listened to James Davis's secret of stealing a space pen from Krylor, but soon became uncomfortable with this and suggested another way before Piper stormed in claiming Izel was in Shaw. Shaw insisted Piper had no proof, but she told them that Shaw was the first thing she saw after coming to. Seeing everyone turn to him, he revealed he blacked out as well and the last thing he saw was Piper and believed she was in her. The argument was soon defused when Mackenzie questioned Fitz. When Fitz refused to answer Mackenzie's questions, it was revealed Izel had possessed him before she revealed herself.

Shaw being chocked by Izel

Shaw being choked by Izel

Izel then body swapped from Piper to Shaw. When Izel left Shaw's body, he found himself being choked by the Izel possessed Mackenzie before she left his body. Mackenzie quickly let go of Shaw and Fitz guided his grandson to safety. Shaw then watched in dismay as Izel possessed Piper again and shot her hand. After Izel learned that Mackenzie was the Director, she jumped through May, Shaw, and Fitz before reaching Davis. Shaw and the others then watched in horror as Izel forced Davis to throw himself off the ledge to his death. Izel then possessed Mackenzie and left.

Shaw talks about the Fear Dimension

Shaw talks about the Fear Dimension

After Johnson and Rodriquez went after the Izel possessed Mackenzie, Shaw helped Fitz cover Davis's body up and stitch Piper's wound. May and Shaw then briefed Fitz on the Fear Dimension that was created when the three Monoliths blew up. Shaw talked about the recreations of the Kree he fought and his mother and how Fitz's other self got married to Jemma Simmons a few floors down in a forest that was created from his fear of the environment.

Shaw and Fitz discuss the Monoliths

Shaw and Leo Fitz discuss the Monoliths

Fitz came to believe it wasn't a dimension at all. Fitz told them of what Izel said of the Monolith's power to create and that when all three blew apart it was actually the remains of the Monoliths energy to which Shaw agreed with. This led the three to figure out that Sarge was inhabiting the duplicate body of Coulson that was created and sent through space and time. Shaw then deduced that Fitz's Gravity Containment Device contained the energy of all three Monoliths and that if Izel got her hands on it she would have gotten exactly what she wanted.

Shaw and Fitz talk about Ghost Rider

Shaw and Leo Fitz talk about Ghost Rider

After Izel got the device and took Mackenzie and Rodriquez hostage, Shaw and Fitz looked over the footage of her interaction with Sarge. Shaw was unfazed at the idea of an entire realm of non-corporeal beings and figured it was another day at S.H.I.E.L.D. Fitz explained that they had encounter something similar called Ghost Rider and Shaw summed it up to a ghost riding someone's body. Fitz agreed with his assessment and told him that they had to keep an eye on Sarge if he is anything like that.[17]

Working with his Grandparents

Shaw tries brainstorming with his grandparents

Shaw tries brainstorming with his grandparents

"We need to design something compact..."
"...To send inaudible frequencies that reverberate through our bodies..."
"...Matching the frequency of this alloy, out of phase."
―Deke Shaw, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

In the aftermath of Infiltration into the Lighthouse, Shaw went to work with his grandparents on a way to keep Izel from entering their bodies. When Daisy Johnson entered the science lab, asking for a progress report, Shaw tried to be part of Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons' brainstorms, but was unsuccessful. Before walking off with Fitz to continue working, he assured Johnson they were getting close to figuring out Izel's weakness.

Deke working with Fitz

Shaw working with Leo Fitz

After Johnson interrogated Sarge she returned to Shaw, Fitz, and Simmons to see their progress. The three explained how Sarge's Sword was a more complex version of the Shrike Daggers and that it is capable of killing Izel. Johnson, however, was more concerned with how to get near her when she can take over their bodies. While Shaw worked with Fitz, he listened to Johnson and Simmons' conversation of Johnson's inability to move on from Phil Coulson's death before the former stormed off.

Deke and Fitz watching Daisy

Shaw watching Sarge's interrogation

When Johnson went to interrogate Sarge again, Shaw, Fitz, and Simmons watched on the monitor. At first, it looked like Johnson was being sincere with Sarge, but they were, however, horrified when Johnson snapped his neck. When Johnson asked the trio if they would've stopped her if she told them what she was going to do, they all agreed. Johnson told them to check Sarge's vitals, and when Shaw saw that Sarge was still alive, he urged Johnson to get out before he woke up.

Deke and FotzSimmons trying to stop Daisy

Shaw and his grandparents try to stop Daisy Johnson from killing Sarge

Once Sarge finally woke up, they watched Johnson's interrogation of him before seeing him unleash his newfound powers and knock Johnson out and escape. After Johnson awoke, she returned to Shaw, Fitz, and Simmons and questioned if they got any data. They thought it was unimportant with Shaw asking the possibility of Sarge returning to Izel. Johnson assured him wasn't going to happen, grabbing Sarge's sword, with the intent to kill him. Shaw and his grandparents tried to talk Johnson out of it, believing there was some piece of Coulson left in him, but Johnson refused to listen.

Team FitzSimmons

Shaw learns how to defeat Izel

Johnson's confrontation of Sarge actually woke up some of Coulson's memories and she found herself unable to kill him. After they got Sarge on their side, Shaw told his grandparents to be quiet as he listened to the frequency in the sword. He went over to the daggers and hit them against the table to realize that Izel's powers operated on resonant frequencies just like the Di'Allas. Shaw's breakthrough allowed Fitz and Simmons to figure out how to stop Izel from possessing them and the three went to work on a device that would protect them. Shaw smiled to himself as he started to bond with his grandparents.[39]

Letting his Feelings Out

Shaw at the briefing

Shaw at the briefing

"The family that I do have wants nothing to do with me."
"Deke, we care about you. We do."
"You say that and you try to be nice, but you didn't even want me to know that Fitz died."
"I wanted to spare you the pain."
"But I could've shared that with you. I could've helped."
―Deke Shaw and Jemma Simmons[src]

After Sarge joined S.H.I.E.L.D., the team prepared a rescue mission to save Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez from Izel. Shaw listened to Daisy Johnson brief everyone on their mission before Piper questioned how they could get close to Izel. Jemma Simmons presented Johnson the Sonic Barrier Cuffs that she, Shaw, and Leo Fitz invented, but when Johnson asked how many they had and Simmons looked nervous to answer, Shaw presented everyone a box full of Barrier Cuffs, much to the others amazement.


Shaw impresses everyone

When asked when he had the time to make the extras, he simply told them if he had another day he could've had them in rose gold. Fitz was in awe at his grandson's success and referred to him as a wizard. Shaw, smiling to himself, told them that he picked up some tricks in his time as the CEO of his company. After Johnson complimented Shaw's work, Shaw and Fitz puffed their shoulders together as Simmons smiled at their bonding. The briefing then continued with Shaw listening to his grandparents as they told them about their new Shrike Bullets and that Sarge was their best chance to kill Izel since he had the sword.

Shaw comes up with an idea

Shaw comes up with an idea to stop Izel

After the team secured the abandoned Zephyr One they contacted the Lighthouse. Shaw listened in as the team reported their situation and Sarge's warning not to use comms as Izel and the Shrike operate on sonic frequencies, causing the team to cut off communications with the Lighthouse. When Fitz and Simmons started brainstorming how to get the cuffs to Mackenzie and Rodriquez without confronting Izel, Shaw offered an idea that he was working on at his company. While his grandparents were thrilled Shaw had a solution, he nervously asked them not get mad as it was already at the base.

Shaw introduces his grandparents

Shaw introduces his grandparents

Shaw then led them through the Lighthouse, asking them to remember how excited they were when he produced the cuffs, as he made his way to a room. Shaw then revealed that his company was stationed inside that room, still operating and were responsible for the creation of the cuffs. Shaw introduced his employees to FitzSimmons and told them that they identify themselves as his grandparents as a way to avoid confusion. Lindsay then arrived and happily gave her boss Charcoal water and offered refreshments to his grandparents, but they declined. Lindsay then gave Shaw the rose gold cuff, to which he loved.

Shaw presents the ShawDrive

Shaw presents the ShawDrive

Shaw led them to the back where Kaya presented them the ShawDrive, which Simmons recognized as a Jump Drive, causing them to realize that he had stolen the designs of the Jump Drive. Shaw excused Kaya and tried to defend his actions by reminding them that S.H.I.E.L.D. stole from the Remorath first. Fitz then realized he had stolen all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s inventions, but Shaw believed he was using good ideas. When Fitz noticed Framework code, Shaw informed him it was an advanced gaming system. Fitz, was, however, disgusted that he was profiting off it, but Shaw reminded him that profit fuels research just like he said.


FitzSimmons agree to help Shaw

With the argument not subsiding, Simmons brought up the fact that an agent could use the Jump Drive to teleport into the field. Coming down, Fitz asked Shaw if it did indeed work. Shaw reluctantly told them that most of the mice survived their initial testing. When Fitz was about to yell again, Shaw assured that with the three of them, they could get it working. They all then decided to work on the Jump Drive so they could make a distraction for the team. Shaw then told his employees that whatever his "Nana and Bobo" wanted they run by him first then assist them.

Simmons stops Shaw and Fitz' arguing

Jemma Simmons stops Shaw and Leo Fitz

After Melinda May called in to inform them that their cover was blown, Simmons told her that they may have a solve to help them get to Mackenzie and Rodriguez. However, Fitz was doubtful they would get it to work. Fitz and Shaw began to argue, with Fitz questioning why Simmons referred to their grandson as a delight. Shaw then accused Fitz of being jealous that he came up with the solve, but he rebutted that half his ideas were his. Simmons then stopped them, getting angry at the repetitive conflict between the two due to the exhaustion of it. She then reminded them of what they were doing, and got them back to work.

Shaw breaks down

Shaw breaks down on how he's been treated

However, this didn't prove to last as Fitz continued to get annoyed at Shaw for stealing tech to make a profit with his company. This then caused Shaw to yell about why he started his company, as no one liked him. Simmons tried to calm him down, but it didn't work. Shaw then ranted as he continued to work that he's never felt he belonged anywhere with his home and friends gone, the woman that he likes thinking he was nothing, his best friend being sent to spy on him, and his girlfriend being a psychopath, but Simmons cut him off, saying Snowflake wasn't good for him, but he told her he was referring to Sequoia.

Shaw attempting to prove himself

Shaw attempting to prove himself

Shaw then told them that the worst thing was that the only family he had didn't even want him around. Simmons tried to assure Shaw that she and Fitz do care about him, but he confronted her about not telling him about Fitz dying. When she said she didn't tell him to spare him the pain of the loss, Shaw believed he could've shared the pain with her and help in finding him. Shaw then decided to take action to get some respect for himself. He grabbed some of the cuffs and strapped on the Jump Drive. Despite FitzSimmons trying to talk him down, he teleported out of the Lighthouse to the Temple of the Forgotten, much to his grandparents dismay.[18]

Proving Himself

Shaw rescues his friends

Shaw rescues his friends

"Thank you, Agent Shaw."
"Anytime, Director."
Alphonso Mackenzie to Deke Shaw[src]

Mere moments later, Shaw found himself in the main chamber of the Temple of the Forgotten whee he was greeted by the confused Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie. Wasting no time, Shaw put the Sonic Barrier Cuffs on their wrists which kept Izel from jumping into them. After Rodriguez threw Izel against a wall, Shaw urged them that it was time to leave. However, Shaw was greeted by the surprise return of Flint. After the two questioned how the other was here, Shaw gave Flint is cuff to keep him safe, having issues with "wearable tech."

Shaw officially becomes an agent

Shaw officially becomes an agent

While Mackenzie and Rodriguez helped Flint, Shaw took the lead. He informed them that the S.H.I.E.L.D. team was coming soon and that they had to get to Zephyr One . Mackenzie took note of the Jump Drive on Shaw's back, to which he said he'd give it to Flint to get him out of danger, but it was far too unstable. Taking a second for Flint to rest, the team noticed Shrike hosts approaching. Shaw told them to leave as he'll provide a distraction for them, which finally earned Mackenzie's respect to officially make him a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. The new S.H.I.E.L.D. agent thanked his Director before leading the hosts away.

Shaw cornered by Shrike

Shaw cornered by Shrike

Leading the two Shrike hosts to a dead end, he sarcastically thanked them for their hospitality before jumping away. Unfortunately, he found himself only a few feet behind them. Throwing sand in their faces to distract them, Shaw contacted the Lighthouse for assistance. He told them that he rescued Mackenzie and Rodriguez, but revealed that the Jump Drive wasn't working, which Leo Fitz revealed was because it needed to build up charge. Shaw questioned why they didn't tell them that, to which Fitz responded that it was because he jumped away before he could. Shaw then cursed "Wearable tech" and kept moving.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - SDCC 2019 Hall H Extended Season 6 Trailer 42

Shaw watches Izel

As Shaw waited for the charge, he expressed an idea for a game about killing zombies, which Jemma Simmons supported. While Shaw listed some ideas, he heard Izel's singing, so he made his way to where the noise was coming from, where he saw her resonating the three Di'Allas' frequencies. Shaw then placed a camera from the ShawDrive so everyone at the Lighthouse could see. Simmons then watched as Izel stood before the Monoliths and asked what was happening. Shaw responded that he didn't know, but feared that they were too late.

The Sign 29

Shaw attacked by Shrike hosts

Leaving the main chamber, Shaw stated that he wanted to get out of the temple before Izel finished her song, but Simmons informed him he didn't have enough power to get back to the Lighthouse. However, when Shaw became overwhelmed by Izel's army, he teleported anyway, appearing in the jungle. At first he thought he was safe, before being attacked by more Shrike. After Simmons told him to head to the Quinjet as it was close to his location, Shaw was forced to abandon the ShawDrive as the Shrike were consuming it. As he ran, he asked where the Quinjet was. Fitz informed him to head west, and then emphasized that it was toward to the sun.[18]

Learning to Fly

Shaw makes it to the Quinjet

Shaw makes it to the Quinjet

"Easy there, cowboy. Take-off's pretty much automated. It's the landing where things get a little tricky. It's gonna require a gentle touch."
"Well, you rest that pretty, little head of yours, because... the D's kinda known for that."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw made it there safe, going through the top hatch, and then asked for further instructions, but he was told by Leo Fitz to just wait for an extract. Shaw asked if there was a way for them to fly him back to the Lighthouse remotely and told them if they couldn't, he could get Elon Musk as he owes him a favor. Jemma Simmons then told him to just wait as someone will eventually find him.[18]

Shaw talks to Mackenzie

Shaw talks to Alphonso Mackenzie

Having lost contact with the Lighthouse, Shaw tried contacting Fitz, to no avail, Alphonso Mackenzie was able to pick up on his transmission and was glad to hear he was ok. Shaw informed them that he was surrounded by Shrike zombies and needed rescuing. Mackenzie gave Shaw the news that he'll have to fly the Quinjet to Zephyr One himself. Shaw wasn't to confident in his chances as he had zero piloting experience and asked if they really thought it was a good idea.

Shaw gets in the pilot seat

Shaw gets in the pilot seat

After some "reinsurance" from Daisy Johnson and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Shaw agreed to do it, but cursed himself for always letting Trevor Khan fly when they played Remorath Rumble. Shaw got in the pilot seat and listened to Mackenzie's instructions. The Director told Shaw to look to his right and he'd see two red switches. He instructed him to pull the one on the left back. As the engines roared to life, Shaw waited for his next instruction. Mackenzie told him to pull back the throttle and that he would hear the engines ramp up. Shaw did as instructed, He did as instructed, but became furious when it didn't work.

New Life 41

Shaw ambushed by Shrike

Mackenzie assisted Shaw in trying to figure out the issue with the Quinjet, but every system Shaw examined was functioning as it should be. A Shrike zombie then jumped on the window, causing Shaw to streak in fear. After Johnson asked if everything was ok, Shaw realized that the problem was with the Electro-hydrostatic Actuator as the Shrike zombie had ripped it out of the jet and destroyed it. With the Electro-hydrostatic Actuator destroyed, Mackenzie guided Shaw to a hatch on the floor to re-route power to the main engine.

Shaw bites the Shrike's hand

Shaw bites a Shrike host's hand

As Shaw got to work re-routing power, the Shrike zombies called in reinforcements and started to surround the entire Quinjet. Mackenzie instructed Shaw that all that what was left was to re-route the electric input cable to the flight systems. While Shaw was finishing the task, a Shrike zombie grabbed a hold of him from the open hatch. After some struggle, Shaw managed to get him off by biting his hand. With the power re-routed, Shaw got back into the pilot's seat and took off.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - SDCC 2019 Hall H Extended Season 6 Trailer 59

Shaw crash landing the Quinjet

With the Quinjet in the air and headed to the Zephyr, Shaw took a breath and became proud of himself for accomplishing the task. Mackenzie warned Shaw not to get cocky as taking off is practically automated, but the landing is what's really going to be difficult and urged Shaw to have a gentle touch. Shaw smugly assured Mackenzie that the "D" was known for that. Mackenzie was then forced to cut off from Shaw, which caused him to make a forced landing on the Zephyr and warned everyone to hang on.

AOS 6x13 Quake Mack Yoyo Deke

Shaw flying the Quinjet

After crash landing on the Zephyr, Mackenzie, Johnson, and the now Shrike infected Rodriguez got on board. Shaw then flew the Quinjet to the Temple of the Forgotten where the team would deal with Sarge and Izel. Mackenzie was up front with Shaw, who assured him that now that they were in the air, he's good, but it's the landing that worried him. Mackenzie told Shaw that he didn't care if he was gentle and said he can crash the Quinjet if he had to before heading back to Yo-Yo. Mackenzie soon returned to the front and gave Shaw instructions where to land the Quinjet.[19]

Battle at the Temple of the Forgotten

Shaw leads the team to Izel

Shaw leads the team to Izel

"Agent Shaw, you got your orders."
"Stay here and take out any zombies while you go quake Sarge back to whatever planet he was barfed out on."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

After landing the Quinjet, Shaw led the team through the Temple of the Forgotten. He pointed them down a hallway that would take them straight to Izel. With Yo-Yo Rodriguez getting worse, Alphonso Mackenzie have Shaw his orders; He was to stay behind and take out any Shrike zombies while they take out Sarge and Izel. When Daisy Johnson asked Shaw if he could hold his own, Mackenzie told her he'd been practicing and that she should see his video game.

Shaw holds off the Shrike

Shaw holds off the Shrike

Johnson stared at Shaw in confusion, but Shaw, not wanting Johnson to know about was in it, told his team to handle Sarge. After Mackenzie and Rodriguez departed, Johnson gave Shaw a pat on the shoulder as reassurance. As Shaw held his position, Shrike zombies were approaching. Shaw took them down with the Shrike Bullets, but contacted his team to inform them that he couldn't hold the growing number of zombies forever. The Shrike were soon destroyed when Melinda May returned from the Fear Dimension and killed Izel, also saving Rodriguez in the process.[19]

War Against the Chronicoms

Traveling to 1931

Shaw in awe of Simmons

Shaw in awe of Jemma Simmons' arrival

"Where's Fitz?"
"I don't know. I can't know."
―Deke Shaw and Jemma Simmons[src]

Shaw soon caught up with his team, only to find Jemma Simmons present with a group of people in hazmat suits. He observed his grandmother inject the dying Melinda May with a formula that would heal her wounds and save her life. He then saw the strangers taking a piece of the White Monolith. With Simmons insisting they needed to leave as soon as possible, May was put into a Cryo-Freeze Chamber, as they made their way onto the upgraded Zephyr One, where Johnson expressed her confusion for the changes that have occurred, which she revealed that she had help and time.

Shaw wonders where Fitz is

Shaw wonders where Leo Fitz is

When Shaw asked about Leo Fitz, Simmons mentioned that she didn't know, nor could she know. Shaw stayed behind with the recovering Yo-Yo Rodriguez while Simmons guided Alphonso Mackenzie and Johnson through the Zephyr. Simmons soon transported the team away just as the Temple of the Forgotten was destroyed. The team ended up in 1931 where their new mission was to stop the Chronicom Hunters from wiping S.H.I.E.L.D. out for good. To accomplish this task, FitzSimmons and Enoch created a Chronicom LMD version of Phil Coulson.[19]

Shaw is briefed by Simmons

Shaw is briefed by Jemma Simmons

Once Simmons returned with Johnson and Mackenzie, she reinforced the situation of the Chronicoms wanting to take Earth by erasing S.H.I.E.L.D. from history. Shaw then asked if the Zephyr was a time machine now and if they could jump to any time they wanted, but Simmons revealed that they are but following the Chronicoms trail to certain "tides" as Fitz called them. Simmons, however, didn't know what the Chronicoms were doing in 1931, leaving both Shaw and Rodriguez less confidant of their chances of victory.

Shaw at his workstation

Shaw at his new workstation

Simmons then led them into a upgraded control room where they were greeted very loudly by Enoch. When Shaw was looking at Simmons' workstation, she directed him to his next to Enoch. Once Shaw got to his station, he noticed one of Fitz' tools and asked if he really wasn't with them. Simmons told the team that since the Chronicoms scanned their brains with the Cerebral Fusion Machine before, it was to dangerous for any of them to know where in time he was and that they can't waste anymore time, not knowing what the Chronicoms are up to.

Shaw finds out about Prohibition

Shaw finds out about Prohibition

Needing clothes to blend in, Mackenzie ordered Shaw to retrieve them. Shaw agreed, noting that navigating the past was his specialty, only for Rodriguez to remind him of the time he got drunk and thrown in jail when he first arrived in the past, though Shaw believed it was hilarious. Johnson believed he'd be fine since it was illegal to drink during this time, much to Shaw's dismay. He questioned who's idea that was as even the Kree let the Lighthouse inhabitants make their own "boot juice". Simmons then gave him money to buy the clothes, before Shaw left, assuring Mackenzie that he'd keep a low profile.[20]

Getting the Lay of the Land

Shield arrive in 1931

Shaw and the others in awe of 1931 New York

"I mean, I knew it wasn't really in black and white, but still. Now I know how you felt. It's a blast in the past. New sites, new sounds..."
"Definitely new smells."
"All the huddled masses, just scrambling for food? This is more my speed."
Daisy Johnson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

After Shaw paid thirteen dollars for their disguises, he returned to Zephyr One. The group, minus Jemma Simmons, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Melinda May, and Enoch, then started their investigation into a group of dead NYPD officers without faces. Once getting through a secret passage, Shaw and the others were in awe of the sight of 1931 New York.

Shaw and the others walk the streets

Shaw and the others walk the streets

While the team walked the streets, Daisy Johnson told Shaw that she now understood how he felt when he traveled to the present, as she herself was in amazement. Shaw then talked about how he could relate to this era as it reminded him a lot of his time in 2091 and that he loves it hear since everything was cheap. Phil Coulson reminded Shaw that this time period wasn't that great with everything that was eventually going to happen. When the others became worried about changing the Timeline due to the Butterfly Effect, Shaw said he believed more into the Timestream theory.

Shaw explains the timestream theory

Shaw explains the timestream theory

When Johnson questioned it was because it meant he could do whatever he wanted, he stopped the group to explain. He explained time as a stream and they were sticks thrown into it with the water moving them or around them, but it always ended up in the same place. He then explained that if too many sticks were thrown in, it would cause major damage and as long as they avoided that, they'd be good. Alphonso Mackenzie figured where he was going with this and told him that he wouldn't be filing patents. Shaw assured the Director that he'd be fine before bumping into a man. Coulson apologized for him and they continued on.


Shaw entering the Cut Rate Drugs

Shaw then handed the group plastic badges that he printed out before they left, but the others were less then impressed with Shaw's work on them. Once they reached Cut Rate Drugs and got through the crowds, they were halted by Officer Fischer where Coulson used Shaw's badge to tell the officer they were part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and that the four of them were asked to assist in the investigation. When Fischer made fun of Johnson pretending to be a Mountie, Shaw watched in amusement with Coulson and Mackenzie as Johnson threatened to beat the Officer up in front of all of his police friends unless he moved. With that, Fischer let Shaw and the others into the store.

O'Harren's - AoS701-2

Shaw dismisses Phil Coulson's theory

Once inside, the team started to investigate the three bodies, but Coulson questioned the fourth body who still had his face. Shaw examined the box full of bottles and deduced it was Whisky and figured that his teammates were messing with him about alcohol being illegal. Johnson, however, believed he was a bootlegger. Coulson then examined one of the bottles's lids with a Swordfish and told the team about a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe-house that was an old speakeasy where the password was Swordfish, but Shaw figured it was a coincidence.

Shaw examines the bodies

Shaw examines the bodies

Mackenzie, however, disagreed and ordered Shaw and Johnson to investigate the bodies while he and Coulson checked out the bar. Before leaving, Mackenzie reminded Shaw not to make ripples, not waves, which annoyed him, as he started to feel targeted. After they left, Shaw took out the Facial Reconstruction Scanner from his bag to scan the body's faces. Johnson asked where it was to be plugged in, but Shaw told her it could be plugged in anywhere. He then stabbed the needle into one of the bodies heads, much to Johnson's disgust.[20]

First Encounter with the Chronicoms

Shaw becomes annoyed by Johnson

Shaw gets annoyed by Daisy Johnson

"How many agents are here?"
Abel and Deke Shaw[src]

With the scan of the first officer taking a while, Daisy Johnson grew impatient and questioned Shaw if the Facial Reconstruction Scanner could go any faster. Shaw then told her that it was sampling his DNA and simulating missing bone structure and sarcastically asked her how fast she would like for it to go. Before they could continue, Johnson spotted more cops arriving and told Shaw she'd stall. While Johnson stalled, Shaw moved on to the next body.

Shaw refues to answer Abel's questions

Shaw refuses to answer Abel's questions

As Shaw finished scanning the second body, he noticed an Officer walking and tried to play off what he was doing as era appropriate police work. However, when he came face-to-face with the Officer, he realized he was a Chronicom Hunter as he was wearing the face of the body he just scanned. He attempted to act normal, but the Chronicom wasn't fooled and grabbed Shaw by the throat. When he demanded to know how many agents were here, Shaw refused to answer and stabbed him in the neck with the scanner's needle. While the Hunter was down, Shaw ran out to warn Johnson.

Daisy & Deke (1931)

Daisy Johnson saves Shaw from Cain

He came out just in time to distract another Hunter from killing Johnson, before she quaked punched on to the back of a truck before he killed Shaw. As Shaw blocked the exit and warned Johnson of the second one, she questioned if he could hot-wire the truck, which he believed he could. After Johnson covered up the Hunter with a sheet, Shaw was able to start the engine, much to his glee. Johnson sarcastically told him she was proud before he drove them and the Hunter back to Zephyr One just as the second Hunter got through the barricade.

Shaw looks at the uncocious Cain

Shaw looks at the unconscious Cain

Shaw drove the truck into the Zephyr's hanger and honked the horn to signal the others. As Jemma Simmons and Yo-Yo Rodriguez came up to them, Simmons yelled at Shaw for stealing the truck, but Shaw questioned why she was only yelling at him when there were two of them. When Johnson revealed the unconscious Chronicom in the back, Rodriguez assumed Shaw had killed a cop before it was revealed to be a Hunter when it glitched. Simmons then ordered them to tie him up so they could interrogate him.[20]

Attack on Freddy Malick

Deke and Daisy Fancy

Shaw and Daisy Johnson arrive at the party

"What is all this?"
"We're saving your life. Let's go."
Freddy Malick and Deke Shaw[src]

The team soon got word from Alphonso Mackenzie and Phil Coulson that the Chronicom Hunters were going to kill Franklin D. Roosevelt while he's still a Governor at a political party insure he never founds the Strategic Scientific Reserve which would later become S.H.I.E.L.D.. Shaw and Johnson got dressed up and arrived as a couple to assist. They walked up to Mackenzie and Coulson, who were disguised as bartenders and Shaw joked about Mackenzie serving them two Zima.

Shaw confused by Coulson's dad joke

Shaw is confused by Phil Coulson's "dad joke"

Coulson asked Shaw and Johnson if they recognize any of the cops as the Hunters, but they didn't. However, they informed them that there was still one cop they didn't ID yet. When Mackenzie talked about the Chronicoms waiting for FDR, Coulson made a "Dad joke", which Shaw didn't understand. After Coulson apologized for the "glitch", Mackenzie assigned Johnson and Coulson to wait by the door to protect FDR while he and Shaw wait here. Once the orders were given, Shaw headed to the back.

Shaw talks about his father to Malick

Shaw talks about his father to Wilfred Malick

When FDR took the podium, Shaw listened to his speech before giving Mackenzie a look when he started talking about FDR's future influence to Wilfred Malick. Moving on, Shaw asked Malick how he got into this position. Malick told him that after he father died, Ernest Koenig offered him a job when he was on the streets. Sympathizing, Shaw told him he had lost his father to and approved of his methods. When Shaw and Mackenzie noticed Johnson and Coulson following FDR after his speech they followed after them. When they arrived, they learned the Hunters weren't after FDR and realized they were missing something.

Shaw helps Freddy up

Shaw helps Wilfred Malick up

The team then got word from Jemma Simmons that her interrogation of Cain revealed they were actually after Malick, which confused Shaw. When they caught up with him, the Hunters had already made their move. The frightened Malick questioned what was happening, to which Shaw answered that they were saving his life and helped him up. Shaw and Mackenzie then got Malick to safety while Johnson and Coulson handled the Hunters. As they were fleeing, Malick told the two that he was just supposed to make a delivery tonight, which Shaw and Mackenzie agreed they needed to insure happened.[20]

Escape from the Chroni-Cops

Shaw and his allies fleeing the Hunters

Shaw and his allies fleeing the Hunters

"You gotta give 'em the slip
"Yeah, and we gotta loose them, too."
Freddy Malick and Deke Shaw[src]

The three were soon being chased by the Chronicom Hunters, with Wilfred Malick saying they had to "give 'em the slip". Shaw added that they had to lose the Hunters as well, which confused Malick as he had basically said the same thing. Seeing as the car couldn't go any faster, Alphonso Mackenzie turned off the headlights and parked in an alleyway to hide.

Shaw mocking Malick

Shaw mocks Wilfred Malick

Once the coast was clear, Shaw and Mackenzie asked Malick where he needed to go now, to which he told them was to deliver his package. Getting out of the car and opening the trunk, Shaw took out a radio and attempted to contact Daisy Johnson, but because they weren't in range he couldn't make contact. Malick scoffed Shaw that the radio needed to be plugged into something to work, so he returned the favor by sarcastically thanking Malick for his useless advice in a New York accent.

Shaw agreeing to help Malick

Shaw agrees to help Wilfred Malick

As Shaw got his clothes out of the trunk, he listened to Malick explain that the cops would kill him over his bottles of alcohol was because of the formula, though Mackenzie didn't believe him. When Mackenzie requested he be honest with them since they were his protection, Malick offered them the chance to "angle" away. Not understanding Malick's phrase, Shaw told him that he and Mackenzie were bootleggers and that they would take him wherever he need to go. Shaw and Mackenzie then got their disguises back on and drove Malick to his destination.[21]

Travelling with Freddy Malick

Shaw unloading La Respuesta

Shaw unloading La Respuesta

"We're not leaving you."
"I don't need no bodyguards."
"The cops that are after you, they're not the type to give up. They're gonna keep coming until they finish you off."
"You got a job to do, and so do we. They don't want you to make this delivery, but we're gonna make damn sure you do."
Alphonso Mackenzie, Freddy Malick, and Deke Shaw[src]

Parking near train tracks, Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie helped Wilfred Malick unload the packages of alcohol out of the car. Shaw asked when Malick's buyer was going to arrive, but Malick told him he wasn't as the actual meeting was 500 miles from here. Shaw and Mackenzie questioned why he had them unload the alcohol if that was the case, to which he revealed was so they can take the car and leave.

Shaw persuading Malick

Shaw persuading Wilfred Malick

Malick told them that this was where they departed as a cargo train approached, saying that is his ride to the meeting. Malick thanked Shaw and Mackenzie for saving his life from the police and said he owed them one for it. Mackenzie, however, told him that they weren't leaving his side, but Malick refused their protection. Shaw backed Mackenzie's case by making it clear that the cops who were trying to kill him weren't going to give up on their task that easily. Seeing the two weren't going to be deterred, Malick accepted and the three got on board the train.

Shaw complimrnts himself

Shaw compliments himself

While on their way to the meeting, Malick examined the two-way radio and asked Shaw if he had actually invented the device. Shaw turned to Mackenzie for his approval to take credit, to which he granted. He told him that the radio was just a prototype and Malick complimented his work on something that didn't require to be plugged in by calling him smart. Shaw at first denied the compliment, before giving in to the flattery, much to the Director's annoyance. Shaw then said that he was good with "tech", which confused Malick.

Shaw stares at Mackenzie

Shaw knowingly stares at Alphonso Mackenzie

Changing the subject, Mackenzie asked Malick what he was good at. Malick told them that he was never good at school, but made friends. Shaw then inquired how he lost his father and listened to how he committed suicide after the Wall Street crash and that his mother stopped talking all together in the last two years. He told them he did what he had to do and saw no harm in giving people what they wanted, which Shaw agreed to. He told them that he doesn't always want to do these things, but after this job was done, he'd be set, saying the alcohol wouldn't change the world. Shaw and Mackenzie just stared at each other.

Shaw drinking La Respuesta

Shaw drinking La Respuesta

After Malick fell asleep, Shaw assisted Mackenzie in examining the containers. Shaw tasted the La Respuesta and gagged at the taste of alcohol. Shaw asked Mackenzie what they were looking for, but he himself didn't know, but figured that this was more then a bootlegging job. The radio then came to life with Enoch's voice, which woke Malick up. While Mackenzie tried to speak with Enoch, Malick questioned Shaw on why they were examining his containers. After Mackenzie failed to speak to Enoch, he answered for them in saying he needed to know what they were dealing with.

Shaw held at gunpoint

Shaw held at gunpoint by Wilfred Malick

When Mackenzie's demands to examine the contents weren't met, Shaw tried to talk the situation down by suggesting they just get Malick to his meeting safety, not wanting to cause waves. Mackenzie, however, refused to back down and asked kindly one last time for Malick to move aside. At first, it looked like Malick started to cooperate, so Mackenzie and Shaw started to inspect the contents of the crates, only for them to hear a click. They turned around to see Malick pointing a gun at them, saying they were going to do this delivery his way and they can go home.

Shaw holding Malick's gun

Shaw grabbing Wilfred Malick's gun

The three sat down on the crates and Malick suggested they come clean on they actually were, believing they were not bootleggers or from New York. Shaw confirmed his suspicions, telling him they were sent to protect him. Malick asked why, but Mackenzie could only tell him that it was complicated. When Mackenzie asked Malick how he was sure he wasn't going to get killed after he made the delivery, he told them that the woman who gave him the job was helping him be somebody. As the train rocked, Mackenzie tackled Malick and Shaw grabbed his gun. The train soon stopped and Malick confirmed they had arrived.[21]

Making a Tough Call

Shaw talks with Johnson

Shaw talks with Daisy Johnson

"He's Wilfred Malick. He's gonna be a major player in HYDRA. And if you kill him right now, you will save thousands of lives."
"But he's just a kid."
"We don't have time to debate this. Mack's in danger. So just do it, Deke. Take the shot."
Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw[src]

Getting of the train, the three arrived at Hell's Harbor. While Alphonso Mackenzie inspected the content with Wilfred Malick, Shaw scouted the area. He heard Daisy Johnson on the radio and answered. After the two greeted each other, Johnson informed Shaw that they were on their way, but had to be ready to depart as soon as they arrived and asked where Mackenzie was. Shaw told her that he was with Malick.

Shaw is ordered to kill Malick

Shaw is ordered to kill Wilfred Malick

Johnson then warned Shaw that Malick was dangerous, but Shaw had a hard time believing that. He said he was just in a tight spot and that the two had a lot in common. Johnson, however, denied any resemblance between the two and urged him to watch him. Shaw complied, saying he had his "finger on the trigger". Seeing that Shaw was armed, Johnson ordered him to kill Malick, explaining who he was eventually going to become within HYDRA and that Shaw could save thousands of lives. Hesitant, Shaw reminded Johnson that he was just a kid. Johnson insisted that Mackenzie was in danger and to take the shot.

Shaw using a revolver

Shaw prepares to kill Wilfred Malick

After Mackenzie found a serum bottle in one of the La Respuesta, Shaw arrived and revealed Malick's real name as Wilfred Malick and asked Mackenzie if he was familiar with the name. He confirmed him as the father of Gideon Malick, who would become the future leader of HYDRA, but Malick was confused on how they knew about HYDRA. Shaw aimed the gun at Malick and said Johnson gave him orders to kill him. Mackenzie ordered Shaw to put the gun down, but Shaw reminded him of all the blood he and his family would spill. Malick begged Shaw not to shoot, and after a moment of clarity, Shaw lowered the gun.[21]

Ambush at Hell's Harbor

Shaw shoots at the Hunters

Shaw shoots at the Chronicom Hunters

"What are those things?"
"That's our future if we don't get you out of here alive."
"Well, how are we supposed to do? We don't have any weapons."
"Speak for yourself."
Freddy Malick, Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

At that moment, Luke and Abel arrived and Shaw opened fire on them. The three took cover as the Chronicom Hunters fired at them with their rifles. Freddy Malick questioned what were those things and Alphonso Mackenzie answered that it was their future if they didn't get him to safety. Shaw asked how they were supposed to so that without any weapons, before throwing the inefficient pistol to the ground. Mackenzie disagreed with Shaw and rushed to get one of the rifles.

Shaw taking cover

Shaw taking cover with his allies

The three were soon saved by the timely arrival of their S.H.I.E.L.D. colleagues and Ernest Koenig. Daisy Johnson threw Shaw a better pistol and he immediately shot at Abel. Seeing that Malick disappeared, Mackenzie ordered Enoch and Koenig to find him while they dealt with the Hunters. After the two left, Phil Coulson and Johnson informed the pair that if they didn't get back to Zephyr One in three and a half minutes it would jump to the next time period without them. Seeing that their rescue mission wasn't working, he asked Johnson if it was indeed one.

The team leave 1931

Shaw and the team leave 1931

Realizing the Hunters stopped firing on them, Shaw believed it was a trap. After Coulson checked to see the Hunters had fled, the group made haste to the Zephyr with only two minutes left. On the way, Enoch reported that Malick had made his delivery and the future was intact. The team made it on board the Zephyr, disgusted they secured HYDRA's future and attempted to wait for Enoch before Jemma Simmons informed they had to close the ramp or else the ship would be torn apart. Making the tough call, Mackenzie gave the order. As the ramp was closing, Enoch came running and the others cheered him on, but it was too late and they jumped away without him.[21]

Traveling to 1955

Shaw and the others arrive in 1955

Shaw and the others arrive in 1955

"Helius. Yeah, that was an early attempt at an Ion Fusion Reactor. But it... it never fully realized and the tech was mothballed."
"Not forever. In the future that I'm from, Ion Fusion was used to power the big weapons. Ship-to-ship killers."
"Well, they did just find out that we have a spaceship that follows them through time, so there's no better way to stop us."
Jemma Simmons, Deke Shaw and Daisy Johnson[src]

Arriving in the new era, Zephyr One started to fall, before its autopilot pulled them out of the dive. The team ran into the bridge and to different workstations to stabilize the Zephyr; Shaw worked beside Daisy Johnson. After the ship skidded to a stop, Shaw ran a systems check while Johnson activated cloaking.

Shaw finds out there near Area 51

Shaw finds out they're near Area 51

With everything stable, the team remembered that they left Enoch behind in 1931, but believed he'd be ok, as he had "time to spare". They questioned where they were and why they weren't back in their own time and Shaw reported that the GPS wasn't working. After Jemma Simmons picked up a walky-talky and tooned in on a signal, the team found out that they were in 1955. When they became concerned that the Zephyr may have attracted unwanted attention, Phil Coulson gave them good new that they landed near Groom Lake, Nevada, which was the home of Area 51, so the idea of an alien spaceship was common here.

Shaw complies with Mackenzie

Shaw complies with Alphonso Mackenzie

While Coulson was doing research on when in 1955 they were, Alphonso Mackenzie scolded Johnson for giving Shaw the order to kill Wilfred Malick, and Shaw listened closely to Mackenzie telling her it would've been exactly what the Chronicoms wanted. Mackenzie then directed his attention at Shaw. He told him that while he was the leader of his company in the present, right now, he was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and were to follow his orders until the mission to stop the Chronicoms was over. Shaw nodded his head and complied with his Director.

Shaw references Days of Thunder

Shaw references Days of Thunder

Yo-Yo Rodriguez then asked Simmons if they would know when the mission was done and Shaw listened to Simmons explain how they were "drafting" through time in the Chronicom's wake. When Rodriguez became confused over the term drafting, Shaw asked her if she had seen Days of Thunder, then said he'd explain it to her later. Simmons explained that she didn't know and that they could stop after this jump or keep going until it ends or they end the Chronicoms, but they'd always be following the Hunters, which meant they would always be one step behind.

Shaw explains Ion Fusion's future

Shaw explains Ion Fusion's future

Mackenzie figured they had to find the Chronicom's ship and Shaw told him that the Zephyr could scan for it on the ground and in the air. Coulson arrived and briefed them that in 1955 there was a project called Helius, and that could be what the Hunters were after. When Simmons told them that Helius was an early attempt at an Ion Fusion Reactor, but never functioned properly, Shaw revealed that in the future, Ion Fusion was used to power the weapons on the ships that could destroy enemy ships. The team figured that was what the Chronicoms wanted so they could stop them by destroying Zephyr One.[22]

Being a Better Man

Shaw going through files

Shaw going through files

"Look, I'm not the guy that you met in the Lighthouse. Not anymore. And I don't want to be."
"I know."
―Deke Shaw and Daisy Johnson[src]

After retrieving era appropriate clothing, Shaw remained on Zephyr One with Jemma Simmons, while the others went to Flying Rocket Diner to kidnap Gerald Sharpe to gain access to his files and clearance to Area 51. Shaw was going through the files with Daisy Johnson when Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez returned from tying Sharpe up. He told the Director that he believed Sharpe was just a pencil pusher that deals with risk management, which made Mackenzie figure when he wakes up he'd be easy to break.

Shaw cut off guard by May

Shaw is cut off guard by Melinda May

They were soon joined by Melinda May and they were concerned for her state of mind. Noticing the clothing everyone was wearing, May questioned what year they were in and Mackenzie caught her up on what their mission was. When May reacted to it as if it was normal, Shaw asked if she needed time to process what Mackenzie had just said. Ignoring Shaw, May listened as they told her that Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons were on their way to Area 51 under the aliases of Sharpe and Peggy Carter. When Coulson and Simmons infiltrated Area 51, Shaw got the feeds from Coulson's camera glasses and informed Johnson.

Shaw questions Johnson's orders

Shaw questions Daisy Johnson's orders

As the two were going through the files of people present at Area 51, Shaw noted that things got heated between her and Mackenzie earlier. Johnson noted it was all messy, leading Shaw to coldly suggest she not give him the order to kill someone in cold blood again. She defended her actions by saying that an agent had to take orders and that it wasn't always fun to follow them, but Shaw rebutted that he had to follow Mackenzie's orders, not hers. Johnson looked away from the file she was going over and reminded Shaw that while she wasn't the Director, she still outranked him.

Shaw disagrees with Johnson's views

Shaw disagrees with Daisy Johnson's views

When Johnson tried to get technical, Shaw interrupted her, saying that Wilfred Malick was just a kid. Johnson told Shaw that Malick wasn't an innocent kid, calling him the "Grand Wizard of HYDRA", but Shaw found that cool, so Johnson revealed that at the moment every government and corporate entity was being infiltrated by HYDRA and that killing Malick would've saved countless lives. Shaw, however, reminded her that his death would be on his hands. Johnson then reminded him that now they were responsible for thousands of deaths and asked Shaw why he was against it when he had done things like that back in 2091.

Shaw learns about Sousa

Shaw learns about Daniel Sousa

Shaw halted Johnson from reminding him of what he was like when they first met in the Lighthouse and made it clear to her that wasn't who he was anymore and he never wanted to be him again before looking over another file. Johnson nodded and assured Shaw that she knew that before returning to the files. She then came across a file that contained Daniel Sousa's information. Shaw asked who Sousa was and Johnson revealed that he was Agent Carter's former partner, which meant he could bust Coulson and Simmons, which eventually happened, causing Johnson to go out and save them.[22]

Interrogation of Gerald Sharpe

Shaw scanning IDs

Shaw scanning IDs

"Tell your pinko friends to go screw! And as for Helius, that hunk-of-junk's about as functional as a paperweight. Nothing on Earth is powerful enough to get it up to velocity. So take it, Stalinite."
"It doesn't work."
"That's right, Ivan."
Gerald Sharpe and Deke Shaw[src]

While Daisy Johnson went to rescue Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons, Shaw continued to go through the list of people attending Area 51. Alphonso Mackenzie got an image of Daniel Sousa and couldn't believe the chances, but Shaw reassured him that Johnson was on her way. He gave Mackenzie a list of people from the Air Force, Congressmen, and guy from the Pentagon, which Shaw wasn't familiar with. Mackenzie looked over the list and revealed to Shaw that this was a list of some of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s earliest power players.

Shaw is asked to interrogate Sharpe

Shaw is asked to interrogate Gerald Sharpe

They were then joined by Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who informed them that their interrogation of Gerald Sharpe failed, leaving them with nothing. Seeing no other option, the three turned to Shaw and suggested he interrogate Sharpe. Shaw questioned why he should as he had no S.H.I.E.L.D. experience and the others were reluctant to explain why. Staring at the three of them, Shaw slowly came to the disgusted realization that he would talk to him because he was white. Shaw agreed and cursed white privilege on his way out.

Shaw tries interrogating Sharpe

Shaw tries interrogating Gerald Sharpe

Shaw entered the makeshift tent they had to interrogate Sharpe and put on a ruse that this was all a test of Sharpe's loyality and that he passed. Sharpe believed Shaw was the man in charge, which disgusted him that Sharpe didn't see Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and May as equals. He then requested his knowledge if Project Helius was secured. At first, it looked like Sharpe was buying into Shaw's facade, only to reveal that he believed he was Communist along with his friends. However, when Sharpe told him that Helius was useless and that nothing on Earth could power it, Shaw came to a horrible realization and went to inform the others.

Shaw figures out the Chronicoms plan

Shaw figures out the Chronicom's plan

Shaw returned to Mackenzie and Rodriguez and informed them that there wasn't anything on Earth that could power it. Rodriguez figured that was a good thing, but Shaw revealed that the Chronicoms could power it up and reminded them of how "Original Enoch" powered up the Isochronus Cyclotron back in 2091 and if a Chronicom was willing to detonate itself combined with the Ion Fusion Reactor could cause Helius to become a bomb with a blast radius that could range for miles. This information made them figure out that the Chronicoms planned on using it to take out the entire brain trust of S.H.I.E.L.D. and they needed May to assist.[22]

Preserving the Timeline

Shaw tries to remotley shutdown Helius

Shaw tries to remotely shutdown Helius

"You sure about this?"
"We gotta preserve the timeline."
―Deke Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie stayed back on Zephyr One, while Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez went to stop the Chronicom. When Helius started powering up, Shaw tried to stop it remotely, but the two were interrupted by Gerald Sharpe, who freed himself. Shaw watched as Mackenzie tried calming Sharpe down, before he punched him out cold.

Shaw watches Mackenzie in amusement

Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie put on a ruse

The two then dumped Sharpe near Flying Rocket Diner and put on a ruse that they were aliens that abducted him using the Quinjet. Shaw asked Mackenzie if he was sure of this plan, to which he responded that they had to preserve the timeline. After Sharpe woke up, Shaw watched in amusement as Mackenzie pretended to be an alien and threatened to "probe" him if he spoke about what he had scene while in their custody. They then took off and flew back to Zephyr One, leaving Sharpe to seem crazy to everyone at the diner.[22]

Kidnapped by HYDRA

Shaw talks about his driving skills

Shaw talks about his driving skills

"And some things never change."
"Can't hurt to try, though."
"Well, it could... if we lose control of the timeline and it goes skidding off the roads."
―Deke Shaw and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

After Phil Coulson was able to trick Daniel Sousa into thinking he was a scientist sent to deliver a piece of S.H.I.E.L.D. technology to Howard Stark, Shaw and Yo-Yo Rodriguez were tasked to retrieve it from the late Niles Lindmore's house. While Shaw was driving, Rodriguez noticed that he was uncharacteristically quiet. Shaw claimed it was because he was trying to focus on driving since he didn't have much experience, but said he was good on a scooter.

Shaw is uncertain what his view is

Shaw is uncertain what his view was

Shaw then asked Rodriguez if women were allowed to drive in the 1950s, but she answered as if it were obvious that they were. Shaw defended his question by reminding her how sexist and racist the 30s and 50s are. He then switched gears on how nothing ever changes, but Rodriguez believed it did no harm in trying. Shaw, however, pointed out that too many changes to the timeline could cause irreparable damage. When it looked as if Shaw and Rodriquez had different views on whether or not to change the past to better the future, she asked Shaw what his view was, but he simply replied that he hasn't decided yet.

Shaw about to be kidnapped

Shaw about to be kidnapped by HYDRA

Their conversation ended when they arrived at Lindmore's house. The two got out and realized that someone had already broken in when they noticed the door's lock was damaged. As Rodriquez pulled out her I.C.E.R., she motioned Shaw to check the area while she checked upstairs for the package. While Shaw searched the house, he was confronted by a gangster. Shaw slowly backed up, getting ready for a fight, before he was knocked out cold from behind. The two men then loaded Shaw unconscious body into the back of their car and drove off.[23]

Reunited with an Old Friend

Shaw is reunited with Malick

Shaw is reunited with Wilfred Malick

"I guess I owe you a debt of gratitude, Deke."
"I'm glad life worked out for you."
"Well, it looks like it has for you, too. You get to walk out of here instead of being carried out."
Wilfred Malick and Deke Shaw[src]

The two gangsters took Shaw to a mansion in Los Angeles and got him out of the back of their car. They brought him to their boss, though Shaw shoved one of the gangster's arms off of him. The man in charge gout out of his seat and stepped out of the shadows, introducing himself as Wilfred. Shaw quickly came to the horrible realization that the man standing before him was the same Freddy Malick that he and Alphonso Mackenzie saved back in 1931.

Shaw is horrified at what Malick has become

Shaw is horrified at Wilfred Malick's cruelty

When Malick questioned his identity, Shaw realized that he didn't recognize him from 24 years ago and lied that he was just a salesman who was just trying to sell toasters and was then knocked out by his goons and dragged here. Malick, however, didn't believe his story and demanded to know where the S.H.I.E.L.D. invention was, but Shaw stuck with his lie. After Shaw referred to the goon who knocked him out as incompetent, but tried to assure him that it'll be alright, he was horrified when Malick killed him in cold blood. Shaw turned back to Malick, flabbergasted that the kid he met in 1931 had become this person.

Shaw reveals himself to Malick

Shaw reveals himself to Wilfred Malick

Seeing that Malick was about to kill him to insure he doesn't talk about what had seen, Shaw referred to him as Freddy and revealed that he was the man who helped him deliver a serum back in 1931. Malick remembered Shaw, but was confused as to how he looked the same from 24 years ago. Shaw said he kept his looks, but "hardened his vegetables". Malick recalled that the last time the two met, Shaw had pointed a gun at him planning to kill him, but he reminded Malick that instead of shooting him, he shot at people who were trying to kill him.

Deke and Malick - e704

Shaw sees what his act of mercy created

Realizing Shaw was right, Malick lowered his gun and apologized for not remembering him. When Malick told Shaw that he owed him for saving his life, allowing him to rise to power, Shaw turned back to the dead HYDRA agent Malick killed before turning back and timidly congratulated him on things working out for him. Malick told Shaw that it worked out for him too as he wasn't going to die today since he fulfilled his debt, but warned him that if he saw him again, he would kill him. As Shaw began to leave, Malick questioned why he was actually at Niles Lindmore's house, only for Shaw to say he was looking out for his own future.

Shaw gets in contact with his team

Shaw gets in contact with his team

After fleeing Malick's mansion Shaw contacted Enoch at The Krazy Kanoe from a phone-booth and requested to get in contact with Zephyr One. After Enoch connected him, Shaw was greeted by Mackenzie and Phil Coulson, who asked if he was ok. Shaw assured them that he was fine and was about to tell them that the men who kidnapped him worked for Wilfred Malick, only for Coulson to guess that he had ran into Malick, much to Shaw's annoyance that they guessed correctly. Mackenzie then ordered Shaw to stay where he was and that they would pick him up soon.[23]

Traveling to 1973

Shaw and Rodriquez agree to alter the timeline

Shaw and Yo-Yo Rodriguez agree

"You okay?"
"Yeah, just got a good look at the status quo. Not a fan."
"Well, maybe next time we have the chance to change it, we do."
"I'm in."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Deke Shaw[src]

The team picked Shaw up and he readied himself to travel to the next time period with everyone else on the bridge. Shaw was dealing with the headache he had caused by getting knocked out, when Yo-Yo Rodriguez sat next to him and handed his hat back that he dropped after he was kidnapped. After Shaw thanked Rodriguez, she asked if he was ok. He told her he was fine, but was horrified at seeing what history had in store, which led her to suggest that next time they have the opportunity to change something for the better, they take it. Shaw nodded his head and agreed with her.

The team arrive in the 1970s

Shaw and the others arrive in the 1973

After Zephyr One jumped to the next era, Shaw manned one of the Zephyr's consuls to check what the time period's music was, while everyone crowded around him. They were soon joined by Daniel Sousa, who the team faked his death to keep history on track, while also saving his life. When Sousa asked what year they were in, Shaw managed to find a radio station and hijacked it. When the song played throughout the bridge, the others were left in dismay as they knew what era they were in, while Shaw looked at all of them, questioning why they were upset.[23]

Staying Back on Zephyr One

Shwa conflicted by Malick's death

Shaw conflicted by Wilfred Malick's death

"I get that Mack wants me to do combat training before I return to the field, but seriously, I got kidnapped by a HYDRA boss one time."
"Well, I don't think Freddy will be bothering you anymore, considering his funeral was three years ago."
―Deke Shaw and Jemma Simmons[src]

After arriving in 1973, Alphonso Mackenzie ordered Shaw to stay behind on Zephyr One with Jemma Simmons to do combat training after his kidnapping by Wilfred Malick. Once Shaw finished with a punching bag, he met up with his grandmother in the workstation and explained why Mackenzie ordered him to stay behind. Simmons assured Shaw that Malick wouldn't be an issue anymore as he died three years prior, which Shaw had mixed feelings about.

Bump Lemons

Shaw talks about his grandparents' sexual life

Shaw then followed Simmons to his station and asked if she had gotten any messages from Leo Fitz, referring to him as Bobo. Simmons seemed confused by Shaw, so he clarified he was talking about Fitz. She told him that she hadn't but reminded him that even if she knew where he was, she couldn't disclose his whereabouts because of the threat of the Chronicoms, which Shaw understood. When Simmons gave Shaw reassurance that they would reunite soon, he made things awkward by mentioning her and Fitz "bumping lemons" to insure his mother and his very existence.

Shaw talks about getting a do over

Shaw talks about getting a do over

Feeling wierded out by Shaw talking about her and Fitz' sexual life, she returned to her station, with Shaw right behind her. He talked about being unsure if he'll exist again if she and Fitz don't create his mother, but believed after all the mistakes he's made in his past that he wouldn't mind having a do over to fix them. When Simmons brought up being prepared so they wouldn't make mistakes, Shaw realized that she wanted to be left alone so she could work in peace. Before leaving Simmons to her thoughts, Shaw bid her farewell by calling her Nana.

Shaw worried about Malick's influence

Shaw worried about Wilfred Malick's influence

Shaw eventually ended up at the Zephyr's bridge, where he overheard Simmons talking to Phil Coulson about the Chronicoms keeping Malick alive past his death, which created Project Insight. After they finished their conversation, Shaw walked up to Simmons and realized Daisy Johnson was right in ordering him to kill Malick back in 1931. Simmons tried to calm Shaw down, assuring him he did the right thing in preserving the timeline, but failed, as Shaw became concerned of what Malick had down now that he had three extra years of life.[40]

Traveling to 1976

Shaw defends his grandmother

Shaw defends his grandmother

"I was taken out of my life for this."
"Yeah, we all were! We all were."
Daniel Sousa and Deke Shaw[src]

The team soon returned to Zephyr One, having been rescued by Enoch, but soon found themselves jumping three years later to July, 4, 1976; the day Project Insight launched. Shaw was at his station when Jemma Simmons arrived to talk with Enoch. When Daniel Sousa confronted her, Shaw came to his grandmother's defense, telling him to leave her alone as she was trying her best.

Shaw puts Sousa in his place

Shaw puts Daniel Sousa in his place

Sousa, however, wasn't pleased with Shaw's answer and continued to berate Simmons and Enoch for their lack of knowledge of the Time Drive, so Shaw held him back. Sousa grabbed Shaw by his shirt and reminded him that lives were in danger and that he was pulled out of the life he had for it, but Shaw got out his grip and made it clear that every member of this team was pulled away from the lives they had to stop the Chronicoms, which seemed to calm Sousa down, realizing Shaw was right.

Shaw volunteers for a mission

Shaw volunteers for a mission

Alphonso Mackenzie then arrived with the others, breaking up the argument, and gave Phil Coulson and Melinda May one mission and Daisy Johnson and Sousa another. After they left, Shaw asked what they were going to do about Wilfred Malick as he was still causing waves in the timeline. Mackenzie ordered Yo-Yo Rodriguez to take the Quinjet and arrest him as his estate at River's End. Shaw offered his services, believing Malick had become his level of expertise after all they've been through. Mackenzie agreed with Shaw's request and ordered the two to bring Malick in.[40]

Assassination of Wilfred Malick

Shwa furiously aims at Malick

Shaw furiously aims at Wilfred Malick

"What did you just do?"
"He's supposed to be dead, right? Status quo."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw and Yo-Yo Rodriguez landed the Quinjet outside Wilfred Malick's estate and confronted him in his private chambers, with Shaw furiously pointing his gun at him. Malick was amused that it was Shaw of all people that confronted him, but Shaw didn't find it as hilarious. Malick offered them a seat to watch Project Insight launch, but the two refused, telling him that S.H.I.E.L.D. was stopping the launch and that he was coming with them. Malick, however, was confident was staying right where he was.

Shaw kills Malick

Shaw kills Wilfred Malick

Malick pulled out an envelope and revealed that they had something they desired. The two weren't buying into his threats and told him he was to pay for his past and future crimes. Malick was still confident in his chances and mocked them on how they've been ten steps behind the Chronicoms and how they see everything they were going to do. Shaw then cut him off and killed him by shooting him the chest. Shaw mockingly asked the dead body if they foresaw that, but Rodriguez was horrified by his actions. Shaw defended them by reminding her that he was supposed to be dead and they found out that they had Alphonso Mackenzie's parents.[40]

Attack on Zephyr One

Shaw admits he killed Malick

Shaw admits he killed Wilfred Malick

"Deke, stay put. I want every scanner on this ship searching-"
"But I know the Lighthouse. Your parents could be-"
"Running out of time. There's no debate on this."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw and Yo-Yo Rodriguez returned to Zephyr One and met up with Jemma Simmons on the bridge. She questioned the whereabouts of Wilfred Malick, and Rodriguez tried to cover for Shaw, but he had no qualms of his actions at his estate and freely admitted that he killed him. Alphonso Mackenzie overheard his confession as he walked into the bridge and scolded Shaw for not following his orders. Shaw tried to defend his actions, but Mackenzie wasn't in the mood to hear it.

Shaw volunteers to help Mackenzie

Shaw volunteers to help Alphonso Mackenzie

When Simmons reported that they had no knowledge of where Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa were, Mackenzie ordered Shaw to stay behind on the Zephyr and use every scanner on the ship to find them. Shaw tried to persuade Mackenzie to let him go accompany him to rescue his parents since he knew the Lighthouse better then anyone, but Mackenzie refused to let him leave the Zephyr. Rodriguez insisted she go however, and the two took the Quinjet and departed for the Lighthouse.

Simmons discovers Drive's damage

Shaw sees the damage to the Time Drive

After a missile attack from the Lighthouse caused a fire, Shaw grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. Enoch, however, reported more bad news that Simmons figured out. Shaw followed her and questioned what was wrong. She and Enoch explained that the shielding around the Time Drive had been damaged and if they don't repair it, the Zephyr would be destroyed when it was time to jump, which Enoch compared it to a Xandarian Snail in a liquid factor. Shaw questioned how Enoch could remain calm in this dire situation before Simmons ordered him to look at the power regulator while she and Enoch rewired the control panel. Shaw did as ordered and departed.[41]

Jemma Simmons' Secret

Shaw makes a terrible mistake

Shaw makes a terrible mistake

"Wake up, something happened! Enoch's a traitor! Are you okay?"
"Deke. What have you done?"
―Deke Shaw and Jemma Simmons[src]

After repairing the power regulator, Shaw walked into the lab where he saw Enoch implanting a device into an unconscious Jemma Simmons. Believing Enoch to be a traitor, Shaw quietly set the defibrillator and shocked Enoch into deactivation as he turned around. Waking his grandmother up, he told her that Enoch had betrayed them. She saw Enoch had been deactivated and sadly demanded to know what Shaw had done.

Shaw demands answers

Shaw demands answers

Shaw followed Simmons to the bridge as they continued to repair the Time Drive and defended his actions, as what he saw looked suspicious. Simmons, however, made it clear to him that Enoch was a friend. As she tried to leave the Time Drive room, Shaw refused to let her leave and demanded to know what was going on. Seeing they didn't have time to argue, Simmons revealed that Enoch was repairing her memories so they could in turn, repair Zephyr One. She then handed Shaw a device before returning to the control panels.

Simmons tells Shaw the truth

Jemma Simmons tells Shaw the truth

Shaw went after her and still demanded answers. She finally snapped and told him that to track the Chronicoms through time, Leo Fitz stayed behind in an area where all their moves could be observed and that if they knew he was there, they would kill him. When Shaw reminded her that she knew where he was, she told him that she had a device called D.I.A.N.A. implanted in her to keep her from remembering, but now it was malfunctioning. Having his answers, Shaw assured her that they would fix the implant. Simmons then bluntly stated that if they didn't fix the Time Drive, it wouldn't matter, leaving Shaw scared, but they continued working.

Shaw apologizes to Enoch

Shaw apologizes to Enoch

After they finished fixing the Time Drive and rebooting Enoch, Shaw observed the process of repairing D.I.A.N.A. in the lab. As he watched the monitor of the implant, Simmons insisted he apologize to Enoch for what he had done earlier. Shaw stuttered at first, but eventually apologized to Enoch for deactivating him instead of asking questions. Simmons, not pleased with his apology just yet, ordered him to continue, so Shaw told Enoch that he was a valid member of their extended family. Enoch accepted Shaw's apology and finished repairing D.I.A.N.A.

Shaw agrees to keep Simmons' secret

Shaw agrees to keep Jemma Simmons' secret

With the implant finally fixed, Shaw asked Simmons if she knew where Fitz was located and she told him that she didn't, which left Shaw somewhat saddened that she didn't know where his grandfather was. She then got off the operating table and told Shaw that no one could know about her implant. She made it clear that even Shaw knowing but him in extreme danger and asked if he could carry this secret with her and Enoch. After a moment of thinking it through, Shaw assured his grandmother that he could.[41]

Stuck in the 1980s

Stranded in 1982

Shaw and Enoch finish the repairs

Shaw and Enoch finish the repairs

"Mack, we gotta go! Z1's in trouble!"
―Deke Shaw to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Everyone soon returned, but Shaw and the others were met with the horrible news that Alphonso Mackenzie parents had actually been killed and replaced by Chronicom Hunters. Shaw and Enoch finished up the last of the repairs on the Time Drive with only a minute left before they jumped. Shaw went to the lab where Daisy Johnson was being treated in a Healing Pod after being tortured by Nathaniel Malick and informed Jemma Simmons and Daniel Sousa that they would be jumping soon.

Shaw watches Mackenzie drive off

Shaw watches Alphonso Mackenzie drive off

Shaw then walked into the hangar, where he and Melinda May stared at each other for a moment before they jumped; Shaw was holding on to a seat as they did. After they arrived in the new time period, Mackenzie entered the hangar, with Shaw staring quietly at him, worried for his Director. He tried approaching him for comfort, but Mackenzie opened the hangar door and headed for his motorcycle. Shaw questioned where Mackenzie was going, and he simply responded that he needed air and drove off into the distance.[41]

Shaw and Mackenzie stranded in 1982

Shaw and Mackenzie stranded in 1982

He questioned if anyone was going to go comfort him, but none opted to. Despite May's request to leave Mackenzie be, Shaw felt as though he could relate regarding the loss of one's parents, and went to check on him.[42] As Shaw came across Mackenzie sitting on his cycle in a field, Simmons frantically contacted Shaw, demanding to know where he was. When Shaw told her his location, she ordered him to grab Mackenzie and get back to Zephyr One, revealing they were about to jump again as something was wrong with the Time Drive. After Simmons cut out, Shaw raced to Mackenzie, but was too late as the Zephyr jumped away before their eyes, leaving Shaw and Mackenzie stranded.[41]

Counseling Alphonso Mackenzie

Shaw worried about the others

Shaw worried about the others

"I lost my parents early, too. Okay? And I still think about it every day. If you want to talk, I'm here."
"I'm good."
―Deke Shaw to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

After Zephyr One jumped away, Shaw ran up to the grieving Alphonso Mackenzie and snapped him out of his depression by telling him they were stranded. Shaw revealed that they were in 1982, which caused Mackenzie to realize his younger self is 10 at this point. Getting off topic, Shaw believed that something must've gone wrong if they jumped without them, but Mackenzie speculated the mission was over since Phil Coulson's explosion in 1976 took out the Chronicoms.

Shaw is scolded by Mackenzie

Shaw is scolded by Alphonso Mackenzie

Shaw, however, wasn't so hopeful, as he didn't think it made sense that they would pit-stop in 1982, but Mackenzie rebutted by pointing out that that nothing about Time Travel made sense and that's why you shouldn't mess with it. Seeing that Mackenzie was referencing his parents' murder, Shaw offered his condolences, saying that there wasn't anything they could've done differently, but Mackenzie stopped him and scolded him for not following his orders of bringing Wilfred Malick back alive instead of taking matters into his own hands and killing him.

Shaw talks about his parents

Shaw talks about his parents

Understanding Mackenzie was just lashing out because of grief, Shaw reminded him that he had lost his parents at a young age as well and that about them everyday. He assured Mackenzie that if he ever wanted talk, he'd be there for him. Mackenzie told him he was good and got on his motorcycle to leave, but Shaw stopped, saying they needed a plan in case the Chronicoms were still out there. Mackenzie told Shaw to figure it out himself and drove off, leaving Shaw to call out that he didn't to go through his grief alone, to no avail.

Shaw reunites with Mackenzie

Shaw reunites with Alphonso Mackenzie

After months apart, Shaw was able to track Mackenzie down with the help of a shady ma named Cricket. He found Mackenzie at his old house in Illinois and knocked on the door. Though Mackenzie was less then thrilled to see Shaw, he let him in anyway. Shaw put the bag containing a ball on the table and told him how he was able to find him after he looked through his fridge. When he turned around, he saw Mackenzie had taken the ball out of the bag, so he told him that thought they could go play outside together. Mackenzie, however, through the ball outside, resulting in Shaw going after it, saying they could play in the yard, but Mackenzie just locked the door behind him.

Shaw continues to visit Mackenzie

Shaw continues to visit Alphonso Mackenzie

Despite Mackenzie refusing Shaw's gestures, he continued to visit his Director over the next year. He stopped by on New Year's Eve with groceries, figuring he'd want to celebrate with a friend, but Mackenzie responded with silence. Shaw told him that he left some groceries on the front porch for him and wished him a happy 1983. Though Mackenzie refused to accept Shaw's help, he took it upon himself to make sure Mackenzie's younger self and brother were taken care of. He checked up on them every couple of weeks and bought them school supplies, toys, and drum set. He also fixed up his uncle's car.[24]

The Deke Squad

"I came by because your note said it was important, but it's really because you wanted me to see your stupid cover band."
"Good. Then it worked. This isn't a cover band. The band is a cover... Director. I wanna introduce you to the Deke Squad."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

Shaw eventually formed his own squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to pick up the fight in the case they're never rescued. He allowed Cricket into the band, mostly because they needed a drummer, and let go of his suspicions of him when he found out he had a steady job selling coke. They operated out of the Lighthouse, where Shaw found Phil Coulson's hard drive and transferred his data into a computer attached to a TV allowing him to act as an informant to the team while trying to find out what Sibyl's next plan was.

Shaw leaves a note for Mackenzie

Shaw leaves a note for Alphonso Mackenzie

Shaw's squad went under the disguise of a band when they traveled to different towns so anyone who saw them wouldn't think anything of it, chopping up their behavior to drugs. Shaw ripped off many songs to use in his band, one of which was Don't You (Forget About Me), of which he added Daisy Johnson's name to it.[24] Throughout their performances, Deke Squad opened for Twisted Sister.[43] After establishing themselves, He stopped by Mackenzie's house, where he found the groceries he left for him, and left a note to meet him at Swayze's Bar, saying it was urgent that they meet.

The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D 24

Shaw and his squad performing

That night at Swayze's Bar, Shaw and his band finished their last song, but soon came out for an encore. Shaw grabbed the mike and thanked everyone for coming out to see them perform. He told the audience the song he was about to perform was written by him and started singing Don't You (Forget About Me). Halfway through the song, Shaw yanked off the red jacket he was wearing to reveal his white tank top, before shrugging it back on a second later, his eyes on the crowd. As the song reached its end, gestured to his fans to sing the remainder of the song with him. When he finally finished, he struck a pose, one fist punched in the air, and the audience cheered.

Shaw hugs Mackenzie

Shaw hugs Alphonso Mackenzie

Shaw then walked offstage and met up with Mackenzie. He greeted his Director with a hug and asked for his opinion on the song. Mackenzie noted that the last one was from The Breakfast Club, but Shaw defended his actions by pointing out that it was made in 1985, but was now an original. Mackenzie was disgusted by Shaw repeating his old habits of stealing something from the future and claiming it was his, but was interrupted by Genesis, who complimented Shaw's performance. Shaw thanked her for the compliment, and then resumed his conversation with Mackenzie.

Shaw introduces his squad to Mackenzie

Shaw introduces his squad to Mackenzie

When Mackenzie started to think that Shaw lied to him and only brought him down to the bar to see his cover band, he revealed that the band was actually a cover for his S.H.I.E.L.D. squad. He introduced Roxy Glass, Tommy and Ronnie Chang, otherwise known as the Chang Gang, and Olga Pachinko, but when he got to Cricket, Mackenzie stopped him, reminding him that the man he referred to as shady. Shaw told him about Cricket's job in selling coke, but was confused as to why never saw him drink any of his product.

Shaw asks Mackenzie to join

Shaw asks Alphonso Mackenzie to join

Mackenzie told Shaw that he appreciated the work he put into creating this squad, but insulted his tactics of being so high profile. Shaw, however, revealed that was the point so no one would raise any suspicions of what they were really up to. Mackenzie still wasn't convinced, telling Shaw that his team had a long way to go before they became agents, but he believed that was where Mackenzie came in; to lead them. He then revealed that they had been picking up enemy chatter, which Mackenzie assumed were the Chronicoms.

Shaw pulls Mackenzie to the side

Shaw pulls Alphonso Mackenzie to the side

Feeling as though Mackenzie was speaking out of term in the crowded area, he brought him over to a corner and spoke in pig Latin not to speak about the Chronicoms here. When a couple was passing by, he lied that Mackenzie was part of Atlantic Records, trying to offer him a deal, but was refusing because of how little the money was. Once they were alone again, Shaw said they had to head back to base to discuss this freely, though Mackenzie begged Shaw to tell him that he didn't turn the Lighthouse into his headquarters.[24]

Tension with Alphonso Mackenzie

Shaw brings Mackenze to the Lighthouse

Shaw brings Mackenzie to the Lighthouse

"This is you repeating the same old patterns. You build something out of a lie, you pretend its yours, then you surround yourself with a bunch of sycophants!"
"They aren't sycophants! They have my back! And they won't give up on me when the going gets tough!"
Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

Despite Alphonso Mackenzie's hopes, Shaw took him and his squad back to the Lighthouse. After Shaw told the Chang brothers to cool down because they were embarrassing themselves in front of the Director, Mackenzie berated Shaw for using the Lighthouse as a party pad for his friends. Shaw believed he was overreacting and revealed that Phil Coulson was fine with it, which left Mackenzie questioning if Coulson was still alive.

Shaw presents Coulson's new form

Shaw presents Phil Coulson's new form

Shaw brought Mackenzie into the Director's office, where he presented the TV Coulson was in. As he got in on, he explained that while Coulson's body was destroyed, he managed to survive through his LMD hard drive and that he was able to transfer him to the TV. After getting it online, Mackenzie was taken aback by Coulson's form, but the android assured him it was him, though he admitted it was less then conventional. Shaw believed Coulson was being humble, noting him single-handily taking out the Chronicom Hunters, though Coulson joked that it cost him both his hands.

Shaw mocks Sibyl

Shaw mocks Sibyl

After Coulson told him that he believed Sibyl was still alive, Mackenzie became confused on who Sibyl was. Coulson briefed him on how she was the head Chronicom that predicted the future using Time Streams, but Shaw interrupted him to mock Sibyl for not seeing the explosion that destroyed the Chronicom ship, which caused a moment of awkward silence. Mackenzie questioned whether or not Sibyl would've perished in the explosion, but Coulson believed it was possible, but figured since he survived on his hard drive, she could find a way and began thinking on how she could've accomplished it.

Shaw gives Mackenzie his evidence

Shaw gives Alphonso Mackenzie his evidence

Shaw then showed Mackenzie Coulson's evidence that the Predictor slipped into the River's End power supply: paper with Chronicom writing all over them. Shaw then stood to the side and listened to explain how Coulson he had been monitoring River's End's local grid and revealed that whenever there was a power surge, those symbols appeared, which caused him to believe that Sibyl was planning on creating new Hunters to control. Shaw then left the two alone to prepare a training exercise he called "The Gauntlet". to show Mackenzie.

Shaw's Squad huddled together

Shaw's squad huddled together

After getting the training exercise ready, Shaw met up with Mackenzie and Coulson in the hallway. He told them that while his squad were new, they had a lot of hear and would appreciate Mackenzie watch them go through "The Gauntlet". Mackenzie reluctantly agreed and followed him to where it was to take place. Shaw huttled his squad, minus Cricket, together and told them that all their training came down to this. Seeing that Shaw wasn't focused, Ronnie Chang asked if he was alright. Shaw told him he just wanted to impress Mackenzie.

Shaw starts the Gauntlet

Shaw starts the Gauntlet

Roxy Glass and Olga Pachinko both gave Shaw their support and the group got started. Shaw operated a dummy with a paint gun to fire at his team as they completed their assignments; Glass fired at the dummy with a paint gun and Pachinko planted explosives. Shaw then gave the Chang brothers the go ahead, but they were quickly taken out. The explosion that Pachinko planted all of a sudden went off, leaving Shaw confused to why she was using live explosives during a training session. The squad was then greeted by Cricket, who believed they were shooting a music video.

Shaw presents his Shotgun-Axe

Shaw presents his Shotgun-Axe

Shaw and Mackenzie then headed back to the Director's office, where Shaw figured it was probably not a good idea to run "The Gauntlet" right after their gig at Swayze's Bar, as they were still coming off the adrenaline, though Mackenzie believed their problems ran deeper then what he thought. Shaw advised him not to give up on them just yet and revealed a brand new Shotgun-Axe that he made for him. Mackenzie denied it, but Shaw was insistent that his Director have a weapon to take into battle, only for Mackenzie to make it clear that he wasn't Shaw's Director anymore.

Shaw argues with Mackenzie

Shaw argues with Alphonso Mackenzie

Shaw said he had to get his act together for the team, but Mackenzie insulted them as a bunch of losers led by a Peter Pan. Reaching his breaking point, Shaw told Mackenzie he could say whatever he want about, but to never insult his team. Mackenzie accused Shaw of repeating his old pattern of taking credit of something that isn't his and surrounding himself with sycophants, though Shaw made it clear that they had his back and wouldn't give up on him, just like how he wouldn't give up on Mackenzie. He told Shaw that he never asked him to, but he insisted that he never had to as that was what friends were for. Mackenzie then left Shaw to his.[24]

Attack on the Lighthouse

Shaw mops over his fight with Mackenzie

Shaw mops over his fight with Mackenzie

"Agent Shaw, can you create a distraction?"
"Oh, this Peter Pan's an attention grabbing son of a bitch."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

After Alphonso Mackenzie stormed out of the control room, Shaw moped with the others about what Mackenzie said about them. He apologized to the Chang brothers for having to witness the argument, but they assured him it was alright, with Ronnie Chang deeming they didn't need Mackenzie. Shaw, however, disagreed, noting every team needed a leader, and he was to much of a dreamer to be one. They suggested they instead focus on the band and his new material, only for Shaw to sadly reveal he stole all the songs they used, admitting that Mackenzie was right to call him a fraud.

The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D 12

Shaw's squad is ambushed by a Sibyl-Bot

Their self pity party was then interrupted when a bloodied up Tawni ran into the control room and cried out that Cricket had been murdered. Shaw was horrified that a saint like Cricket would ever be murdered and questioned who had done the deed, before a metal claw grabbed a hold of Tawni and dragged her away. They heard the screams of Tawni before seeing her blood splat all over the walls and floor. A small robot then rolled in deeming he needed help as he was lost. Shaw's squad didn't buy his act and Olga Pachinko readied herself to fight the "metallic wizard", despite Shaw advising her to not engage.

Mack and the d assemble

Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie make peace

Pachinko failed to stop the robot, being injured in the process, and Shaw told the Chang brothers to remember the good times they shared before they were killed. The bot prepared the final blow, but it was caught by a metal chain and stabbed through its circuits by Roxy Glass with mike stand. Shaw saw that it was Mackenzie who aided Glass and was overjoyed to see that his Director stayed. Mackenzie admitted he never should have left and held out his arm for Shaw to accept, which he did.

The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D 11

Shaw's squad discusses their plan

Glass interrupted their moment by reminding them that there were still robots. Tommy Chang questioned what they were going to do and Mackenzie believed he had a plan, if Shaw accepted him into his squad, which he was happy to do. Once Mackenzie cleaned up, they regrouped in the control room to discuss Sibyl's plan. Phil Coulson offered up a theory once he felt included in the planning circle. Shaw scooted his set over, and he gave his theory that Sibyl was after the Time Stream device that was still in the base after the Chronicom ship blew up. With them now having Sibyl's motive Shaw questioned how to defeat her, which Mackenzie suggested adding something to his Gauntlet training session, which pleased Shaw.

Mack and the d

Shaw's squad is cornered by Sibyl

After the squad each did their part in cornering a Sibyl-Bot over an explosive, Shaw appeared and introduced his team to the robot before activating the explosive, blowing it up. Their victory was short lived, however, as another bot appeared. When it spoke of its last encounter with Coulson, they realized the bot was being controlled by Sibyl herself. Pachinko prepared herself to fight the bot, but Sibyl revealed she took necessary precautions and shot Pachinko through the chest with a laser and proceeded to do the same to the others.

Shaw faces off against Sibyl

Shaw faces off against Sibyl

Shaw and Mackenzie assisted the injured Pachinko to a safe area as they were being chased, but the Chang brothers became scared and ran away, much to Shaw's annoyance. He turned to Pachinko and spoke in Russian to hang in there. Glass asked what they were to do now, and Mackenzie ordered Shaw to create a distraction. After referring himself as Peter Pan, Shaw came out of hiding a distracted the bot long enough for Mackenzie and Glass to destroy with an explosive, but not before Shaw was hit with a laser. Once he assured them that he was fine, Mackenzie congratulated him by calling him D, which Shaw did in return with Mack-Daddy, but he was against it.[24]

Reunion with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Shaw hugs the Chang brothers

Shaw hugs the Chang brothers

"Agent Shaw, I want a full report. What happened.Start from the beginning."
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
"Try me, and we'll find out."
Melinda May and Deke Shaw[src]

With the threat of the Sibyl-Bots gone, the squad celebrated their victory in the control room. Shaw talked with the Chang brothers, who believed they weren't worthy to be on Shaw's team because of their cowardliness. Shaw, however, told them that he accepted their flaws and would always welcome them to the team before giving them a big hug. He then grabbed a bottle of Bendeery English Ale and headed over to Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie and asked if they were sit back and wait for Zephyr One to pick them up, but Mackenzie told him the two of them had somewhere else to be first; Mackenzie's uncle's house.

Shaw and Mackenzie become closer

Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie become closer

The two arrived at Marcus Mackenzie's house, where Shaw told Mackenzie about everything his younger self had done, including him crying after reading Where the Red Fern Grows. Mackenzie deemed that stay between them, but Shaw didn't promise anything. He asked how he and Ruben Mackenzie were handling their grief and Shaw assured him that everyday got better and that his relationship with his brother was stronger in this timeline. Mackenzie pulled out the toy car to give to his younger self and Shaw accompanied him to the front door as they came up with the cover that Mackenzie was friend from his band.

Shaw is greeted by May

Shaw is greeted by Melinda May

After Mackenzie and Shaw returned to the Lighthouse, the three didn't have to wait long for a rescue as Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez soon arrived, much to the three's delight. May walked over to Shaw and Coulson and greeted the former before turning her attention to Coulson. Shaw listened to May tell Coulson that Jemma Simmons ordered them to retrieve his hard drive as it was their most important asset in their War Against the Chronicoms and then introduced her and Rodriguez to his squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Shaw is intrrogated by May

Shaw is interrogated by Melinda May

Once the meet and greet was over, Mat took Shaw into the Director's office and demanded a debrief on what had happened to him and Mackenzie after getting stranded in 1982. Shaw believed she wouldn't believe him, but she assured him that she would. He started the story and when he got to his squad being a band as a cover, she stopped him to question his validity. Shaw reminded her that he warned her of how hard it was to believe him before being allowed to continue. He then finished recounting the events of the Attack on the Lighthouse and ended with them being rescued by her and Rodriguez.[24]

The Final Mission

Skipping through Time

Shaw and Mackenzie reunite with Simmons

Shaw and Mackenzie reunite with Simmons

"Deke, where are you on Plan B?"
"Okay. We should be able to cut the power to the Time Drive now. Stand back. There's gonna to be a big surge of electricity. Electricity's dangerous."
"Do I look like a Neanderthal to you?"
Alphonso Mackenzie, Deke Shaw and Daniel Sousa[src]

With Zephyr One jumping a again, Shaw and the others were forced to wait until October 6th to regroup. After getting the coordinates to the ship, the team headed back in the Quinjet, with Shaw holding on to Phil Coulson's hard drive. Once onboard, Jemma Simmons welcomed them back and Shaw couldn't help but smile at his grandmother.

Shaw being told about the Time Drive

Shaw being told about the Time Drive

Simmons led them to the bridge and started to explain they lost control of the Time Drive just as they made another jump. She revealed at the rate the Zephyr was prematurely jumping, they would collapse into a space-time singularity in two days, but for them it would be 20 minutes. Shaw asked if they could remove the fuel cell regulator, but Enoch arrived to reveal that the field was cycling at a rate of 40 pulses per second, preventing them from accessing it. Melinda May volunteered Yo-Yo Rodriguez to use her speed to move fast enough between the pulses, but Rodriguez said she was still recovering from the Shrike.

Shaw listening to Johnson

Shaw listening to Daisy Johnson

May asked Simmons if she had any other theories as to why Rodriguez's powers still weren't working, but she had none. Daisy Johnson then arrived, still weak from Nathaniel Malick's experiments, and offered her idea of going to Afterlife to see her mother. Alphonso Mackenzie approved the mission and had May go with Rodriguez. After the pair left, Shaw and Daniel Sousa got to work on trying to cut power to the Time Drive themselves in case the mission to Afterlife failed. As they were working, they jumped away.

Shaw working on the Time Drive

Shaw working on the Time Drive

Arriving at their next destination, Mackenzie told them they had 10 minutes before the Zephyr is destroyed. He asked Shaw how he was doing, and he finished just as he asked. He told Sousa to stand back as there would be an electric surge, noting electricity was dangerous, but Sousa didn't appreciate Shaw thinking of him as a Neanderthal. Enoch then revealed that he spent time with a tribe of Neanderthals and didn't think Sousa resembled one. Not knowing how to respond to that, they activated the Time Drive, only for it to fail. Shaw contacted Simmons and informed her of their failure, leaving their fates in Rodriguez's hands.

Shaw walks in on Simmons

Shaw walks in on Jemma Simmons

The team jumped again and Shaw went to go check on Simmons in the lab, where he walked in on her recording a message for Leo Fitz. He watched in silence as Simmons vowed to find Fitz no matter what it took and that she loved him, before ending the message. Shaw cleared his throat to let her know he was there and informed his grandmother that May and Rodriguez would be returning soon, so they were all meeting in the bridge. Simmons got up and waled towards him, just as they jumped forward once again.

Shaw unsettled by Enoch

Shaw unsettled by Enoch

The two made it to the bridge just as the Zephyr was getting ready to jump again. They were joined by Coulson, who had since gotten a new LMD body and informed them that there was still no sign of the Quinjet. Johnson questioned what would happen if Rodriguez returned with her powers still not working and Simmons revealed they would lose the Zephyr with little time to evacuate. Enoch continued by stating they were close to catastrophic failure, causing Shaw to sarcastically thank Enoch for his analysis.

Shaw and the others prematurely jumping

Shaw and the others prematurely jumping

Seeing no other option, Mackenzie ordered them to abandon ship just as the Zephyr jumped. After they jumped to their next destination, the Quinjet docked with them just as it jumped away mere seconds later. The two, however, revealed the mission to Afterlife was a failure, causing everyone to evacuate to the Quinjet. Rodriguez, however, was able to find a way to access her powers and deactivate the Time Drive. Shaw and Enoch looked over the drive, with the former talking about his time in the 1980s. He asked Enoch if he could play the drums, to which he confirmed. Their conversation was interrupted, however, as the Time Drive started acting up again and they jumped away.[42]

Stuck in a Time-Loop

Shaw explains the Timestorm

Shaw explains the time storm

"I don’t want to alarm anyone but-”
”We’re trapped in a time storm.”
”Yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth. "
―Deke Shaw and Daisy Johnson[src]

After the Time Drive caused Zephyr One to jump again, the team found themselves trapped in a time storm. Shaw ran into the bridge and gave them the news they were stuck in a time storm. Daniel Sousa questioned if he was just making words up, but he told "Bugsy" that what was happening was very real. He explained that because they jumped within another jump, they tore a hole in space-time and now they're being pulled into the incoming vortex.

Shwa volenteers to help Rodriguez

Shaw volunteers to help Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Melinda May deduced that would mean they would cease to exist, but clarified that they would cease to ever exist; they would be reduced to the size of an atom. After he revealed they were 94 kilometers away from destruction, Alphonso Mackenzie was hit with radiation, causing them to check on him. Yo-Yo Rodriguez then contacted them to inform them that the blast had sealed her in the Quinjet hangar. Shaw volunteered to help her while Daisy Johnson and Sousa got Mackenzie to Jemma Simmons for medical attention. The Time Drive then caused a feedback, propelling the team into a time-loop.

AoS Promo 7x09 7

Shaw is confused by Daisy Johnson

During the first loop, Shaw ran into the bridge to give them the news they were stuck in a time storm, but figured out what he was about to say. Confused, Shaw told them they were 91 kilometers away from destruction. When Rodriguez contacted them to inform them of a situation, Johnson also beat her to the punch and deduced that the flare that just happened in the cockpit caused her to be stuck in the Quinjet hangar. Still unsure how Johnson knew these details, Shaw volunteered to help Rodriguez and ran out.

Shaw thinks of Diana

Shaw thinks of D.I.A.N.A.

After the drive looped again, Shaw once again ran into the bridge to give them the news of the time storm, but Johnson exclaimed it before he even could say a word. She questioned how far they were to the vortex, and Shaw confusingly answered they were 79 kilometers away before Johnson ran out, leaving him perplexed. The loop then restarted, but this time, Johnson let Shaw warn the team before she revealed they were stuck in a loop with her and Phil Coulson being the only ones who remembered. With only 65 kilometers until destruction, Mackenzie asked Shaw if there was anything Leo Fitz left behind about the Drive, which caused him to think of Simmons' implant.

Shaw tries to convince Simmons to remove Diana

Shaw tries to convince Jemma Simmons to remove D.I.A.N.A.

Lying that he needed to check hard to access files, Shaw went to Simmons in the workshop and informed her of the loop. He deemed she was the only one who could fix the Time Drive if she removed D.I.A.N.A. She questioned if he told them, but he swore he didn't and offered the idea that they temporarily take it out, so they never have to know. Johnson and Coulson, however, arrived just as he mentioned that and asked what he meant. After she explained it, Shaw agreed with them about removing it as they were running out of time. And, after Johnson proved the loop was real by repeating the same word Simmons said, she reluctantly agreed.

Shaw heartbroken at his grandmother's death

Shaw heartbroken at his grandmother's death

Shaw stayed back in the workshop with the others as Simmons prepared to remove D.I.A.N.A. in the lab. She, however, began to cough viciously, causing Shaw and the others to try and get in, but couldn’t as the door was locked. He then watched in horror as his grandmother died. During the next loop, the same events happened, except Johnson went with Simmons this time, but they both ended up dead after Johnson opened the door. With the revelation that there was toxic gas in the lab, Shaw stayed back and looked on in dismay when Enoch confirmed them as deceased. Enoch then noticed that someone tampered with the gas line, making this a deliberate attempt at murder.

Shaw is questioned by Coulson and Johnson

Shaw is questioned by Coulson and Quake

With Johnson dying in the previous loop with Simmons, the next one proceeded as the original one did, with Shaw revealing they were 41 kilometers away from the vortex, until she woke up again after the loop reseted and Coulson brought her up to speed on what happened. The two then rounded Shaw, Simmons and Enoch into the lab to figure out which of them killed Johnson and Simmons. Shaw asked if he revealed the existence of D.I.A.N.A. in the previous loops, but they were more concerned on who murdered them to keep it from being taken out.

Shaw and Enoch stare at each other

Shaw and Enoch stare at each other

Coulson ruled Simmons out as a suspect, leaving Shaw and Enoch. The former, however, was horrified that they would think he would murder his own grandmother and Enoch concurred that the action would be shortsighted and counterproductive. Coulson agreed that it didn't make sense, but confirmed it happened. Simmons defended her grandson and Enoch by telling them that she didn't think they would resort to such drastic measures. Wile Coulson looked for answers else where, Johnson opted to remove D.I.A.N.A., much to Simmons' reluctance. Shaw and Enoch then stared at each other suspiciously.

As I Have Always Been 11

Shaw caught off guard by Enoch

After going through the loops a couple more times, Coulson and Johnson realized it was Enoch who was committing the murders due to his programming. They brought Shaw, Simmons, and Enoch into the hangar bay to confirm their theory. Coulson explained that Fitz and Simmons programmed Enoch to protect the implant from being removed even if it meant killing them, to keep whatever Simmons needed to forget just that. Shaw, however, had a hard time believing their Chronicom friend would such a thing. Deciding to test their theory, Johnson attempted to remove D.I.A.N.A., but Enoch halted her and grabbed her by the throat, confirming their suspicions, and catching Shaw off guard. Johnson then quaked Enoch off her and into the hangar door.

The team beat

Shaw is killed by Enoch

Now knowing Enoch was the variable they needed to take out of the equation before they take out D.I.A.N.A., Coulson and Johnson attempted to remove him in multiple loops, but failed every one. In their fifth attempt, they got the whole team together to take on the Chronicom. They then surrounded Enoch as he came down the hangar's stairs and demanded they talk. They tried to fight him together, but still failed, ending with Shaw being murdered by Enoch by being shot in the head. His death was soon undone when the loop restarted.

Shaw asks Simmons if she was ok

Shaw asks Jemma Simmons if she was ok

Coming up with another idea, Johnson had Sousa lead Enoch into a trap while she, Shaw, and Coulson removed D.I.A.N.A. However, the loop started again, so they did the exact same thing, but faster. With the implant removed, Simmons revealed Enoch was the solution; he had a Electrochron Displacement Mechanism that could regulate energy stability in the Time Drive. Shaw opted to get started, but Simmons sadly revealed it would be like removing a Human's heart, leaving them with the hard decision to kill Enoch to save them. Simmons then started to melt down as her memories started to return leading Shaw to try and comfort her before the loop restarted.

Shaw thanks Enoch for his sacrifice

Shaw thanks Enoch for his sacrifice

With the answer to save them revealed, Johnson waited for Shaw to arrive on the bridge and asked him how far they were from the vortex. Confused as to how she knew that, he said they were less then 1 kilometer away. She ordered Shaw to follow her to the LMD lab, and he did so without question. After activating Coulson, Johnson waited for Simmons and Enoch to arrive to reveal their situation after Simmons told them in a past loop after removing D.I.A.N.A. Simmons turned to Shaw, thinking he told them, but he had no idea if he did, but assured her; however, they found out, if they found something to repair the Time Drive, he would be able to use it.

Shwa repairs the Time Drive

Shwa repairs the Time Drive

Simmons, however, disagreed with the idea, as it would mean killing Enoch and demanded they find another way before they were all taken back by Enoch freely removing his Displacement Mechanism. Shaw was at a loss of what Enoch had done, but he took comfort in believing they would do the same for him. With little time, Shaw patted Enoch on the back in gratitude before he followed Simmons to the Time Drive. He started working on the Drive and assured his grandmother that Enoch’s sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain. Shaw was able to repair the Drive and the team were saved, but at the cost of Enoch's life.[44]

Kidnapping of Jemma Simmons

Shaw listening to his music

Shaw listening to his music

"Deke Shaw, answer your radio!”
May, where are we going?”
We're not going anywhere. You are. The Zephyr's been hijacked."
Melinda May and Deke Shaw[src]

With the team back in 1983, Shaw opted to stay back on Zephyr One to make sure the Time Drive was truly repaired, while the others dealt with the threat of Nathaniel Malick. During Shaw's system run, he sang along to songs from the Deke Squad on his Walkman, before he was approached by Jemma Simmons. He told her that while he wouldn't mind staying the 1980s, he knew the others wanted to get home and was making sure the Drive would accomplish the task.

Shaw listens to Simmons' theory

Shaw listens to Jemma Simmons' theory

Simmons then started to talk about Enoch and how much he was there for her and Leo Fitz, so Shaw tried to comfort her by assuring her that his sacrifice wasn't in vain. When he started to try and figure out why the Drive wasn't communicating with Fitz anymore, Simmons started to believe that it was never communicating with him in the first place, and it was just them following the Chronicoms trail, preprogrammed into the Zephyr, and since they took out the Chronicoms' ship in 1976, that was why the Drive was malfunctioning.

Shaw refuses to believe Fitz is dead

Shaw refuses to believe Leo Fitz is dead

Shaw realized that Simmons' line of thought was leading to Fitz being dead and told her to stop thinking like that. She, however, pointed out the theory that D.I.A.N.A. was made to insure that she didn't remember so she could focus on the mission at hand, which would explain why he never received her messages she sent to him. Shaw, however, refused to believe his grandfather was dead and promised that they would repair the Drive and reunite with him eventually. He then got back to work, leaving Simmons less then hopeful.

Shaw is unintentionally kidnapped

Shaw is unintentionally kidnapped

After his grandmother left, Shaw put his headphones back on to listen to his music as he continued working on the Time Drive's systems in the LMD lab. While working on the repairs, he felt the Zephyr take off from the Lighthouse, so he took his headphones off to hear Melinda May's voice coming from his radio, demanding he pick up. He answered and questioned where they were going, only for her to reveal that the Zephyr had been hijacked by Malick and John Garrett and that they kidnapped Simmons.[43]

Refusing to Give Answers

Shaw references Die Hard

Shaw references Die Hard

"Leave him alone!”
”It's okay, Jemma, he's got nothing- Oh! Okay. That was something, but I'm okay. He'll tire out eventually.”
”'Someone's got a mouth on him."
Jemma Simmons, Deke Shaw, and John Garrett[src]

Once Nathaniel Malick brought more of his men on board Zephyr One, Shaw began to devise a rescue mission. He took a look at the bridge crawling with Malick's goons and compared it to the plot of Die Hard. He put on a battle vest and started to search for Jemma Simmons, until he heard a noise from behind. He slowly turned around and came face to face with John Garrett, who was point a Chronicom Rifle at him.

Shaw is tortured by Garrett

Shaw is tortured by John Garrett

After quoting Die Hard, Shaw was captured, where he was tortured by Garrett for information on Leo Fitz's wherabouts, but he refused to give him anything. Malick then ordered Garrett to bring Shaw to the workshop, where he was reunited with his grandmother. Garrett forced him to the ground, but, despite the pain he was in, Shaw nonchalantly greeted his Nana and asked how she was doing. Garrett then proceeded to torture Shaw in front of Simmons to get her to talk, but her grandson assured her that he could take whatever Garret through at him, before getting kicked in the stomach.

Shaw is quaked into unconsciousness

Shaw is quaked into unconsciousness

Seeing that physical pain wasn't going to break Shaw, Malick decided to try the emotional variety of torture and grabbed a hold of Simmons' neck. He started to quake it, threatening to crack her skull, put it in a coma, and then go "fishing" in her brain using the Cerebral Fusion Machine. Shaw frantically tried to stop Malick, but was stopped by Garrett. Malick demanded Shaw tell him how Simmons was keeping him from finding Fitz in the Fusion Machine, before he spotted D.I.A.N.A. in the back of her neck. When Shaw started to threaten Malick, he quaked him into unconsciousness, deeming that was revenge for him killing his father.