"That's their vehicle."
"Gonna call this in to your guy?"
"No. He's weird, gives me the creeps. Besides, I don't need some out-of-town asshole telling me how to do my job. Next time I speak to him, it's gonna be to tell him we got the job done and we need to get paid."
Marlena Olin and Davy[src]

Davy was a mercenary and a member of Marlena Olin's Crew, who was ordered by Olin to join them on a mission to find and capture Amy Bendix. However, during their mission, their crew were ambushed by the Punisher, who was able to kill Davy.


Hunting Amy Bendix

Ambushed by Frank Castle

"He's in there, the girl too."
―Davy to Marlena Olin[src]

As Frank Castle and Amy Bendix were tracked down, John Pilgrim ordered Marlena Olin and her crew to go to Larkville and eliminate both of them. Sitting in the car outside of the Tides Motel, Davy noted the van and figured that they must be there. He asked Olin, is she going to call Pilgrim and inform him about the targets, Olin refused, noting that she did not want him to intervene.

Davy stayed in the car, armed with a sniper rifle to cover Olin as she led the group of mercenaries to storm the room. However, they were ambushed by Castle who killed all of them. Davy emerged into a gunfight with Castle, only to be shot and killed by him.[1]



  • Sniper Rifle: Davy acted as a sniper when he and the rest of Marlena Olin's Crew chased Frank Castle and Amy Bendix at the Tides Motel. He waited in their car with this rifle while the rest attacked the room, and started to shoot when Castle leaned out the door, having killed his partners. They engaged in a shootout until Castle was able to kill him






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