"Is all of Midgard so desolate?"
"Midgard? I don't know where that is. This is Death Valley."
Lorelei and Jimmy Mackenzie[src]

Death Valley is a desert valley located in California, United States, within the Mojave Desert. It is the lowest and driest area in North America, and currently the hottest in the world.


"I seek passage from this valley of death to a more bountiful land."
Lorelei to Jimmy Mackenzie[src]

Asgardian criminal Lorelei wondered aimlessly through Death Valley, having being able to escape from Asgard during the attack by the Dark Elves, using one of Loki's secret passageways between realms to escape to Earth.

Lorelei water

Thirsty Lorelei

Newlyweds Jimmy and Nicole Mackenzie stopped at a roadside motel for instructions, and while Nicole entered the motel, Jimmy was approached by Lorelei, who first took his water to calm her thirst, and then started to ask about her current location, to learn if all of Midgard was as desolate as Death Valley.

Lorelei asked Jimmy for transport out of the region, but he refused telling her that his car was meant for two, him and his wife Nicole, and advised her to ask the manager inside. Lorelei saw Nicole inside, and tried to enthrall Jimmy, asking him if he preferred Nicole to her. Jimmy was strong enough to resist her at first, but he couldn't avoid getting enthralled as Lorelei touched him, praising his loyalty.

Jimmy departed with Lorelei, leaving Nicole behind, and swearing to protect and to keep the Asgardian safe, even though he didn't know her name, which she revealed to be Lorelei.[1]


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