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"No way she could've passed us going up. I'll stay here. You guys check the other floors."

Davis was a mercenary who had joined Martin in an attempt to find and eliminate Amy Bendix, in order to claim their five million dollar bounty on her head. However, before Davis and the rest of their team could find Bendix, they were ambushed and killed by the Punisher, who had come to rescue Bendix.


Schultz Conspiracy

Attack on Amy Bendix

"She's not here."
―Davis to Martin[src]

Davis attempting to capture Amy Bendix

Together with Martin and his mercenary group, Davis was informed by Shantel about the whereabouts of Amy Bendix, as she had gone to Shantel in order to find a way out of New York City. As the Aryan Brotherhood had already put a bounty on Bendix's head, Davis and Martin arrived at the house where they approached Shantel, however, after a brief search of the apartment where Davis kept his shotgun raised, they realized that Bendix was not there, as Martin confronted Shantel for seemingly lying to them, although Shantel insisted that Bendix had really been inside the apartment just a moment earlier.


Davis being shot and killed by the Punisher

Deciding not to allow Bendix to escape from them, Davis and the rest of Martin's group then split up so that they could search the building, as Davis had noted that Bendix could not have passed through them and ordered the mercenaries to check the other floors, while he was staying, looking for Bendix in case she had then tried to go down the stairs. However, as he was standing guard, Davis had failed to notice that the Punisher was coming up behind him, as Davis was suddenly shot into the back of the head and killed by the Punisher, who arrived to save Bendix and proceeded to kill the rest of Martin's group.[1]



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