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"Please... Look, we can fix you... Make you stronger. Take the name 'Scorch' and make it mean something."
"It already does."
―Debbie and Scorch[src]

Doctor Debbie was a scientist working for the Centipede Project. After a botched Centipede test trial in New York City, her life was saved by Centipede candidate Michael Peterson, although she would later attempt to have him killed to conceal the existence of the project. Debbie was later reassigned to Hong Kong, where she and Raina began experimenting on Scorch in order to perfect the Centipede serum. However, once Scorch went rogue, he killed Debbie out of revenge.


Centipede Project

Recruiting Michael Peterson

Debbie joined the mysterious organization that invented the Centipede Serum and tested the process on their behalf.[1]

Pretending to be Innocent

Debbie's life being saved by Mike Peterson

When one of her test subjects exploded due to the unstable nature of Centipede Serum's use of Extremis, she was saved from the burning building by another of her patients, Michael Peterson, who had developed superpowers from the procedure.

Debbie was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. When interviewed by KEJH she pretended not to know who Peterson was to keep attention away from her involvement in the Centipede Project.[1]

Confronting Mike Peterson

Debbie confronts Mike Peterson in hospital

"You exposed me! You exposed the program. The people who gave me this technology are very serious, and they do not want to be revealed."
―Debbie to Michael Peterson[src]

While inside the hospital, Michael Peterson came to visit; she again acted innocently while the nurse was in the room, but when the nurse left, she confronted Peterson.

When Peterson also showed signs of de-stabilization and threatened the secrecy of the Centipede program, she sent an assassin to subdue Peterson and try to take him in. The assassin was unsuccessful and taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. Peterson's life was saved by S.H.I.E.L.D. and he returned to his family.[1]

Experimenting on Scorch

Debbie experiments on Chan Ho Yin's body

"The doctor is dead."
"About time."
"Well, she did find a solution to our... combustion problem."
Raina and Edison Po[src]

Debbie later worked at the Hong Kong Centipede base working with a woman named Raina in attempting to stabilize the explosive element of the Centipede process. The process involved kidnapping a pyrokinetic named Chan Ho Yin. Raina convinced him that Centipede would enhance and improve his powers, taking away the restrictions put upon him by S.H.I.E.L.D.. However, when they knew enough about his powers and how his skin was protected from burns, they knocked him out with gas and removed the protective layer from his skin to use on their Centipede Soldiers.[2]

Burnt to Death by Scorch

Debbie killed by Scorch's pyrokenic powers

Chan Ho Yin was no longer able to create fire without causing serious burns to his hands and arms. S.H.I.E.L.D. then attacked the lab and Debbie and Raina attempted to escape. When Chan Ho Yin escaped from Debbie's lab, Raina abandoned her in an empty hallway with him. He confronted her and despite her attempts to calm and confuse him by telling him that they could make him stronger than ever before, but he refused to listen and set fire to the floor beneath her, incinerated Debbie and reducing her to ashes in seconds.[2]


Debbie was a cruel person, so determined to develop her serum that she did not care who died for it. She was also a very driven person, who would not let anything stop her from her goal and scolded Mike Peterson when he risked exposing her research. She was quick to anger, not even thanking Peterson for saving her life after he rescued her, and instead scolding him for potentially exposing the Centipede Project.


  • Expert Scientist: With knowledge in chemistry, physics, and anatomy, Debbie created the Centipede Serum by combining different products that gave Humans superpowers.
  • Expert Physician: Debbie was able to analyze the blood of Scorch to determine that it could neutralize the explosive elements of Extremis without diminishing its effectiveness.


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Behind the Scenes


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