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"I'm the Messiah. I… am… Marvel Jesus."

Wade Winston Wilson is a mutant working as a mercenary under the name Deadpool. He was taken out of his reality and recruited by the Time Variance Authority.


Taken by the TVA[]

To be added[1]

New Coworker[]

"My eyes are over here. There you go. Give yourself permission. Surrender to it. Slide into my DM. That's right, just lose ourselves in tangled sheets and bodies. We'll ignore each other at work for four or five days, and then we'll come back hungry."
―Deadpool to the Hero of the Multiverse[src]

A person in the Multiverse created a series of new timelines, attracting the attention of the Time Variance Authority. Miss Minutes decided to recruit the person and contacted Deadpool on a Chrono Monitor, as Deadpool was being recruited to be the person's new coworker. Deadpool walked out of an elevator in the Time Variance Authority Office's elevator. He showed off for his new coworker and did a flip, before posing and farting. Deadpool flirted with his new coworker, horrifying Miss Minutes. The Chrono Monitor then quickly turned off.[4]


"Is that supposed to be scary? Pegging isn't new for me, friendo, but it is for Disney."
―Wade Wilson to Minutemen[src]

To be added

Powers and Abilities[]


"Wade, you are special."
  • Mutant Physiology: To be added
    • Superhuman Strength: To be added
    • Superhuman Durability: To be added
    • Superhuman Speed: To be added
    • Superhuman Agility: To be added
    • Superhuman Stamina: To be added
    • Superhuman Reflexes: To be added
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: To be added
    • Nigh-Immortality: To be added
"I smell what you're stepping in, sensei. Your little cinematic universe is about to change forever."
―Deadpool to Paradox[src]
  • 4th Wall Awareness: To be added


  • Master Martial Artist: To be added
  • Sword Mastery: To be added
  • Knife Mastery: To be added
  • Master Marksman: To be added
  • Master Acrobat: To be added
  • Master Assassin: To be added
  • Bilingualism: To be added



Other Equipment[]






  • In the comics, Wade Wilson became a test subject of Weapon X program scientist Dr. Killbrew and his assistant Francis Fanny to cure his cancer. He was injected with a serum developed from Wolverine's DNA, causing him to develop a healing factor that saved his life but horribly mutated him and drove him insane, leading Wilson to adopt the moniker of Deadpool and turn into a comedic mercenary. Despite being associated with mutants, he's not a mutant (Homo Superior) himself, but a mutate or enhanced human.
  • Deadpool is the fifth character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to break the fourth wall, after Groot, Pizza Poppa, She-Hulk and Rocket Raccoon.
    • Unlike the first two, Deadpool is the second character to break the fourth wall on a regular basis, following She-Hulk.
  • The muzzles on Deadpool's twin pistols read "Smile" and "Wait for the Flash."

Behind the Scenes[]


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