"To be clear, this is for tonight, not tomorrow, okay? That'll be another charge."
"Actually, that's... that's not very clear at all. I mean, look. Sun's up. It's tomorrow, surely. Today, even."
"You check in before my night shift finishes, it's not today. It's yesterday, sun or no sun."
―Debbie and Amy Bendix[src]

Debbie is an employed receptionist at the Tides Motel.


Castle and Bendix

"That's a twin. You said there's only one of you."
"But that's the room I want."
"Yeah, but say if some couple of folks turn up wanting a room and I can't give them one because you're in my last two-bed situation?"
"What, are you expecting a rush? Is there a convention or something?"
"No, but it's the principle of the thing."
―Debbie and Frank Castle[src]

Debbie attended her night shift at the Tides Motel; at dawn, she informed Amy Bendix that upon renting the room, she would be paying for one night stay despite the time being morning. Being handed blood-soaked dollar bills, she gave Bendix a key to her room.

Later, she attended to Frank Castle for another night stay. Sleeping behind the counter, she was abruptly awakened to the sounds of gunfire from the parking lot and, in a panic, called the Larkville Police Department.[1]





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