The David Schultz's Apartment is an apartment in New York City where David Schultz lives.


Kidnapping of David Schultz

Pretending to be O'Rourke, Frank Castle contacted NYPD and learned David Schultz's home address. Arriving at Schultz's apartment, Castle knocked on the door and Schultz opened, thinking that he is an NYPD officer. Moments later, Castle punched Schultz and pushed him on the coach before entering the apartment.

Schultz thought that Castle is a robber, however, Castle told him about the Massacre in Chicago, Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station and other murders perpetrated by John Pilgrim. In return, Schultz denied any involvement in these incidents, noting that he is US Senator. Castle claimed that Pilgrim shot up the highway to kill Castle and he is going to use Schultz to find him. Castle then grabbed Schultz and took him out of apartment.[1]


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