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"This is a safe house? It looks like a '70s furniture outlet."
"The second floor is a decommissioned CDC facility. One of my boys was their investigator. Held some patient zeros here. It has a hermetically sealed room."
Jessica Jones and Will Simpson[src]

The Decommissioned CDC Facility is a facility previously owned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the purpose of holding patients within New York City.


A Tour

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Interrogating Kilgrave

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Destruction of Evidence

Left to protect the scene, Oscar Clemons is visited by Will Simpson, whom asked what Clemons was doing. He mentioned that Jessica Jones had previous been there with Kilgrave. Having injested Combat Enhancers, Simpson pulls a gun on Clemons and asked where he could find Trish Walker. For a moment, he cooled and apologized, saying that he has not been well since being under Kilgrave's control. Clemons replied that Walker was with Albert Thompson, heading back to his hotel room to work on a vaccine to counter his son's powers. Without warning, Clemons is killed at close-range with his gun. Simpson, then, searched for flammable fluids and splashes it atop Clemons' body before setting it ablaze with his lighter and leaving the scene.[3]



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