Declan Research is a science research company founded by geneticist Evan Declan.


Geneticist Evan Declan was allocated with private funds which enabled him to start his own research company, named Declan Research. Unbeknownst to Declan, these funds came from Inhuman Prince Maximus, who took advantage of Declan's interest in Inhumans to determine the origins and mechanisms of Terrigenesis.

Declan established his main research facility in Santa Barbara, California. Over time, the company Declan Research acquired genetic data on a large number of Inhumans who were found and assessed by Declan and his scientists.[1]

Upon learning about the existence of Black Bolt, who visibly had the powers to throw cars in the air with his sole voice, Declan had another lab established, this time on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Declan later convinced Black Bolt and Sammy to come to the lab with him after they escaped from prison.[2]

Although Declan was ultimately killed by a disoriented Gorgon in Attilan, the company is presumed to still be active.[3]



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